Panasonic 100GB Rewritable BD-RE XL Disks Start Shipping

Following Sharps release of their huge 100GB capacity disks, Panasonic have now started shipping their 100GB BD-RE XL disks. The new large capacity Blu-ray disks are set to arrive in Japan on the 15th April.

The 100GB BD-RE XL is Panasonic’s first first triple layer Blu-ray Disk and provides enough space for 20 standard DVDs, 100 hours of standard definition television, tens of thousands of music recordings on one disc. The disks are already supported by the latest burners from both Pioneer and Buffalo.


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Silent Film Director iPhone App Turns Your Videos Into Silent Movies (Video)

We just got an email from the guys over at MacPhun, to let us know about a new iPhone and iPod Touch app they are launching later this week, its called Silent Film Director.

As the name suggests the Silent Film Director app will let you make you videos look like ones from the Silent Era, and you will be able to cusomize a range of features in your movies.

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Cablevision iPad App : 300 Live Channels

Cablevision has released a new iPad app named ‘Optimum for iPad’ that will allow customers to enjoy the Cable Television service from their iPad. With around 300 live channels for live streaming and 2,000 video on demand (VOD) titles, with more VOD titles being added as the cable provider encodes them for IP distribution.

Other features and enhancements include  searchable guide Information, based on genre, cast members, time of day and favorite channels. Together with the ability to control the DVR side of the service as well. Allowing users to schedule and erase DVR recordings directly from their mobile device.


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Sony’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet Coming This Summer

Some of our readers will remember about a new Android Honeycomb Tablet that Sony were working on, we covered it back in February, it was apprently called the Sony S1 Qriocity tablet.

Now it looks like Sony are getting closer to releasing their first Android tablet, and it may even go on sale as early as this summer.

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Android 2.2 Now Used On 63.9 Percent of Android Devices

Google has released its latest stat on what versions of Android are being used on Android devices, we last some some figures two weeks ago, and now the latest figures reveal that Android 2.2 is being used on 63.9 percent of devices.

This is up from 61.3 percent two weeks ago, and the second most used version of Android is 2.1 with 27.2 percent, whilst Android 1.5 makes up just 2.7 percent of devices and Android 1.6 just 3.5 percent.

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Firefox 5 Preview Includes Tab Apps, Social Sharing And User Interface Redesign

Mozilla have wasted no time following up on their Firefox 4 browser release, and have now announced a preview version of their next, Firefox 5 browser.  Mozilla did announce that they would be making much quicker updates to their browser in a Google Chrome style update and release schedule.

The new preview show new customisable tabs that will allow you to setup shortcuts within website that you visit regularly. The home button has also disappear completely, and is replaced with a permanent Home app tab. Social sharing will also play a large part in the new Firefox 5.  According to Mozilla’s press release the Firefox 5 final release is scheduled for deployment to the public in the week of June 29th 2011.

Firefox 5

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Orange OPC Ships This Month

Some of our readers will remember the Orange OPC that we featured on Geeky Gadgets a while back, we just got an email from the guys over at Orange OPC and this funky looking PC will be available in the UK this month.

According to the manufacturers, you will be able to order the Orange OPD from the 6th of April and it will begin shipping the the UK shortly after.

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iPad And Kinect Hacked To Steer RC Car (video)

Imaginative ways to use Microsofts Kinect keep appearing daily and another worth a mentioning today is the is this hack that uses either an iPad or Kinect to take control of a remote control car.

The project has beed setup to show how hand gestures can be used to control R/C vehicles and one uses a Kinect and the other a HTML5 web application, with use of WebSockets, DeviceMotionEvent, Canvas.  Watch a video of the hack after the jump, to see the iPad and Kinect hacks in action.

iPad And Kinect Combine To Steer RC Car

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Bell & Ross Red Radar Watch Limited Edition (video)

Extreme watch makers Bell & Ross have unveiled a new watch for their 2011 range called the BR 01-92 Radar watch. Which sports a very unique red face together with some other innovative features, which has dubbed it the “Red Radar”.

The limited edition red faced radar watch has been inspired by aircraft cockpits and radar has been designed to resemble radar screens, in air traffic control towers, submarines and other military vehicles. Watch the video after the jump to see the Red Radar watch is more detail.

BR 01-92 Radar watch

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The iPad Is One Year Old

On April the 3rd 2010, Apple started selling the first generation iPad, one year later we already have the new iPad 2, and the iPad has completely changed mobile computing.

When Apple first announced the iPad, it was met with a lot of criticism and many so called analysts said that the iPad would fail, a lot of people described it as a large iPhone or iPod Touch, one year later the Apple has sold over 15 million iPads, a very impressive number for a new product.

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