iPhone 4S iCloud Upgrade Without A Computer Or iTunes Connection, Hands On

Have a look at our iPhone 4S review which includes videos, tons of photos and averything you need to know about the iPhone 4S, siri, and iOS 5.

Like many others this morning I picked up my new iPhone 4S and immediately stripped off the packaging to see if the iCloud feature on the new iPhone 4S would allow me to restore my backup I made to the iCloud last night from my old iPhone 4 equipped with iOS 5, without the need to use a computer or iTunes connection.

After dropping in the micro sim in to the new iPhone 4S I powered it up and started going through the setup procedure to start the restore. After the obligatory language questions I was asked to then select a Wi-fi network. For the purposes of testing I skipped with and selected mobile network but soon discovered that a restore was not able to complete via a mobile connect and required a Wi-Fi connection.

Quickly I popped into Starbucks I settled down and jump on their new free Wi-Fi service and restarted the setup process this time selecting the Starbucks Wi-fi connection and the option to restore my iPhone from the previous iCloud backup.

iPhone 4s iCloud

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iPhone 4S Unboxing (Photos)

We just got our hands on Apple’s iPhone 4S, so we thought we would post some unboxing photos, of Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S’s feature below are the 64GB black version and the 16GB white version.

Have a look at our gallery of the iPhone 4S below, we will have some more details on the iPhone 4S later once we have had a chance to test them out and will let you guys know our first impression on it.

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Windows 8 Task Manager Walkthrough (video)

If you are interested to see the new developments Microsoft has been working on for its upcoming Windows 8 Task manager. You will be pleased to know that Microsoft has unveiled a new video walking you through its new functions and how the new Windows 8 Task manager handles functions. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Windows 8

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MacBook Pro Update Arriving Soon?

Apple has started to curb the amount of MacBook Pro laptops that it currently has in stores with many nearly out of stock, which nearly always indicated that a refresh of some kind might well be immanent. So if you are thinking of purchasing a new MacBook Pro it might be worth holding fire for just a little while longer.

Other indication that suggest a refresh is immanent is that new references for all MacBook Pro models have appeared in Apple’s inventory system for the 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch screen sizes.

MacBook Pro 2011

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Google Music Planning To Open MP3 Store?

Google is currently in talks with major record labels to sign agreements that will allow the search giant to open an MP3 store, to compete along side the likes of Amazon and Apple’s iTunes stores, its been reported by the New York Times.

Its also suggested that Google may even open the new Google Music MP3 Store within the next couple of weeks and will likely connect the new store to its already existing cloud service, Music Beta.

Google Music

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Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset, Can Also Use NFC To Connect To Devices

Nokia has unveiled a new funky looking  Bluetooth headset in the form of the Nokia Luna. To receive a call simply pop the headset from the holder to answer and replace it to hangup.

As you can see from the image below it comes in a variety of vibrant colours and can be connected with 2 phones at the same time using advanced multipoint. To recharge the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset simply push it back in its dock/charge station.

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset

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The Panoramic Ball Cam, Uses 36 Smartphone Cameras For A True 360 Degree View (video)

An innovative new type of camera has been developed called the Panoramic Ball Cam that is equipped with 36 mobile phone cameras and has been designed to be thrown in to the air to capture 360 degree panoramic photographs.

When the ball has been thrown in to the air, once it reaches its highest point  the Panoramic Ball Cam will then take a photograph using all 36 cameras and drops back into the hands of the user. Providing a complete 360 degree view of the environment which can then be downloaded to a computer for viewing via a custom piece of software.  The mechanics of the Panoramic Ball Cam have been created using C, C++, QT, and OpenCV. Watch the video after the jump to see the innovative Panoramic Ball Cam in action.

The Panoramic Ball Cam

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Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Arrives, And Ready To Download

The latest version of Ubuntu 11.10 has now arrived and is ready to download in its final release version, and includes some great new features. Including the new Ubuntu Software Centre which gives you instant access to thousands of apps. Where you can compare and read reviews on each before you install them on your system. The new OS will now also keep all your applications synchronised across all your Ubuntu computers.

Other features include the new Launcher which sits on the left-hand side of your screen, and has been designed to make launching your favourite tools and applications as easy as possible. In a similar vein to other operating systems you can use it to keep track of your open applications and windows and set it to automatically hide itself when not required.

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

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Google Enables WebGL 3D Support On Google Maps

This week Google have unveiled their new experimental Google Maps service which has now been rebuilt using WebGL, and is available for the latest version of Chrome and Firefox as well as Android devices. To view the new Google Maps you will also need either Windows 7, Vista, OS X 10.6+, or a current Linux distribution together with a compatible video card.

WebGL is a cross-platform, royalty-free web standard for a low-level 3D graphics API based on OpenGL ES 2.0, which now allows Google Maps to show views in 3D rather than top down as in the past.

Google Maps WebGL

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Infinity Blade FX 46 Inch Touchscreen Arcade Game

After the massive success of their Infinity Blade game on small screen iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Epic Games has now decided to take their game to a slightly bigger screen and have created a monster 46 inch touchscreen arcade game for their Infinity Blade game.

Epic Games have joined forces with Adrenaline Amusements to create the awesome Infinity Blade FX,  arcade cabinet port of the popular swipe and slash fantasy combat game, which uses Adrenaline’s TouchFX platform to create the oversized controls.

Infinity Blade FX

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iPhone 4S Goes On Sale In The UK

Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S has gone on sale here in the UK, with many stores including Apple and the mobile carriers stores opening early at 8AM to meet the massive demand for the iPhone 4S.

We are expecting to hear next week, when Apple announces its first weekend sales of the iPhone 4S, that it will be their best selling iPhone to date, and we wonder if Apple are able to meet with the demand.

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