Crysis Arrives On Xbox 360 And PS3 : Xbox 360 GamePlay Demo (video)

Crytek’s brilliant 2007 PC game Crysis is now available as a downloadable game for both Xbox 360 and PS3. But if you have been wondering what the original Crysis PC game is going to look like on the Xbox 360, feast your eyes on the video after the jump to see it in all its glory.

The video is 30 minutes in length and provides you with a great demonstration of the gameplay you will get on the Xbox 360.


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HTC Radar Now Available In The UK

The HTC Radar was announced last month, it is one of HTC’s first new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smartphones, and it has now gone on sale SIM free at one online retailer here in the UK.

The HTC Radar comes with a 3.8 inch multi-touch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, it also features a single core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of built in storage.

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iPhone 4S And Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Compared, By Samsung

Apple and Samsung are in the middle of around 20 different court cases around the world, and Samsung isn’t obviously that impressed with Apple’s iPhone 4S, so they have sent out a comparison sheet between the new Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung’s flagship Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The comparison sheet below compares the specifications between the two devices, and we suspect we may see another one of these next week from Samsung when they unveil the new Samsung Google Nexus S, which is rumored to come with a range of high end specification, including a HD display.

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Infinity Blade 2 Arriving On December 1st, Exclusive To iOS Devices

If you are a fan of the original Infinity Blade game you will be pleased to know a sequel has now been announced and will be arriving on December 1st 2011. The new was announced at yesterdays Apple’s iPhone 4S keynote presentation and as with the first instalment will run on Unreal Engine 3 and be made by Chair Entertainment.

The new Infinity Blade 2 will include new fighting styles and weapon classes with deep role-playing elements says its creators. Other features will enable players running iOS 5 be able to sync their saves and profiles to multiple devices wirelessly through iCloud.

Infinity Blade 2

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread Almost Reaches 40 Percent On Android Devices

Google has released the latest Android distribution details, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread now makes up for almost 40 percent of all Android devices, with a 38.7 percent share.

Still in top place is Android 2.2 Froyo, with 45.3 percent on all Android devices, next is Android 2.1 Eclair with an 11.7 percent share, Android Honeycomb now makes up a total of 1.8 percent, and Android 1.5 Cupcake is down to 1.1 percent and Andoid 1.6 Donut is down to 1.4 percent.

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Google+ Enables Features To Lock Posts And Disable Comments (video)

Google has this week rolled out new features to its Google+ social network which now allows you to be able to control your posts a little more. Providing you with the ability to lock down posts and disable comments if required to make sure no one re-shares them.

The new features are in response to Google+ users requesting a way to control their posts explains Google and the new features now enable you choose the circles you want to share with. Watch the demonstration video after the jump to see it in action.



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Apple Unveils New iPod Nano With Improved User Interface

In addition to the newly launched iPhone 4s, iCloud and iOS5 operating system, Apple has also unveiled a new iPod Nano. The latest version 2001 iPod Nano now includes a redesigned user interface with larger icons, making it even easier for you to navigate.

The 2011 Apple iPod Nano retains the same size and slim square design it did in previous versions, together with the multitouch screen and integrated pedometer and FM radio. In response to the array of watch bands that have been launched for the iPod Nano over the last year or so Apple has now added 16 more clock faces, making a total of18 to choose from.

Apple iPod Nano 2011

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Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks To Feature 2560 x 1440 HD Displays

We have already seen a number of new notebooks which are based on Intel’s Ultrabook platform, but now according to a recent report, the next generation of Intel’s Ultrabook’s which will be based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform will feature much higher resolution displays.

Most of the current Ultrabooks we have seen come with a HD display with a resolution of 2368 x 768 pixels, but according to the guys over at VR-Zone, we can expect some much higher resolution Ultrabooks in 2012.

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri Personal Assistant In Action (Video)

Yesterday when Apple announced their new iPhone 4S, one of the main new features that was announced for the  fifth generation iPhone is a new digital personal assistant called Siri.

Siri is basically a new voice controlled digital assistant, which you can speak commands to and ask questions and it will give you and answer or complete your required task, for example it will read your texts to you, and you can set reminders and ask it questions by talking to it, the video below shows how it works.

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Samsung Teases Google Nexus Prime (Video)

Yesterday we saw a photo which is reported to be of the new Google Nexus Prime which is being made by Samsung for Google, and we are expecting the Google Nexus Prime to be unveiled at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event later this month.

Now Samsung has released a teaser video for the Google Nexus Prime, and we get a very brief look at the handset from the side, we suspect Samsung may release a few more Nexus Prime teaser videos before it is officially unveiled.

Google Nexus Prime

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