Sony Locks Down 93,000 Online Accounts After They Were Compromised

It looks like there is more trouble for Sony, after the various hacks on their PSN and other services earlier in the year, yesterday Sony has announced that around 93,000 of their online accounts may have been compromised.

According to a recent blog post, Sony has said that they have detected attempts to gain access to the SEN, PSN and SOE services, and they have now locked down a total of 93,000 individual accounts and users of the accounts will have to do a secure password reset.

Sony PSN

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Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 Ahead Of iCloud And iOS 5 Launch

Apple has released the latest version of iTunes, iTunes 10.5, which was released yesterday ahead of todays launch of their new iCloud service and the latest version of their mobile OS, iOS 5.

If you are upgrading to iOS 5 you will need to download iTunes 10.5, which will allow you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over WiFi with iTunes, it will also store all your purchases in the cloud.

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Forget McMansions! Futuristic Roll House Is The New Standard

If the past few years are anything to go by, real estate sucks. The idea that anyone can live bigger, larger, and more affluent even if they couldn’t afford it was an awful myth that duped a lot of people. The worst of it happened in the United States, of course, but the shockwaves reverberated around the world. A new standard for human habitation is badly needed. One that’s both aesthetically sensible and an inspiration for moderate lifestyles.

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BizzTrust Virtualization Software Might Soon Be Available For Smartphones

A lot of cool stuff goes on at the Fraunhofer Institute. No wonder the lab has been a fixture here at Geeky Gadgets for ages, whether it’s some super strong material or futuristic medical tool. But their latest innovation seems to have all the trappings of a hit. The whizzes over at Fraunhofer have just developed a virtualization Android  app that splits a smartphone in two different OSes. This is supposed to address the growing trend in corporate circles of maintaining information security on smartphones.

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Blizzard Selling World of Warcraft Gold Through Guardian Cub

If you thought the backlash following Blizzard’s announcement that Diablo 3 loot will be salable for actual currency has done anything to curb its experiments with turning 1s and 0s into real life cash or the other way around, then this will come as a bit of a shock. Despite sustained efforts to stop gold sellers in World of Warcraft over the years, the company has just turned around and revealed the first official way to buy and sell gold with its blessing. Kind of.

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Apple Sends MacBook 3G Buyer Parts Back

Remember a few months back when that dude bought a prototype MacBook with a 3G antenna off Craigslist? The guy put the machine on eBay and saw bids go up to $70,000 before Apple crashed his dreams and wanted the machine back. The person that sold it originally on Craigslist claims he was an Apple Engineer and was given the machine as for doing some programming work.

MacBook Air Prototype

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Best Buy Oversells Forza 4: Limited Collector’s Edition, Crushes Gamers’ Dreams

The worst thing that can happen to a gamer isn’t not remembering to pre-order one of the hottest titles of the season. The worst thing for a gamer is remembering to order the game and then having your order cancelled after it’s too late to get one elsewhere. This is what Best Buy has done to a bunch of gamers with Forza 4: Limited Collector’s Edition.

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Pulse News Reader Update Brings Cross Platform Syncing

The great Pulse news reading app which is available for mobile devices and tablets has today announced the release of a new update which brings with it the ability to sync Pulse content across multiple platforms and devices.

The newly updated Pulse app developed by Alphonso Labs has been rolled out and updated simultaneously on iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Android tablets. today making the new features available to all via a download. Once you have downloaded the update a quick tutorial will start guiding you through the sync setup.

Pulse Syncing

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Siine Unveils Android Icon Based Keyboard (video)

Spanish and UK based developer Siine has this week unveiled a radically different Icon based keyboard designed for mobile phones. The Siine Writer App for Android lets you easily personalise your text messages and save time in the process.

Simply use the icons on the apps screen to quickly and easily form words and sentences without having to waste time typing them out letter by letter. If you tap the same icon again it will provide you with a different way of saying the icons meaning. Allowing you to mix up your messages and not have them all read exactly the same. Watch the video after the jump to see the Siine Writer in action.

Siine Writer

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