Google Android Market Updated To Version 3.0.27

Google has quietly started rolling out a new update 3.0.27 for its Android Market to Android devices reports the Android Community website. The new updated brings with it some new layouts within the design of the market, together with new features that provide you with the ability to purchase e-books and download movie rentals.

The new interface design of the latest Android Market update brings the application more inline with the slicker design of the Honeycomb Android market, providing screenshots of applications above the descriptions, together with promotional videos.

Android Market Update

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Microsoft Launches Avatar Kinect On Xbox Live With Facial Recognition (video)

Microsoft has now rolled out their new Avatar Kinect feature on to its Xbox Live service. The new feature uses the Kinect motion controller to enable Avatar Kinect to track the movements of a person’s head, their mouth, and their eyebrows. Which are then used to create a digital version of the users movements which can then be used to interact with other friends on the Xbox live service. Microsoft also hopes in the future that the system will be abe to track even smaller movements such as  blinking and facial twitches.

Avatar Kinect

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Elecom Introduces New Line Of Pocket Sized Folding Bluetooth Keyboards For iOS & Android (video)

Following on from the launch of their new mouse inspired by origami earlier this week. Elecom have now introduced a new line of pocket sized folding Bluetooth keyboard designed to be used with either iOS or Android devices.

Two different keyboards have been designed for both iOS and Android in the form of the TK-FBP018 Series and the TK-FBP019E Series. The the new TK-FBP019E has been specifically designed for iOS and Mac, and the TK-FBP018 has an SPP mode designed to work with a range of devices including PC, Mac, Linux and PS3 as well as Android devices. Watch a video of the new Elecom keyboards in action after the jump.

Elecom Folding Keyboard

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HTC Develops Work Around On Apple Patent Issues

The case between Apple and HTC is continuing, the ITC recently ruled that HTC had infringed on two of Apple’s patents, of course this ruling was by one judge and the ruling still has to be heard by a panel of six judges who could rule either way.

We recently heard that HTC was looking at alternatives to get around the issues of the two Apple patent infringements, and now it would appear that the company has developed a work around for at least one of the patents in question and are looking into developing an alternative for the other patent.

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Awesome Mass Effect 3 N7 Assault Rifle Replica

H Krix a graphic designer and part time replica prop maker has created an awesome real life version of the Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle that will be featured in the new game. Krix was asked by Bioware to create the N7 Assault Rifle as a prop for the company to promote their new Mass Effect 3 game at the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

In the new Mass Effect 3 game the N7 assault rifle will have the same style as the  N7 pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle and SMG and has only just come to light as an included weapon within Mass Effect 3. Which is scheduled for a March 6, 2012 release.

Mass Effect 3 N7 Assault Rifle Replica

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Facebook Launches Facebook For Business

Google’s new social network Google+ has come under a fair bit of criticism over the last week on the way it has dealt with businesses that wanted to use Google+, basically a number of businesses were allowed to set up business accounts on Google+, but this wasn’t available for everyone, and the service is still not available for people who want to setup a business account on Google+.

Many large websites, who we wont name setup these accounts anyway, and some have had their accounts closed down, whilst other have been able to keep their accounts by switching them to a persons name, his has caused quite a bit of controversy, and now it looks like Facebook has decided to capitalize on Google’s mistakes with the launch of Facebook for Business.

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Nintendo 64 Console Transformed Into A Portable Handheld N64

If you are a fan of the Nintendo N64 and have one sitting gathering dust in the attic, you might like to dig it out and transform it into a portable handheld version. Just like the one pictured below and created by an unknown user on the Acid Cow website.

The unknown creator of this gaming masterpiece, painstakingly dismantled their Nintendo 64 and combined it with three battery packs and an LCD screen. Then created a case for the device by cutting up and glueing together the different parts of the N64 case and controller to create the new handheld.

Handheld N64

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Sony Walkman A Series Leaked

It looks like Sony is about to launch a new MP3 player ion the form of the Sony Walkman A series, which has appeared on UK retailer Play’s website without any official announcement from Sony.

The Sony Walkman S series will feature a 3.4 inch OLED touchscreen display, and will come with 16GB of built in storage, plus an FM radio, and the ability to stream music wirelessly and also share files.

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BookBook iPhone 4 Case And Wallet

Twelve South have launched a new iPhone 4 case a little different from the norm, which combines both a wallet and protection for your iPhone in a case that gives the appearance of a pocket vintage book.

The BookBook case is constructed from leather and includes a handy ID window, making it easy to flash your license when required and enough storage to also carry a few credit cards. Together with a vertical pocket allowing you to carry cash, receipts or business cards. To talk and make calls on your iPhone simply fold back the book cover.

BookBook iPhone 4 Case

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Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T Windows Phone 7 Mango Smartphone Announced

Earlier we heard that Microsoft had released Windows Phone 7 Mango to manufacturing, and now we have the first Windows Phone 7 mango handset to be announced, the Fujitsi Toshiba IS12T Windows Phone 7 handset which is headed for KDDI in Japan.

The Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T will hit KDDI in Japan in September, and it is the first smartphone to be announced with Windows Phone 7 Mango, it comes with a 3.7 inch touchscreen display  with an 800 x 480 resolution, and it features a Qualcomm MSM8655 processor.

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