The Tunnel : First Movie Simultaneous Released On DVD And BitTorrent (video)

The Tunnel, will be the first movie to be released both simultaneously on DVD and BitTorrent and has been created to try and break down the barriers with movies distribution online using downloads via BiTorrent services.

The Australian movie is the first being produced under a new funding process called “The 135K Project.” where the funding is raised online and allows the film to then be released online for free. Each frame was given a $1 price tag and there are 135,000 frames in the 90 movie.

Watch a teaser for the new movie after the jump and if you like what you see dont forget to help the funding by buying a frame.

The Tunnel

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Burglar Blaster Gasses Intruders Away

Where some infrared burglar detectors use alarms, the geniuses at Heracles Research Corporation wanted a device with more ouch. Indeed, nothing causes more ouch than a cloud of pepper spray in a locked room. Though you wish it were acid instead—melts the flesh right off the bones—this non-lethal spray will cause anyone uninvited a lot of grief.

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Facebook Buys Mobile App Developer Snaptu

Facebook has purchased mobile application developer Snaptu, the company produces applications for less powerful mobile phones than smartphones and produces a number of applications including a Facebook app.

The company launched their Facebook app earlier this year, and the application is available on a total of 2,500 different mobile phones, the app will obviously now become an official Facebook app.

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Google Says China Is Blocking Gmail

Google has announced that users of its Gmail email service in China are unable to access the service, and that it is being blocked by the Chinese government, and has been made to look like there is a technical problem with Gmail for users in China.

The new comes after weeks of protests in the middle east, where the news about the protests was spread using online social media services like Facebook and Twitter, and email services like Gmail.

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AT&T To Buy T-Mobile In The US

US mobile operator AT&T has announced that intends to purchase T-Mobile USA fro Deutsche Telekom, in a deal worth $39 billion in cash and stock.

AT&T has also announced that they will be delivering 4G LTE to an additional 46 million people throughout the US, which would give them around 95 percent coverage of the US population.

AT&T To Buy T-Mobile In The US

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Adobe Releases Flash 10.2 For Android

Adobe has released its latest version of Flash for mobile devices, Adobe Flash 10.2 which brings Flash to a range of Android devices including Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets like the Motorola Xoom.

Adobe Flash 10.2 brings a range of new features to Android devices, including performance enhancements of hardware in Android 3.0 tablets and also Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 devices.

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Halifax Public Libraries Refuse To Purchase HarperCollins eBooks

So the ebook wars have begun. ‘Twas inevitable, since contrary to the impression that the publishing world is a boring place stuffed with books (not so far from the truth actually), there has always been constant tension between publishers and their various distribution channels. In this case, the clutch of public libraries in Halifax, Canada don’t want to purchase extra titles from HarperCollins. Why?

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