Amazon Android App Store Apps And Prices Revealed

Amazon will soon launch their own Android App store, and now it seems a preview of the Amazon App store appeared on briefly, it has subsequently been taken down, but not before one Android fan site managed to get some screenshots of this new app store.

The guys over at Android News spotted the Amazon App store, and managed to capture some screenshots, which you can see below, they also have a full list of apps that appeared on the Amazon App store before it was removed.

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DropVox App for iOS Records Voice Notes Directly To Dropbox

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make sure you never lose those important ideas and flashes of inspiration as they grab you. A handy new voice recording application has landed on on the Apple iTunes App Store called DropVox that allows you to record ideas or anything else you need to remember as a voice note. Automatically sending it to your Dropbox account for safe keeping and allowing it to be accessed from other devices.


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iPhone 5 To Feature NFC After All?

Yesterday we heard that the new iPhone 5 may feature a similar design to the existing  iPhone 4, and now there is another rumor circulating that reports that the new iPhone 5 will feature Near Field Communications (NFC) after all.

We previous reported that the iPhone 5 would not come with NFC built in, the news came from a number of European mobile phone operators who had said that Apple had decided not to include NFC in the iPhone 5.

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Angry Birds HD Update Features Advertising, Annoys Fans

Yesterday Rovio Mobile released an update for Angry Birds HD, the update added 15 new levels to the game, it also brought another surprise to the game which has annoyed many Angry Birds fans.

When you pause Angry Birds HD, you are now presented with advertising for Angry Birds merchandise, and whilst advertising is nothing new in free apps, this is a paid app and many fans are not happy about it.

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iBuyPower Launches Gamer Extreme 966 Gaming PC

iBuyPower has added another high end gaming PC to their range, this time they have teamed up with Tiger Direct to produce the iBuyPower Gamer Extreme 966 gaming PC.

The Gamer Extreme 966 features a liquid cooled Intel Core i7-960 processor, graphics is provided by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 GPU, and there is also 6GB of DDR3 RAM as standard.

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Hex Slim Watch Band For iPod Nano Announced

We have featured quite a few of these watch bands that are designed to turn your iPod Nano into a digital timepiece, the latest one is designed specifically for women, and features a slim design, hence it is called the Hex Slim Watch Band.

The Hex Slim Watch Band comes on a variety of different colors, which include pink, white, purple and black and the watch band is made from silicone.

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First Portal 2 TV Ad Features GLaDOS, Co-Op Robots

Did anybody else know the Portal 2 robots were named Atlas and P-body? I certainly didn’t get the memo, not that it adds anything to their happy frolicking in this first Portal 2 TV ad, especially since the only people who remember the first Portal character’s name are the ones still making mendacious cake jokes.

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Play Monday Night Combat For Free On Steam This Weekend

You’re sick of hoarding hats in Team Fortress 2 and crave a similar, but not identical experience. I know, I’ve been there. We all have, including Valve apparently, who don’t mind giving the new kid (and I use the term loosely since the game has been out for a while) on the block a taste of the limelight.

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Heavy Rain Not Getting Sequel, New Direction For Quantic Dream

To those of us used to seeing any video game succcess story turned into a cottage industry and replicated to within an inch of its life it’s downright refreshing hearing Quantic Dream studio head and main brain behind Heavy Rain David Cage’s assurances that there’s plenty of exploration left to be done within the framework of this new genre.

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MSI CX640 Notebook Announced

MSI has added a new notebook to their line up with the launch of the MSI CX640, which comes with 1 16 inch HD TFT LCD display, plus a choice of Intel Core i5 processors.

Graphics is provided by an NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 1GB GPU, and it comes with up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, there is also a choice of either a 320GB or 640GB hard drive plus a Blu-ray and DVD combo drive as standard.

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New York Times Paywall Arriving On March 28th

The New York Times has today announced it will be introducing a new Paywall and start charging subscriptions for access to its content. Once the new paywall is in place on the March 28th visitors will be able to visit and read up to 20 articles a month for free, but anything after that and you will need to subscribe.

The New York Times paywall subscriptions start at $15 for web access and via smartphone app’s, $20 allows you to use your iPad rather than a smartphone and a massive $35 a month allows you to use both your iPhone and iPad to read the New York Times content. Or you can subscribe to the paper copy of the publication and get unlimited access to the digital version, except on e-readers like the Kindle and the Nook.

New York Times Paywall

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