Google Nexus Prime And Android Ice Cream Sandwich Coming 18th October?

Earlier today we heard a rumor that Google may be set to unveil the Google Nexus Prime or Samsung Galaxy Nexus some time this month, and now more details have been revealed which could mean that Google will unveil Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the Google Nexus Prime on the 18th of October.

According to the guys over at Droid Life, Google may unveil their next generation Nexus smartphone and the next version of Android in Hong Kong on the 19th of October at 9AM, which is the 18th of October at 6PM in the US.

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Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Launches Today, Opening Movie Sequence Unveiled (Video)

Today Gran Turismo 5 developers Polyphony Digital have launched the biggest update for Gran Turismo 5, that the racing game has ever seen, called Spec 2.0. Which comes with a new opening sequences that plays for around 5.15 minutes.

The new Spec 2.o update brings with a number of new features that allow you to save game progress during lengthy racing events, and also adjust weather conditions for races using a slider functions to control the intensity of the elements. Watch the new Spec 2.0 intro after the jump. Enjoy!


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Sony Recalling 1.6 Million Bravia LCD TVs Worldwide Due To Melting Components

Sony has today announced  an massive worldwide recall of its LCD TVs after several sets have experienced melting components and smoke emitting from their Bravia TV sets. 11 incidents have been reported in Japan but the same configuration of components could affect Sony TVs worldwide.

The recall will will involve around 1.6 million Sony LCD TVs that were manufactured during 2007 and 2008 and were mainly sold in Europe and the United States.

Sony Bravia

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Apple’s iCloud Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch

Apple is expected to release the latest version of its mobile OS, iOS 5 later today, and it looks like Apple’s new iCloud service has gone live, although you wont be able to use it until Apple releases iOS 5 and the update to OS X Lion later today, unless you have the iOS 5 GM.

Earlier we heard that Apple had released iTunes 10.5, and they will also be releasing an update to OS X Lion later today at the same time as iOS 5 is released, which we are hoping should arrive soon.

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Samsung Ambushes Apple’s iPhone 4S Launch In Sydney

Samsung and Apple aren’t exactly the best of friends at the moment, with more than 20 different court cases taking place around the world, and now it would appear that Samsung has decided to Ambush the launch of the new iPhone 4S in Australia.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, Samsung have rented a pop up store just a few doors down from the Apple Store in Sydney, Australia, and Samsung are offering the Galaxy S II to the first 10 people in line between now and Friday for $2.00.

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Tesco Mobile iPhone 4S UK Price And Plans Revealed

UK mobile provider Tesco Mobile has announced their iPhone 4S pricing and details of their plans, the company will be offering the iPhone 4S on a range of 12 and 24 month contracts.

Tesco Mobile will be offering the iPhone 4S for £335 for the 16GB model on their 12 month contract which costs £25 a month, £425 for the 32GB model and £495 for the 64GB model, there is also a £35 a month 12 month contract where the 16GB model costs £235 up front, the 32GB model £300 and the 64GB model £370.

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Twitter 3.5 iOS Update Readies for iOS5 And Enables Official Photo Uploads

Twitter has rolled out a new update for its iOS application in preparation for the immanent launch of Apple’s new iOS5. The new iOS5 integration provided with the Twitter 3.5 update now makes it even easier for you to signup and in to Twitter and also brings a number of performance and stability enhancements as well as a few bugs fixes.

The new Twitter 3.5 update also has enabled  full integration with Twitter’s picture sharing service into the new application. Even though Twitter’s photo sharing is the default choice when upgrading, you are able to change the settings to use third-party photo sharing options like TwitPic if you would prefer.


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Google Nexus Prime, Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming This Month?

Samsung and Google were scheduled to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the Google Nexus Prime yesterday, both companies announced last week that they had postponed the launch event, and we heard a rumor that it could possibly launch on the 3rd of November.

Now it would appear that the Google Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) could actually launch before that date, and we may see it some time this month.

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Xbox 360, 320GB Hard Drive Arriving This Month For $130

If your Xbox is straining at the seams for space and you are looking for a little extra storage space for your games and media. You will be pleased to know that later this month a new 320GB hard drive will be launched for $130. The new 320GB hard drive is compatible with all Xbox 360 S models and will be available from your favourite Xbox 360 retailer and will be available worldwide

320GB hard drive Xbox

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