Official Adobe Photoshop De-blur Technology Presentation Released (video)

You might remember the new Photoshop de-blurring plug-in technology that was showcased by Adobe just over a week ago and was revealed accompanied with a low quality video taken by one of its attendees. Well you will be pleased to know that Adobe have now released the full high quality presentation to the public, enabling you to see exactly what happened.

The video after the jump shows Adobe’s Jue Wang demonstrating a sneak peek of a potential new feature that allows users to remove blurriness from digital photos caused by camera shake while the pictures were being taken.

Adobe de-blur presentation

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All Electric DeLorean Launching In 2013

Yesterday we heard that one of the original DeLorean’s from Back To The Future III was being auctioned for $600,000, and now it looks like you will actually be able to buy a new DeLorean from 2013.

It looks like there will be an all electric DeLorean launched in 2013, as the current owners of the DeLorean brand are working with electric car startup Epic EV, and it is expected to come with a 200+ bhp electric motor and should be capable of a top speed of around 125 mph.

All Electric DeLorean Launching In 2013

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Virgin Galactic Gateway To Space Officially Open

Sir Richard Branson today opened the Virgin Galactic Gateway To Space formally known as Spaceport America for business today, by abseiling down the side of the world’s first built-from-scratch commercial spaceport, spraying and drinking from a bottle of champagne.

Even though the space port is now open it will still be a little time before paying customers will be making their first flights in to suborbital space. Testing is expected to continue until later in to 2012 with flights into suborbital space expected to be launched from the spaceport in early 2013.

Virgin Galactic Gateway To Space

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Japan’s NTT DoCoMo Confirms Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Google Nexus Prime) November Launch

Later today Samsung and Google will unveil the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the Google Nexus Prime or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we have heard previously that the device will go on sale in November, with a rumored launch date of the 10th of November.

Now we know that the Google Nexus Prime will go on sale in Japan in November, thanks to Japanese mobile carrier, NTT DoCoMo, who have confirmed they will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in November.

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Instapaper 4.0 iOS Update Brings Redesigned User Interfaces And Plenty of New Features

If you are a big fan of the Instapaper application for iOS devices as I am, you will be pleased to know that its developers Marco Arment have now released v4.0 of Instapaper for iOS. Bringing some great new features to the iPhone and iPad applications and make them even greater.

The new iPad Instapaper update brings with it a major overhaul of the iPads user interface which now presents items in a grid like arrangement with a control bar positioned to the side. The iPhone interface has also received the few tweaks and includes a dark mood feature and options to hide the status bar together with new fonts and sharing panels. Social network integration has also been revamped within the Friends section which now allows you to browse recent links posted on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr feeds.

Instapaper 4

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Sirius Edge Satellite Radio Unveiled, With Access To XTRA SiriusXM 2.0 Stations

Today Sirius have unveiled their new Edge Satellite Radio which allows users to pause, rewind and replay live Satellite Radio programming and comes equipped with a large colour LCD to display artist, song and channel information.

Other features of the Edge satellite radio include a provided car kit which enables you to listen and charge your radio while on the move, and provides access to the new SiriusXM channels that went live Monday.

Sirius Edge Satellite Radio

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Siri Sings A Duet With Jonathan Mann (Video)

It seems Apple’s iPhone 4S virtual voice controlled assistant is capable of a few more things than giving you directions and finding the nearest restaurant for you, we have already seen some of the funny replies from Siri.

Now Jonathan Mann decided to record a duet with Siri, which you can see in the video below, some people will remember Jonathan for his Antenna-gate video which was released after the iPhone 4 last year.

Siri Duet

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47 Billion Shots Were Fired During Battlefield 3’s Open Beta (Infographic)

If you participated in the recent Battlefield 3 open beta you will undoubtedly of added a few shots to the 47 billion that were recorded during the gameplay by EA. That together with some other amazing numbers have now been released by EA today, revealing some of the staggering statistics that were amassed during the short open beta gameplay. View an infographic after the jump detailing a few more.

Battlefield 3

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Adobe Finally Launches Adobe Reader On iOS Devices

Finally after a long wait Adobe has today launched its PDF Reader application onto iOS devices, joining its other iPad and iPhone applications which have been launched over the last couple of months.

Since the arrival of the iPhone and iPad plenty of other PDF viewing applications have been created, but if you use PDFs regularly in your day to day activities then the new Adobe iOS PDF Reader application might be worth a look. As it brings a number of features for sharing your PDF files and the ability to e-mail and even print using Apple’s AirPrint feature.

Adobe Reader iOS

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Google Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) To Be Unveiled Later Today

They Android smartphone that everyone has been talking about over the last week weeks in Google’s latest device in its Nexus smartphone range, which is going to either be called the Google Nexus Prime or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or both depending on carrier.
Samsung and Google were scheduled to unveil the Nexus Prime last week on the 11th of October, the event was changed to this week and it is taking place in Hong Kong on Wednesday the 19th of October, which due to time zone differences means that the event takes place today at 6.30PM Pacific time in the US.

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EA To Bring Dead Space Android Devices

One of my favourite games on the iPad is EA’s Dead Space, and now it looks like it will also be headed to Android devices, and may come via Samsung’s new Games Hub, according to the guys over at Android and Me.

Samsung was apparently showing off their new Games Hub and one of the games running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, was EA’s Dead Space, and according to Taylor from Android and me the graphics looked impressive.

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