ASRock Unveils Sandy Bridge Vision 3D HTPC

ASRock has unveiled their second-generation Vision 3D HTPC mini system which is now Intel Sandy Bridge based. The new ASRock Vision 3D HTPC measure just 200 x 70 x 200 mm and is packed with powerful processing options including the choice of Intel Core i3, i5, i7 mobile processor, and up to 16GB of memory.

Its also comes equipped with a 500GB (7200 RPM) 2.5-inch hard drive, a DVD writer or Blu-ray combo drive, and Intel HD 3000 graphics backed by a GeForce GT 540M 1GB discrete card , with automatic graphic switching provided by the Virtu Technology.

ASRock Vision 3D HTPC

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Google Nexus Prime Confirmed By Samsung

We know that Samsung is building the next generation Google phone for Google, and we have heard previously that it will be called the Google Nexus Prime, recently we heard that the device had received WiFi certification.

Now it would appear that Samsung has confirmed that the new Google phone will be called the Google Nexus Prime, as the guys over at Android and me have found evidence of the devices name on the Samsung mobile website.

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Byte Dock Thunderbolt MacBook Pro Dock Goes On Sale This Week

Some of our readers will remember the Byte Dock that we featured on the site back in May, it is basically a dock for your MacBook Pro and comes with a range of built in features.

We just got an email from the guys over at Byte Dock to let us know that the Byte Dock will go on sale this Friday the 9th of September for £149.99, and it is available for the 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro’s.

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Beats Wireless Headphones Revealed By FCC

It looks like Beat Audio is set to release a new version of their Beats Headphones, called Beats Wireless, these new headphones have appeared in a recent FCC filing, and we get a good look at them in the photos below.

These new Beats Wireless headphones will come with Bluetooth and the right headphone will feature built in playback and volume controls, and this will be one of the first new devices from Beats since they were acquired by HTC.

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Android 2.3.5 Running On HP TouchPad With Touchscreen Support (Video)

The other day we showed you a video from the guys over at Team TouchDroid where they had managed to get Android 2.3.5 running on the HP TouchPad, although some of the features need work, including touchscreen features.

Now the guys from Team TouchDroid have released a new video, and the latest video shows the touchscreen display with multi-touch gestures working on the HP TouchPad, which you can see below.

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MSi Reverses Fan Rotations To Stop Dust Clogging Your GPU Heatsinks

Keeping dust out of your PC system has always been a problem and most computers need a good clean every now and then to make sure that their heatsinks are providing the optimal cooling performance, keep temperatures as low as possible.

Well MSi is now trying to help reduce the dust buildup around its graphics card heatsinks and has unveiled a new technology that will allow the fans fitted to their high end graphics cards to turn in reverse for 30 seconds when you boot your computer, helping to remove dust buildup on heatsink.


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iPad 3 To Feature Slimmer Design, New Battery

The iPad 3 rumors have died down recently, and now more information has been revealed on the third generation Apple iPad, which points to a new slimmer design for the iPad 3 over the existing iPad 2.

The Pad 2 is already slimmer and lighter than the original iPad, and now according to a recent report the iPad 3 will come with a new thinner and lighter battery module that would allow Apple to produce a thinner iPad 3.

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Toshiba FlashAir Wi-Fi SDHC Memory Card To Compete With Eye-Fi

Toshiba has announced the addition of a new product to their range in the form of their FlashAir SDHC memory card. In a similar vein to the Eye-Fi SD Card the new FlashAir by Toshiba allows you to upload and download photographs to and from a server. Enabling you to exchange photographs and other data with other devices using the cards embedded wireless communication.

Toshiba FlashAir

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Diff iPhone 4 Case Features Privacy Shade, Tripod Mount And More

We have featured a number of iPhone cases here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is certainly different than anything we have see before, and it is call the Diff Case, and it comes with a range of built in features.

As you can see from the photos below, the Diff Case features a built in privacy shade which can also be used to keep the sun off your iPhone 4′s display, making it easier to view in sunlight.

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Apple’s New 27 Inch Thunderbolt Displays Headed To Stores

Apple announced their new 27 inch Thunderbolt Display back in July, and it looks like the first ones will start shipping to Apple Store’s this week, and will probably start shipping to people who have already ordered them at the same time.

The Apple Thunderbolt display features a 27 inch LED backlit screen with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, and it also features IPS technology which gives the Thunderbolt display a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

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Facebook iOS App Updated To 3.5, Adds New Privacy Settings

Facebook has released a new version of their iOS app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Facebook 3.5, and the latest version comes with a range of new features as well as a number of bug fixes.

Facebook 3.5 now makes it easier to share stuff with your Facebook friends, you can now tag friends and places in posts, as well as share external links from the web view.

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BMW Adds Steam Engine To Prototype 5 Series

BMW has added a small steam turbine engine to a prototype 5 series, and in attempt to improve fuel efficiency, and it looks like they have been able to increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by around 10 percent.

The small steam turbine engine uses excess heat from the exhaust system, to boil a fluid and turn it into steam, the steam then powers the turbine, which then converts the power into electricity which is uses to power the vehicle as well as the petrol engine.

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