HTC Revolver Android Honeycomb Smartphone Leaked?

We have lots of new from HTC today with all their new smartphones including their range of Facebook Phones, and now the guys over at Engadget have obtained some information on a possible new smartphone from HTC which may be headed to AT&T, the HTC Revolver.

According to the specifications that Engadget obtained, The HTC Revolver will come with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, this is the first smartphone we have heard about that may feature Android 3.0.

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Apple Testing Three iPhone 5 Prototypes?

The latest iPhone 5 rumor is that Apple is currently testing three prototype models of the iPhone 5, and the rumor comes from a Taiwan based website which has in the past published information about new Apple devices that have been true.

According to the rumor one prototype iPhone 5 is identical to the existing iPhone 4, except for a larger battery and a more powerful camera, although this doesn’t tie in with the earlier rumor that we heard about the iPhone 5 featuring a larger display.

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Powermat Explores New Markets

Powermat the creator of the wireless induction charging mats, that became available around 16 months ago is now looking to develop its charging system into new products and has a few of their ideas on show at MWC this week.

Powermat’s charging systems use magnetic induction technology to provide its wire free charging and Powermat is now looking to expand into new areas including airports, cars, and kitchens to begin.


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Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition

Intel has unveiled it new hexacore flagship processor the Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition, equipped with six 3.46GHz cores and 12 processing threads.

The new Intel Core i7-990X is also equipped with Intel’s Turbo Boost technology allowing it to be overclocked 3.73GHz or more and its unlocked multipliers make overclocking even easier.

Intel Core i7-990X

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Zuckerberg Says We Will See Multiple Facebook Phones This Year

Earlier today HTC announced their new Facebook Phones, and now Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that we will see many more Facebook devices coming this year.

Appearing in a video at MWC 2011, Zuckerberg referred to the previous rumors we heard that there would be a single Facebook phone launching this year, well we have already seen two this morning and it looks like many more are coming.

Facebook Zuckerberg

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Coming To Vodafone UK

Yesterday Samsung announced a new Galaxy Tab tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and now UK mobile phone operator Vodafone has announced that they will be the exclusive carrier for the tablet in the UK.

Vodafone haven’t given any information on pricing of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on their network, and also there are no details on what data plans will be available with this new 10.1 inch Android Tablet.

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HTC Wildfire S Android Smartphone Announced

The final new Android device from HTC today is the new HTC Wildfire, which is an updated version of the original HTC Wildfire, the HTC Wildfire S comes with a 3.2 inch HVGA display with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, and also feature Android 2.4 Gingerbread.

Other specifications on the HTC Wildfire S include a 600MHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM, there is also a five megapixel camera on the back with a flash and autofocus.

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HTC Incredible S Smartphone Announced

As well as launching the new HTC Desire S, HTC also announced he HTC Incredible S, which features a 4 inch WVGA Super LCD touchscreen display, plus stereo sound.

The HTC Incredible S comes with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and it will launch with Android 2.2 Froyo, but will be upgraded to Android 2.4 Froyo shortly after launch.

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HTC Desire S Android Smartphone Announced

More new Android devices from HTC today, as well as the new HTC Facebook phones and the HTC Flyer Android tablet, we also have a new Android smartphone, the HTC Desire S.

The HTC Desire S is the follow up to the HTC Desire, the Desire S features a 3.7 inch WVGA touchscreen display, it has also had a bit of a redesign from the original model with a new aluminum uni-body design which is similar to the HTC Legend.

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Photojojo iPhone Telephoto 8X Lens

Photojojo have just unveiled a new telephoto lens designed for the iPhone 3G(s), iPhone 4 and the Verizon/AT&T iPhone 4 that can apparently add the same zoom to your phone as having a 500mm Sigma lens fitted to your iPhone camera.

The lens is fitted to your iPhone using a case which clips around your iPhone and to which the lens then locks onto with a twisting motion. To compose your shot simply move the focus ring on the lens until you have your perfect shot, and manually slide the zoom back and fourth.

Photojojo iPhone Telephoto 8X Lens

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HTC Flyer 7 Inch Android Tablet Announced

As well as announcing their new Facebook smartphones, HTC also announced a new Android tablet, the HTC Flyer, which comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of  1024 x 600 and runs on Google Android 2.4 Gingerbread.

Processing on the HTC Flyer is provided by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, and it even comes with a stylus, not something we have seen on any of the new tablets being released recently.

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Netflix Finally Arrives On Boxee

After a few delays Netflix streaming has finally arrived on the Boxee box and will be available to users within the next 24 hours as the update that contains the new feature is rolled out across the Boxee Boxes. But if you cant wait that long you can always perform a manually update.

The new feature was originally expected to arrive at the end of 2010 but was delayed due to a few tweaks that where required and was postponed until the end of January. This deadline was also missed due to Boxee not meeting Netflix’s security requirements. However two weeks later the new feature has now arrived


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