PS3 Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Arriving Soon (video)

After both Xbox 360 gamers and PC gamers being issued with Crysis 2 multiplayer demos, Playstation 3 players have been a left in the cold a little by Crytek. But if you are a PS3 gamers looking forward to Crysis 2 you will be pleased to know that it has now been confirmed by Crytek that a multiplayer PS3 version of the game is on its way.

The video after the break of Crytek Crysis 2 game reveals that the demo will indeed be making its way onto the PS3, but unfortunately now firm date has been set just yet.


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Lacie Launches Little Big Disk Thunderbolt External HDD

Yesterday Intel announced their new Thunderbolt technology which appeared in the new 2011 MacBook Pro’s, and now LaCie has announced the first external Thunderbolt compatible hard drive, the LaCie Little Big Disk.

The LaCie Little Big Disk offers data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps, and it is compatible with the new range of Apple MacBook Pro’s.

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Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Gameplay Trailer (video)

Rockville-based game company Bethesda Softworks has now released its first look at Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim gameplay in the new trailer they have just released. The new gameplay trailer shows a glimpse of what you can expect from Elder Scrolls V when it launches later this year and first looks at its gameplay and graphic detail leave you wanting more.. With impressive landscapes and fights with ferocious dragons, dungeons filled with deadly skeletons and great narration.

Check out the Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim gameplay trailer after the break. Enjoy!

Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

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Google Adds E-Books To Android Market

Confirming Android E-Book rumours from earlier in the week, Google has now added E-books to its Android Market suggesting that movies and music could be arriving on the Android Market very soon.

You can now purchase E-books from the Android Market by simply clicking the ‘Books’ tab at the top of the Market page, which then loads the E-book interface. Once purchased and downloaded, your e-book will be added to your Google user account, and if you are not completely satisfied with a purchase there is a returns options.

android market

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MobileMe Removed From Apple’s Online Store

Apple has today removed the single and family license packs of its MobileMe service, triggering speculation that an upgrade to the service might be imminently launched.

Reports also say that both single user and family packs of MobileMe have been declared “end of life” by Apple, and Apple has announced that the service will undergo some scheduled maintenance tonight that may leave its web-based applications inaccessible for half an hour.


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Xtreamer Prodigy Media Streamer With Airplay And USB 3.0 Support (video)

Xtreamer have followed up on the recent release of their Xtreamer Ultra HTPC retailing for $100 with a new media player and streamer, the Xtreamer Prodigy.

The new Xtreamer Prodigy features the new USB 3.0 connectivity together with HDMI connection, an integral IR remote control, multi-card reader and a 3.5-inch HDD bay. Its also equipped with 256MB RAM and 512MB NAND flash

It also supports Apples Airplay feature an intuitive graphical Flash interface with Adobe Flash GUI, with added support for Mediafly, Google Talk, Last FM, Pandora and Facebook, to name a few.

Watch a video of the new Xtreamer Prodigy media streamer after the jump, to view the selection of connection available on its rear.

Xtreamer Prodigy Media Streamer

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iPad 2 To Feature A5 Processor, 512MB Of RAM?

As we get ready for the officially unveiling of the new iPad 2 next week, many of us are wondering that the final specifications will be on the iPad 2, and now Engadget is reporting some more details on the iPad 2.

According to Engadget we will see a new A5 processor in the iPad 2, it will also feature a slimmer design than the current generation iPad, and will come with at least one camera, on the front for video chat, although there may be a second camera on the back.

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2011 MacBook Pro Gets Taken Apart

Yesterday Apple announced its 2011 range of MacBook Pro’s, and the same day it was announced the guys over at iFixit managed to get their hands on one of the new 15 inch models, and decided to take it apart.

The 2011 MacBook pro is Apple’s first notebook to come with a quad core processor and it also features Intel’s new super fast Thunderbolt technology, have a look at the teardown photos below.

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Google Removes Facebook Sync From Nexus S

It looks like Google has decided to remove the Facebook Sync feature in the Nexus S Gingerbread update, which is currently being rolled out to Nexus S devices.

Google has removed the Facebook Sync feature becuase of the way users contact lists are handled, and you can see the statement from Google below which explains why the feature has been removed.

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HTC Incredible S Shipping In The UK

It looks like the new HTC Incredible S is due to start shipping the the UK today, the Incredible S has been up for pre-order for the last few days and it looks like it should be available later today.

The HTC Incredible S will come with Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box but is expected to get Android 2.4 Gingerbread shortly after launch.

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Windows Phone 7 “Must Have” Games Coming In The Spring

What do Plants vs. Zombies, Hydro Thunder, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Doodle Jump have in common? They’re all games everyone is probably sick to death of by now but Microsoft is treating as hot new releases for the purposes of hyping up its Windows Phone 7 platform, which if it can’t get into consumer hands through the general purpose app door, it just might through the gaming window.

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