Logitech Tablet Mouse Designed For Android Tablets Running Android 3.1 Or Higher

Logitech has unveiled a new mouse they have added to their range, that has been specifically designed for Android tablets. The Logitech Tablet Mouse has been fitted with a laser sensor for smoother tracking on just about any surface, as long as its not made of glass or mirrors.

The Bluetooth equipped tablet mouse will connect seamlessly to any tablet running Android 3.1 or above and has around a 30 feet connection range.

Logitech Tablet Mouse

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Google Responds To Microsoft On Android Patent Dispute

Earlier today we heard from Microsoft that they had asked Google to join them in the bid for the patents from Nortel related to mobile technology, the patents were purchased in the end by a consortium of companies for $4.5 billion, and the companies included Microsoft, Apple and Oracle.

Google’s David Drummond whos is Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, has responded to Microsoft and basically accused Microsoft of trying to divert attention from the real issue.

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Worlds Largest Stop Motion Movie Using A Nokia N8 And A Beach

It seems we are having a bit of a stop motion day here on Geeky Gadgets, with my previous article covering the Worlds largest stop-motion movie using Post-it notes. This article covers a stop motion movie that has been created using the 11,000 square-foot Pendine Beach in South Wales (UK) and a Nokia N8 smartphone. Again, after the break is the final stop animation movie together with the making of movie. Enjoy!

Worlds Largest Stop Motion Movie

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Minecraft Passes 3 Million Sales

Minecraft has today passed the 3 million milestone for game sales, even before the game has even been officially launched. It was only back at the end of April this year that Minecraft passed the 2 million sales mark, and before that in January that I wrote about Minecraft passing the 1 million sales mark.

Most games would be delighted to receive such sales but its creator independent developer Markus Persson has done all this without any kind of support from publishers, relying purely on viral communities to spread word about the game, and Paypal to accept payments.

Minecraft 3 Million

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Motorola Kore Rumored To Be Motorola’s Next Android Tablet (Updated)

We have been hearing rumors that Motorola are working on a new Android tablet for a while now, and it looks like Motorola has purchased some new domain names which could hint at the devices name.

The guys over at Fusible have discovered that Motorola have purchased MotorolaKore.com, plus a range of variations on the name, and they all center around the name Kore.

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350,000 Post-it Notes Used to Create Worlds Largest Stop-Motion Post-it Animation (video)

Creating the worlds largest Post-it note stop motion animation can’t be any easy feat, especially when you have to use and reposition 350,000 of those little notes outdoors.

This amazing and the worlds largest Post-it note animation to date, has been created as as an advertising campaign for a new Melissa shoe store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and took 25 animators over five months to create. Watch the video of both the animation and how they did it after the jump.

Post-it Note Animation

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The Worlds Strangest iPhone Case

We have featured quite a few different iPhone and iPod cases here at Geeky Gadgets, some with a cool design, and some not, I think this one falls in to the latter category and could quite possibly be the worlds strangest iPhone case.

The Hand iPhone Case, as the name suggests, is a silicone case for your iPhone 4 with a plastic hand attached to the back, why we have no idea, but according to the manufacturer it should make it safer to hold and less easy to drop.

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Eco Pod Waterproof Case

Grace Digital has unveiled a new waterproof case designed to keep your iPhone, iPod, Android, and MP3 Players safe while around that dreaded word for all electronic devices.. Water!

The new Eco Pod device case is both waterproof and crushproof and comes with 100% waterproof earbuds. The Eco Pod is equipped with a handy internal storage compartment large enough to carry a mobile device, credit cards, driver’s license, cash, and keys. Even though the Eco Pod has a clear front panel, the press release doesn’t mention of being able to use touchscreen devices while in the Eco Pod, which might become a problem if you have to open the case every time you need change your application, tunes or take a call.

Eco Pod

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WiFi Headed To London Buses?

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson wants WiFi to be more available in London, we heard a while back that the plan was to get it city wide before the 2012 Olympics, and now it looks like the plan also included installing WiFi on London’s many buses.

The existing plan for the city wide WiFi previously included London’s tube stations and bus stops, but now a spokesperson for the Mayor’s office has revealed that the plan now includes the London buses.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 TouchWiz UX OTA Update Now Available

Yesterday we saw the new TouchWiz UX user interface for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is the first custom UI for an Android Honeycomb tablet, and Samsung have now released the TouchWiz UX user interface as an over the air update.

The new TouchWiz UX upadet brings a range of new features to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, icnluding new widgets, and a range of preloaded applications which include Amazon Music Cloud Player, Amazon Kindle, and Words With Friends from Zynga, and Samsung has also added in some enterprise solutions and services.

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Sapphire Unveils New HD 6950 Toxic Edition Card

Sapphire has announced the launch of their new Sapphire HD 6950 Toxic Edition graphics card, which Sapphire say is the fastest production card in its class. The Sapphire HD 6950 Toxic Edition is equipped with clock speeds of 880MHz for the core and 1300Mhz (5.2 Gb/sec effective) for the memory.

Like the standard HD 6950, the Sapphire HD 6950 Toxic Edition boasts true DX 11 capability and the powerful configuration of 1408 stream processors and 88 texture processing units. Together with a Dual BIOS feature allowing you to experiment with alternative BIOS profiles and settings for different setups and performance tweaks.

Sapphire HD 6950 Toxic Edition Card

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Treyarch Developing Modern Warfare 3 For Wii Console

Treyarch has this week announced that it is currently developing a version of its highly anticipated new game Modern Warfare 3 for Nintendo’s Wii Console. Following in the footsteps of other titles such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare Reflex. The Wii will now get its own version of the game developed by Call of Duty veteran Treyarch, the team behind both previous Wii Call of Duty releases.

MW3 Wi

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