Reptilian Backpack Is Fun And Spikey

If you like dinosaurs, nerdy accessories, and standing out in general then the Mad Pax is the bag for you. Though targeted at school kids, this could go with any age group. The backpack itself is hardly special, being of sturdy build and nicely designed. The non lethal spikes are the big draw here, since spikes are best left to armadillos and long extinct dinosaurs. But that’s the point, you’re advertising you dinosaur fixation when wearing this one! Ugh.

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OCZ Launches Solid 3 SSD

OCZ has been making SSDs for enthusiasts and gamers for a while now. The company has announced a new SSD has been added to its line called the Solid 3. The new SSD is made to be cost effective and to provide the user with lots of performance. The SSD uses the new 6Gbps SATA interface for the best performance.

OCZ Solid 3

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Planex Capacitive Stylus

Planex the well known manufacturer of storage devices and routers has this week unveiled a new product its recently added to its range in the form of the Planex Capacitive Stylus. The new stylus’s designed for smartphones and tablets come in either black and white and comes as either a long pen or a short stubby crayon shaped stylus.

Planex Capacitive Stylus

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Panasonic Unveils Toughbook 53 Semi-Rugged Notebook With LTE 4G

Panasonic has just unveiled its new Toughbook 53 its latest semi-rugged notebook in the Toughbook family. The new device has a 14″ High Definition LED display and is powered by a second generation Intel i5 or i3 processor.

Its weighs in at around 5.6 pounds and is capable of providing up to 10 hours of battery life and comes with and optional 4G LTE mobile broadband, together with optional dual antenna pass-through for in-vehicle use in passenger cars and light-duty trucks, perfect for professionals whose vehicles regularly serve as mobile offices.

To find out more about the Panasonic Toughbook 53 Semi-Rugged Notebook, watch the promo video running through its features and specifications after the jump.

Toughbook 53

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Pix and Stix Rubberised iPad Drum Sticks And Guitar Picks

If you enjoy playing Garage Band on your iPad, it might be time to invest in some new equipment to help shape that musical talent with the Pix and Stix rubberised iPad drum sticks and guitar picks.

The new accessories have been specifically designed for the iPad and enable users to get even more control over their notes and rhythm. The startup is currently looking for funding to get their project off the floor and are already 25 percent of the way to raising the required $8,000.

Pix and Stix

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modulR iPad 2 Case Announced

Some of our readers will remember the modulR iPad case we featured on the site last year, there is now a new version available for the iPad 2, the ModulR iPad 2 case.

The modulR iPad 2 case is designed to let you use your iPad 2 in a number of different ways, and you can purchase a range of accessories for the case that let you use the iPad 2 at your desk or hang it on your wall.

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Google Using Coercive Tactics Against Handset Makers?

The New York Times reports that a slew of Google emails released by a Massachusetts court reveal a few of Google negotiation tactics over the use of geolocation data by Android handset makers. Apparently Motorola had made a deal with a company called Skyhook to provide said geolocation data , which Google took as a slight… slight. Google then allegedly proceeded to threaten Motorola with raising compatibility issues between their handsets and Android in order to bring them back into the fold.

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Chrome Browser Hacked By Vupen Security?

After with standing everything the Pwn2Own hacking competition could throw at it. It now looks as if the Google Chrome browser may have fallen foul of a hack from Vupen Security.

The hack is initiated by allowing the Chrome browser to visit a web page loaded with a dastardly script, the script then bypasses Chrome’s sandbox which is supposed to isolate the browser from the rest of the computer, preventing hackers being able to take control. Once in the Vupen security team can then run commands/applications, and shows an example in the video after the jump of them running the Windows 7 calculator.

New Chrome Logo

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Microsoft Buys Skype For $8.5 Billion

Earlier today we told you that Microsoft were planning on buying Skype, and Microsoft has now officially confirmed the acquisition of Skype, in a deal which is worth $8.5 billion.

Microsoft announced the deal on their website, which says that the deal is worth $8.5 billion in cash, and this includes taking on Skype’s debts, the deal has been approved by both the board of Microsoft and the board of Skype.

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GRASP Lab Quadrocopters Learn To Fly In Formation (video)

If you thought one quadrocopter was scary enough flying towards you, how about a swarm, in formation? The University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab has been teaching their quadrocopter to do some synchronised formation flying.

GRASP explain that its relatively straightforward to control a couple of them at once using a precision motion capture system, but ultimately, it’s going to be much more useful to have the quadrocopter work with each other directly, without heavy dependence on external sensors and computers. Watch the video of the quadrocopters in action and flying in formation after the jump.

Formation quadrocopters

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Pioneer Launches Augmented Reality Navigation System

Pioneer has launched a new satellite navigation system, the Pioneer AVIC-VH09RS, and it is the first navigation system to feature Augmented Reality built in, with an AR Scouter Mode.

As you can see from the photo below, it display the road in front of you, it does this via a camera which is connected to the windshield, and it then displays data on top of the camera images.

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