Android Dolphin Browser v7 Update, Enables Cloud Sync Support

One of  the great third party browsers for Android devices,  Dolphin, has just rolled out a new updated taking it to version 7 and bring with it some fantastic new features. The Dolphin browser can easily be customised to suit your style of Internet surfing and enables you to use gestures making surfing even easier.

New features in the latest Dolphin 7 release include Dolphin Connect which brings with it the ability to wirelessly sync browser preferences and bookmarks over the Cloud to your other Android devices also running the Dolphin Browser.

Dolphin Browser

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Google Apps Coming To Google+

It looks like Google’s social network, Google+ is about to get some new features, as Google’s Vic Gundotra has announced at The Web 2.0 summit that Google will shortly be adding Google Apps to Google+.

Apparently we could see Google Apps integrated into Google+ within the next few days, a feature which many Google+ users have been asking for, and it is bound to make Google+ more popular.

Google Plus

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Sony Playstation Store Opens Its Doors For Game Downloads

If you are a gamer and own any Sony Playstation certified device such as the new Sony S1 Tablet you will be pleased to know that Sony have now added the ability to purchase and download games directly from their Playstation Store.

Initially there are only a small handful of titles available but Sony promises that many more are on their way and unfortunately at the moment the company only Sony certified device is the Sony S1 tablet.

Sony PlayStation Store

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Nokia 800 Windows Phone Smartphone Leaked

Nokia win unveil its first Windows Phone smartphones next week, at Nokia World which takes place in London on the 25th of October, we have already seen a leaked image of the device and now we have some more photos and details.

We heard yesterday that Nokia will unveil multiple Windows Phone devices next week, and now we have our first photos of the Nokia 800, which as you can see from the photos bears a similar design to the Nokia N9.

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Latest Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer Reveals A Glimpse Of All Nine Maps (video)

With only five more days to go EA have today rolled out their latest glimpse of Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay showing some amazing footage from tanks, helicopters, boats and of course on foot. The video show a glimpse of footage from each of the the nine multiplayer maps available. Together with the very first glimpses of the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand.

The Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion pack will include four classic Battlefield maps reimagined in Frostbite 2, and is yours at no extra charge if you pre-order the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer

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iPhone 4S Parts Cost Estimated At $188

Apple’s iPhone 4S went on sale last week, and Apple announced that they had sold over four million iPhone 4S units in the first three days, and now details have been revealed on how much the iPhone 4S costs to manufacturer, which would mean that Apple are making a healthy profit for each iPhone 4S sold.

According to Andrew Rassweiler, of IHS iSupply, who performed a teardown on the iPhone 4S, the 16GB model costs Apple around $188 to manufacture, the 32GB around $207 and the 64GB model around $245.

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Apple Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

Yesterday, Apple held a special memorial service for Steve Jobs at Apple’s corporate campus in Cupertino, California, and thousands of Apple employees at the Apple campus and also Apple’s retail stores joined Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to pay tribute to Steve Jobs.

Apple closed its retail stores for a few hours, so that its employees could watch a live stream of the memorial service and Apple has released the following photo, which shows Apple’s CEO and the companies employees.

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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Released To Nearly Everyone

Microsoft has announced that it will be making the latest version of Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7.5 available to ‘nearly everyone’, and update notifications should start to roll out to Windows Phone handsets.

Microsoft has said they are also still working with specific mobile carriers like Orange in Europe to resolve a few technical issues, and once those issues are resolved the updates should start rolling out.

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Windows Phone To Get NFC Next Year

We recently heard that Windows Phone would be getting dual core processors next year and also support for LTE, and now Microsoft’s Andy Lees has shared some more information about Microsoft’s plans for Windows Phone in 2012.

Speaking at the Asia D conference, Andy Lees has confirmed that Microsoft will also be bringing NFC (near field communications), to future Windows Phone devices in 2012.

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Asus Transformer Prime Tablet (Transformer 2), Gets Official, Comes With NVIDIA Tegra 3

We have been hearing rumors that Asus are getting to launch the second generation Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet, which was rumored to be called the Transformer 2, it is now official and it will be called the Asus Transformer Prime.

The Asus Transformer Prime will comes with NVIDIA’s new quad core Kal-El processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 3, and it will feature a 10.1 inch display, and a detachable keyboard, the tablet part when it is undocked from the keyboard will measure 8.3mm thick.

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Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV Is A Mansion On Wheels

Hmmm, there’s something about this swanky ride that’s mighty familiar. Anyway, seen below is a new class of RV that’s supposedly best suited for the moneyed set, also known as the top 1% the world is angry at right now.
What makes the eleMMent so radical, aside form its five-star accommodations, is it’s a whole line of vehicles from Marchi Mobile. One version is basically a pimped out hotel room on wheels, another for ‘business executives’ with comfy chairs galore, and still another a showroom of sorts.
Elemment RV

YouTube Joint Venture Launches Space Experiment Challenge

YouTube, acting on a Google idea, and computer giant Lenovo (along with every major space agency)  have recently partnered for a rare initiative to challenge young minds. It’s called Space Lab and entrants from the 14-18 year old age bracket can have the chance to see their experiments conducted in space.  The experiments must be pertinent to the scientific gist of this entire endeavor though.