Spotify Hits 3 Million Paid Subscribers

Spotify, the popular online music streaming service looks like it has hit another milestone, the company has announced that they now have a total of 3 million paid subscribers.

This is up 500,000 from 2.5 million in November of 2011, Spotify was sat at 2 million paid subscriber in September of 2011, and the company has said that more than 20 percent of its active users are paid subscribers.

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Samsung Posts Q4 Record Profits Of $4.7 Billion On $42 Billion Revenue

Samsung has released its earnings figures for the fourth quarter of 2012, and the company has posted a record profit of 5.3 trillion Won, which works out at around $4.72 billion USD, on gross revenue of 47 trillion Won, which is around $42 billion USD.

This is Samsung’s highest ever quarter, and the profits and high revenue have been driven by sales of Samsung’s smartphones which made up around forty percent of Samsung’s overall revenue.

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Dexim LED USB Cable lIlluminates Your Sync Process Indicating How Fast Your Device Is Charging

Dexim has created a new style of sync cable that adds a little more sparkle to the boring traditional sync and charging cables, currently available. Using the Dexim Visible Smart Charger cable you can actually see how fast your device is charging. Light flowing through the cord at a fast pace means your battery charging level is at up to 65 percent. After 65 percent the light will flow at a slower speed, and once fully charged the light will shut off.

Dexim LED USB cable

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Microsoft Kinect And Projector Make Giant Andoid Touchscreen Device (Video)

What happens when you combine a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Microsoft Kinect and a projector? You get this awesome giant android touchscreen device created by DDRBoxman.

The video below shows the giant Android touchscreen  device in action, and it was created using a Windows PC using Simple Kinect Touch, plus a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a projector and a Microsoft Kinect.

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Kinectic Powered Leaf Mouse Concept

If you tend to go through your mouse batteries in a matter of days or weeks, there are a number of handy induction, and docking style gadgets that will allow you to recharge your batteries during rest periods. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to charge your mouse while you worked.

Kinetic Mouse

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Netflix Drops Plans To Rent Video Games

Last Autumn Netflix announced that it would soon be starting to rent video games through its service. Unfortunately for anyone looking forward to this new features Netflix has this week announced that they will now be dropping plans for this. CEO Reed Hastings made the announcement in an investor earnings meeting call earlier today, explaining that the strategy is no longer one that the company finds viable.


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Suunto Ambit GPS Tracking And Heart Rate Monitor Watch Unveiled

Fitness and outdoor gadget manufacturer Sunnto has this week unveiled its new Suunto Ambit watch, which enables users to benefit from being able to track their heart rate, and track your routes via GPS directly from their wrist.

The Sunnto Ambit watch is equipped with a integrated accelerometer and barometric altimeter along with the GPS to track your performance using speed, climbing speed and distance. Using the hearty rate belt enables the watch to also track your heart rate and add further detail to your measurements.

Sunnto Ambit

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Motorola RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Rom Leaked

Motorola is currently working on bringing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the Motorola RAZR, and now an Android Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the GSM version of the Motorola RAZR has been leaked.

The photo below shows Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Motorola RAZR, which is reported to be an early build of ICS for the RAZR.

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Google Brings 27,000 Chromebooks To Schools In The US

Google has announced that the company is bringing more than 27,0000 of its Chromebook notebooks to schools in the US, the news was announced at the Florida Educational Technology Conference.

According to Google, hundreds of schools in 41 states across the US are using one or more of Google’s Chromebooks in the classroom, and they have also said that three school districts will have one available for each pupil, with a total of 27,000 going to Illinois, Iowa and South Carolina.

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