LG Prada 3.0 Lands On T-Mobile UK

The LG Prada 3.0 or the Prada phone by LG has been available SIM free in the UK for over a week and now it is available with one of the UK’s mobile carriers, T-Mobile.

The LG Prada 3.0 features a 4.3 inch multi-touch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, the device is powered by a dual core 1GHz processor.

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iPhone 4S Headed To China Telecom In March

The iPhone 4S recently went on sale in China, and now it is headed to another mobile carrier in the country as China Telecom has announced that they will start selling the iPhone 4S on the 9th of March.

China Telecom is the second carrier in China to carry Apple’s iPhone 4S, China Unicom previously had exclusive rights to sell the smartphone in China.

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Mass Effect 3 Kinect Commands Revealed

If you are looking forward to playing the new mass Effect 3 using your Kinect motion controller. You might be interested in this new Kinect commands sheet sheet which has been discovered ahead of the games official launch.

** Warning: There might be very slight spoilers in the commands. You have been warned! Check it out after the jump.

Mass Effect 3

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HISS App Integrates Growl Into OS X Mountain Lion Notification Centre

Apple’s developer preview release of OS X Mountain Lion has only been out a few days. But already developer Collect3 has been hard at work investigating and developing new apps for the yet officially unreleased new Apple OS X operating system, set to replace Lion shortly.

One of the discoveries within the new developer preview release of OS X Mountain Lion. Was it’s new Notification Centre feature which had been added by Apple to reflect similar functionality found on its iOS devices that use the feature.


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Asus Equips Latest Netbooks With Instant On Technology

Asus has announced that it will be equipping its latest Intel Atom-powered netbooks with “Instant On” technology. Which is currently used in the Asus Zenbook UX31, enabling it to resume from sleep nearly instantaneously.

The Asus Instant On technology will be appearing first on the Eee PC 1025C and 1025CE netbooks, and will help them resume from sleep in around 3 seconds. Both will be available later this month for $299 and $319 respectively,

Asus Instant On

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Origin Unveils Dual Graphics Card EON17-X3D 3D Monster Gaming Laptop

Origin has this week unveiled a monster of a gaming laptop in the form of their new Origin EON17-X3D. Which is the first ever 3D laptop equipped with dual graphics cards in SLI.

The beast of a laptop is powered by an Intel X79 Chipset with 2nd Generation Intel Hexcore processors supported by up to 32GB 1333MHz Corsair Quad Channel Memory. The graphics power is provided by a pair of overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M graphics cards in SLI, with up to 3TB of storage.


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LG L-Style Android Smartphones Announced

LG has announced a new range of Android smartphones, called the LG L-Style, and there are three different models in the range, the LG L3, the LG L5 and the LG L7.

All three of these new Android smartphones come with LG’s new ‘floating mass display’ technology, and the LG L7 will feature a 4.3 inch multi-touch display whilst the LG L5 features a 4 inch multi-touch display.

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Official Skyrim Interactive Map App Lands On iOS

Skyrim is one of the most popular games for the PC, Xbox, and PS3, and we have already seen a number of Skyrim apps for iOS and Android and now Bethesda has released an official Skyrim Map app for Apple’s iOS devices.

The app is available as a free download, and with that you get the official world map of Skyrim and 9 capital cities, you can also make in app purchases of other Skyrim maps, with a total of 160 interior maps available.

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Microsoft Reveals SkyDrive Metro App For Windows 8

Microsoft has released some more information about its SkyDrive service for Windows 8, the company will launch a SkyDrive Metro style application for Windows 8 that will come with a range of features.

The SkyDrive Metro application will be available with the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, and the application is designed to make it quick and easy to access your files, and you will be able to access the files from any Metro style application.

SkyDrive Metro

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