Boxee Box Update Silences Surround Sound

If you have updated your Boxee Box to the latest 1.1 version and are experiencing a few silent problems with your surround sounds. Don’t worry Boxee Box are aware of the problems and are looking to roll out a new update to fix the issues very shortly.

The problem is due to the way the new 1.1 Boxee Box update has tinkered with its handling of the stereo PCM audio sources for users with surround sound systems.


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RIM Recalls 1,000 BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets

RIM has announced that it will be recalling over 1,000 of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, due to a software fault, as some models were shipped with a faulty operating system.

The fault stopped people running the initial setup of the tablet, although RIM has said that not many of the devices with the faulty OS had actually reached many customers and that they were still with retailers.

BlackBerry PlayBook

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HP Ultra Thin x2301 23 Inch Monitor

HP has just unveiled a new ultra thin monitor its just added to its range in the form of the HP x2301, a 23 inch LED monitor that measures just 9.8 mm thick.

The new HP x2301 is a 1980×1080 (1080p) resolution, multi-faceted Micro Thin LED monitor, featuring HP’s LED backlighting which illuminates the display and an edge lit illumination around the screen and finished with a brushed-aluminium bezel.


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Samsung Galaxy S II Official Demo (Video)

We recently got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II, and were impressed with it, now Samsung has released an official video which gives us an in depth look at the new Samsung Galaxy S II.

The video below shows Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface in action, and it gives us a good look at all the features on the Samsung Galaxy S II as well as the hardware, plus we can also see how games perform on it.

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Amazon Launching Android Family Of Devices Later This Year?

Amazon recently launched their own version of Google’s Android Market, called the Amazon App Store, since then we have been hearing more and more rumors that Amazon are working on their own Android tablet.

Now it seems that Amazon may have more than one Android device in the works, and could be launching Android powered smartphones and tablets according to a recent report by Android and Me.

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Fujitsu LOOX F-07C Dual Booting Smartphone Becomes Official (video)

We first featured leaked imagery of the new Fujitsu LOOX F-07C dual back at the beginning of the month, when a printed brochure was accidentally revealed to the world, detailing the new smartphones specifications.

The brochure has now been confirmed as legitimate and reveals that the new Fujitsu LOOX F-07C will definitely dual boot between Windows 7 and Symbian OS’ and is equipped with a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. Its powered by a Intel Atom Z600 at 1.2GHz and the GPU on the smartphone is an Intel 600 GMA with Direct X 9.0 support. Watch a brief video of the new device after the jump.

Fujitsu LOOX F-07C

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Is Anyone Using the iPad 2 Camera?

It seems that not many people are actually using the camera in the iPad 2 to take photos, according to data published on Flickr, which shows how many photos are uploaded on a daily bases from Apple’s iOS devices.

The data shows that on average 22 photos are being uploaded per day which have been taken with the camera on the new iPad 2, this is pretty low considering that Apple has already sold a few million of them since launch.

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Apple’s iPhone 4, App Store Awarded Guinness World Records

The App Store and the iPhone have been a massive success for Apple and now they have been awarded a range of Guinness World Records, with the App Store being awarded the record for being the most popular application marketplace and also the largest downloadable video game store.

The iPhone 4 has also been awarded the record for the fastest selling portable gaming system, ahead of dedicated gaming systems like the Nintendo DS and the PSP.

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The Scarpar Is Yet Another Extreme Skateboard

Ruggedized skateboards have been a minor fixture here in Geeky Gadgets. This Scarpar is fresh though. Kinda reminds us of the DTV Shredder, which we dubbed the Segway tank, and its sexier sibling the Tank Track. This here Scarpar is a serious performer and does intense speeds, so it’s a must for boarding enthusiasts who want a little more muscle in their outdoors diversion.

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Will The iPhone 5 Look Like This?

We have already seen some photos of what is reported to be the new display for the iPhone 5, which shows a much thinner bezel and a larger display, and now we have another photo of a case mock up for the iPhone 5.

The photo below appeared on a Chinese trading site, and it is reported to be a new case for the iPhone 5, the photo is obviously a mock up, but the design of the iPhone 5 could end up looking like this as it ties in with the previous leaked display we saw.

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See This R2D2 Turned Into An R2BQ

Judging by how many R2D2 posts have gone up here at Geeky Gadgets, it’s a minor surprise that a new use for the iconic droid has found its way to our oft distracted attention. Standing before you is the R2BQ, a backyard abomination prettied up for maximum Star Wars effect. What does it do? It’s an empty fifty five gallon oil drum that’s usually a fixture in backyard bbq’s on the cheap.

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Sony Starts Restoring The PlayStation Network

On Saturday Sony announced on their PlayStation blog that they had started restoring access to the PlayStation Network, and that both Sony Online Entertainment services and the PSN would be turned on in the US, Europe, Autralia, New Zealad and the Midle East, they have also said that other regions would take longer to restore.

PlayStation Network

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