Gamestop Gaming Tablet Arriving Late 2011

President Tony Bartel of games retailer Gamestop, this week confirmed reports that Gamestop are indeed considering developing their own gaming tablet for a launch late in 2011.

Gamestop are still in the early stages of development with their tablet and haven’t yet decided on whether to use an exisitng OEM tablet or creating their very own tablet, specific to their requirements. With Bartel explaining to CNBC  “But if we can’t find one that’s great for gaming, then we will create our own.”

The image below is just a conceptual mockup but Gamestop have suggested that their new gaming tablet will include a separate Bluetooth controller.

Gaming Tablet Concept

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Custom Tron Light Cycle Board Game (Video)

We have featured quite a few different board games here at Geeky Gadgets, but I think this is probably one of the coolest so far, and will definitely appeal to all the Tron Legacy fans out there.

This cool custom Tron Light Cycle Board game, is the work of Make forum member Brett King, and he made the game to play with his kids, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Google’s Andy Rubin Says Android Is Still Open Source

Google recently announced that they intend to put an end to Android fragmentation, by making companies who want to tweak Android for their handsets get approval from Google first.

This led to a lot of criticism from companies, and many said that the Android platform was becoming less open source, although developers of applications for the Android Market will probably be happy with the move as they see Android fragmentation as a big problem.

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Epic: No Infinity Blade On Android, Google Needs To Be More Evil

Surely with the spectacular growth of Android and the eye-melting technology behind Infinity Blade already making it to the platform in question in the form of Dungeon Defenders, a port of the iPhone rail-sworder is on its merry way by now, right? Well, we could say yes, but if you wanted your news outlet to lie to your face you could just turn on Fox News, zing!

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Minecraft Hits $33 Million In Revenue

Mojang is quickly becoming the 800-pound gorilla of a scene more used to Capuchin monkeys, with today’s announcement that the ubiquitous Minecraft made the developer $33 million in total revenue. As you can imagine that the overheads weren’t exactly huge, that means a healthy chunk of that unspeakable mountain of currency is pure profit.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Upgraded To 1.2GHz But Delayed Until June

Samsung has announced today that their new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is unfortunately now not going to arrive until June 2011. But as a consolation when it does arrive it will be equipped with an upgraded Tegra 2 processor from its original 1GHz to a speedier 1.2GHz. Bringing the new smartphone to the top of the Cortex-A9 class for computing power.

The notification was first discovered on Samsung Estonia’s Facebook page and has apparently be confirmed by the GSM Arena website by an “internal source.”

Samsung Galaxy S II

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Apple Final Cut Pro Update Arriving Next Week?

If you are as big a fan of Apple Final Cut Pro as I am, you might be pleased to know that the rumour mill is suggesting that the highly anticipated jaw-dropping update we have all been waiting for may be arriving next week.

Its thought that Apple may be taking over the stage at the SuperMeet during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) expo in Las Vegas next week. To make the announcement and giving a demonstration of the shortly to be released upgrade to the professional film-making software.

Final Cut Studio

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Acer Unveils Aspire All-in-one Touchscreen Z5761

Acer has today unveiled a new addition to its all-in-one range with the launch of the Aspire Z5761, that will be arriving in stores during May 2011.

Its equipped with a full HD 1080p touchscreen 23 inch display running at at 1920 x 1080 resolution and can either be fitted with a Intel Core i5-2400S, i5-2500S or Core i7-2600S processor, together with a maximum of 8GB of RAM.

Graphics on the system are handled by either a integrated Intel HD Graphics or  NVIDIA’s GeForce GT440, GT435M and GT420 and storage options include a 1.5TB hard rive with TV tuner options.

Acer Aspire Z5761

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HTC Desire Solves Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube (video)

We have featured a number of different Rubik Cube solving devices here on Geeky Gadgets including the Android Lego creation that was able to solve the puzzle in under 25 seconds. But we have never seen a Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube solver before.

Megaminxer is probably the first robot in the world to solve a Megaminx puzzle or a Dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube, which is made up of with 12 faces, each with 5 edges.

The Megaminxer robot is built from LEGO and uses a Mindstorms NXT kit for driving the mechanics, together with a HTC Desire smartphone running a custom Android app is the brain of the device. Watch the video after the jump to see the solver in action.


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