Sony NGP To Launch In Europe This Year?

When Sony officially announced their Next Generation Portable (NGP), we weren’t given any specific launch dates for their new portable gaming console, although many of us are expecting it to launch some time this year.

Now MCV, are reporting that the Sony NGP will go on sale in Europe later this year, they even have a specific date of Friday the 11th of November 2011, and they are quoting a number of sources for this information.

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Google Rolls Out Site Blocking Feature Globally

Back in February Google released a new extension for its Chrome browser that allowed you to block any sites from your search results that may not have been up to scratch or totally irrelevant.

The data collected from the extension was then going to be used by Google to help the search giant clean up its results by removing content farming sites. Websites who create masses of content with very little actual use to anyone and simply clog up top spots on searches.

Google Site Block

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Hands On With Apple’s New GarageBand iPad App

With the launch of the new iPad 2, Apple has also released some new applications for the iPad, which include Mac favourites iMovie and Garage Band, we have just been trying out the new GarageBand iPad App to see how it compares to the Mac version.

GarageBand will work with the original iPad and the new iPad 2 and it comes with a range of cool features and instruments for creating music, and it certainly is a lot of fun, and works very well with the iPads touch interface.

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Safari 5.0.4 Update Includes 62 Security Fixes

When Apple launched their new iOS 4.3 earlier this week they also rolled out a new version of their Safari browser which included a number of security features and tweaks.

These included improving the stability of the browser for handling webpages with multiple instances of plug-in content. Together with pages that might include image reflections and transition effects. Also correcting issues that have previously cause content to display incorrectly on webpages with plug-ins.

Safari 5.0.4

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Motorola Rolling Out OTA Update For Xoom

Motorola has announced on Twitter that they are rolling out an over the air (OTA) update for the Motorola Xoom, that will get Motorola’s new Android Honeycomb tablet ready for Adobe Flash Player 10.2.

Motorola have not specified what is included in the update, and have also not given an exact date on when Flash 10.2 will be available on the Xoom.

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Instapaper 3.0 Released For iOS Devices With Social Features

Instapaper is one of my favourite bookmarking and text reading services and yesterday they announced the released of their new Instapaper 3.0 app for both the iPhone and iPad with a range of new features to help you bookmark and share your articles with ease.

One of the big features now added to the new app Instapaper 3.0 and the website is the native article sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinboard, and Evernote with the ability to sync between each website, removing the need for you to have to login each time.

Instapaper 3

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Stealth Launches Rugged All In One Panel PC Workstations

Stealth has launched a new range of all in one computers, which are designed to be rugged, and have a range of features built in the Stealth Panel PC.

The Stealth Panel PC is available in three different sizes, one with a 15 inch touchscreen LCD display, one with a 17 inch and one with a 19 inch touchscreen display, each one features a stainless steel front bezel and they are environmentally sealed to comply with NEMA 4x/IP56 specifications.

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Court Suspends Sony PS3 Console Seizures In Europe

LG and Sony have been in court again over the alleged dispute that Sony has infringed on some of LG’s patents relating to Blu-ray. Recently a court in Europe ordered all Sony PS3 consoles that were imported into Europe to be seized.

This resulted in around 300,000 PS3 consoles being seized in Europe, since the order was enforced at the beginning of March. Yesterday the European court lifted the ban on PS3 consoles being imported and no more PS3 consoles will be seized by customs for the moment.

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iOS 4.3 Adds Passwords For In App Purchases

Apple has come under criticism recently for in app purchases, specifically where kids are able to make in app purchases for games like Smurf’s Village and other games, racking up large bills for in app purchases on their parents credit cards.

According to the Washington Post, who recently spoke to Apple regarding the matter, all in app purchases now require a password to be entered for each item that is purchased within the app.

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Will Apple Sell 600,000 iPad 2′s This Weekend?

When Apple launched the original iPad last year, they sold a massive 300,000 iPads in the first 24 hours, analysts are reporting that iPad 2 sales will be much higher than the original iPad launch.

According to one analyst, Apple could sell as many as 600,000 iPad 2′s in the first weekend, which would be considerably higher than last years launch sales of the first generation iPad.

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iPad 2 Goes On Sale Today In The US

Just in case anyone forgot that the new iPad 2 will go on sale in the US tomorrow, Apple has release a press release to remind us all. The iPad 2 will be available in the US from all of Apple’s retail stores from 5pm local time.

You will also be able to buy the new iPad 2 from the Apple store online, it will be available here from 1am PDT, and it will also be available through a number of resellers, which include AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Verizon, Walmart and selected Apple retailers.

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Call Of Duty Black Ops All-Time Best Selling US Game

No real surprise there, if a power fantasy where you summarily dispatch a dictator in the first five minutes (or dictator’s body double, but who’s counting) and get to meet JFK won’t sell nothing will. Just put the fact that this thing sold more than Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Planescape Torment, Super Mario Galaxy and basically any game with a heart and/or a brain ever made out of your thoughts. Now you know just how record store hipsters feel when X-Factor comes on.

Call of Duty Black Ops


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