Google Wallet Update For Nexus S 4G Delayed Until Tomorrow?

On Monday, Google announced its new NFC based mobile payment system, Google Wallet, which will be available on the Sprint Nexus S 4G smartphone initially, with the update to the device being released as an over the air update.

The update was expected to have rolled out to all Nexus S 4G devices by the end of yesterday, but now it would appear that the update has been delayed and it wont be rolled out until tomorrow.

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YouTube Launches Automatic Video Editing Tool Magisto (video)

YouTube has announced the addition of a new automated video editing tool to its service called Magisto, which YouTube has now been added to the YouTube user interface as a neat little icon for easy access.

Magisto has been added by YouTube to provide users with an automated video editing tool. Simply upload your video and Magisto will take care of the rest after one click of a button. Removing the blurred out of focus elements of the video and finding the best scenes automatically. Watch a demo video after the break to see how easy video editing can be using the new YouTube Magisto editing tool.


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Spotify Reaches Two Million Premium Subscribers

Spotify has been extremely popular in Europe, and the service launched in the United States back in July, and we heard in August that Spotify had reached 175,000 premium subscribers in the US, now Spotify has announced that it has reached over two million premium subscriber worldwide.

Spotify has released any specific information by country, so we don’t know as yet how well Spotify has done in the US and by how much they have increased their numbers by.

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Beats Audio Coming To HTC’s Windows Phone Devices

HTC recently purchased Beats Audio, and we have already seen the first Beats Audio enabled Android smartphone from HTC in the form of the HTC Sensation XE, and now it looks like HTC will be rolling out Beats Audio to its new Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

According to a recent report HTC has confirmed that their new range of Windows Phone 7 smartphones will come with Beats Audio, although there is no timescale on when the first beats enabled Windows Phone 7 devices will become available.

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OnLive Cloud Gaming Arrives In The UK

As we reported back at the beginning of August, and right on schedule, OnLive has now arrived in the UK. Giving UK residents with the opportunity to experience OnLive cloud gaming for the first time with the choice of 150 games with more being added on a weekly basis.

The service has already been launched in the US for some time and OnLive has already partnered with a number of big game developers such as Ubisoft, THQ and Square Enix to bring block buster games to the OnLive service, such as Assassin’s Creed, Homefront and Batman: Arkham Asylum to name just a few.

OnLive Cloud Gaming Arrives In The UK

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Google Gmail Mobile Web App Update Adds Multiple Login Support And More

Google has rolled out a new update to its mobile Gmail application which adds a number of new features, one of which is the ability to now login using multiple log-ins. Just like on your desktop computer, you can now sign into multiple accounts simultaneously using the mobile version of Gmail as well.

Other new features also the ability to set your “Out of Office” automated email directly from your mobile. Simply choose a start and end date and specify your automated message content, just like on your desktop.

Gmail Mobile

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HTC Ruby Press Photo Leaked

We have already seen some photos of the new HTC Ruby or HTC Amaze, and now we get a look at our first leaked press photo of the HTC Ruby, which gives us a better look at the device.

What we know so far about the HTC Ruby is that it will feature a 4.3 inch qHD display with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, plus a dual core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.

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Apple Board Member Al Gore Announces ‘iPhones’ Coming Next Month

Yesterday we heard that Apple may announce the new iPhone 5 on the 4th of October, we have also heard rumors over the past few months that Apple will launch a new cheaper version of the iPhone 4 which is rumored to be the iPhone 4S.

Now according to Apple board member, and former US Vice President, Al Gore, who was speaking at a recent conference, Apple will have new ‘iPhones’ coming next month.

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Windows Phone Mango Coming Within The Next Two Weeks

We have been hearing rumors that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5, Mango would be launching shortly, and now we have some official word from Microsoft, and Windows Phone Mango will be coming in the next week or 2.

Microsoft has posted an updated on their Windows Phone Blog, and have said that they will also update their ‘Where’s My Phone Update’, to let us know when Mango will be rolled out worldwide.

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Facebook Music Will Lets You Listen To Tracks With Your Friends

We have been hearing more and more about Facebook’s rumored music service over the last couple of months, although we don’t actually have any details on how the service will work.

Now a Facebook employee may have accidentally shared one of the features with us via Twitter, the ability to listen to music with your friends over the Internet, you can see the tweet below which has now been deleted.

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Japanese Firm Outs Handroid Bionic Hand (Video)

This device is no Android OS-powered mechanical appendage, no sir. It’s something similar though, a cybernetic hand complete with digits and joints. And if you’re wondering why the image down south is that of a famous scene from T2. That’s because the Handroid itself has an eerie similarity to the robot prostheses from the classic movie.

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