The DIY Windowfarm Brings Agriculture Inside The House

As the world economy is transformed by disastrous financial convulsions and uncertainty, many aspects of our consumer driven lives come to question. Phrasing this sentiment in simpler terms, sometimes just buying our food doesn’t cut it anymore. Prices are too unstable; the attendant guilt and health concerns prove burdensome, so maybe it’s better to grow it independently. It’s not really a novel idea, considering that for much of our species’ existence man has either grown or hunted his own food.


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Kindle Fire Booted With CyanogenMod 7

JackpotClavin over on the XDA Developers forum has posted a few images that show a new Amazon Kindle Fire booted using CyanogenMod 7. Amazon’s Kindle device was rooted earlier this month and only a few weeks later has received the CyanogenMod 7 treatment. Even in these early stages of development WiFi functionality is already operational on the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire CyanogenMod 7

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The Urban Beehive

The Urban Beehive is the work of designers Clive van Heerden and Jack Mama who are part of the Philips design team, and it is designed to hang inside your house with an opening on the outside of your house.

As you can see from the photos below, the Urban Beehive is split into two parts, a pod where the bee hive is located, this part is placed inside your house and a flower pot, which is situated outside the house.

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WiFi Equipped Glass Speaker Provides Rooms With Less Of An Eyesore

A new type of speaker is currently under development that is constructed from 4 sheets of glass to provide your rooms with a much more aesthetically pleasing speaker, when compared to traditional non-transparent creations.

The glass speaker is also fitted with a WiFi transmitter, which can be plugged into any device with a headphone jack. Allowing you to stream music from your device directly to the glass speaker without the need for cables.

Glass speaker

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Nokia Lumia 900 To Launch In US Early 2012?

We recently saw a yet to be announced smartphone from Nokia appearing in a Nokia promo video, and the device is rumored to be the new Nokia Lumia 900, which is expected to debut in the US next year.

US mobile carrier AT&T is rumored to be in discussions with Nokia about bringing Nokia Windows Phone devices to their US network, and now it would appear that the first device that will launch in the US is the Nokia Lumia 900.

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Call of Duty Elite, New Trailer Released (video)

Activision has this week launched a new video trailer of their Call of Duty Elite service which provides gamers with additional services for a subscription.

The new Call of Duty Elite service has already signed up a massive 1 million paying users, even after having a little bit of a troubled start, due to glitches and a few connection issues. The new trailer which can be viewed after the jump shows a glimpse of what the service hopes to achieve for gamers.

Call of Duty Elite

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Microsoft Office Coming To The iPad?

According to a recent report, Microsoft is working on a version of Microsoft Office for Apple’s iPad, in an attempt to take on Apple’s own Numbers, Pages and Keynote apps, and each app is expected to retail for around $10.

There are no details as yet on which applications Microsoft are working on for the iPad, although it will probably be applications like Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

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PopClip Adds iOS Style Cut And Paste To Your Mac

If you enjoy using the cut and paste features on your iOS devices, a new Mac application has been developed that allows you to bring the same functionality to your Mac machines.

PopClip has been designed to provide a faster and easier way to work with text. Simply select some text and PopClip will magically appear, in the same way you would expect on iOS devices.


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Motorola MOTOACTV Lands In The UK 1st December

The Motorola MOTOACTV was announced last month, and now Motorola has given a launch date for the device here in the UK, it will be available from the 1st of December 2011 and will retail for £249.99.

As a reminder the MOTOACTV is designed to be a music player and fitness device in one, it features a 1.6 inch color touchscreen display and a 600MHz processor, and the device can be synced with your Android smartphone.

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