Video Showing Windows OS Progress From 1 to 7 In Just 10 Minutes

A great 10 minutes video has been put together documenting the upgrade process from Microsoft’s first Windows 1 version right up to their latest Windows 7. Showing the evolution that has taken place and explaining the surprisign number of features that have remained in the OS since its version 3.1 release back in March 1992.

Windows 1 to 7

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Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7 Update For Samsung Devices Again

Last month Microsoft released a small update for Windows Phone 7 devices, the update was designed to get handsets ready for the first major update to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS.

When the update was released, a number of Samsung WP7 handset owners reported problems with the update, which even bricked some devices and Microsoft subsequently pulled the update.

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Google Body App From The Honeycomb Presentation Now Available In Android Market (video)

The impressive Google Body application that was showcased in Google’s Honeycomb presentation is now available in the Android Market. The Google Body app allows you to explore your body in detail, and has been described as ‘Google Maps for the human body’. Watch a quick video demonstration after the jump.

Google Body

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Skyfire 3.0 iPhone Browser Now Available (video)

Today Skyfire has released their latest mobile iPhone browser version 3.0 to the Apple iTunes Store. The new Skyfire 3.0 browser brings with its a number of new features including improved video support for Adobe’s Flash, Twitter and Facebook integration, and a new OneTouch Search feature.

Watch the demo of the new Skyfire 3.0 browsers  features after the jump.

Skyfire 3

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ASUS Motherboard Packaging Doubles As Temporary Cardboard PC Case

ASUS have taken an innovative approach to being a little more greener with its packaging wastage on their motherboard boxes. Rather than throwing or recycling the packaging ASUS has designed its motherboard packaging to transform into a cardboard PC case allowing you to instantly get up and running with your new PC motherboard.

Asus Cardboard PC Case

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