Dell Latitude XT3 Now Available For $1957

If tablet devices are still not powerful enough for you, and you have a bigger budget than most, you might be interested in Dell’s laptop-tablet combination system the Latitude XT3. That Dell has just revamped with the aim to make it more attractive to the enterprise market.

Updates to the Latitude XT3 include a new Intel Core i3 (2310M at 2.1 GHz) processor which can be supported by up to 8GB of RAM, running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit and Intel HD Graphics 3000. Storage options include either a 250GB 5400 or 350GB 7200 hard drive, or if you prefer a speedier 256GB solid state hard drive.

Latitude XT3

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Windows Phone Tango Update To Bring Cheaper Windows Phone 7 Devices?

Microsoft recently released Windows Phone 7 Mango to their manufacturing partners, and we have already seen one Windows Phone Mango smartphone announced, and now according to the guys over at ZDnet Microsoft is working on Windows Phone Tango.

According to the report Windows Phone Tango, won’t be a follow up to Windows Phone Mango instead it will be more like Windows Phone 7.1, and it will introduce a new range of cheaper Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

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Steer Safe iPhone Accessory Adds Your iPhone To Your Steering Wheel

Using your iPhone or smartphone whilst driving your car isn’t exactly the best idea, and is illegal in a lot of places, the latest iPhone accessory doesn’t exactly seem like the best idea, and we don’t think it would be the safest thing to use whilst you are driving, the Steer Safe.

The Steer Safe is an attachment for your steering wheel that is designed to house your iPhone 4, and let you use it on your steering wheel, and the designers of the device say that it should only be used when you vehicle is parked or stationary, although in the video they seem to be using it whilst driving.

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Nintendo’s Flame Red 3DS Arriving September 9th

If you were a little disappointed when Nintendo didn’t release their flame red 3DS console after showcasing it as part of their prelaunch line-up, and have been holding out waiting for it to arrive. You will be pleased to know that Nintendo has now decided to launch the “Flame Red” 3DS on September 9th.

3DS Flame Red

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YouTube Expands Its Library With 20,000 New HD Movie Clips

YouTube has today announced a deal with that will add 20,000 new high-definition movie clips to YouTubes library. MovieClips was created 2 years ago and has partnerships with all the major studios apart from Disney. Enabling them to convert scenes from the studios movies into smaller clips which can then be shared online.

According to MovieClips statement they have always wanted to strike a deal with YouTube and both parties are now looking to promote movie clips in a similar way to that Vevo uses its music videos.


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Apple Wins Injunction Against European Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It looks like Samsung may have a problem in Europe with their new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, as a court in Germany has granted Apple an injunction, which will stop Samsung distributing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union.

It seems that the only country which is exempt from the ruling is the Netherlands, so that would mean that the rest of Europe, included the UK is effected, and Samsung has released the following statement.

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Amazon Launches Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon has launched a web based version of their Kindle App, called the Kindle Cloud Reader, which is basically a web based version of their Kindle eBook reader application.

The Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader will let you read your Kindle books from the cloud and also download your books for offline reading, and it works with the iPad, and both PCs and Macs using either Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari.

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HiLO Tablet With Felt Keyboard Case Concept

A very unique tablet concept called HiLo has been designed by Roni Margolin that incorporates a material felt case that also doubles as a keyboard. The main tablet is a 10 inch OLED that links to felt keyboard via Bluetooth.

Inside the felt keyboard case the electronics for the keyboard would use hot pressed embedded circuitry with keys located on the outside as shown in the gallery after the jump.

hilo Roni Margolin

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Fantastic Death Star Cake Complete With LED

We have featured a number of Star Wars Death Star cakes here on Geeky Gadgets, that seem to be getting more and more complicated with every new one thats baked. This new Death Star cake created by Rachel Linhart is no exception and includes a blinking LED light which has been installed to represent the plant destroying laser used by the Death Star.

As well as the fantastic Death Star cake which took several days to bake and build, Rachel has also created extra detailing around the cake in the form of the Millennium Falcon, a Star Destroyer, TIE Starfighters and of course the Star Wars signage.

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Facebook Launches Facebook Messenger For iOS And Android

Facebook has launched a new stand alone Facebook App for Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android platform, called Facebook Messenger, and the app is based on Beluga which Facebook acquired recently.

It looks like Facebook is looking to take on SMS with Facebook Messenger, and it could be a problem for Apple’s new iMessage application which will launch with iOS 5.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Celox With 4G LTE Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been a huge success for Samsung, the handset is due to go on sale in the US shortly with a range of mobile carriers, and now a new Galaxy S II with 4G LTE has been leaked, the Samsung Celox.

The Samsung Celox has turned up in Korea, and it will come with a 4G LTE chip which is capable of transfer speeds of up to 100Mbps, although it doesn’t look like it is headed for the US as it uses the 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz LTE which is used in Europe and Asia.

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Nokia To Stop Selling Symbian Smartphones In The US

Yesterday we heard that Nokia would not be selling the new Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone in the US, and now it looks like Nokia will be putting an end to sales of all Symbian devices as well, instead they will be concentrating their efforts on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Chris Weber, President of Nokia Inc, which is Nokia’s US subsidiary, has been talking to All Things D, and has told them that Nokia will be concentrating all their efforts in the US on Windows Phone 7.

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