LA Noire Dev Rockstar Would Definitely Make Gun-Free Games

Knowing Rockstar, it may seem that asking them whether they’d ever make a gun-free game would be akin to asking Nintendo the exact opposite. If you failed your video game history class, that is, since Rockstar’s Bully and Table Tennis were both critically acclaimed, commercially successful, not even released that long ago and feature no guns at all and fewer bullets than most Mario games.

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Duke Nukem Forever Pre-orders Score Free OnLive MicroConsole

Okay, getting something for free which allows you to do something you already could have done for free may not seem like a huge deal, but look at it this way: you’re getting new gaming hardware. That’s something, right? Also, we’re guessing all those people who were posting pictures of their thirteen year old pre-order slips back when news of Duke’s resurrection broke don’t qualify.

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Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 Wraps Digital Camera into Old Fashioned Design

I have seen some of the old cameras from the early days of photography before. They look like this Rolleiflex camera with two lenses on the front and the photographer had to look down through the top of the camera to see what the lens was focused on. If you like that old-fashioned look, but want a modern digital inside, this is the camera for you.

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Huey The Chameleon Is A Really Cool Lamp

Aren’t chameleons just lovable? Actually it depends on the person. Some peeps find them rather ugly. Still, their color shifting ability is legend and has become ingrained in the popular consciousness. Banking on its near-magical powers, the guys behind Huey the Color Copying Chameleon want to color your desk with this lizard lamp.

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iKeyboard iPad Touch Typing Aid (video)

Another interesting design concept has started it journey on Kickstarter looking to make the jump from concept to production. The iKeyboard designed and developed by Cliff Thier has been created to help assist iPad users touch typing on the iPads flat screen.

Rather than having to keep your eyes glued to your hands as you type while on the iPad the iKeyboard frees you once again allowing touch typers to look at their words once again. Sure you could use a Bluetooth keyboard but this would add extra accessories to your gadget bag and increase the footprint of the iPad considerable, the iKeyboard has been designed to increase the existing iPad’s footprint by as little as possible.


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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Hands On

We just got our hands on Sony Ericsson’s latest Android smartphone, the Xperia Arc, so we thought we would show you guys a few photos of the Xperia Arc, before we do a full review.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has a 4.2 inch multitouch display, and it comes with Android 2.3, it features Sony’s 8 megapixel camera, with a Sony Exmor Sensor and it can record HD video in 720p.

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Pioneer Unveils WWS-DT101 Multitouch Table

Along a similar vein to Microsoft’s surface table, Pioneer has today unveiled a new WWS-DT101 Touchscreen table, with a massive multitouch area of 52″. The new table is uses Pioneer’s prieraty software and technology, and is based on a Full HD 52” TV equipped with multitouch technology.

The surface allows users to manipulate documents with the touch of a finger and share data to anyone either wirelessly using TransferJet technology or to any network connected devices like a computer or even iPhones and iPads via VisualSync, together with USB devices if required.

Pioneer WWS-DT101 Touchscreen Table

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Asus Updates Its Netbook Range

Asus has updated some of its netbook range with the latest Intel Atom dual core 1.66GHz processors, and it looks like there are now about six different models which will shortly be available with the latest dual core Atom processors.

Included in the range are the Eee PC 1015PN, which comes with the Intel Atom N570 processor and NVIDIA ION graphics, you can see full details of all the new models below.

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Creative ZiiLABS Unveils ZMS-20 And ZMS-40 Processors (video)

The processor manufacturing arm of Creative, ZiiLABS has today unveiled two new processors it has been developing, the ZMS-20 And ZMS-40. The new processors have been specifically designed for the high-resolution Android tablets and are currently ZiiLABS most powerful Zii family of energy-efficient media processors.

The ZMS-20 combines 48 Stemcell media processing cores and Dual-Core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processors while the Quad-Core ZMS-40 delivers Aggregated Cortex-A9 clock speed of up to 6GHz and scales up total performance to 100 Processing Cores.



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Trillian 5 Pro Features Become Free On All Devices

If you enjoy using the free version of Trillian on any of your devices you might be please to know, you will soon benefit from all Trillian’s professional features for free. Trillian have announced that this week they will roll out all their Trillian Pro features across all devices both mobile and desktop for free, with advertisements.

The new rollout now means that desktop users can now have multiple location sign-in, themes, activity history, and other great features without subscribing. All free versions are advertising supported so you will have to put up with adverts if you are new to Trillian and fancy giving it a go. But a Pro option is still available for $12 which will remove any trace of adverts from your installations.

Trillian 5 Pro Features

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