Remote Dictate Transforms Your iPhone 4S Into A Wireless Dictation Mic For Mac And PC

Remote Dictate is a new iPhone application which has recently launched and has been designed to provide you with the ability to transform your iPhone 4S into a wireless dictation microphone for your computer. Enabling you to enter text on your computer by just speaking into your iPhone 4S.

Remote Dictate is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and provides free speech recognition software and a wireless microphone. For those looking to save their cash after the holiday season, and not have to fork out for the traditional expensive dictation software.

Remote Dictate

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Chevron WP7 Windows Phone Unlock Tool Sold Out

It looks like you wont be able to get your hands on the Chevron WP7 unlock tool for Windows Phone devices from the moment, as the developers of the application has confirmed that they have sold out of the app.

When the Chevron WP7 team agreed a deal with Microsoft, they ended up getting agreement for 10,000 tokens, which meant that they could sell 10,000 of the Chevron WP7 app.

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ETY-Kids3 In-ear Headphones Revamped By Etymotic

Etymotic has this week unveiled their newly revamped ETY-Kids3 in-ear headphones, which have been specifically designed with children in mind. The ETY-Kids3 have been created to provide children with a safe way to listen to Apple devices and are fitted with volume limiters to protect children’s ear drums.



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Apple Had 52 Percent Of Mobile Browsing Share At The End Of 2011

According to a recent report, Apple’s iOS device took around 52 percent of the mobile browsing share at the end of 2011 in December, in second place was Java ME with a 21.7 percent share.

Third place goes to Google’s Android OS with a 16.29 percent share, and next is Symbian with a 5.76 percent share, and after that we have BlackBerry with a 3.51 percent share, whilst other devices made up just 1.07 percent.

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India’s Akash $50 Budget Tablet Hits 1.4 Million Pre-orders In Two Weeks

We recently heard about the latest budget Android tablet from India, which is called the Akash, and now it looks like the device is going to be extremely popular as the manufacturers, Datawind have received over 1.4 million pre-orders in the first two weeks.

Datawind is stepping up production of the Akash to meet the massive demand, and will be opening a new factory to produce enough units to keep up with the orders.

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Twine Raises Over $500,000 On Kickstarter (video)

You might remember back in November we features a new device called Twine, which was looking to make the jump from concept to production over on the Kickstarter website. Well today the Twine device has made that jump raising a over $500,000 in pledges since its appearance on the Kickstarter website.

The Twine device which has generated so much interest from the Kickstarter community, is low-power 2.5″ square that works with real-time web software to make networked physical computing simple and versatile. Twine is the simplest possible way to get the objects in your life texting, tweeting or emailing. Watch a video after the jump to see it in action.

Twine Internet Connector

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Plug Hub Cable Organiser (video)

If you are looking to take a little more control over the clutter of cables under neath your desk then the new Plug Hub might be worth more investigation. The Plug Hub has been designed to neatly conceal your power adapters and provide you with a cored management allowing you to store any extra cable that might not be require, out of sight. The Plug Hub has been invented by Jared Joyce and designed-by-comittee on the Quirky website.

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Researchers Unveil Living Neon Displays, Using Biopixels Made From Bacteria (video)

A research team comprising of biologists and bioengineers at UC San Diego, have been able to create a living neon sign using bacterial cells that periodically fluoresce in together, just like blinking light bulbs.

The living neon displays are created using millions of living fluorescent Escherichia coli, a rod-shaped bacterium that live in our intestines. Watch the video after the jump more a demonstration.

living neon sign

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LG Connect 4G MS840 MetroPCS Android Handset Leaked

It looks like a new Android smartphone from LG is headed to MetroPCS, the LG Connect 4G, which you can see in the photo below, and the device features a 4 inch WVGA NOVA touchscreen display.

Processing on the LG Connect 4G is provided by a dual core processor, and it features 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built in storage plus a microSD card slot.

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Ask Ziggy, Windows Phone Alternative To Apple’s Siri (video)

Windows Phone users looking to add a personal voice assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri to their Windows smartphone. Might be interested in the new ‘Ask Ziggy’ application which has been created for Windows Phone and seems to provide an impressive alternative to Siri for Windows Phone users. The Ask Ziggy application is free to download and can be seen, being put through its paces, in the video after the jump.

Ask Ziggy

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