Modern Warfare 3 32-Player Multiplayer Details Leaked

32-player Multiplayer has been all but confirmed for the latest entry in Activision’s bestselling parenting software series, Modern Warfare 3. The information comes from a leaked gameplay video. The names of thirteen multiplayer maps can also be gleaned from said video: Carbon, Coast, Dome, Exchange, Hardhat, Interchange, Lambeth, Meteora, Mogadishu, Paris, Plaza, Radar and Seatown. No doubt vitally important to remember if you plan on following Tube conversations between twelve year olds.

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Dish Network Tailgater Lets You Watch the Game at the Game

I am not the tailgating sort of person when it comes to sports. You can see more at home on the TV. Apparently, there are some out there that want to hear the crowd roar, but want to watch on TV at the same time. For this sort of person dish Network has the Tailgater allowing you to hit the stadium and then watch in the parking lot. That sounds really weird to me.

Dish Network Tailgaiter

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Inflatable Wetsuit Keeps The Wearer Buoyant (Video)

In a rare partnership between pro-surfer Shane Dorian, this Hub Hubbard guy from Billabong, and a few clever people at Mustang Survival, a new innovation among wetsuits could save thousands of lives. But not yet, because the V1 is still in its testing stages. Shane Dorian himself is busy trying to drown himself in huge waves and so far, the V1 inflatable CO2 balloon brings him to the surface each time.

Shane Dorian

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iZON Remote Monitor Turns Your iPhone Into Surveillance Tool (Video)

Casting our fears of voyeurism aside, seen below is the iZON remote room monitor from Stem Innovation. It actually works on any iOS enabled device, so the action isn’t confined to your beloved iPhone. It’s compact too, small enough to fit inside a pocket and stay hidden while its lens captures compromising footage. Okay, our imagination is getting the better of us, sorry about that.


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Aircraft Automation Causing Diminished Skills Among Pilots

With aircraft technology at its current state of advancement, there’s growing evidence that pilots are losing their edge in the cockpit. Why? Considering how much automation is involved in flying these days, pilots tend to be less concerned with mastering specific functions. It comes as no surprise that more air disasters is the inevitable result of such a transformation in flying.

Top Gun

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Halo 4 Concept Art Revealed In Not So Surprising Leak (Video)

If you don’t want to bother reading text, just hit the jump and marvel at the sights of Halo 4. It comes with a new synth laden score as well. As for the art, it’s breathtaking as usual, full of orbiting metallic structures and fantastical landscapes that have become a signature of the series. Oh yeah, Master Chief figures as well albeit in a miniscule way as he’s reduced to a mere speck in the awesome alienscapes shown–oops! Sorry for the spoiler. Also: Giant glowing LED light sucking a spaceship…

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The Most Awesome Question From A FAQ Section

Ah, FAQ sections. It would be a crime not to have one on your website. Oh wait, Geeky Gadgets doesn’t have a FAQ section so scratch that previous statement (there’s a great About section though). Anyway, the point we’re driving at is having a FAQ section tends to inspire spirited discussions on very ridiculous topics.

It just came to our attention that the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory entertained such an explosive query on its own FAQ. The resulting text is both informative and totally awesome. Read chunks of it after the jump.

Nuclear Explosion

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Peugeot Outs Yummy Mummy Heels Together With New Car Concept

For the record, these heels look like torture. If we’re not mistaken, in the pantheon of women’s footwear the Yummy Mummys (terrible name) are wedges but have stiletto design features. So that makes it a hybrid? We’re not going to over think them but holy smoke, the Yummy Mummy heels look agonizing to wear–but what am I, a man, to judge female footwear?

Yummy Mummy

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