Nokia Oro Gold Plated Symbian Mobile Phone Announced

Nokia has added another mobile phone to their range with the launch of the Nokia Oro, which they describe as a ‘premium brand’, the Oro comes with 18 carat gold plating, a sapphire crystal and leather.

The Nokia Oro runs Symbian OS, and features pentaband radio connectivity, up-to HSDPA 3G and WiFi, there is also a 3.5 inch AMOLED display, plus an 8 megapixel camera which can record HD video in 720p.

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Nokia’s First Windows Phone 7 Devices Will Come With Mango

Back in February Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft, which would see Nokia switch their main mobile OS to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. yesterday Microsoft announced details of their next major update for Windows Phone 7, which is called Mango.

Now it looks like the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices, which are expected to be unveiled some time later this year will come with Windows Phone 7 Mango.

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Apple Purchases 200 Freescale Patents

Apple has added a new range of patents to its portfolio, this time it has purchased 200 patents and patent pending applications from Freescale Semiconductor Inc, and the majority of the patents are related to wireless communication technology.

Some of the patents that Apple now owns originally belonged to Motorola, and Freescale started life as a division or Motorola and was spun off into a separate company in 2003.

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Bluestacks Will Bring Android Apps To PCs

Bluestacks is a company that has developed software that will let you run Android applications on a PC, and they will shortly be announcing partnerships with a range of OEM manufacturers.

The software runs a full version of Google’s Android OS on x86 machines that are running Windows and you will be able to run virtually any Android app on your PC.

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Google To Reveal Mobile Payments Service This Week

A number of companies are currently working on delivering a mobile payments service, as many of them believe that it will be the next big thing,  one of those companies is Google, and it looks like they may be getting ready to unveil their mobile payment service.

According to a recent report, Google will unveil their mobile payment service for Android smartphones later this week in New York, in conjunction with mobile operator Sprint.

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Apple Announces Mac OS X Update To Remove Mac Defender Malware

Apple has announced that they will be releasing a software update to Mac OS X that will deal with the recent Mac Defender malicious software that has affected a number of Mac users.

The Mac Defender malware has been targeting Mac users, and when they visit an infected website they are told that their computer is infected with a virus and urged to download the Mac Defender antivirus software which is actually malware, once installed the software steals users credit card details.

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The Swedish Lost Robot Experiment

What happens when 25 homemade and utterly cute robots in kiddie colors are let loose in Swedish streets? Well, better read on the for the whole scoop. See there’s this nutty Swedish musician/provocateur who wants to send a poignant message: Humans and robots should learn to coexist by helping each other. To reinforce his point, 25 forward moving robots with signs stuck to them (see below) were left in Stockholm and Uppsala. The stunt was also supposed to be part of the Voltfestival. See what happened to the ‘bots in the videos after the jump.

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NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Announced

NZXT has added another new gaming mouse to their range, with the launch of the NZXT Avatar S, which is the follow up to the original Avatar gaming mouse, and it is designed to offer precise control and comes with a range of features.

The Avatar S features an adjustable DPI which include setting for 400DPI, 800DPi and 1600DPI, and it features 5 different programmable media keys, which can be programmed with a range of macro’s.

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Kindle 3G Getting Ad-Supported Version As Well

What’s good for the goose is apparently good or the 3G flavour of Kindle, as the ad-supported “Kindle with Special Offers” has been selling like high temperature pastry goods despite the general consensus in the tech industry that the $25 savings don’t warrant the sustained advertising intrusion on your leisure time. Amazon, for its part, ¬†sees no reason why the other model shouldn’t get some of that consumer love and we have to admit $164 for unlimited 3G access to any novel on the planet would seem mighty tempting, especially for people who have been saving up for the higher price point.

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Minecraft Heading Exclusively To Xperia Play

Minecraft developer Mojang has announced that their indie hit is coming to Android via the medium’s most decidedly gamer-oriented phone, the Xperia Play. While just the news that it’s heading to mobile at all should be pretty exhilarating for fans, especially since it’s already had a mobile outing on the App Store before getting speedily pulled some time ago, exclusives usually make for sad panda Android users, especially with games of this caliber.

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PlayStation Store Not Going Online Today

Despite previous optimistic reports, it seems like the May 24 date previously announced by Sony as PS Store grand reopening day, albeit tentatively, is nothing of the sort. The good news is that we may be able to see the service return by the end of the month, but this time Sony isn’t offering anything in the way of a solid date, which judging by recent history seems like a smart move.

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