EyeSight Gesture Control For Windows And Android Tablets (video)

Eyesight has been creating hand gesture applications for mobile phones for some time and has now announced a new range of apps dedicated to controlling Android and Windows tablets with hand waving gestures.

Last year, eyeSight introduced the Natural User Interface for Android mobile devices, and is now releasing its hand gesture interface solution for computer based Android and Windows platforms. The apps are now available to developers only, for them to then use and create hand gesture controlled apps. Watch the video after the jump to see the apps in action.

EyeSight Gesture Control

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HTC Pyramid Dual Core Android Smartphone Rumored

According to the guys over at Android And Me, HTC are working on a new dual core smartphone, which is rumored to be called the HTC Pyramid, and it looks like it will feature a dual core Qualcomm MSM8260 1.2GHz processor.

Other rumored specifications on the HTC Pyramid include a 4.3 inch display with a possible resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, and it is also reported to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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DreamPlug Power Socket Computer With 1.2GHz ARM Processor

We have featured a number of small form factor PC here on Geeky Gadgets but Gobalscale Technologies have taken the idea a little further and created a computer in a plug, that slots directly into a power outlet.

The DreamPlug measures just 110mm (L) x 69.5mm (W) x 48.5 mm (H) and is packed with more power than you would think for such a small PC. Equipped with a Marvell Sheeva core @ 1.2GHz speed and 512MB 16bit DDR2-800 MHz.

Plug PC

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iPad 2 To Feature 3MP Camera?

We have been hearing quite a few different rumors about what sort of camera the iPad 2 will come with, it is all but confirmed by Apple that the iPad 2 will feature a front facing camera to make use of Apple’s FaceTime video chat software.

But what about the rear camera, there have been rumors that it would be same same one that is in the current generation iPod Touch, but now one developer, Chris Galz, has found some evidence in iOS 4.3 Beta 3 that suggests the iPad will feature a 3 megapixel camera.

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HP Palm Teases webOS Tablets And Smatphones (Video)

We have already seen some photos of a webOS tablet from HP Palm which is reported to be called Topaz, and now HP has released a teaser video which shows a brief glimpse of one of their new webOS based tablets or smartphones.

Don’t expect to see the full tablet in the video below, instead we get to see the corners and some buttons,  and we are not sure if it is a tablet or a new webOS smarpthone featured, but I guess it is a start, and no doubt HP Palm will be releasing more of these videos before their new webOS devices are unveiled next week.

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European Publishers Not Happy With Apple’s In App Supscription Rules

Yesterday we saw the launch of The Daily, and a new type of in app subscription model for news publishers, we also heard earlier this week that Sony’s Reader application, which offered users the ability to purchase eBooks direct from Sony was rejected by Apple.

Now it seems a number of European publishers are less than happy with Apple’s new stance on in app purchases for subscritpions, and they are getting together to discuss what can be done about it.

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Futuristic Skin Gun Reduces Recovery Time For Burn Victims

A new Skin Gun has been developed by doctors which helps reduce the recovery of burn victims significantly. The new Skin Gun which looks and sounds as though its straight out of a science fiction film, has been developed by Doctor Jörg C. Gerlach uses the patients stem cells to create new skin.

The stems cells are combined with a purple solution that then allows the doctor to spray new skin directly onto a burned area, to start the healing process. Skin created for the traditional skin graft method can take weeks or even months to create but the new system currently under development reduces this to just a few hours.

Skin Gun

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Samsung Galaxy SL gets Official

Samsung has announced a new addition to its Galaxy range of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy SL, and it shares almost the same specifications as the original Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy SL features a 4 inch Super Clear LCD display instead of  the AMOLED display on the Galaxy S and the processor has also been replaced with a 1GHz TI OMAP 3630 processor.

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Dropcam Android App Monitor Your Webcams On The Move

Dropcam has released a new Android app that now allows you to monitor your Dropcam security cameras directly from your Android smartphone. The Android app has been in development for some time and lucky iOS users have had this functionality since the Dropcam Echo launched last summer.

The new Android App allows you to, Stream Live Video with smooth video playback on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, receive instant activity alerts and even access your Dropcam DVR.

Dropcam Android App

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iPad 2 Appears At The Daily Launch?

According to Reuters, at yesterdays The Daily launch an iPad 2 was spotted by someone from Reuters, although they didn’t actually get a picture of it, which you would have thought anyone would do if they managed to spot an unreleased and unannounced Apple product.

Reuters have said that the supposed ‘iPad 2′ which was apparently at The Daily launch will feature a front facing camera, not really a surprise there then.

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