Microsoft Kinect Hacked To Play Street Fighter (Video)

Hacking the Microsoft Kinect is becoming more popular, we have already seen the Minority Report Kinect hack and the cool Humanoid Robot Kinect hack.

Now the Microsoft Kinect has been hacked to play Street Fighter, and the Kinect was attached to a keyboard controlled Street Fighter game, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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XBMC Hack Transforms Your Apple TV Into A 1080p Media Centre (video)

XBMC, the open-source media center software that created offshoots like Plex and Boxee, has now been installed on to Apples new Apple TV box (a jailbroken one) and transforms your $99 Apple TV into a 1080p media centre.

XBMC provides full hardware video decoding using Apple’s ‘VideoToolBox’ private video acceleration API. This allows XBMC to access Apple’s A4 SOC hardware video acceleration and allows the Apple TV to now stream 1080p video rather than the standard 720p.

XBMC Apple TV Hack

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Google Offers Looks To Take On Groupon

Google recently tried to acquire Groupon, and Groupon reportedly turned down a massive $6 billion offer from Google, now it seems that Google is looking to take on Groupon with their own deals service which is reported to be called Google Offers.

Google Offers will be very similar to Groupon and will offer daily deals via email to people who subscribe to the service, it looks like Google Offers will be powered by Google Checkout, and will also feature some sort of integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Google Buzz.

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iPad 2 To Be Announced On 9th February 2011

There has been quite a bit of speculation on the date that Apple would make the iPad 2 official, now it seems that a possible date is the 9th of February 2011.

The original iPad was announced on the 27th of January last year, and the date that appears on the calendar on the iPad homescreen in the official Apple press material is the 27th of January.

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G Gets Official

T-Mobile has announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G on their network, unfortunately they haven’t given us very many specifications on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

What we don’t know is that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G will come with Android 2.2 Froyo, plus a Super AMOLED touchscreen display, and it will make use of T-Mobile’s 4G network with speeds of up to 21Mbps.

Samsung Galaxy S

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Microsoft Offers Geohot A Free Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

George Hotz also known as Geohot is well know for his hacking exploits, especially with the Apple iPhone, and also the Sony PS3, recently we heard that Sony are sueing Geohot for hacking the PS3.

It looks like Microsoft is taking a different stance, as we heard previously that Geohot is working on Windows Phone 7, and Microsoft’s Brandon Watson who has been acting as a developer liaison for Microsoft has offered Geohot a free Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

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Star Wars Blu-ray Coming The 27th September

We heard earlier in the month that the Star Wars saga would be coming to Blu-ray, all we knew was that it would be available some time in September of 2011, and it looks like the launch date may be the 27th of September.

A number of online retailers had it listed up for pre-order with a delivery date of September, but now Amazon has changed their site and is now showing the launch date of the 27th of September.

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Larry Page To Replace Eric Schmidt As Google CEO

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt it to be replaced by Google co-founder Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt will move to the roll of Executive Chairman at the search giant.

Eric Schmidt was brought in to give Google a more corporate face over 10 years ago, and he recently wrote on Twitter “Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!”, following the announcement.

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DOS Emulator Returns To iOS App Store But With a Few Tricks Removed

The DOS iOS emulator DOSBox, was originally launched into the Apple iTunes store last year but was unceremoniously removed in October 2010 when it was discovered that it allowed users to install and run executables within the emulator.

Which then might have allowed the software to create an iOS device into an actual Windows emulating machine. As you can imagine Apple didn’t take kindly to this and promptly removed the application from the App Store.

Well you will be pleased to know that the app is back! All be it with a few tweaks to not allow .exe files to run and cause problems for Apple.

ios DOS emulator

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