Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Launching On Wednesday

Amazon is holding a special event tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th of September, where the company is expected to unveil their new Android tablet, and now according to TechCrunch, the Amazon tablet will be called the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The new comes from MG Siegler over at TechCrunch, who reported a while back that he had actually seen the new Amazon tablet, and it is reported to be a 7 inch tablet with a back-lit display which looks similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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PlayStation Vita Hands On: PSP The Way It Was Meant To Be

The first thing you notice about the Vita once you get past the whole comical milk carton thing of lifting it way too quickly because it’s much lighter than expected, is not any particular aspect of the hardware. It’s the confidence that the unit exudes. Sony has learned how to make a proper portable games machine just in time to make the last great one that won’t double as a smartphone.

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Hands On: Look Ma, Both Hands

While it may have recently laid claim to one of the industry’s most storied studios and revived one of the most cherished RPG series in existence, Bethesda will always be the house that Elder Scrolls built. As well as the house that built Elder Scrolls. And seeing how very few studios can manage a proper single-player RPG these days, much less a sweeping epic with fully explorable vistas that make your knees wobbly, there was no way we were going to miss a chance for some quality time with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at Eurogamer Expo.

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Battlefield 3 Hands On: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Headshot

Battlefield 3 is not a religious experience. But at times it can be spiritual. During the fifteen minutes we spent with it at Eurogamer Expo, there were perhaps five when we didn’t feel like a confused young man caught up in madness he hadn’t signed up for, but steeling himself to see it through. Slightly unusual for your run of the mill Deathmatch game, that.

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Mass Effect 3 Hands On: Giant Mechs & Frisky Krogans

It was going to be incredibly hard to improve upon the towering achievement that was Mass Effect 2. Combat mechanics that sang, sharp level design, interesting side-quests that amounted to a lot more than the RPG default fetch or kill, astounding texture work, we were fairly certain not even Bioware could top themselves when we first picked up the controller to put the Mass Effect 3 demo through its paces at this year’s Eurogamer Expo.

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Netflix Lands DreamWorks Streaming Deal for 2013

If you are a fan of Netflix that has been soured by the price increase that the service made recently, some good news has surfaced that may make you feel a little better. Netflix may be losing the Starz deal early in 2012, but by 2013 the company will have a deal in place with animation studio DreamWorks. The deal is monumental in that it marks the first time a streaming movie company has landed a deal like this.

Netflix CEO

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Rimac Concept_One Electric Supercar Unveiled (video)

Rimac have this week unveiled their new electric supercar in the form of  Concept_One which is equipped with 1088 hp, 3,800 Nm of torque, and can cover 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 190 mph (305 km/h) and a 370 mile range (600 km).

The Rimac Concept_One has been designed by 23 year old Croatian automotive designer Mate Rimac and the first cars are expected to arrive in showrooms during 2013. But there will be only 88 of the Rimac Concept_One cars made so if your pockets are deep enough don’t delay. Watch the video after the jump explaining the electric technology that is inside this Rimac Concept_One supercar.

Rimac Concept_One Electric Supercar

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B&W Zeppelin Air iOS App Enables Multiple iOS Devices To Share Music At Parties

Bowers & Wilkins have this week announced the launch of their new Zeppelin Air iOS App which has been designed to allow music to be shared socially and wirelessly in a new innovative way.

The Zeppelin Air app allows iOS owners to combine their iTunes music collections from multiple iOS devices together wirelessly. Enabling several iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone users to build collaborative playlist which can then be streamed to any AirPlay-enabled music player, and not necessarily the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin pictured after the jump.

Zeppelin Air iOS App

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Zynga Launches Its First Google+ Game : CityVille+

Last month Zynga announced that it had partnered with Google to bring Zynga Poker to Google+, today they have announced the addition of their new CityVille+ game to the Google+ social network service.

With Google+ user base estimated at over 43 million is will be interesting to see how CityVille+ is accept by Google+ users. Even though Rovio’s Angry Birds, hasn’t yet launched on Facebook, is currently claiming to be the most popular game on Google+.


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