Ribcage GoPro Adapter Enables The Use Of Interchangeable Lenses (video)

GoPro camera owners looking to get a little bit more creative with their video footage captured using the well-known GoPro rugged action camera. Might be interested in a new Ribcage GoPro adapter which has been created that allows owners to use interchangeable lenses with their GoPro camera.

Once the Ribcage GoPro adapter is attached to your camera the Ribcage adapter lets you attach any C-mount lens which are used on 16mm movie cameras and CCTV cameras to name a few applications. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Ribcage GoPro adapter project and see it in action.

Ribcage GoPro Adapter

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Last Camera Kit Lets You Build Your Own SLR With Interchangeable Lenses

If you enjoy building gadgets and devices and are looking for a project to keep you busy for a few hours, you might be interested in this new SLR Last Camera Kit.

The Last Camera kit allows you to create a DIY 35mm camera which can be customised to suit your style and needs, with the ability to add different functions as you build and comes with interchangeable lenses offering 22mm and 45mm.
Last Camera Kit

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Nikon Firmware Update Kills Third Party Battery Support For Some Models

Nikon camera owners that are using third-party batteries in their Nikon branded photographic equipment, might be interested to know that some users are reporting problems after updating to the latest Nikon firmware update which has recently been released by the camera manufacturer.

Last month Nikon has released a firmware update for its D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and Coolpix P7700 cameras, which was supposed to provide users with a new method of how the battery life was measured.

Nikon battery firmware

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Blynk Camera Makes Time Lapse Video Easy To Shoot

There are a number of uses for a camera that can shoot images on a specific schedule with no input from the user. One of the uses is for shooting images in a time lapse when you aren’t home. A camera of this sort is also a great way to shoot images of an event or party without you having to be behind a camera the whole time. Lyfeshot has unveiled an interesting little camera called Blynk.


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Anamorphic Adapter Lens For iPhone 5/5S Offers A 33% Wider Scene Capture (video)

iPhone owners that enjoy taking photographs and video on their iPhone 5 and 5S smartphones might be interested in a new iPhone Anamorphic Adapter lens which has been created by lens creator Scoot Cahall of Moondog Labs.

The iPhone Anamorphic Adapter lens enables your iPhone 5 or 5S smartphone to capture a 33% wider but not thinner scene onto the smartphones sensor. Which after being de-squeeze offers a 2.4:1 aspect ratio.

iPhone Anamorphic Adapter

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Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photography Kit Launches For $70

If you enjoy taking photographs with your iPhone you might be interested in a new lens adapter which has been created by Olloclip and provides you with everything you need to start taking macro photography shots.

The Olloclip 3-in-1 Macro Photo kit offers 7x Macro, 14x Macro and 21x Macro to offer super high magnification which focuses in on details and textures not easily seen with the naked eye with a tighter field of view and a higher degree of bokeh.

Olloclip Macro

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New Redesigned Chrome OS Camera App Now Available To Download

Google has this week announced the launch of a new Chrome OS camera app that will be rolling out  over the next few weeks and will replace the existing default camera app currently bundled with its Chrome OS.

The new Chrome OS camera app has been created by the chromium development team to improve the mechanics and performance of the existing camera app and brings with a number of new features and enhancements as well as a completely redesigned user interface to provide users with more space for your video.

Chrome OS camera app

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Canon Eos M2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Debuts In Japan

Canon has officially unveiled a new digital camera that promises high quality images and interchangeable lenses. The mirrorless camera is called the Canon Eos M2 and it is the follow up to the Eos M. The M2 gets a new hybrid CMOS AF II sensor that promises very fast autofocus performance. The camera also gets integrated WiFi.


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FotoPro Master Kit Offers Everything You Need For Creative Smartphone Photography

If you enjoy taking photos with your Apple iPhone 5 camera phone you might be interested in a new set of accessories which had been launched by FotoPro in the form of the FotoPro Master Kit which has been specifically designed for the Apple iPhone 5.

The FotoPro Master Kit for iPhone 5 has been created to provide you with everything you need to take creative photographs with your iPhone and has been designed to be lightweight for portability and different components can be combined to meet a wide range of requirements.

FotoPro Master Kit For iPhone 5

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xxArray 64 Camera Digital Nikon SLR 3D Array Rig Unveiled (video)

With help and support from Nikon photographer Alexx Henry has created a very unique xxArray 64-camera rig that provides an awesome interactive 3D view of a subject never before seen and which could make realistic 3D imagery more accessible.

The first use of the new 64 camera rig was put to use creating photography for the launch of Art and Skin, a 3D tattoo magazine launched just last week for the iPad. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the xxArray 64 Digital SLR 3D Camera Array project and see it in action.

xxArray 64 Digital SLR 3D Camera Array

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Homemade Macro Camera Rig Captures Awesome Snowflake Photos

Photographer Alexey Kljatov has taken some truly awesome photographs of snowflakes using a homemade macro rig which he has created using a inexpensive 44M-5 Helios lens and a Canon Powershot A650. Kljatov cobbled the two pieces of photography equipment together using board, tape, a screw, and a piece of glass check out the rig after the jump.

alexey kljatov

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Jony Ive Designed Leica M Raised $1.8 Million At Auction

Back in September of last year Leica announced Jony Ive and Marc Newson would be designing a one off Leica M camera that would be auctioned off for charity.

In October the final design for the camera was unveiled revealing a rounded, clean and stylish design as you would expect. It was expected to raise between $500,000 – $750,000 for the RED charity but has amazingly raised $1.8 million in Yorkshire which was held at Sotheby’s on November 23rd 2013.

Jony Ive Leica M

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