Fake Pokemon Game For iOS Pulled Out

A $0.99 Pokemon app, which had a huge opening weekend sales, has been removed from the App Store after it turned out that the so-called Pokemon Yellow game was unauthorised and worse, was not even a working game as claimed by its developers.

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Mobile Devices To Outnumber Human Population By End Of Year

The mobile industry is a fast and booming industry, with tablets, mobile phones, and other handheld devices coming out in waves one after the other.  From lower-priced to high-end models, consumers have a ton of devices to choose from for their mobile needs.

So it’s not exactly surprising that according to Cisco Systems, by the end of the year, the number of mobile devices connected to the Internet will actually be more than the world population.

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Pinterest NOPIN Code Aims to Avoid Copyright Issues

If you’re a huge fan of Pinterest, changes may be afoot. There has been a lot moaning and complaining that the site allows people to steal copyrighted materials when they pin images to their profile board. It seems Pinterest has decided to attack these supposed copyright issues head-on with unveiling of new code that blocks users from pinning things from a website.


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Canonical Introduces Ubuntu For Android

Canonical have today announced their new Ubuntu for Android, which is not an application that runs on Android but a fully fledged “Ubuntu for Android”.

The new Ubuntu for Android software runs side-by-side with Android using a shared kernel, allowing you to use Android on the smartphone whilst out and about. But then trigger the Ubuntu to start up once you put your device in to a dock connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Enabling you to use all the features you would expect from a full Ubuntu desktop operating system.

Ubuntu for Android

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Taser and Looxcie Launch Axon Flex Camera

You might be familiar with the company called Looxie that makes the point of view video cameras. Looxie has teamed up with Taser, the people who make the non-lethal weapons for police officers and self-defense. The resulting product is called the Axon Flex and it is a small camera designed for police officers to wear.

Axion Flex

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Sony Xperia S Leaked Promo Video Reveals New Android User Interface (video)

A newly Sony promotional video has been leaked which provide a glimpse of the new Android user interface that you can expect to see on Sony smartphones once its officially launched. The Xperiablog website were able to get there hands on the new Sony Android  promo video detailing the new user interface and its features. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

The video which you can view after the break, reveals a couple of interesting new features such as a new home screen, FM radio, lock screen, gallery, music player and widgets.

Sony New Android User Interface

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Things Cloud Sync Finally Arrives And Enters Its Public Beta Development Stage

Things the popular GTD to-do application for Mac and iOS devices, has today announced that their highly anticipated Things Cloud has now finally entered its public beta stage of development.

Allowing users to finally be able to sync their to-do lists within the Things application across multiple devices seamlessly. The cloud syncing features has been a long time coming and has caused a number of user of Things to find other to-do applications which already provided the cloud sync feature, such as Omnifocus and Firetask.

Things Cloud

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Dragon Go! iOS App Update Adds More Features

Nuance has rolled out a new update for its iPhone application Dragon Go! today. Which brings with it a number of new features including a few new things that even Apple’s own Siri can’t compete with.

Within the new update for Dragon Go! now comes with support for Expedia travel information. Enabling you to ask for travel information including flight times and details, Which Siri has problems trying to provide users with.

Dragon Go

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Huawei MediaPad 10 Photos Leaked

It looks like Huawei has a new Android tablet in the works, which we expect to see announced at MWC 2012, which kicks off next week, the Huawei MediaPad 10.

The photos below give us a look at the new MediaPad 10, which is reported to come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and will come with support for 3G and will feature a microSD card slot.

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Pepper Spray iPhone Case Provide Extra Personal Protection

If you are looking for a little more personal protection from your iPhone case, then the SmartGuard iPhone case which is equipped with a handy pepper spray canister, might be worth more investigation.

The SmartGuard iPhone case has been developed by Swiss manufacturer Piexon and consists of a hard plastic casing, which has been designed to prevent the pepper spray canister going off in your bag or by mistake.

Smart Guard iPhone Case

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