Scientists Mutate Tadpoles In Bizarre Cellular Experiment

Because modern science is so bent on controlling the power of life and death, it comes as no surprise that tadpoles started growing eyes in odd places recently. What transpired at Tuft’s University School of Arts and medicine is almost Frankensteinish if it weren’t done on such a small scale. By small scale is meant the up-sized pic of a tadpole seen below. That red arrow? it’s pointing at a mis-grown eye…on its tail. Yup, thanks to bioelectric currents at the cellular level.

Mutant Tadpole

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Periodic Table Of Swearing: Any Bad Word Just A Click Away (Video)

A real fancy contraption has been doing the rounds lately. It’s the Periodic Table of Swearing, which is inspired by the real world periodic table, except this time it’s full of abbreviated swear words instead of elements. Want to guess what Fo stands for? Anyway, seen below is the Table in its latest incarnation. It used to be just a graphic, but now a design firm and the Table’s makers–Jon Link and Mick Bunnage–have turned it into an interactive gadgetron.

Periodic Table of Swearing

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Bill Gates Company Spearheading Chinese Nuclear Reactor Technology

Since Bill Gates is pretty darn rich and has all the time in the world, it comes as no surprise that his side projects span continents. According to the BBC, Bill Gates just confirmed that his nuclear technology firm Terrapower is partnering with the Chinese to produce 4G nuclear reactors. The China connection isn’t merely two way affair though, as Terrapower has its sights set on similar ventures in Russia and India.

Chinese Nuclear Reactor

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Photoblocker Beer Bucket Sabotages Incriminating Pictures (Video)

Okay, so this clever ad agency in South America outed a particularly fun gadget whose only function is to ruin photos. How can that be fun? Well, to answer the question you need to know the backstory of this Norte Photoblocker. Turns out over in Argentina a popular beer brand Cerveza Norte has teamed up with ad agency Del Campo Naazca Saatchi & Saatchi. Together, they’ve launched the Norte Photoblocker ina  calculated marketing campaign that’s gotten the world’s attention.

Norte Photoblocker

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Pope Benedict XVI Goes Android To Light Giant Christmas Tree

In an exercise that dispels the myth that the papacy is behind the times, Pope Benedict XVI activated a giant Christmas Tree light display in the faraway town of Gubbio with an Android tablet. How is this news important? First, it’s a publicity boost for Android. Second, maybe the fact that blessed holy hands are upon a touchscreen (Sony Tablet S) gives the gadget a saintly aura. Maybe, just maybe. Also: Horrors! He’s not using an iPad! That’s right, the Pope is rocking a Sony.  The real high tech part that out-geek’s cutting edge Silicon Valley is the Pope’s little viral stunt happened over a live feed where he watched the Christmas tree light up.

Pope Benedict

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Microsoft May Remotely Delete Apps

With a horde of applications expected to clog the upcoming Windows Store, Microsoft is making sure it is ready to go after apps that are deemed offensive and malicious.  The company has updated its Windows Store terms of use and noted that it has the ability to remotely remove apps if the need arises.

Windows 8

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The Espro Fresh Puts Fresh Spin On Age Old Coffee

Long story short, a designer and an engineer teamed up to create an elite class coffee brewer that’s supposedly one of a kind. The resulting product is the Espro Fresh. Wrapped in stainless steel and featuring vacuum insulation and micro-filters (patent pending), the Espro Fresh would rank as best of breed except for the fact that it’s such a new product. So new, that the creators Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean have gone Kickstarter to raise funds for a larger version. See, the Espro Fresh pictured below only manages a handful of cups tops.

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Bullets With Holes Make Better Bullet Holes

If the title above elicits a surprise ‘What?’ hold on a bit because there’s a rational part to it. Apparently, an Italian munitions firm have outed a special multi-caliber line of bullets that are specially engineered for greater velocity. Dubbed the CompBullet, the copper rounds have vents that ‘lubricate’ their trajectory out a barrel when fired. The trick is to bore multiple holes on their sides, which supposedly contributes to the bullet’s speed when it’s spiraling toward its target.


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