The Difference Between Touch Screen Technology Explained (Infographic)(video)

If you have ever wondered what the main differences are between the current smartphone or tablet touchscreen technology, this quick infographic and video will explain the Difference between touch screen technology.

The infographic doesn’t explain details of the technologies but provides a quick reference chart which might help make a decision between the three technologies and explain a little more about technology involved and mentioned on a daily basis by tablet and phone manufacturers. Especially between the two lower end touchscreen technologies resistive and capacitive.

For a more detailed description comparing the properties of resistive and capacitive touchscreen and more details on the difference between touch screen technology watch the video after the jump.

Touchscreen technology explained

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AndyPad Budget Android Gingerbread Tablet Poses For The Camera, Again

We have already seen one photo of the new AndyPad budget tablet, although ti wasn’t a very good one, some new ones have now appeared online and we finally get a look at what this budget Android tablet looks like

The photos were leaked by the guys over at Android Tablets, what we know so far is that the AndyPad will feature a 7 inch touchscreen display, and a 1.2GHz A8 processor, plus a 3D GPU.

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Boss Micro BR-80 Micro-recorder Unveiled

Boss the division of Roland mostly recognised for its legendary line of colourful guitar and bass effects pedals has today unveiled their latest micro-recorder in the form of the Boss Micro BR-80.

The pocket sized micro-recorder is equipped with three modes to create, record, and perform your music. These include an eight-track MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode, an eBand mode for onstage backing tracks and phrase training, together with a Live Rec mode for instantly capturing high-quality stereo recordings, where ever you may be.


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V-Moda Revamp Metal In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones

V-Moda have unveiled their new Revamp in-ear noise isolating headphones branded in TrueBlood decals. The new V-Moda Revamp headphones are making their appearance at this years Comic Con in San Diego this week.

The new Revamp headphones include  active flex detachable sport earhooks that provide a secure fit for gym, running and sport use, together with Re-mastered BLISS 2.0 (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) fittings designed to reduce outside noise and enhance stability whilst being worn.

V-Moda Revamp

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Google Working On Chrome For OS X Lion

If you have upgraded to OS X Lion on your Mac and have been a Google Chrome user, then you will probably have found out that Google’s Chrome browser doesn’t run as well on Lion as it did on Snow Leopard.

Google is working on a new version of their Chrome browser for OS X lion, and Google’s SVP of Chrome, Sundar Pichai, has been taking to the guys over at Tech Crunch, about the companies plans for Chrome on Lion.

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Camera Lens Chess Set By Lensrentals

It what has to be one of the more expensive chess sets I have ever seen, lens rental company fittingly named Lenrentals have created a fantastic chess set using lenses manufactured by Canon and Nikon.

The complete 32 piece set of lens includes : 70-200 f/2.8 pawns, 600mm f/4 Kings and 500mm f4 Queens, 400mm f/2.8 Bishops, 300mm f/2.8 Knights, and 200mm f/2.0 Rooks in black (Nikon) and white (Canon).

Camera Lens Chess Set

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Jot Adonit Capacitive Touch Stylus (video)

and is currently making its way from conceptual idea to production on the Kickstarter website. Unlike other stylus designs for capacitive touch tablets the Jot has a very small nib measuring just 2 mm wide, providing the “precision of a calligrapher or the stroke of an artist”.

Around the nib of the Jot stylus is a clear disk which has been designed to provide the accuracy and precision that other stylus cant. Jot is constructed from aluminum and steel to provide it with superior conductivity and craftsmanship comparable to any luxury pen.

Jot Adonit Capacitive Touch Stylus

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Motorola Droid Bionic Photos Leaked

The last thing we heard about the Motorola Droid Bionic was that it would go on sale in August, and now it would appear Amazon has leaked some new photos of the Droid Bionic along with a range of docks that will be available for the handset.

Both a car dock and also a desktop dock have been leaked in the photos and it also shows what the final design of the Droid Bionic will look like, assuming Motorola doesn’t change it before it goes on sale.

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Google Closes Google Toolbar Support For Firefox 5+ Browsers

Google has today announced that it will be closing down support of its Google Toolbar for users using Firefox version 5 and above. Instead of using the Google Toolbar, Google now offers a list of plugins that should provide a similar functionality.

So if you use Firefox version 5 or newer, you will no longer be able to use Google Toolbar and now Google Toolbar for Firefox is only compatible with Firefox version 4 or older.

Google Firefox Toolbar

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Panasonic’s Android E-Book Reader Announced

Some of our readers will remember Panasonic’s Android e-book reader prototype that we showed you a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like Panasonic has just announced it in Japan and it is now called the Panasonic Raboo UT-PB1.

The Panasonic Raboo UT-PB1 features a 7 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, processing is provided by a dual core processor and it also comes with8GB of built in storage, although only 4.5GB is available for storage.

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LaCie Unveils New Rugged Mini HDD (video)

LaCie have unveiled their latest hard disk drive storage solution this week with the launch of the Rugged Mini. A USB 3.0 drive with storage capacities of 500GB, 1TB and 1.5GB available.

The Rugged Mini has been designed to protect your data from drops and bumps and is rain and pressure resistant and can even withstand a 1 tonne vehicle driving over it. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see it in action.

LaCie Rugge -Mini HDD

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Adobe Joins Apple’s Mac Store, Offering Photoshop Elements 9 Editor

Even with the bickering between Adobe and Apple regards Flash hardware and OS X Lion integration. Adobe has this week managed to add one of its products to Apple’s Mac App Store in the form of Photoshop Elements 9 Editor for Mac.

Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 9 Editor is a cut down version of Adobe’s flagship product Photoshop and has been designed to work in conjunction with Apple’s iPhoto application and contains over 50 tools for selecting cropping, painting, typing, retouching and adjusting.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor

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