Scientists Build Molecular Electric Vehicle (Video)

Tesla can suck it! Nah, kidding. Seen below is a totally awesome electric car that’s measured in nanometers. It was built by a collaborative Swiss-Dutch effort. The incredible part is the car can travel at a straight line across a copper surface, powered by a millivolt  that activates its ‘wheels.’ This is almost like Tron, except it doesn’t exist in an unknown digital dimension that can only be reached thru an old arcade game.

Molecular Car

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NASA Prepares New Rover For Mars Mission

The best part is the complement of bells and whistles it comes with. The vehicle known as the Curiosity Rover or Mars Science Laboratory is scheduled for a trip to Mars very soon via an Atlas Rocket. Once it reaches the red planet (a time that might coincide with the premier of Disney’s John Carter) the rover goes on an extended road trip.  It comes well equipped for such a journey, packing no less than ten different gadgets across its three meter long frame.

Curiosity Rover

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Skyrim Offers Endless Supply Of Quests

Any RPG nostalgic who has ever replayed a long-completed game will be familiar with the unique joy of resurfacing memories about favourite quests, characters and plot developments. By the sound of it, Bethesda is looking to give nostalgia hounds of the future as much to discover as rediscover, with a new Radiant Quest System that promises a constantly renewing stream of tasks.

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MOD Live Adds A Heads Up Display To Your Ski Goggles (video)

Recon Instruments have today unveiled their latest MOD Live Adroid device which has been designed to sit inside your ski goggles and provide you with a colour heads up display as you ski or snowboard.

The new MOD Live device shows you with GPS data as well as data on your runs,  jumps, speed, altitude, time elapsed, and temperature directly into your eye piece. Together with information about your friends and music you might be playing via a link with your smartphone. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

MOD Live

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Packard Bell Unveils New Slimmer oneTwo AIO Desktop PC

Packard Bell has today announced the launch of the new super slim oneTwo AIO desktop PC which Packard Bell says is now 65 percent slimmer than their previous AIO models, and is available in two models.

A 21.5 inch M version, and a 23.5 inch L which share the same resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can be powered by a choice of second generation Intel processors allowing you to choose from i3, i5 or i7 depending on your requirements. With the processor supported by up to 8GB of RAM and the choice of either Nvidia GeForce GT 530 or GT 520 or the AMD Radeon HD 645 powered graphics.

Packard Bell AIO

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LG Powerful Sound iPod Docking Speaker Unveiled

LG has today unveiled a new iPhone dock to their range of peripherals in the form of the LG Powerful Sound iPod Docking Speaker, who’s name seems a little strange, where something like the LG Cube would have been more easier to explain its design.

The LG iPhone dock is equipped with Airplay and has the modle number of ND8520. But full specifications on the new devices are still unavailable at the current time and it has yet to be added to the LG website.

Powerful Sound iPod Docking Speaker

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WIMM One Wearable Android Device, Developer Preview Kit Unveiled

WIMM has today unveiled developer preview kits for its wearable WIMM One Android device which is basically a mini-computer on your wrist. The WIMM One is equipped with a low power processor which is also equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer and can have up to 32Gb of storage.

It also fitted with a 1.4 inch screen and can pair up with your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. But WIMM One will also be able to run its own Micro Apps which will provide high-value single functions rather than sully blown applications which we have become accustomed to on our smartphones.


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Live TV Coming To Boxee Box

Boxee Box owners will soon be able to watch Live TV using a new dongle, after a feature was discovered by technology website GigaOm after they got their hands on a unreleased Boxee 1.5 software update.

A preview video shows how a antenna or cable can be connected to the “Live TV dongle” and then asks you for your location for it to be able to download and setup a program guide. View the video after the jump.

boxee box

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Amazon Kindle Fire To Launch With Facebook, Netflix And More

Amazon’s first Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire will go on sale next week, next Tuesday the 15th of November, and now Amazon has released some details on which apps will be available when the Kindle Fire launches.

Apps that will be available for the Kindle Fire include Facebook, Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, Comics by comiXology, plus games from popular developers like Zynga, EA, Gameloft, PopCap and Rovio.

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