Altec Lansing Unveils Three, Custom Series In-Ear Monitors

Altec Lansing have unveiled their new range of in-ear monitors in the form of the new Altec LansingA1, A2 and A3. Which are custom moulded to your ear using a medical-grade silicone material called 40 Shore.

The silicone quickly adapts to a user’s body temperature, forming a flexible yet complete seal that ensures comfort for extended wear and isolates noise up to -27db. The new “Custom Series” of Single, Double and Triple balanced armature earphones provide amazing clarity and comfort says Altec Lansing.

Altec Lansing

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Google’s Android Reaches 52 Percent For Smartphone Sales

Research firm Gartner has release its latest smartphone data, and it would appear that Google’s share of the smartphone market is increasing significantly, as according to the report, Google’s Android OS now makes up 52 percent of the smartphone market for quarter three of 2011.

In the same period in 2010, Google’s Android OS had a 25.3 percent share of the smartphone market, so it has basically doubled over the last 12 months.

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iDigitip Allows Larger Fingers To Press Small Keys

If you are blessed with larger than life fingers and have problems typing on the small keyboards that are provided on todays smartphones a new device might be able to make it a easier for you and add a little precision at the same time.

The iDigitip has been designed to slip on the end of your fingers and provides you with a smaller pointer which can then be used to hit the correct keys. It will even work with touchscreens devices if you need, and can be used while you are wearing gloves say its creators.


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Working 1977 Apple II Computer Sold For $6,100 On eBay

If you have any original old computers sitting in your attic collecting dust it might be time to dust them off. As an original un modified Apple II system from back in 1977 has just sold on eBay for $6,100.

The Apple II was a major technological advancement over its predecessor and was largely designed by Steve Wozniak. The complete unit has a serial number of #2812, and was never upgraded to display six colours or received the more useful Applesoft ROMs in 1979.

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Third Party Android Apps Installed On Amazon Kindle Fire

According to the guys over at Mashable, the new Amazon Kindle Fire will let you install third part applications on the device, although Amazon said that the Kindle Fire wouldn’t support the Android Market, instead it would support Amazon’s own Android appstore.

Christina Warren from Mashable was able to install a third part app from GetJar on the Kindle Fire, and the app that was used to test this was the Nook app for Android.

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Pogoplug Launches Cloud Storage, Offers 5GB Of Free Space

This week PogoPlug has launched their new cloud storage service Pogoplug Cloud which provides you with access a secure online space to store personal content and they are even giving away 5GB of free space.

A great feature about the new Pogoplug Cloud service it that its allows you to store music, movies and photos and then stream them directly to your iOS or Android device.

PogoPlug Cloud

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Wryst Variance Digital Timepiece Concept

If you enjoy colourful watches a new digital timepiece concept has been created by Ben Pritz called Wryst Variance might be worth a look. The Wryst Variance watch concept allows you to choose the watch face you would like to use allowing you to suit the occasion. In a similar vein to what Apple has allowed you to do with its Nano device and the range of watch faces now available on it.


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Freetalk Adapter Adds Skype To Your Home Phone

Freetalk is a small adapter that allows you to add Skype and benefit from  low-cost calls and Skype-to-Skype calls directly from your home phone. The Freetalk adapter simply connects your home phone directly to your broadband router and landline.

You will need a computer to set up the Freetalk adapter, but you won’t need one to make calls once its all been installed. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Freetalk Adapter

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HzO Nanotechnology Brings Waterproofing To Smartphones (Video)

A company called HzO has developed a new technology which could be used in future smartphones and other electronic devices to make them waterproof, called HzO Technology.

As you will see in the video below, a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has been treated with the HzO Technology, which is apparently a ‘nano-scale’ film barrier that bonds to the exterior and interior of the device, making it waterproof.

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Atmel maXStylus Allows Simultaneous Touch and Stylus Operation (video)

A new stylus has been unveiled this week by Atmel called the maXStylus which has been designed to revolutionise the way we use tablet stylus devices with touch.The maXStylus, has been created to enable users to easily perform touch gestures with one hand, while using the stylus to writing and draw in the other.

The maXStylus stylus accomplishes this by using a multiSense functionality via a single indium tin oxide (ITO) sensor. Allowing one sensor to detect both touch and stylus operation, where normally two sensors would have been required. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Atmel maXStylus

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LG Optimus 3D Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Coming 21st November

We heard recently that LG would be releasing the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the LG Optimus 3D, and now LG has confirmed that the update will start rolling out from the 21st of November.

It looks like users in Europe will start getting the update from the 21st of November, and it will be rolled out to other countries from that date until the end of the year, although as yet there are no specific roll out dates per country.

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