ADATA Sandforce XPG SX900, Premier Pro SP900, and Premier SP800 SSDs Unveiled

ADATA has this week unveiled three new additions to its range of solid state hard disk drives, in the form of the XPG SX900, Premier Pro SP900, and Premier SP800.

The XPG SX900 is art of ADATA’s high-end brand is aimed at enthusiasts and gamers looking for that little extra performance. Its read and write speeds are 550/530 MB per second, with maximum random 4k write speeds as high as 85,000 IOPS.


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Xbox 360 White Special Edition 4GB Kinect Bundle Announced (video)

Microsoft has today announced the launch of a new all white Special Edition Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle, that has been created for families in particular.

The limited edition white Xbox 360 bundle includes a glossy white Xbox 360 4GB console, glossy white Kinect sensor, white Xbox 360 wireless controller and copies of Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures. Watch the video after the jump to see the contents of the bundle.

White Xbox 360

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Samsung Galaxy Beam Hits The UK In July For £385

We just got an email from one of the UK retailers to let us know that Samsung’s new Galaxy Beam smartphone, which features a built in projector will be available in the UK in July.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam will be available for £385 SIM free, and it will also be available with a number of the various mobile carriers here in the UK, although we don’t as yet have any information on which ones.

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Launches In May 2012

Anyone patiently waiting for the arrival of the new Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 which we first featured back in January. Will be pleased to know that pre-ordering will commence on the first of March, this Thursday. With shipping expected to start a couple of months later in May 2012.

The new AR.Drone 2.0 is equipped with a 1280 x 720, 720p onboard camera, which has been deigned to record either video or images. These can then be sent directly back to your smartphone for instant viewing, using the supplied AR.FreeFlight 2.0 piloting application.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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iOS Security Flaw Gives Developers Access To Your Photos

According to a recent report by the NYT, a new security flaw has been discovered in Apple’s iOS, the security feature which lets users share their location can also apparently be used to grab user photos on your iOS device.

There is nothing to worry about as yet though, as apparently no applications which use the apparent security flaw have made their way into Apple’s app store, although this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen in the future.

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Raspberry PI $35 Computer Launches

The Raspberry PI has finally gone on sale, and the model version which costs $35 is now available to buy online, and the model B version comes with an Ethernet port and 2 USB ports.

The Raspberry PI  team have also announced that the $25 model has been changed slightly and will now come with 256MB although this model won’t be available yet.

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Less Than One Million Google TV Devices Sold?

Google TV hasn’t exactly been as popular as Google had hoped, and now we finally get some information about how many Google TV devices have actually been sold.

According to a recent report by GigaOM, there are less than one million Google TV devices out there, the information was discovered in Google’s own data in the Android Market, and more than 50 percent of these are Logitech Revue boxes, which Logitech no longer sells.

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Next Generation Xbox Codenamed Durango

The information comes from a tweet made by Crytek Technical Designer Sean Tracy which corroborates an earlier Kotaku report revealing the codename for the next Xbox as Durango.  “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks,” read the seemingly innocuous bit of text.

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Samsung To Roll Out HD Video Content

That Galaxy Note you’re holding will soon be rocking a secure high-definition (HD) video courtesy of Samsung’s Media Hub. The service will be available to Samsung’s other devices but the Galaxy Note will be the first to try out the service.

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Kinect Grocery Cart Could Soon Prowl a Whole Foods Near You

Whole Foods has commissioned a very cool and high-tech shopping cart that could soon prowl the aisles of the store. The card uses a Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor mounted near where you would place your hands to push the cart. That sensor would be able to recognize a shopper’s loyalty card and follow them around the store with no input from the shopper.

Kinect for Windows shopping cart

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