Facebook Launches Facebook Messenger For iOS And Android

Facebook has launched a new stand alone Facebook App for Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android platform, called Facebook Messenger, and the app is based on Beluga which Facebook acquired recently.

It looks like Facebook is looking to take on SMS with Facebook Messenger, and it could be a problem for Apple’s new iMessage application which will launch with iOS 5.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Celox With 4G LTE Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been a huge success for Samsung, the handset is due to go on sale in the US shortly with a range of mobile carriers, and now a new Galaxy S II with 4G LTE has been leaked, the Samsung Celox.

The Samsung Celox has turned up in Korea, and it will come with a 4G LTE chip which is capable of transfer speeds of up to 100Mbps, although it doesn’t look like it is headed for the US as it uses the 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz LTE which is used in Europe and Asia.

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Nokia To Stop Selling Symbian Smartphones In The US

Yesterday we heard that Nokia would not be selling the new Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone in the US, and now it looks like Nokia will be putting an end to sales of all Symbian devices as well, instead they will be concentrating their efforts on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Chris Weber, President of Nokia Inc, which is Nokia’s US subsidiary, has been talking to All Things D, and has told them that Nokia will be concentrating all their efforts in the US on Windows Phone 7.

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Anonymous Says They Will Destroy Facebook On November The 5th

Anonymous or someone claiming to be part of Anonymous has set up a new Twitter account and also released a video on YouTube, and are claiming that they will bring down the world’s largest social network on the 5th of November.

They are calling it ‘Operation Facebook’ and Anonymous have released a statement, which criticises Facebook’s privacy, something which has come under criticism quite a lot in the past, you can see part of the statement below.

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DIY Tar And Feather Gun A Harmless Mess

Especially when you’re at the receiving end of this diabolical weapon. Make that toy weapon as it’s completely non lethal. (Unless you club someone on the head with it.) Made by a certain PenfoldPlant whose creative streak is more in line with Hiram Maxim than Thomas Edison, the Tar and Feather is a single shot projectile launcher that’ loaded with gross things, i.e. tar and feathers.

Tar And Feather

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Bungie Register “Destiny” & “Be Brave” Trademarks

Developers usually don’t have the most straightforward naming process for their games, and Bungie certainly fits that description, especially in light of their reputed disdain for the “Combat Evolved” appended to the original Halo at Microsoft’s behest. But the best thing about having a decade-long string of platform-driving successes  is that at one point you not only get to make your own game, but you get to name it whatever you damn well please.

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Modern Warfare 3 Heading To DS… Kind Of

Those of you who have previously played a Modern Warfare port on the last-gen handheld king will probably manage their expectation accordingly. They’re not bad by any stretch of the imagination, nor indeed particularly good, they just sort of are. One thing they are apparently not, though, is on the 3DS.

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Kooky Desparkhotel Perfect For The Space-Constrained

If you’re the type who’s prone to claustrophobia, then a sleepover in one of these holes is not a good idea. The Dasparkhotel in Austria and Germany are a new trend that’s recently hatched. While the novelty factor in them is high, a lot of blokes might not be too cozy with sleeping in structures destined for sewers. Yes, each ‘unit’ in the hotel is made of concrete drain pipes. Unused concrete drain pripes (fortunately).

Despark hotel

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myTrek Pulse Monitor And iPhone App (video)

myTrek has unveiled a new Pulse Monitor that can be used in conjunction with their iPhone application to monitor your stats and heart rate during workouts. The Scosche myTREK wirelessly connects to either your iPod touch or iPhone using Bluetooth technology, and the monitor fits snuggly around your forearm removing the need for chest straps.

As you progress through your workout the application uses audio cues for real-time feedback and can be used up to 33 feet away from your iOS device. Watch the video after the jump to see the myTrek Pulse Monitor in action.

MyTrek Pulse Monitor

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German Maverick Builds New Awesome Tesla Guitars

No relation to the equally maverick-ish Tesla Motors, however. But here at Geeky Gadgets we’ve always maintained that the world of music is long overdue serious innovation. Not to upset the purists out there, but such ubiquitous instruments as the electric guitar have hardly evolved design and engineering-wise since the 80s. It’s a good thing we just mentioned the 80s since that’s when Ulrich Teuffel started reinventing the wheel.
Tesla Guitar