SixAxis Of Power Site Provides Android Button Maps For PS3 Sixaxis Controller

If you enjoy gaming on your Android devices and enjoy using your PS3 Sixaxis controller app, but sometimes can’t be bothered with the arduous task of mapping all the buttons to the latest Android games.

You might be pleased to know that a new website has now been created that provides already mapped button profile for the latest games, allowing you to download them and be up and running in the least amount of time possible.

SixAxis Of Power

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Awesome Steampunk Nintendo Console Case

If you have a few hours spare this weekend and have an old Nintendo console in the attic you could try to make your very own Steampunked Nintnendo console.

To provide you with some inspiration check out this awesome creation by redditor Andrew5785 for his cousin, which has been hand built and Steampunked to the max, complete with rivted case, lights and steam pipes.

Steampunk Nintendo Case

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Halo 4 Promeathean Weapons Unveiled (video)

Following on from the recent Halo 4 Covenant weapons which were detailed in a recent video, 343 Studios has released another this week which shows us the line-up for the Prometheans.

Both the Prometheans and Covenant weapons are fairly similar but the new Promethean weapons unveiled this week do have a few extra touches which are available to see in the video after the jump.

Halo 4

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Torchlight 2 for Mac is still a few months away

Last week Runic Games officially released Torchlight 2 for Windows. But sadly Mac OS gamers will have to wait at least a little while longer. Runic Games’ CEO, Max Schaefer has revealed that the Mac OS version of Torchlight 2 is on the way, but it is still a couple of months away from being completed.
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Rovios Bad Piggies Hits The Top Spot In US App Store In Just Three Hours

It looks like Rovio Mobile’s latest game, Bad Piggies is already a hit, as the game is now top of the charts in the US app store, and it took Bad Piggies just three hours to hit the top of the charts.

We also just checked the UK app store, and Rovio’s Bad Piggies is also in the number one spot, we wonder if it has hit top of the charts in more countries around the world.

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Bad Piggies For iPhone Hands On (Photos)

Rovio Mobile just released their sequel to Angry Birds, called bad Piggies you play as one of the green pigs instead of the Angry Birds, and the game play is quite a bit different than Angry Birds.

In Bad Piggies the idea of the game is to build transport for the green pigs out of various parts, and you then have to move the pigs around using your newly created vehicle.

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Rovio’s Bad Piggies Lands On Android, iOS And The Mac App Store

Rovio mobile has just announced that their latest game, Bad Piggies is now available to download from the Google Play Store, Apple’s iOS app store and also the Mac App store.

They have also announced that it will be headed to Windows Phone in the future and also the PC, the game is a sequel to the massively popular Angry Birds, although this time you play as the green pigs instead of the Angry birds.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Extended Zombie Trailer And Modes Revealed (video)

Following on from the shorter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie trailer released by Treyarch last week. The company has this week released a longer 2 minute version of the trailer that reveals a little more of what you can expect from the game and the Zombie horde.

As well as releasing the new Zombie trailer Treyarch has also unveiled lots of details about the Zombie modes within Black Ops 2. That will include multiple modes, called Tranzit, Survival and Grief which caters for up to 8 players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie

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