This Just In: Microsoft Claims Patents For A Bunch Of Interesting Features

Not to get bogged down in technical excess, but what Microsoft’s latest patents reveal is they now have dibs on grasping simulated objects and moving them around with gestures. The patents become more relevant if you’ve watched a short video Microsoft circulated about what it wants 2019 to look like: A cross between Minority Report and Blade Runner without the sense of overwhelming gloom.

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Eccentric DIYer Builds Google Street View Helmet

Neil Fraser is the kind of geek who’s lovable and totally insane at the same time. For Halloween this year, he had a crazy idea involving Google Street View. What he did was build himself a Street View helmet using papier-mâché and an aluminum shell. The result is quite startling.

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Detailed Star Wars Erasers Attract The Faithful

Ha! This fancy eraser set even comes packaged inside a lightsaber. The Gomu Star Wars Eraserland is a Lucasfilm licensed eraser set whose eight different pieces are shaped after some very popular Star Wars icons, including Darth Vader himself and an X-Wing. The really incredible part is the detail involved. In fact, you might not want use these to erase anything and just show ‘em off instead.

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Bicycle Mechanic Goes Around With His DIY Mobile Shop (Video)

In a time when joblessness is a bare fact of everyday life, it’s heartening to learn about Ben Wyse’s business. Having read his story, it’s no exaggeration to call him a true American hero for the simple fact that he pursues an independent livelihood. As the mainman literally driving Wyse Cycles, Ben Wyse combines DIY smarts with entrepreneurial grit. Watch him in action after the jump.

Wyse Cycles

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Essential Reading: Incredible Arduino Origin Story Surfaces

Arduino is pretty ubiquitous these days. In fact, that’s an understatement. Arduino boards are at the heart of a revolution in electronics. But ever wondered about the people behind it? In a feat of exceptional journalism, David Kushner blows the lid on this incredible company and its origins. The biggest surprise of all is it’s not even a large company! Read more after the break.

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Modern Warfare 3 Disc Stolen From Warehouse, Triggering Piracy Craze

Ah, humans and their foibles. Rather than wait for the official release, news has emerged that a warehouse/secure location housing Modern Warfare 3 discs was burglarized, resulting in a pirated MW3 that’s been going the rounds. Activision has sprung into action to avert the crisis, even going so far as to allow anyone who’s partaken in the stolen goods to surrender their games.

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YouTube Going To War Against Cable

By partnering with so many different media companies that the flood of original content will leave cable as we know it in ruins. The incredibly long list of participants in YouTube’s drive to supplant people’s viewing habits includes entire channels, magazines, the WWE, and production outfits galore. (There’s even a hipster comedy show.) This latest offensive was already in the works a long time ago and occasionally surfaced in the news. Now it is on the verge of becoming reality.

YouTube logo

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AZiO Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard Is For Total Digital Warfare

As the year draws to an explosive close, two games will basically be responsible for the joyous fireworks. These are Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, both of which will undoubtedly grab every tech blog’s headlines as they ensnare gamers all across the globe. Since warfare is still the most riveting experience in gaming, it comes as no surprise that AZiO have outed their latest heavy-duty keyboard for die-hard gamers, the Levetron Mech4.

Levetron Mech4

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Microsoft Envisions The Office Of Tomorrow With 2019 Short

Curiously enough, there doesn’t seem to be any Apple products around at the time depicted in this new video clip from Microsoft. it’s quite heartening though, like being reassured that all is going to end well despite the economic doldrums and we won’t end up living in Blade Runner before the decade is out. Casting gloom aside, the short clip portrays world where well-heeled future workers live in a cloud empowered domain where touch sensitive gadgets are the norm. Sadly, no cyborgs. You can watch it for yourself after the jump.

Microsoft trailer

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Ess Lack Edible Spray Paint Colors Your Food Yummy

Ever wanted to give your food a magical sheen for whatever reason appeals to you? Aspire no more because a German company has just outed a new line of spray paint that, well, paints your food your way. Be it silver, gold, metallic red, or chrome blue the Ess Lack line delivers an unbelievable sheen to whatever is served in your dining table.

Ess Lack

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