Minecraft Makes Mojang $237 Million In Revenue For 2012

Mojang, purveyors of some of the best voxel-based gaming money can buy have made almost a quarter of a million in revenue last year. Granted, only $91.96 million of that was profit and that’s before the tax man has had his say, but that still has to be a multiple of the sum profits of every other indie game made in the last five years.


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OUYA Developers Share First Thoughts On Dev Kit

After taking the time to put the OUYA through its paces, three indie devs have provided Engadget with their take on the strengths and weaknesses of the open Android console. Strangely, they seem to boil down to one and the same issue – openness and how it will affect both the development  process by lifting certification restrictions and the quality of the marketplace through lack of curation.

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Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes Now Available As Special Edition Boxset

Psychonauts and Brutal Legend studio Double Fine has announced it will be selling the prototypes created for its Amnesia Fortnight event as part of a Special Edition Boxset. The package is comprised of the prototypes to successful games like Costume Quest and Once Upon a Monster as well as the new additions ushered in during the latest November Fortnight.

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Nintendo cuts Wii U sales expectations

Will the Wii U reach the heights that the Wii reached? Well, sales projections released by Nintendo cast significant doubt on that happening. Nintendo sold 3.06 million Wii U consoles worldwide since November through the end of 2012, but expects momentum to falter. So the company has cut sales expectations from 5.5 million units through the end of March to four million.
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Xbox 360 Netflix App Unlocked This Weekend For Silver Members

Being an Xbox Gold member has its benefits, like being able to play multiplayer games online through Xbox Live, download exclusive demos and betas and you can even use apps like Netflix and Hulu. Xbox Silver members haven’t been able to access these features, but this weekend that will change and you’ll be able to access Netflix for free.
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Frozen Synapse: Tactics Coming To PS3 & Vita

Indie success story Frozen Synapse, which took the PC by storm last year, is making its way to consoles. The PS3 and Vita port is being handled by Double Eleven, of Little Big Planet Vita fame. There is no information as of yet whether its deep tactical gameplay will be making it to the other side unscathed, but the game is definitely getting a new and presumably less “indie” art style.


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PlayStation 4 Coming To Japan & America In Late 2013, Europe in 2014

The first details about Sony’s upcoming console came to light today via EDGE, including some tidbits that haven’t even been hinted at before now. Release windows are given for the PlayStation 4, which will be hitting both the US and Japan by end of year 2013. Europe will only see the console in 2014, “complexities involved in European distribution” cited as responsible for the delay.

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Sony PlayStation 4 To Be Announced February 20th (Rumor)

It looks like we may have a possibly release date for the next version of Sony’s PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4, as soon has sent out invite to a press event on the 20th of February.

Whilst the PlayStation 4 was not mentioned in the invite, the invite featured the words ‘future of PlayStation’, although Sony has not confirmed the event is for the launch of the new PlayStation 4.

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