Klingon Themed Monopoly Out Soon (Video)

‘Soon’ as in pre-orders go live come November. In retrospect, it was inevitable. The intergalactic warrior race have now been given their own Monopoly game. Not sure if you have to speak Klingon when playing Monopoly Klingon, but the promotional literature is awesome. Detailed replicas and an ‘authentic’ chancellors cane are just a few of the juicy items locked within each set. Not sure if players of Monopoly Klingon will come to blows, but every game will surely be intense.


Monopoly Klingon

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This Is Called The n.a.p.

After staring at it for the better part of half an hour, we still have no idea what to call it. A couch or a bed couch? Never mind. The n.a.p. comes with a LED reading light and enough space for printed material–even a cup of coffee. It does look cumbersome, however.

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim DLC Timed Xbox 360 Exclusive

PS3 owners can at least be thankful that the whole game isn’t a timed 360 exclusive for more than a year, like the last Elder Scrolls game. Not to mention a month is barely even enough to scratch the surface of content in an Elder Scrolls game. Or would be in the classic entries in the series. These days it’s hard to be sure.

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GameStop Pulling All Deus Ex Human Revolution Copies From Shelves

We hope that whole “any publicity is good publicity” thing works out for GameStop, because its senior management seem to have it framed on their office walls, possibly with floral pattern borders. To be fair, the decision seems to have come from both GameStop and Human Revolution publisher Square Enix and we can’t imagine this will stop anyone from actually getting the game.

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SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock Donates Money Unless Killed

Not killed in the sense that it’s destroyed, but killed as in the person wakes up and turns it off. Such is the genius of this WiFi-enabled gadget from ThinkGeek. In case you’re still wondering about the name, it’s a corrupted for of Snooze and Lose. People who actually buy this must be afflicted by an extreme case of attraction to beds.

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Voztec Helmet Splits In Two During Emergencies (Video)

It took a particularly dreadful accident to create the Voztec. See, John Vozzo was left incapacitated after a nasty skydiving incident. With both legs broken, he had little else to do but contemplate the deeper questions of life and a new helmet.

Helmet? Yes, particularly what became the Voztec, which is a whole line of specially made helmets for outdoor enthusiasts. With the help of business partner Mark Bryant, the pair have been prototyping several different models of the Voztec, which opens up like a clam.


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IBM Hard At Work On Building 120 Petabyte Data Drive

For a proper sense of proportion, the resulting storage space is enough to fit two dozen billion mp3 files. It’s ample proof that IBM isn’t done in yet, to think before World War 2 the same company sold mere office peripherals and coffee grinders. Not kidding, but Thomas Watson eventually became embarassed by the latter and dropped them. If he didn’t, maybe fast food chains today might have IBM made coffee grinders.

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Bender Crochet Dolls Come With Cerveza

Ah Bender, a true metalhead with an attitude to boot. The most foul-mouthed ‘bot to ever be graced with artificial intelligence. Wait, what intelligence? Anyway, seen below are a couple of ‘baby’ Bender crochet dolls made 100% of yarn. No use kidding our readers, it’s not like we’re looking at a case of metallic exoskeleton covered in the soft stuff cats like to paw.

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EA Thinks PS Vita Has “Better Chance” Of Beating iPhone Than 3DS

For once, we find ourselves in agreement with industry figures prognosticating some aspect of the industry’s future. Quick, alert the media! Oh… wait. So, it turns out that despite that fancy screen that looks like you can poke a hand inside it, the 3DS is still getting its backplate handed to it by a device with glass where buttons should be. EA VP Frank Gibeau, however, thinks Sony may have the answer that eluded Nintendo.

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