Windows 7 SP1 Coming 22nd Of February

It looks like the first service pack for Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS is due to launch on the 22nd of February 2011, Windows 7 SP1 although this is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

The update will be available for Windows 7 users and also Windows Server 2008 R2 users, and the downloads should be available from the Microsoft Download centre and also available on Windows update .

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BBC iPlayer iPad App Released

The BBC iPlayer app has now been released for the Apple iPad, the Android version of the BBC iPlayer is expected to be released later this week, and you can watch live TV and listen to radio just like in the other versions of the BBC iPlayer.

You can also catch up on any programs you have missed for the last seven days, and you will need a Wi-Fi connection to watch programs on your iPad from the BBC iPlayer selection but browsing the library will still be accessible through 3G.

BBC iPlayer iPad

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iPhone Passwords Can Be Stolen In Less Than 6 Minutes (video)

Researches have discovered a method to extract passwords from an iPhone’s keychain in less than 6 minutes. Even if the front of the device is locked down, the user’s secret passcode is not needed, as the protection provided by the passcode is bypassed by the system.

The team from Fraunhofer Institute Secure Information Technology (Fraunhofer SIT) have written a paper on a system that can jailbreak and decrypt passwords from an iPhone’s keychain, giving them access to anything you might have on your iPhone. Such as Gmail account, corporate VPN, home WiFi, and MS Exchange. Watch the video after the break to see how easy the process is.

iPhone Keychain

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HP Hires Former Apple Executive For webOS

HP recently announced its new range of webOS devices which include the new HP TouchPad Tablet, HP Pre3 smartphone and HP Veer smartphone, and now they have hired a former Apple and Lucasfilm executive, Richard Kerris.

Richard Kerris will join HP as VP of Worldwide Developer Relations for webOS, and obviously his job will be to get developers who are working on other platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform to star developing webOS applications.

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New Kindle App Announced For webOS

Amazon has today announced that it will be launching a webOS version of its Kindle App tailored for the new HP TouchPad. Like all Kindle apps, Kindle for webOS will let you “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” on a multitude of devices including the  Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Android-based devices.

The new app has been scheduled for release this summer however HP or Amazon have not yet released a specific date for the launch.

Kindle webOS

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Twitter 2.0 For Android Gets Previewed (Video)

It looks like Twitter is working on a new version of their app for Google’s Android devices, and as you will see in the video below, this unreleased version of Twitter for Android has had a new user interface design.

Some of the new features in Twitter 2.0 for Android include the ability to easily select your timeline, direct messages and @ mentions, have a look at it in action in the video below.

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Camera Mic App Triggers Your iPhone Camera Shutter Using You Mic

When Apple removed the array of applications from the iTunes App Store which remapped the camera shutter button on the iPhone. we were left having to use the Apple screen shutter release. However a new application is now available within the Apple App Store that allows you to cleverly use your microphone on the headphone cord to trigger the iPhones shutter to take photographs.

The Camera Mic App offers the ability to take pictures using the iPhone or iPod Touch 4G’s microphone allowing a user to “feel” and tap it like a physical button. You can also tweak the sensitivity of the tapping from within the app to make sure you dont take unwanted photo’s.

Camera Mic App

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Thermaltake Unveils Level 10 GT Computer Case

Thermaltake has redesigned their already established Level 10 case, which was originally  co-designed with the BMW Group Designworks USA, making it even more uber. The new Thermaltake  Level 10 GT computer case includes all the same design lines as the original with a few enhancement tweaks, added features and a little extra space to take it to the next level in case design.

The major change within the new case is more room, which proved to by a sticking point with first case, with it being a little cramped. The new Level 10GT can now accomodate 37cm long graphic cards and is fitted with 200mm fans togethers with the 140mm rear fan and ample space to fit water cooling gear in as well.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT

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Starbucks Mobile Phone Payments System Reveals Major Flaw

Unfortunately the new mobile payment system introduced by Starbucks last month has a major flaw, that can allow others access to use your account. The flaw has been reported by an unnamed Starbucks user who discovered that taking a photo of the barcode screen on someone else’s mobile phone then allowed them to purchase items on that account by just flashing the photo at the payment system.


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Apple iBooks For iPhone And iPad Gets Updated

Apple has updated their iBooks app for both the iPad and iPhone, and the latest version comes with a range of bug fixes. stability improvements and performance enhancements.

The latest version of iBooks is 1.2.1 and you can now organize your books and PDFs into personal collections, plus print out PDFs and notes you have written in books using Apple’s AirPrint.

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Olympus E-PL2 Micro Four Thirds Camera Arrives In Stores

After announcing their new 12 megapixel Olympus’s E-PL2 Micro Four Thirds Camera at CES in January Olympus have now started shipping the camera to retailers for $599 when bundles with a ED m14-42mm f3.5/5.6 zoom lens.

At the heart of the E-PL2 is a large-size image sensor that’s the same sensor as the one inside the Olympus E-30 and E-620 Digital SLR models. With the only difference being that the  sensor is inside the compact body of the E-PL2. Its also features an ISO range up to 6,400, and a  3-inch rear LCD together with a SDXC slot and RAW image support.

Olympus E-PL2

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