God of War Master Collection Confined To Germany For The Moment

Try was we might, we just can’t figure out a good reason for the God of War Master Collection to only be available in the most censorious, violence-averse country on this or any other planet. Well, pretend violence-averse to be exact. We’re still coming up blank though and Sony isn’t saying much apart from reiterating that the collection is “currently only slated for the German market.”

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PlayStation Vita Online Modes Revealed

To be perfectly honest, we were sort of wondering when the scuttlebut on the Vita’s revamped online modes would hit the grapevine, if only because we knew Sony would have to bring out a few new tricks to compete with the 3DS’s awesome Street Pass. Apparently, they knew it too, which is why they just simply showed up with their take on Street Pass, among a few other things.

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New Lego Set Celebrates Last Space Shuttle

We mean the Atlantis, of course. After having landed safely on Earth last week, we can’t help but get misty eyed at the thought of the final shuttle mission ever. Anyway, to put our feelings to better use, here comes a special ‘expedition set’ from Lego. It’s not the Atlantis mission, but it does come close.

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Retro Rubiks Cube Could Get Aggravating

Therefore, causing the opposite of what’s promised on the product page. See, this particular Rubiks shouldn’t’ be solved but squeezed. Why? It’s a stress ball. Weird, but instead of solving it, you’re supposed to sink your mighty fingers on is softness.

The aggravation comes from misunderstanding its fundamental use.  Besides, when the ravages of an office routine are gnawing at your mind, perhaps brain twisting puzzles are the last thing you need. Or are they?

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RIM To Cut 2,000 Jobs

Research In Motion has announced that they will be cutting 2,000 jobs, around 10 percent of their total workforce, and it is also moving some of its executives around to different positions in the company.

The news comes as part of ‘streamlining at RIM, the company has struggled to compete with the likes of Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS devices, and the company has been losing its smartphone sales share.

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Zippo Lighter Gun Fires 6MM Bullets

We have featured a few different firearms here at Geeky Gadgets, including some crazy homemade ones, the latest one is disguised as a Zippo lighter and it even come with tiny 6mm bullets.

The Zippo Lighter Gun is up for auction and expected to fetch between $,000 to $4,000 and as you can see from the photos it even comes with tiny 6mm bullets which are disguised as flints.

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Gamestop Employee Fired For Planking

Unfortunately planking is not a laughing matter for some people and one unfortunate Gamestop employee has been fired after five years of service for planking within a Gamestop store. John Mazzocchi pictured below posted a picture of himself planking between two in-store kisoks and posted it with : When I go #planking I go hardcore..

Gamestop Planking

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Apple Drops Front Row Media Feature From OS X Lion

New features, amendments and the odd issue are still being discovered within Apple’s new OS X Lion operating system and one older feature to have received the chop in OS X Lion is Apple’s Front Row media menu. The Front Row feature under Snow Leopard was accessible by pressing the “Cmd+Esc” keys together.

Front Row was originally added by Apple back in 2005 as an alternative to Microsofts new Windows Media Center, but now with Apple’s TV device the need for a media centre interface on your iMac has now been though as obsolete by Apple who have now removed the feature in OS X Lion.

Front Row

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