Playstation Network Down For 11 Hours Of Maintenance

Unfortunately if you were hoping to play on the PSN in the next 11 hours you are out of luck as Sony has announced that the Playstation Network will be down for 11 hours due to required maintenance.

Sony has explained in their post that the following will be totally out of action: Signing into PSN, Playing games online and Using the PSN store.



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Microsoft Working On Xbox 720?

It looks like Microsoft could possibly be working on the next generation Xbox, which we will call the Xbox 720 for now, as they have recently posted some job listings on Linkedin for what seems to be Microsoft’s next generation console.

There are listing for an Audio/Video Hardware Architect, an Audio Architect and a Graphics Architect and the listings references ‘next generation’ consoles as you can see below.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 Launch Date Just Two Weeks Away?

Hot on the heals of AMD launching their new HD 6990 graphics card and consequently taking the ‘Worlds Fastest’ graphics card title, NVIDIA is now thought to be launching its new GeForce GTX 590 in just two weeks, on the 22nd March 2011, according to Expreview.

The new NVDIA GeForce GTX 590 packs dual-GF110 cores and features a 1024 CUDA Core, 3GB GDDR5 memory, dual-8pin external power connectors for the required 375W TDP and with it NVIDIA will be undoubtedly looking to take first place from AMD for the worlds fastest graphics card.

GeForce GTX 590 Release Date

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Spoil Your Kid With This Flashy Ride

A taste for luxury is best cultivated at a young age. This is why snobbish parents should consider buying the Mini Seven for their little brats. The company who builds this type of car, Micro Electric Vehicles, departed from their usual standard by installing a petrol engine on this pimpin’ ride instead dof the usual electric variety.

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Apple Switches To TSMC For A5 iPad 2 Processor

Samsung were responsible for manufacturing the A4 processor for Apple that was found in the original iPad, and now it looks like Apple has switched to a new manufacturer for production of the A5 processor for the iPad 2.

According to EETimes, Apple will use TSMC’s to produce all of its A5 processors, the reason behind the switch is said to be because TSMC are consistently producing the chips more efficiently at 40 nanometers than Samsung was at 45 nanometers.

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Twitter Addresses Quick Bar Complaints With Update

Last week Twitter released a new update to its iPhone Twitter application that added a delightful ‘Quick Bar’ to your app. The Quick bar was designed to show developing trends on the Twitter service with access to more details with a quick swipe.

However the Quick Bar addition went down like lead balloon with users, as the bar was also used to insert adverts that overlapped users tweets in the timeline. Taking heed of the swathe of complaints from users, Twitter has released a new update that corrects the overlapping ‘Quick Bar” issue.

Twitter iPhone

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Konect Tokyo USB Concept Watch

We have featured a number of weird and wonderful creations and concepts from Tokyo Flash here on Geeky Gadgets over the past few years but this new Konect Tokyo USB concept watch is a little more innovative than most.

The idea has been developed by French designer Oliver who has created the concept to help him stop losing USB drives, but also provide a way of listening to the contents on the drive if required using Bluetooth headphones.


Konect Tokyo USB Concept Watch

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Panasonic Joins Linux Foundation

Panasonic has announced that it will now be joining the Linux Foundation at the Gold Level, accompanying other companies such as AMD, Cisco, HP and Google to name a few on the Linux foundations second highest tier.

The Linux Foundation merged late last year with the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF), of which Panasonic was a founding company.  CELF members then joined the Foundation at the Silver Tier, but Panasonic has now decide to increase its ocmmitment to the Linux Foundation now joining the higher up Gold Tier.

Linux Foundation

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GetJar Bans Opera Mini After Opera App Store Launch

After yesterdays launch of Opera Mobile App Store, Lithuanian GetJar an alternative website providing apps for multiple platforms has issued a tweet stating they have now dropped the Opera Mini browser from their range of apps.

From further tweets GetJar has now confirmed that it is in direct response to the new Opera mobile app store and that the release of the new Opera Mobile App Store now mean that the Opera Mini browser breaks their own terms and conditions to be included in the GetJar app store.


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AXA Pushes New Interactive Advertising Boundaries With Its iAds (videos)

Belgium based AXA insurance and been busy getting creative with its advertising campaigns to promote it new iOS apps. Using QR tags and some funky technology wizardry to create some very innovative adverts. The first car insurance app was released last year and AXA have now released another for home insurance, with a similarly invent advertising campaign.

The adverts tempt the viewer to use their iPhone to interact with the advert allowing them to see the side that people without an iPhone cant see by the use of a QR tag. Watch the videos after the jump to see them in action.


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WebOS To Be Included On All HP PC’s In 2012

Léo Apotheker chief executive of HP says that HP has ‘lost its soul’ and is now looking to bring the company back on course by focusing heavily on it WebOS. Explaining that more details will be covered at an event on March 14 in San Francisco.

HP’s chief executive also explained in an interview with Bloomberg that HP would be looking to install it WebOS in conjunction with Windows on all it PC system by the start of 2012. In a move thats HP hopes will help them gain the backing of developers to create application for its WebOS software.



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