PS3 And Xbox 360 Combined to Create The Ultimate Console

If you can never decide which console to play or take with you, Reddit reader “timofiend” has solved the problem for you creating the ultimate gaming console that combines both a PS3 and a Xbox 360 in one. Enabling you to play both at the same time.

Timofiend has used a new XBox 360 Slim and a normal 80 GB PS3 and combined the two within a PC case creating an awesome gaming mod, complete with temperature monitoring gauges. Check out the gallery after the jump to see inside.

PS3 Xbox 360

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Lands In The UK 26th September For £349.99

Last week Sony Ericsson announced a new version of the Xperia Arc smartphone, the Xperia Arc S, and now it looks like it will be available here in the UK from the 26th of September.

Mobile retailer Clove has announced that they will start selling the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S for £349.99 on the 26th of September, and it will be available in two colors, Pure White and Midnight Blue.

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Screenshots Of Android Honeycomb On HTC Flyer

Earlier today we told you about the leaked ROM of Android Honeycomb for HTC’s Flyer tablet that had appeared online over the weekend, now we get our first look at some screenshots of Android Honeycomb on the Flyer, as well as a look at the Honeycomb UI.

The picture below shows Android Honeycomb with the latest version of HTC Sense UI for the HTC Flyer, and it looks similar to the UI for that of the new HTC Jestream tablet.

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World Smallest Electric Motor Is Made From A Single Molecule

Researchers from the Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts have created the worlds smallest electric motor which is made from just a single molecule and measures an amazing a billionth of a metre, or just one nanometer across.

The team led by associate professor of chemistry Charles Sykes were able to move a single butyl methyl sulfide molecule back and forth using a scanning tunnelling microscope and dropping the temperature of the molecule down to 5 Kelvin or 450F to be able to count the rotations of the molecule.

World Smallest Electric Motor

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Lucasfilm’s New Sandcrawler Offices In Singapore (Pictures)

Lucasfilm are building some new offices in Singapore, and they have now revealed some renderings of what the new office building will look like, and as you can see from the photos below it looks like a Sandcrawler for the Star Wars movies from certain angles.

The new Lucasfilm office building will feature a 100 seat theater and start of the art digital production facilities, and it was designed by Architects, Aedas.

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Call of Duty Elite Price Announced

At the Call of Duty XP event this weekend Activision announced pricing for its new premium Call of Duty Elite service which is currently in beta testing and will be launched very shortly.

Premium membership grants you access to all of Modern Warfare 3′s map packs early, together with the opportunity to team up with other players to win real-life prizes in organised competitions and events. Members will also have access to a Activision’s Elite TV service that will present a variety of video features, including in-game strategies and more.

Call of Duty Elite

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PlayStation 4 Coming Within 18 Months?

We know both Sony and Microsoft are working on their next generation consoles, although we have no idea when either company intends to launch their new games consoles.

Now, according to a recent report, Sony may end up launching the new PlayStation 4 within the next 18 months, although Sony have yet to confirm this as yet.

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Asus To Launch $600 To $900 Ultrabooks In April 2012

Intel’s plan for its new ultrabook platform is to get all manufacturers to retail their ultrabook notebooks for under $1,000, and we have already seen a few priced at under $1,000 with many other priced well over $1,000.

Now according to a recent report, Asus is hoping to launch a new range of entry level ultrabook notebooks in April of 2012, with prices starting at around $600 up to $900.

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THX Certification Coming To Smartphones And Tablets

In an interview this week Rick Dean senior VP of THX explained that his company was looking at the possibility to start pursuing an THX certification process for smartphones and tablets devices in the future.

Together with applications that would be able to enhance the quality of the sounds from smartphones and tablet devices but, but Dean wouldn’t unveil any specific plans the company had within this area.


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KT Android Spider Concept Combines Phone, Handheld, Tablet And Laptop (video)

At the IFA in Berlin this week KT Korea’s leading mobile provider has unveiled their new Spider Concept smartphone which is a new and innovative idea built using the Android OS. The KT Spider is the worlds first Android Smartphone that can be converted and combined with other devices says KT.

For instance the Spider can be combined with a number of different devices to provide extra input options or be inserted into the back of a tablet shell to provide the processing power and memory for the tablet or be docked within a controller to create a handheld gaming machine.  To see exactly what the KT Spider can do, watch the video after the jump that takes you through its various different options.

KT Spider

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Google Voice For Android Updated, Adds Tablet Support

Google has updated its Google Voice for Android application, and the latest version, Google Voice 4.2.34 comes with a range of new features, the main one is that Google Voice for Android now offers support for Android tablets.

This will mean that Android Honeycomb tablet owners will be able to make voice calls and send text messages direct from their Android tablet.

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