YouTube Xbox Live App Update Brings Extra Speed And Adverts

A new update has been rolled out this week by YouTube for its Xbox Live app, which brings with it a number of new tweaks and enhancements, together with a welcome speed boost.

A feature that has also arrived and was not officially announced in the press release YouTube Xbox Live press release, is the arrival of advertising within videos. Allowing YouTube to now show adverts within videos on the Xbox console.

YouTube Xbox Live App

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Call Of Duty : Black Ops II Special Editions Announced (video)

Activision has today announced and detailed three special editions for their new Call Of Duty : Black Ops II first person shooter game that is currently in development.

Black Ops II will be available in three special editions the PC Digitial Deluxe Edition, at the Hardened Edition both costing $80 and the Care Package Edition for $180. Watch the video after the jump for more details.

Black Ops II Care Package Edition

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Skyrim Hearthfire arrives on Xbox LIVE September 4th

Can’t get enough Skyrim? Mark September 4th on your calendars. That is when Skyrim’s latest game add-on, Hearthfire, will be released. In Hearthfire, you can add a more personal touch to the Skyrim universe, laying your claim so to speak, by purchasing virtual land and building your own home from the ground up.
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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC Released Dates Announced

Electronic Arts has today announced the four release dates for its latest Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC content, which brings with it larger maps and plenty of heavy armour to battle with.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC will be arriving on the PS3 first launching next month on September 4th for Battlefield Premium members. Then Battlefield Premium subscribers who have a XBox 360 or PC will be able to start playing the new DLC on September 11th.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC

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16-bit Borderlands 2 demake is free-to-play

So how do you get some excitement going for your new video game and still stand out from other companies? Well Gearbox has launched a teaser game that looks and feels as though it’s more than 20 years old. Awesome marketing guys. They are intent on whetting your appetite for Borderland 2 with The Border Lands. A free to play game while you wait for the real deal.
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World of Warcraft Remote service is now free

Fans of World of Warcraft have many options for playing the game. Some enjoy just meeting new friends, joining a guild and socializing while playing casually. Others go all out and have to raid every day. Others spend their time in the auction house buying and selling. Even though you can’t raid or participate in Arena on your mobile phone, you can still chat and check your Auction House purchases and sales using the World of Warcraft Remote app.
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