Apple Removes Subscription Gaming App Form App Store

Yesterday we heard that subscription based gaming was coming to Apple’s App Store, Big Fish Games yesterday announced a subscription based gaming application that would give users access to a range of games for a $4.99 monthly fee.

The application has apparently been available in the app store since the 18th of November, but people were unable to sign up to the subcription until yesterday, and now in a somewhat strange move apple has removed the application from the app store.

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Ho-Hum: Check Out This R2-D2 Folding Armchair

In case you haven’t noticed, the whole Star Wars universe is one giant merchandise trap. No wonder a search of ‘R2D2′ on the top right (go ahead try it) produces a whopping four pages worth of older posts. This latest from a prominent online retailer is a folding armchair that comes with an R2D2 print. Other than reminding people what a Star Wars geek you are, it can’t really do much else other than fold if you need it.

R2D2 chair

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The Vagabond Instant Shelter Shields You From Zombies

This is a gag, ladies and gentlemen, so relax. It’s not like 2012 is going to e the year 99% of the population turns to zombies, thereby justifying a purchase of the Vagabond. The fictitious back story for this portable survival gear claims that the Vagabond aced a design competition entry, garnering its creator Austin Fleming some sort of glory. If you’re wondering how the Vagabond works, read more after the jump.


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Nook Simple Touch eReader gets Limited Edition White

Barnes and Noble has announced a new limited edition version of the Nook Simple Touch eReader. The tablet is the same as the original inside with the difference being that the limited edition version gets a special white back. You can tell if you look close at the photo that the edge around the black bezel in the photo is white.

White Nook Simple Touch

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Pod Power Extension Cord Lets You Plug All Sorts Of Stuff

Kate Vallen probably had so many gadgets with her all the time that necessity just had to step in and give birth to an invention. That invention is the Pod Power, a novel extension cord where multiple sockets are coiled together for broad use. Y ‘broad use’ is meant being stretched across a room so stuff can get stuck on it. This might be a good idea in co-working spaces, which are popular in the budding technology hubs of London and New York. Other than the professional environment, household use is also an ideal setting for the Pod Power.

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Bean Bag Sled Cushions Your Snowy Escapades

It looks like heaps of fun to use as well. The Bean Bag Sled is exactly what its name implies, a large bean bag wrapped in a double-lining fabric that can be used as a snow sled. The picture illustrates how winter revelers may use this bag when sliding down the frozen outdoors amid good cheer and much fun. It’s doubtful whether the Bean Bag Sled can be applied to extreme winter sports though. Also, if Soap and Roach tried escaping that Russian airbase in a couple of these, they probably wouldn’t have made it to the chopper. Yes, the Bean Bag Sled is that lame.

Bean Bag Sled

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus Lands In The US

We are still waiting for both Verizon and Samsung to confirm the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for the US, it is rumored to hit some time in December, possibly December the 8th.

If you cant wait until then it looks like one US retailer is now selling an unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although it isn’t cheap as they are selling it for $749.99.

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Corsair Sets New Memory Frequency World Record

Corsair has this week unveiled they have broken and set a new Memory Frequency World Record. Reaching an impressive 1733.8MHz (DDR3-3467), using Corsair Dominator GT CMGTX6 extreme-performance DDR3 memory.

Corsair used a specially constructed rig to obtain the new world record, which was equipped with a liquid nitrogen cooled computer system using a AMD FX-8150 processor and of course 1GB of Corsair Dominator GT extreme-performance DDR3 memory.

Corsair Memory World Record

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hidden Morrowind and Cyrodiil Landmass Discovered

The new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game is already a massive world to explore and adventure in. But even more landmass has been discovered by a gamer in Finland, who travelled to the Southern-easternmost edge of Skyrim, Stendarr’s Beacon. Where he discovered a path that ends in an invisible wall at a stone archway, which theoretically would lead to lands of Morrowind.

To investigate more he jumped into non clip mode and ventured past the gate, and into Morrowind. As he progressed the textures started to detail down. But the discovery of the addition landmass, might indicate a new DLC that might open it up at a later date.

Skyrim Secret Gate

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