Verizon Ends Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan Use

A few years ago it was common get truly unlimited data plans when we signed up for new smartphone. That meant you could use all the data you wanted and there was no talk of charging you more or throttling your speeds. As smartphone users that have unlimited data plans originally began to upgrade devices, many were grandfathered in to still get their unlimited data.

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Scanbox Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Scanner

If you need to scan a number of document while away from your desktop computer, a neat design allows you to use your smartphone to do just that. Constructed from durable laminated card, the flat packing Scanbox can quickly and easily be assembled to provide a handy mount for your smartphone allowing you to insert documents underneath it for scanning. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Genius WideCam F100 Fitted With Ultra Wide 120 Degree Lens Launches

Genius has this week launched a new ultra wide angel lens web camera, which is equipped with a 120 degree lens. The new WideCam F100 is capable of capturing full high definition video recordings at 1080p and can take 12 megapixel photographs.

Using the accompanying software Arcsoft Webcam Companion 4, the Genius WideCam F100 webcam can then send these directly to your YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter account.

WideCam F100

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Apple Wins iPhone 5 Domain Name Dispute

Whether or not Apple will call its 2012 iPhone the iPhone 5 remains to be seen, but at least now Apple owns the domain name if they do decide to use that name for their next smartphone.

The domain name was registered back in 2008, and Apple took a complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and has now won the dispute over the domain name.

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Nokia Windows Phone 8 Devices May Launch Before The End Of 2012

We are expecting Microsoft to launch the next version of Windows Phone, which will be Windows Phone 8 Apollo by the end of the year, and now it looks like Nokia has some new Windows 8 smartphones in the works that should launch before the end of 2012.

Now according to Nokia’s distributor in Israel, Eurocom, we will actually see Nokia launching Windows Phone 8 hardware before the end of 2012, as the company recently told the guys over at

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HTC’s US Bound Android Handsets Coming With Custom Android Builds

There has been quite a bit of news this week about HTC’s latest smartphones, the HTC One X and the HTC Evo 4G LTE, both devices are apparently being held in US customs whilst they are investigating whether the devices comply with a previous ITC ruling against HTC.

Now according to the guys over art The Verge, both of the HTC devices in question are using a custom version of Android, that removes the infringing items, where the ITC ruled that previous HTC devices were infringing on Apple’s patents.

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Motorola MOTOSMART MIX XT550 Android Handset Announced For China

Motorola has announced the launch of a new Android smartphone for China, the Motorola MOTOSMART MIX XT550, which is designed for music lovers and features a 4 inch WVGA touchscreen display.

The Motorola MOTOSMART MIX XT550 comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the device features two camera, up front there is a VGA camera for video chat, on the back there is a 3 megapixel camera for photos and video.

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Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy S III is Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone which was announced recently, HTC’s flagship smartphone is the new HTC One X, and it you are wondering how the two device compare have a look at the video below.

The video comparison of the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III was out together by the guys over at Phone Arena, and the video lasts for about 15 minutes so we get a good look at both handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X

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