Two New Barnes & Noble E-Readers Out Before Year Ends

Earlier this month, rumors that a new Nook Color was due soon reached Geeky Gadgets. Turns out the rumor was true. But wait, it’s not just about a Nook color–it’s three. yes, three new Nooks are now believed to be on the verge of official releases before the year is out. Are they coming by the end of September? That is as of yet unknown. More details after the break.



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Murata Outs Not Yet Officially Released Flexible Remote

So instead of going clickity-click, this gadget is bent this way and that to achieve the desired result. The result of your effort is being able to switch between channels and other TV functions. Being a Japanese gadget, it’s a collaboration between an established company (Murata) and high-tech university labs. The result is what’s being marketed as the Leaf Grip Remote Controller. A bit off, if you ask us. Leaf grip? Oh well, you never really know what the Japanese are going to come up with next.

Leaf grip controller
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Samsung Pushing For Apple iPhone And iPad Shutdown In Holland

In case you haven’t realized it yet, there’s a World War on in the corporate world. It’s happening in courtrooms and retail outlets across several countries. Its latest battleground is the Netherlands, where Samsung is trying its best to have its rival Apple’s hottest selling gadgets banned.

If this ever escalates beyond legal squabbles, maybe Samsung should pull an Inception and hire a team of dream infiltrators to plant an idea in Tim Cook’s mind: You must destroy Steve Jobs’ empire. Enough crazy talk, read on for the whole scoop.


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Meg Whitman Is Now CEO Of HP

HP’s had its recent share of ups and downs (mostly downs) and it’s likely the reason Meg Whitman is now the big boss over at HP. If we’re not mistaken, for the second time in its storied history, a woman has ascended to the vacated CEO post.

Alright, for formality’s sake here’s a formal congrats to Meg Whitman (clap-clap-clap). In her defense, she’s wasted no time getting in touch with her subordinates with a company-wide email that’s gone the rounds to rally the troops. More after the break.

Meg Whitman CEO

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MP3 Ringtones Of NASA Soundbytes Downloadable For Free

It’s not like NASA has its own soundtrack. Though if there ever was a more suitable score for space travel, it will always be Alex North’s work for the movie 2001 that works best. Regarding these latest offerings from NASA, the space agency has outed almost 50 years worth of soundbytes that are now available as ringtones. Just download them at the official site for free and have a rocket flaring up during launch whenever your wife calls.

Rocket Launch

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Amazon’s Android Tablet Coming 28th Of September?

We have been hearing rumors that Amazons is going to launch their own Android based tablet, and now it would appear that we may get our first look at the Amazon Tablet next week, on Wednesday the 28th of September.

Amazon has sent out an invites to a press conference for next week, and we are hoping that they will announce the new Amazon Tablet, which we have been hearing about over the last few weeks.

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Illuminating Wrenches Keep Dark Work Places Lit

If you like working in dark places, then this new wrench set should be a good investment. Seven wrenches, each with its own LED light between the jaws. According to the product page, these tools are best used in tight confines where illumination is scarce, i.e. under the hood of your car. The LED lights are rechargeable, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to running out of juice.

Illuminated Wrenches

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Scientists Hard At Work On Acne Vaccine

That’s right. They’re finding the ultimate cure for zits, the perpetual scourge of teenagers everywhere. Who are ‘they’? A rare alliance between a university lab and a major player in big medicine. These are international vaccine purveyors Senofi-Pasteur and the University of California.

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NZXT Unveils the Source 220 PC Chassis

NZXT has been making all sorts of computer peripherals like gaming mice and computer cases for years now. The company has announced a new computer case today that is called the Source 220. This case has some nice features and it is one of the cheapest cases I have ever seen from NZXT.

Source 220

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SoundHound Update for Android Adds LiveLyrics

If you are an Android user that uses SoundHound the app has been updated with a couple new and cool features. The best of the features is called LiveLyrics and it will help you figure out what the words to your favorite songs are. I know we have all listened to a song a hundred times before realizing we were singing it wrong in the car.


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StumbleUpon Removing Photo Blog, Group And Themes Features

StumbleUpon has today announced that on October 24th they will be closing down their group, photo and HTML blogging, features and the ability for users to be able to select themes to personalise their experience and reviews of sites.

The reason StumbleUpon is removing the features is to stay true to StumbleUpon’s core features finding sites, and move away from its not so core features that are covered by the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.


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