LG Optimus Black Review

We got our hands on the new LG Optimus Black last week, which is LG’s latest Android smartphone, and we have been testing it out over the weekend, so we thought it was about time to let you guys know what we thought of the LG Optimus Black.

The LG Optimus Black is an Android 2.2 device, it comes with Android 2.2.2 out of the box, although LG have said that they intend to updated it to 2.3 shortly after release. The Optimus Black is due to launch in the UK and Europe later this month and it is scheduled to launch in the US next month.

LG Optimus Black
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BeBook Live Android Tablet Arriving In June (video)

BeBook has announced this week that it will now begin shipping its new BeBook Live  7-inch Android Froyo tablet in June this year. The new Android tablet will be equipped with a 1GHz Samsung Cortex A8 processor supported by 512MB of SDRAM.

Internally it will only be fitted with 4GB of storage, but it is equipped with a MicroSD card to expand this up to 32GB if required. Watch a promotional video of the new BeBook Live Android tablet after the jump.

BeBook Live Tablet

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Notesy The Dropbox Linked Minimalist iOS Note Taking App

If you are looking for a very quick and simple note taking application for your iOS device, the newly updated Notesy for Dropbox might be your perfect note taking companion application.

I have plenty of note taking apps on my iPhone but the reason I like Notesy so much is because of its simplicity, and of course the link to Dropbox which makes it much easier to update my notes when I am in front of my desktop or on my laptop.


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Firefox Fork To Create Online Anonymity Tor Browser, Goodbye Torbutton

Tor is a tool used for anonymising web browsing and communications through encryption and proxy servers. Tor’s plugin,Torbutton for Firefox is well known and has provided and easy way to securely enable or disable the browser’s use of Tor browsing to prevent IP address leakage, cookie leakage, and general privacy attacks and provide the user with online anonymity when required.

Well plans are now afoot to drop the plugin and create a standalone fork of the Firefox browser to allow secure Tor browsing from within a separate Tor browser.

Tor Browser

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HP Unveils Sandy Bridge Equipped Pavilion dv4, Envy 14 And Mini 210

As well as their new ProBook And EliteBook Notebooks HP have also launched, newly refreshed Pavilion dv4, Envy 14 and Mini 210 systems. The Pavilion dv4 and Envy 14 systems are equipped with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors.

The dv4 is fitted with the HP CoolSense technology feature can recognise where the device is positioned whether on the table or on your lap and then distributes the power element, therefore making it hotter or cooler.

HP Envy 14

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Felt Mouse

You might remember Joey Roth the designer of the ceramic speakers we featured here on Geeky Gadgets a while back, well he’s created another very unique design this time with the ‘Felt Mouse’.

Roth has taken a softer approach to the traditionally hard mouse peripheral we all know and love, by creating one from felt providing a much more natural and pleasing finish to grasp.

Underneath the soft felt cover, there is an optical mouse hiding and a hard flat surfaced base plate that is fitted with 6 running pads to provide the glide you would expect from any traditional mouse on the market today.

Felt Mouse

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The Book iPhone Dock

We have featured quite a few different docks and charging stands for the iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is made from a book, and it is designed to disguise your iPhone dock and hide the cables.

The Book iPhone dock can be custom made with any book of your choice, and it will works with the majority of iPhone’s as well as with the majority of iPods.

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Team Fortress 2 Replay Editor, Enables Game Video Recording And Editing

If you are a Team Fortress 2 player you might be interested to know there is a new feature called the “Replay Update,” now available, that will allow you to record your games and then edit the footage.

So there are no more excuses for not showing off those amazing gameplay abilities or not, and obtaining the bragging rights you have always deserved. Using the the Replay Editor you can now show them in all there full glory using different camera angles, sexy motion blur and antialiasing, and then even upload your creations to YouTube from directly within the game.

TF2 Replay Editor

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Google Nexus S 4G Now Available From Sprint

Some of our readers will remember the Google Nexus S 4G that Sprint announced last month, good news if you have been waiting to get your hands on one as the Nexus S 4G is now available from Sprint.

As a reminder, the Nexus S 4G features a 4 inch Super AMOLED display, and there is also a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, it come with Android Gingerbread 2.3.

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Hyperkin 3DS Powerplus Battery Expansion

Hyperkin is preparing a new 3DS battery extender for release very shortly that will allow you to enjoy the 3D effects on your 3DS for longer than the manufacturers 3-5 hour limit, promising to double the life of the 3DS battery.

The Hyperkin 3DS Powerplus battery expansion weighs approximately 2.2 ounces and will add and extra 1/4” to the thickness of your 3DS device, a small price to pay for double the juice, and extended gaming.

Hyperkin 3DS Battery

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Xfinity Internet 2go $25, 4G/3G Mobile Hotspot

Comcast has unveiled its new 4G/3G Mobile Hotspot the Xfinity Internet 2go, or also known as the MiFi 4082 by Novatel Wireless Inc. The new mobile hotspot will allow up to 5 Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect simultaneously to provide them all with internet access.

The new mobile hotspot is capable of 6 Mbps with 4G service and up to 1.4 Mbps while using the 3G service, and the personal 4G/3G router is available in Xfinity Internet 2go markets with 4G service, which includes many of the major markets across the U.S.

Xfinity Internet 2go

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