Nokia’s CEO Steven Elop To Unveil Nokia’s First Windows Phone Devices This Week

Nokia has announced that the Nokia CEO Steven Elop, will take the stage for the Keynote at this years Nokia World, which takes place in London later this week on the 26th and 27th of October.

We have already heard that Nokia will unveiled their new Nokia Windows Phone devices, which will come with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, and we are expecting Nokia to unveil at least two Windows Phone smartphones or possibly more.

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Apple HDTV Could Be Steve Jobs Final One More Thing

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Apple are working on their own Apple HDTV, and now with the release of the Steve Jobs autobiography, we finally get confirmation that Steve Jobs was working on an Apple HDTV.

In his autobiography, Jobs talks about an integrated television set, that would seamlessly sync all your devices with iCloud, you can see a section form the book below, which confirms this.

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The iPod Is 10 Years Old

On the 23rd of October 2001, Apple unveiled their first ever iPod, which quickly became the first popular MP3 player, and it came with enough space to store 1,000 songs, although it wasn’t until 2002 when the iPod became popular.

In 2002 Apple released the iTunes store for both Mac’s and PCs, and this is when the iPod started to take off, by the end of June 2003 Apple had sold over 1 million iPods, and by the end of 2004 Apple had sold over 10 million.

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Steve Jobs Biography Lands On The iPad

The Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson has gone on sale today and it is now available to download from Apple’s iBook store and also Amazon’s Kindle store, and for the book Isaacson interviewed over 100 people, which included Steve Jobs’s colleagues at Apple, his family, friends and also his competitors.

In the book we get our first look inside the world of a very private man, with details on his personal life, including his adoption, Apple, and his competitors at Microsoft and Google.

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Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Is Finally Unleashed

Couldn’t have come at a better time. Demographically speaking, large swathes of the human population in the industrialized world are going to be older (read: geriatric) in the ensuing years. Might as well start marketing other products to the senior set. Oh wait, our bad! Turns out this new Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor from Sports Tracker is for, well, the athletic types out there. It’s got tons of features too.

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Bizarre Door Periscope Lets You Peep At People

The designer who figured this out thinks children might find it useful. You know, for watching out for strangers who come knocking at the door. How about leave the children guns instead? Uh oh, bad idea! Only in a zombie apocalypse would that be sensible, ladies and gentlemen. Ahem! Okay let’s get into more detail here.

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Indian Scientists Working On Compassionate And Sensitive Alarm Clock

Actually it’s neither. Instead it’s calculating and ruthless, striking at the precise moment when your sleep is most shallow, thus amplifying the pain. It’s supposed to measure brainwaves, see, then gauge the most opportune moment to wake you. So how does this make it exceptional? Well, because it measures brainwaves during sleep, this alarm clock can pinpoint the best time to nightmarishly jolt you out of slumber. Great idea, no?

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Woah! A Bunch Of Nerds Talk About Conquering Outer Space (Video)

Not just nerds really, but a whole panel of knowledgeable types like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Laurence Kross, and Bill Nye. Oh yeah, and Pamela Gay too. They all got together to discuss in vast detail the past and future state of mankind’s forays into space as well as ongoing conundrums regarding space-based phenomena. So if you have a pressing query that has so far remained unanswered, might as well watch the video after the jump. When we say these guys cover everything, we mean it.

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Mess With An iPad 2 Using Crayola Trace And Draw

If you don’t mind your kids getting their hands on an iPad 2, then consider this latest from Crayola. It’s a hefty case that allows the younglings to mess around with their artistic potential on a tablet. The Trace and Draw is also a serious iPad accessory that lets the holder interact with the iPad like never before. More details after the jump.

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Hammer Time! 90s Rapper To Launch Google Competitor (Video)

Uh-oh. Mentioning that it’s a ‘competitor’ in the title of this post may have jinxed WireDoo. WireDoo? It’s MC Hammer’s search engine. Well, not exactly his, but him and a select team spent the better part of two years creating a search engine that differs. Now it’s at pre-beta and on the verge of a massive (we hope) debut.

MC Hammer

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DIY Tazer Gloves Pack A Serious Punch (Video)

Yes, that’s a box of Altoids. Rather, boxes of Altoids. Apparently, if left to his own devices Jair2k4 is fully capable of surviving the post-apocalypse. Check out the incredible home-made Tazer gloves he assembled after a conversation about superhero powers. Now if he only built himself a laser pistol. Alas, that is for fate to decide.

Tazer Gloves

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