Hotmail Cracks Down On Stupid Passwords

We’d love to add ‘and threatens jail time for repeat offenders’ but that’s not true. In the wake of so many high profile hacks in as many months, Hotmail is being proactive and embargoing the so common obvious passwords. Yeah, that’s right. We’re onto your “qwerty123″ nonsense on every single online account you use.

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Coming Soon: Human Based Gelatin Will Feed The World

Alright, it’s official: we’re on the road to Soylent Green. Ugh. How did it come to this?

*shakes righteously indignant fist at McDonalds.*

As the title of this post indicates, a group of scientists who are no doubt aware that world food supplies are dwindling have conducted research on human-based gelatin for food production.

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HTC Sensation Review

HTC has been producing some great Android smartphones, and their latest flagship model is the HTC Sensation, which comes with a range of impressive specifications, we recently showed you some hands on photos of the new HTC Sensation, and have been testing it out over the last 10 days, so its time to let you guys know what we thought about the HTC Sensation.

The first thing you notice about the HTC Sensation is the size of the device, it features a large 4.3 inch qHD display. so the handset has a similar size to the Samsung Galaxy S II we reviewed recently and also features very similar specifications.

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Apple Pushes Out 4.3.4 iOS Update

Anticipating their biggest new iOS refresh in a while, Apple are patching up the now famous PDF viewing glitch that jailbreakers have been exploiting. Fortunately for jailbreakers who like to stay on top of things, hackers out there are already claiming to have sidestepped Apple’s new security measures and to have a working Pwnage Tool.

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Netflix Eyeing European Launch Again?

Rumors of Netflix’s impending foray in the European market have become regular fixtures and will make their way to a headline or two per year. Unfortunately, they have yet to materialize, as will probably be the case with this latest round of info from Variety of all places. Apparently Netflix is totally serious this time about bringing its service across the Atlantic, with the UK and Spain being the primary targets.

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Gamestop Using Battlefield 3 To Steal March On Steam

Gamestop’s purchase of digital delivery service Impulse is no secret by now. Their strategy to make it into a Steam-killer, however, is, or at least was until outed by¬†Baird Equity Research analyst Colin Sebastian’s report. It’s pretty much what you’re thinking, Gamestop is planning on using the EA/Steam feud and Battlefield 3’s conspicuous absence from the aforementioned service to tear a 1.5 billion chunk of the market from Steam.

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