Google Now Informs You Why Messages Are Placed In Your Spam Folder

Google has rolled out a new update to its Gmail service this week which will no inform you why certain email messages have been placed in your spam folder. Google does a pretty good job of keeping most unwanted or malicious emails out of users Gmail inboxes. But the new indicators now provide you with a little extra information and help when sorting through your sSpam folder.

Google Spam

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In App Adverts Found To Drain Smartphone Battery Life

According to a recent report by Abhinav Pathak, a computer scientist at the Purdue University in Indiana, one of the cause of battery drain on smartphones may be down to free applications that have adverts.

The team at the university have been testing out free applications that come with adverts and have discovered that around 10 to 30 percent of the energy used by the application was spent powering the applications core functions.

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iRetroPhone Smartphone Dock

iRetroPhone allows you to add a little old school retro feel to your modern state-of-the-art smartphone. Enabling you to sync and make calls when its docked within the iRetroPhone using a 70’s handset to speak into. iRetroPhone is compatible with 1500 devices, says its creatures and the device is capable of charging 3 devices simultaneously.


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Porsche 918 Hybrid Supercar Prototype Goes For A Test Drive

Some of our readers will remember the Porsche 918 hybrid supercar that we featured on the site back in 2010, Porsche announced their plans to put it into production and now the guys over at Wired Autopia managed to take a prototype for a test drive.

The Porsche 918 is is a hybrid supercar that features a mid engined v8 petrol engine and two electric engines which have a total of 770 hp combined.

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Pirate Bay Plans To Use Low Orbit Server Drones To Host Site

The Pirate Bay has come up with a new idea to top its site being shutdown, they intend to host part of the site using low orbit server drones which will probably fly over international waters.

The guys from Torrent Freak have been speaking to the Pirate Bay about their plans to use GPS controlled drones, which small computers like the Raspberry PI, the drones will be floated up to a few kilometers into the air.

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Tokyoflash Hybrid Analogue And LCD Concept Watch

We have featured a number of the Tokyflash concept watches here at Geeky Gadgets, with the majority of them being turned into actual watches.

The latest creation is a design submitted to Tokyflash from Peter in the UK, and the watch combines both LCD (or LED) with a mechanical analogue watch movement, as you can see in the photos below.

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BBC iPlayer Lands On The Xbox 360

The BBC has launched their popular BBC iPlayer on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, and according to the BBC it is the only UK content provider to offer its TV shows free on the Xbox.

The service works in a similar way to the web and iPad versions, and you can catch up on previous BBC TV shows, and the app also works with Microsoft’s Kinect and can be controlled with hand gestures.

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Apple Sells Three Million New iPads

Apple’s iPad went on sale last Friday the 16th of March, and now Apple has released some sales figures of their new third generation iPad, and as Apple’s CEO Tim cook said yesterday the new iPad has broken Apple’s previous records.

Apple has announced that they have sold a total of three million of the new iPad since it went on sale last week, that is pretty impressive in just under four days.

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World of Warcraft On iPhone Still Being Considered By Blizzard

Blizzard seems intent on avoiding past mistakes and willing to take all the time it needs to do it, as the company is still looking at bringing World of Warcraft to the iPhone as something more than a straight port with a slapdash interface. And while at first glance Blizzard might look like it’s perpetuating the same brand of obstinate perfectionism that has kept it from the console space, anyone who remembers Starcraft 64 will understand.

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GeChic On-Lap 1302 Adds a Second Screen for Your Smartphone and More

The GeChic On-Lap 1302 is one of those gadgets that looks like it would be annoying and cool at the same time. It would be cool if you really need a larger second screen. Tablet or notebook to be able to get one, but it would be annoying having to deal with a 13.3-inch screen on the go. The screen needs cables and adapters to connect to your smartphone or other device.

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