Kinect-a-Sketch (video)

The guys over at Waterloo labs have been busy again this month and combined a Microsoft Kinect controller and an old school Etch-a-Sketch to create a unique mod. The system allows you to control the Etch-a-Sketch simply by standing in front of the Kinect, allowing you to use a huge pencil or even just your hand to control the Etch-a-Sketch and draw.


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Windows Phone Overtakes Symbian In The UK

According to a recent report from Kantar Worldpanel, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has overtaken Symbian here in the UK, although the report shows that Microsoft’s mobile platform still only makes up a small percentage of overall smartphones.

The period covered in the report are the twelve weeks up to the 19th of February 2012, and Symbian has now dropped down to 2.4 percent of the smartphone market, where as Windows Phone has now risen to 2.5 percent of the market.

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Western Digital 2TB My Passport Portable HDD Announced

Western Digital has updated its range of My passport portable hard drives, and the range now comes with a new 2TB My Passport HDD, which comes with a USB 3.0 connection.

As well as featuring USB 3.0 the Western Digital My Passport range of hard drives is also compatible with USB 2.0 and it also comes in other sizes which include a 500GB version and a 1TB version.

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New Seagate Technology Makes 60TB Hard Drives A Reality

Seagate has announced this week that they have become the first hard drive manufacturer to achieve the milestone storage density of 1 terabit per square inch, or 1 trillion bits) per square inch. The new technology now paves the way for hard drive to expand in size from today 3TB drive up to a massive 60TB in size, over the next 10 years.


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Homemade Augmented Reality Heads Up Display

Matt from my20percent decided he wanted to make his own augmented reality heads up display, and to do so he used a baseball cap, some fresnel lenses, a plastic mirror, and a HTC Desire Z Android smartphone.

On top of that Matt used some other random office supplies to complete his project, and the display shows the images about 50cm from the wearers eyes.

HUD Display

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Marshall Freeplayer Vintage Speaker Concept

Designer Michaël Imbert has created a concept Vintage Marshall speaker called the Marshall Freeplayer, which has been designed to provide you with a speaker system for all your modern day music needs. The Marshall FreePlayer has been designed to be equipped with Bluetooth and has been styled after Marshall’s famous vintage amplifier.

Marshall Vintage Speaker Concept

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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Coming April 15th

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is headed to US mobile carrier Sprint, and now it looks like we may have a possible launch date of the 15th of April.

The news comes from the guys over at S4GRU, who have received some information from a source inside Sprint that has confirmed to them that the handset will be available from April the 15th.

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RUIN : Awesome Animated Short Movie Set In A Post-apocalyptic Universe (video)

If you have 8 minutes and 30 seconds to spare the short movie, named RUIN after the jump is definitely worth a look. RUIN has been created by Los Angles based OddBall Animation, who specialise in visual effects, animation, and design and have been created internally to showcase their skills and talents. Take a look at the awesome chase movie after the break to see their animation skills put to great use.


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Baseonelabs GunnerCase For iPhone 4, Inspired By Shotgun Recoil Pads

The Baseonelabs GunnerCase designed for Apple’s iPhone 4, may look like a standard simplistic case. But underneath that plain exterior lies technology to help keep your iPhone 4 safe from even the hard knocks, drops and bumps.

The Baseonelabs GunnerCase has been inspired by the recoil pads found on shotguns. So when you unfortunately drop your iPhone the sidewalls of the GunnerCase are designed to collapse and distribute the force of the impact, protecting your iPhone from damage.

Baseonelabs GunnerCase For iPhone 4

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