White Nokia N9 Now Available

Those looking to grab a Nokia N9 in white are in luck. The Meego-powered device is now available in Finland via Verkkokauppa’s site and will cost €630, or around $842, for the 64GB variant.  The price is slightly lower than the reported pre-order price last month.

White Nokia N9


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Macro Shots On Smartphones Get Boost

With smartphone cameras getting better by the day, it’s only a matter of time before more accessory makers start offering nifty add-ons to make your snapshots more appealing. Photojojo figured taking macro shots on your smartphones need some help, so they came up with the Macro Cell Lens Band.

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Twitter Gets New Look

If you’re using Twitter on a regular basis you  may have noticed the new look, both on its website and on its mobile apps. Both iOS and Android apps have been given a new look, with the version for the iPad expected to follow suit.

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SatPlus Chair Is A Satellite Dish To Sit On

In what amounts to an impressive exercise in clandestine design cleverness, the SatPlus Sat Chair has arrived in the online retail space for those badly in need of a satellite dish. The catch is pretty obvious: it’s shaped like a chair, so no one will suspect. Costing upwards of 200 quid, the SatPlus Sat Chair is meant for outdoor use and can be deployed in uneven ground and is being marketed as ‘ideal for discreet locations.’ That’s pretty cloak and dagger.

Satellite Chair

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Surfing Company Outs Snow Paddle For Epic Adventures

Not so long ago, a Hawaiian company outed a ‘big stick,’ basically a paddle to accompany the age old art of boarding. The big stick was hardly an innovation, since its a traditional tool for boarders long before surfing became a fad for the wave obsessed. Sensing opportunity in the winter additional details,time, the ‘big stick’ makers Kahuna Creations have outed a snow version of their magical upright staff. It works like a paddle, except this time it has been tweaked to allow the wielder better mobility in the snow.

Kahuna Snowstick

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Om Nom Cartoon Has No Ropes

Om Nom is a cute little candy eating alien that is green in color. The little guy loves to hit candy and gets really sad if you can’t get it into his mouth. Om Nom comes from the game app that is very popular called Cut the Rope.

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Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod (video)

Modder Dean Liou has unveiled his latest creation using a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 laptop to create the fantastic Lenovo ArcadeDockX1 Mod. The arcade cabinet uses the 15 inch screen of the Lenovo X1 as the gaming display and the controls are connected via USB.

The ArcadeDockX1 cabinet is equipped with a flight stick and throttle making the whole design of the cabinet look fantastic. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action, and Liou provides you with a walk through of his ArcadeDockX1.

Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod

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Over 1 Million Mobile Apps Available To Download

According to a recent report by Mobilewalla, there are now more than 1 million applications available to download across the major applications platforms, with Apple and their iOS App store in the top spot with 598,763 applications available.

In second place is Google’s Android Market, where there are a total of 325,156 applications available, and this is followed by the BlackBerry app store which has a total of 43,548 apps, and finally the Windows Marketplace which has 36,487 applications available to download.

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Logic Pro 9 Digital Audio Software Arrives In Mac App Store

Apple has made a number of changes to its Logic music software versions, and has announced that it will discontinuing sales of its Logic Studio and Logic Express digital audio workstation packages “effective immediately,”. Instead Apple has now released Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 applications as separate applications, which are now available to purchase from the Apple Mac App Store.

Apple Logic Pro

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