Black Ops II Revolution DLC Arriving On PC And PS3 February 28th (video)

Gamers patiently waiting for the arrival of the new Black Ops II Revolution DLC to arrive on PC and PlayStation 3 consoles, will be pleased to learn that Activision has announced it will be arriving on both platforms later this month.

The latest Black Ops II Revolution DLC will be launching on PC And PS3 on February 28th 2013 and can be purchased as a stand alone Map Pack for $14.99 or can be purchased as part of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Season Pass.

Black Ops II Revolution DLC

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FTL Lego Can Become Reality With 10K More Votes

FTL, indie roguelike hit featuring space and ships being commanded in it might be getting a LEGO set. Other notable indie hit Minecraft got one, so it’s possible, at least in theory. Of course, Minecraft was actually about building blocks while FTL is about dying horribly in the cold void of space over and over.

FTL Lego

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YouTube PlayStation 3 App Launches In Europe

Sony has today announced on their PlayStation blog that there is now a new YouTube application available for PS3 consoles across 19 countries including most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more.

The new PS3 YouTube app is available in My Channels under TV & Video Services on the home screen, and has been specifcally designed to be watch on larger screens using PS3 controllers as a remote.

YouTube PS3 App

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Real Racing 3 Will Be Free to Play

EA’s Real Racing franchise has been one of the more popular mobile video games for Apple and Android mobile gamers for a while. The last version, Real Racing 2 sold for $4.99 for the iPhone user. The new version of the game is set to debut on February 28 called Real Racing 3.


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Tomb Raider 11 Minute Gameplay Trailer Released (video)

If you are looking forward to the launch of the new Tomb Raider reboot arriving next month, you might be interested in this new trailer which has been released by developer Crystal Dynamics.

The new gameplay trailer to be released by the games developers, allows you to whet your appetite with 11 minutes of gameplay footage, showing a glimpse of what you can expect from the game once it arrives in stores and online.

Tomb Raider

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Minecraft Pi Edition Released For Free on Raspberry PI

Mojang have announced that they are releasing a free version of Minecraft for the popular Raspberry Pi platform, the game is now available to download, and Mojang have also released a Raspberry Pi blog about it which explains how to get the game running on your Pi.

Once you have downloaded the free Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft you will need to follow some instructions to get the game running on your Pi, you can find out more details below.

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Gas Powered Games Shuts Wildman Kickstarter Down

Legendary designer Chris Taylor’s bid to save Gas Powered Games via Kickstarter has come to an unceremonious end. The highly polarizing campaign aimed to raise money in order to complete the studio’s ambitious cross-genre endeavour Wildman, but suffered from poor momentum almost immediately. It only went downhill as significant lay-offs hit Gas Powered Games and has barely managed to make it halfway to its goal with four days to go.

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