Netflix Splits DVD And Streaming Business

Netflix has announced that the company is splitting its DVD and streaming business into two separate companies, the streaming service will continue with the Netflix name whilst the DVD based subscription service will now be called Qwikster.

The news came from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a blog post on the Netflix Blog, and the two services will now be completely independent of each other, and will have separate websites.

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HP TouchPad Gets CyanogenMod 7 With WiFi And More (Video)

We recently saw a video of CyanogenMod 7 running on the HP TouchPad, and now a new video has been released by the CyanogenMod team which shows a range of new features working on the HP TouchPad.

The latest version of CyanogenMod 7 for the HP TouchPad  includes WiFi, Audio and also the Android Market, plus the accelerometer, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Samsung Galaxy S Gets Inductive Charging Mod (Video)

Modder and German IT student Qian Qin decided that he wanted to add some inductive charging to his Galaxy S smartphone, so he got hold of a Touchstone charging dock for the Palm Pre and also the back cover of the Pre.

He then took the inductive charging unit out of the Palm Pre case, and soldered it inside his Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, the video below shows the device in action with inductive charging.

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Developer Releases Shake-To-Undo Mac Correction App

As its name suggests, it’s a shake to undo function. This new app could prove a bane or a boon for Mac fans. We’re thinking more on the bane side plus a few laughs. Imagine every time you make a mistake and have to shake your Mac to undo it. Then someone goes “Dude, just press Command+Z!”



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Check Out This Impressive Classic Batman Lego Sculpture

That’s ‘classic’ as in the TV series from way back when Robin used to exclaim ‘Holy cow, Batman!’ What makes it even more incredible is it was made by a 13-year-old named Evan Bacon (no relation to either Francis Bacon or Kevin Bacon, we think). If only he can get the rest of the Justice League done as well, he’d be bulletproof. Not to mention the bragging rights.

Lego Batman

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Old School Cardboard Radio Can Sync With Your iPod

No Bluetooth, but there’s an audio input jack on its side for a connector. Currently selling for an affordable 25 quid, the Cardboard Radio looks like it was put together by a survivalist, as it’s bereft of any frills or sleek design. It works fine, however, and can actually be considered disposable.

Cardboard Radio

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Keepon Dancing Robot Now Available For Pre-Orders (Video)

To be honest there’s not much worth getting excited about with this robot. It’s not like it can save your life if you fall off a balcony and are hanging by your fingers. Then again, if it’s mindless diversion you want, accompanied by music, this could be a solid investment. Watch the video for proof of its awesomeness.

Keepon Dancing

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Virgin Airlines To Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi Via Gogo

It’s super fast, super high, and super cheap. What is it? Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet every time you travel via Virgin Airlines. Actually, the super cheap part isn’t accurate—prices depend on the length of the flight. And pray tell who is Gogo? It’s Virgin Airlines’ partner in this new service. Gogo rolled out their four times faster ATG-4 just to make this deal sweeter than usual.

Virgin Airlines

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LG Optimus 3D Review

The LG Optimus 3D was one of the first 3D smartphones to become available, and it comes with a range of impressive specifications, in our LG Optimus 3D review we look at the handsets specifications and features.

The first thing you will notice about the LG Optimus 3D is the size of the device, it isn’t exactly the smallest, lightest or thinnest Android device on the market today, and it features a large 4.3 inch 3D display, and it comes with Android 2.2 Froyo.

LG Optimus 3D Review

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Body As Joint Future Clothes Are Quite Revealing (Video)

Apparently we’ll all be semi-naked in the future. That’s not too far off the mark, if movies like The Fifth Element and Planet of the Apes (the people, not the apes) are templates for upcoming lifestyle trends. Seen below is a startling example of seamless clothes. Call it post-fashion and ultra minimalist from designer Yitzhak Abecassis. Don’t forget to catch the video after the jump.

Seamless Clothes

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