Steve Jobs Wanted To Replace Mobile Carriers

You would think that the late Steve Jobs would have been happy with the various mobile carriers, considering how much money they have made for Apple selling various versions of the iPhone over the last four years.

According to John Stanton, who spent a fair amount of time with Steve Jobs between 2005 and 2007, Jobs wanted to replace the mobile carriers, and had the idea of creating a synthetic carrier using WiFi.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Goes On Sale In The UK

Nokia’s first Windows Phone smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 800 has gone on sale here in the UK, and the Lumia 800 is available from the majority of the mobile carriers as well as other retailers.

The Lumia 800 is available from Three, O2, Orange and T-Mobile, and the prices of the device vary depending on which contract you take out with the various carriers.

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Apple TV Price Dropped, New Model In the Works?

A number of retailers have reduced the price of Apple’s set top box, the Apple TV, both Best Buy and Amazon has reduced the price of the Apple TV from $99.99 down to $89.99, the price remains the same on the Apple store online.

This could mean that Apple is about to launch a new Apple TV, and Amazon’s listing for the existing Apple TV has the “2010” label next to which which could mean that a 2011 model is on the way.

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Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Coming By June 2012?

Nokia recently announced their first Windows Phone smartphones, one of which goes on sale in the UK today, the Nokia Lumia 800, and now it would appear that we have some more details on Nokia’s plans for Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets.

We recently heard that Nokia were considering making a Windows 8 tablet, and now more details have emerged thanks to Nokia’s boss in France who confirmed to LesEchos that Nokia should have their first Windows 8 tablet ready for June 2012.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Teardown Reveals TI OMAP 4430 Processor

When Amazon announced their first Android tablet, the Kindle Fire,  back in September we were told it would come with a dual core processor, although we weren’t given any information on the actual processor that would be used inside their tablet.

The guys over at iFixit have taken apart the new Amazon Kindle Fire, and now we know that it comes with a dual core TI OMAP 4430 processor, plus 8GB of Samsung flash storage and 512MB of DDR2 RAM.

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Robots And Other Marvels Being Assembled At Google X Lab

The New York Times ran an interesting piece last Sunday about a secretive location in the Bay Area. Turns out to be the mysterious X Lab run by Google. It’s so secret, that irony of ironies, the very story that introduced it to the public imagination merely hinted at what goes on inside. It’s a cool read though. According to the collaborative duo Clair Cain Miller and Nick Bilton, the Google X Lab does stuff so far out it’s almost hard to believe. Plus: Robots!


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Awesome Portable UN-30 Turbojet Engine For Sale

Sometimes, you just absolutely positively need to have a turbojet engine. But not on your bicycle, as such an insane setup would land you in the hospital. After trolling certain corners of the internet, a viable turbojet engine of proven quality (at least that’s what the product site claims) has come to this writer’s attention. It’s called the UN-30 and despite its size, looks dangerous. If there were a like button around here, the UN-30 would get liked. A lot.


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Speakal Outs mi-Soccer iPhone Dock

Speakal has a bunch of strange different iPhone and iPod docks in its line. The one I always think of is the pig one. Another strange new offering has now debuted called the mi-Soccer. This is as you can probably guess an iPhone dock that looks like a soccer ball.

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Solar Powered LuminAID Shines Really Bright

Whether it’s cheap laptops or reusable clothing, it seems anyone who wants to make an impact as an inventor these days should address the developing world. This seems to be the general trend as each week there’s news of a gadget whose sole function is to provide energy efficient sustenance for poor families. Not that it’s wrong, but this wave is indicative of the direction game changing breakthroughs will be going for the foreseeable future. The LuminAID is no different. Conceived by two architecture grads from Columbia in New York, the LuminAID is a super-portable lamp solution.


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Innovative Nozzle Gun Cleans Anything With Bubbles

The title of this post might not inspire much enthusiasm, but hold on a moment. Seen below is a ultrasonic nozzle device that supposedly cleans objects better using bubbles. Don’t be confused, because while it may look like a DIY hairdryer, it really is a cutting edge gadget that could impact whole industries. The people responsible for it are Dr. Peter Berkin and Prof. Tim Leighton (the folks gazing intently at a harmless mug) from the University of Southampton. The gadget itself is called the Southampton for reasons seemingly obvious.

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LinkedIn Launches CardMunch iOS App To Convert Business Cards Into Contacts

LinkedIn the business-related social networking site has this week launched a new Card Munch application for iOS devices that takes the pain out of adding contact from business cards.

CardMunch will take a photograph of a business card you have been given and transform it in to a digital text adding the contact to your address book contacts, and then adding them as connections on LinkedIn.


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HP WiFi Touch Mouse X700 Connects Using Your Network Rather Than A Dongle

If you are in the market for a new mouse and would like to free up a USB port in the process. HP has unveiled its latest mouse creation in the form of the new WiFi Touch Mouse X700, which has some very curvy lines in its design.

The WiFi Touch Mouse X700 requires no dongle for you to use it, but instead connects to your computer through your local network. Other features of the new mouse also include a neat touch strip rather than a wheel for scrolling.

HP Touch Mouse X700

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