Chinse Company Copies Japanese PaPeRo Robot (Video)

It seems that another device has been cloned in China, this time it isn’t an iPhone or an Android tablet, instead a Chinese company has decided to produce a copy of the Japanese PaPeRo Robot.

The robot which ic called the UNISROBO is almost identical to Japan’s NEC PaPeRo robot, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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JOOS Orange Portable Solar Panel, Shot 5 Times To Prove Its Strength (video)

If you are looking for a tough and durable portable solar panel, to make sure your iPhone and other gadgets can be juiced back up while away from the power grid. The JOOS Orange portable solar panel might well be worth a look as its been built to provide you with power anywhere and works in real-world light conditions: low light, in the shade and even light rain.

JOOS Orange Portable Solar Panel will power your gadgets at least 3.5x faster than any other portable solar charger at the same price, says its creators, and captures up to 20 times more energy than other solar chargers.

JOOS Portable Solar Panel

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Portal 2 Wheatley Fan Made Puppet (video)

If you are a Portal 2 fan this Portal 2 Wheatley Puppet will definitely bring a smile to your face. Its been created by puppeteer and cosplay enthusiast TRP-Chan, who has brought the robo-ball Wheatley to life outside of the Portal 2 game using puppeteer skills.

The Portal 2 Wheatley Puppet is roughly 12 inches across and can be moved using a hole in his back to access its controls. Watch Wheatley in action after the jump.

Portal 2 Wheatley Puppet

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Awesome iTableous, Giant White iPhone Hackintosh (video)

We have featured a few Hackintosh systems here on Geeky Gadgets over the years but iTableous, which has been created in the form of a giant white iPhone 4 has to be the best I have seen and uses a 102 cm (40“) Toshiba LED-LCD with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.

The iTableous measures 1.2 m long and took around 4 months to complete and is fitted with full HD TV reception via DVB-T, an integrated DVD player, a mini-ITX board with dual boot options for both  OSX SL and Win 7, a 4 +1 sound system, HD-cam, microphone and external connections for Line In and USB. Together with an iPhone-Connection via Apple AV Composite Cable under the home button.


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Dell Launches New Inspiron 13z And 14z Notebooks

Dell has added a couple of new notebooks to its Inspiron range with the launch of the Dell Inspiron13z and the Dell Inspiron 14z, and you get a choice of Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processors.

The 13z features a 13.3 inch LCD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which means it can handle HD content in 720p, and the 14z comes with a 14 inch display with the same 1366 x 768 pixel resolution.

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22 More Fake Apple Stores Discovered In China

Some of our reader will remember the fake Apple store, that was discovered in Kunming, China by the expatriate blogger Bird Abroad, the fake store ended up appearing on websites all over the world, and the Chinese authorities closed down a number of these stores.

It looks like the Chinese authorities have found even more of these fake Apple Store’s, with a total of 22 found in Kunming alone, and they have been ordered to stop using Apple’s logo and branding merchandise.

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Google Releases New Beta Chrome With Native Client

Google has released a new beta version of its Chrome browser this week which is now integrated with Native Client, allowing C and C++ code to be seamlessly executed inside the browser with security restrictions similar to JavaScript.

Developers can use the open-source technology Native Client SDK to build web applications that seamlessly execute native compiled code inside the browser using the provided set of APIs.

Google Chrome Beta

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HP TouchPad Go 7 Inch webOS Tablet Leaked

HP recently dropped the price of the original HP TouchPad, and we know that HP has been working on other models for a while now and it looks like HP will also be launching a 7 inch webOS based TouchPad the HP TouchPad Go.

According to a recent report the HP TouchPad Go will come with a 7 inch multi-touch display and it will feature a dual core 1.5GHz processor and a 3G radio, plus it will come with the latest version of HP’s webOS.

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Compulab Unveils Trim Slice H Mini

If you are looking for a small format computer you might be interested to know that Compulab have unveiled their latest mini computer in the form of the Trim Slice H Mini. The new addition to their range is equipped with a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor supported by 1GB of RAM. Optionally its either available preconfigured with Linux OS on a 250GB hard drive fitted within the Trim-Slice miniature fanless case, or can be purchased without OS and diskless.

Trim Slice H mini

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Droid Bionic Poses For The Camera

We have been hearing more and more about the Droid Bionic, the device which we first saw in January, the other day the Droid Bionic appeared at the FCC and then we learned some more of the devices final specifications.

Now the Droid Bionic has turned up at a Verizon retail store, and the photos below were snapped when the Droid Bionic was being demonstrated by a Motorola rep.

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Researchers Hack FBI Radios Using $30 Childs Toy

It has been discovered that the portable radios used by many federal law enforcement agents have major security flaws and have allowed researchers to listen in on sensitive traffic sent without encryption over the past two years.

A new report on the findings has been released by team leader and computer science professor Matt Blaze from the University of Pennsylvania. That details how a child’s toy, the $30 IM Me can be used to jam radios used by the FBI and Homeland Security.


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