Bioshock Vita Still Not Being Developed, Take Two & Sony Have Not Reached Terms

Bioshock Vita, one of the most anticipated titles for Sony’s floundering handheld back when it was announced more than a year ago, has yet to reach production. Bioshock creator Ken Levine says it’s not a creative, but rather a business problem keeping the game from being made and if a solution is to come from anywhere, it will be Sony and Take-Two.


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Wii Mini UK Release Date Confirmed As March 22nd 2013

Nintendo has just announced that their new Wii mini console will be arriving in the UK after all, and the Wii Mini UK release date has now been confirmed as March 22nd 2013.

Is was thought that the Wii Mini UK version might never arrive on our shores, but the smaller and slightly cheaper Nintendo games console, compared to its bigger Wii console, will now be arriving in stores next month.

Wii Mini UK

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Helms Deep Reborn Left 4 Dead 2 Map Added To Official Servers

If you are a fan of Lords of the Rings and enjoy playing Left 4 Dead 2, you are sure to be pleased to learn that the new Helms Deep Reborn map has been added to the official Left 4 Dead 2 gaming servers, the L4D team has announced.

A new update has rolled out this week to Left 4 Dead 2 which corrects an issue with dedicated servers and workshop content, and to celebrate the fix the L$D team have added the Helms Deep Reborn map.

Helms Deep Reborn

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 Games Will Be Available To Download

Sony’s president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has been confirming a lot of details about the new PlayStation 4. Details like the fact that existing PSN games can’t be transferred to the PS4, PS3 controllers won’t be compatible with the new console, and that the machine will function offline. Now we learn more.
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PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall Gameplay Trailer Released (video)

Last week Sony announced the arrival of their new PlayStation 4 gaming console, together with a few specifications and games including PS4 Killzone, that you can expect to be available on the PS4 when it launches later this year.

Now a new 7 minute trailer has been released revealing a little of the gameplay you can expect from the PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall and the PS4 next-generation console. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

PS4 Killzone

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Mojang Game Jam Yields Nine Games, Raises Money For Charity

It might seem like everyday that indie developers get together to make amazing games in limited amounts of time for good causes, but it’s really not that often. Mojang and Notch seem to have a knack for bringing cool people together to make great things, so unsurprisingly, they’re behind this so-called Mojam. Basically just indies of a certain sensibility brought together to make games with names like Nuclear Pizza War. 


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Legend Of Grimrock 2 Is In Development

Legend of Grimrock studio Almost Human has announced it’s working on Legend of Grimrock 2: Grimrock Harder. The subtitle may not be theirs. The original was a tough as nails first person dungeon crawler that revived the genre. It was also one of the early Kickstarter successes and helped solidify the crowdfunding platform’s position as a viable venue for quality nostalgia projects. Almost Human had a lot to say on the decision to start work on a sequel.


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Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness Hits US & Europe This Fall

While it may not be the iconic JRPG genre torch bearer like Final Fantasy , Disgaea has managed to put together a dedicated following of players outside its home territory of Japan. Publisher NIS is bringing out the newest entry to the series and the direct sequel to the PS2’s Disgaea: Hour of Darkness along with Time And Eternity and The Guided Fate Paradox.


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