Google Rolls Out New Images Search Features

Google has launched a few new updates to its images searches in the past 48 hours designed to help users find images quicker from the main search area of the Google site.

Many of the features Google introduced to its images specific search a little while back, have now been rolled out into its main search results. Images within a search now appear in a tiled layout, with hover previews providing you with a larger thumbnail together with more information about a particular image.

Google Images Update

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New Asus Eee PC Netbooks To Come With Ubuntu

When Asus launched the first Eee PC netbook a few years ago it came with Linux, this enabled Asus to sell the Eee PC’s as cheap as possible, although Microsoft released a version of Windows designed for netbooks, which saw many manufacturers use Windows as their netbook OS.

Now Asus has announced that it has three new Netbooks in the works that will come with Linux as the OS, the Asus Eee PC 1001 PXD, 1011 PX and 1015 PX will all come with Ubuntu 10.1.

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Polar RCX5 Training Computer (video)

Polar USA has this week unveiled their latest wrist training computer the Polar RCX5 together with some new accessories to measure your fitness and training schedules. The new Polar RCX5 has been design for athletes who want the best in training intelligence and tracking capabilities.

New accessories for the RCX5 include a G5 GPS sensor that measures speed/pace and distance and provides an online map view of training, together with the WearLink+ Hybrid transmitter, that provides heart rate data even when underwater.

Watch a demonstration of the new display features on the Polar RCX5 Training Computer after the jump.

Polar RCX5 Fitness Training Computer

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X-Men Arcade Game Arrives On iOS Devices

If you are an X-Men fan you will be pleased to hear that the classic X-Men Arcade game has now landed on iOS device via the Apple iTunes Store.

You can now experience the classic 1992 X-Men arcade game on your iOS device. Choose from some of your favorite classic X-Men characters including: Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler.


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PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 4 Super Slim Battery Pack

If you are finding that the power within your internal iPhone battery is struggling to last the day or while you are away from a power point. A new external battery pack called the PhoneSuit Elite might be able to help.

The PhoneSuit Elite is a super slim battery pack case designed for the iPhone 4, adding very little to the overall footprint or weight of the iPhone 4. Yet providing an additional 2100mah lithium-ion polymer battery, and which measures just 17mm thick.

PhoneSuit iPhone 4 Slim Battery pack

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Microsoft To Launch Xbox Live Diamond TV Service At E3

According to a recent report by Win Rumors, Microsoft is getting ready to launch an Xbox Live subscription service at this years E3, which is reported to be called Xbox Live Diamond.

According to the report, Microsoft is in talks with a number of content providers and is hoping to have the deals signed in time so that they can demo their Xbox Live TV service at this years E3.

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Hannspree Unveils Touch Screen All-In-One PC SN22A1

Hanspree has added a new All-in-one touch screen PC to its range with the launch of their new Hannspree SN22A1 PC. The new system is equipped with an Intel Pine-View (1.66Ghz, Dual Core) D510 processor, supported by 3 GB DDRII RAM.

Its also fitted with HDMI, VGA inputs for stand-alone monitor usage, a 4-in-1 multi-media card reader, integrated 1.3MP webcam, optical drive, 4 x USB, together with comprehensive connectivity WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth running Windows 7 Home premium.

Hannspree All-In-One PC SN22A1

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Apple Reportedly Paying Record Companies $150 Million For iCloud Deals

We heard earlier today that Apple intends to offer its new iCloud service for free when it launches and then start charging users $25 to use the service later on, and now it seems that Apple is putting major investment behind iCloud in an attempt to get it off the ground.

Both Google and Amazon offer music stremaing services, although they don’t offer all the services that Apple are likely to announce on Monday as they don’t have any deals with the record labels.

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Pentax Launches O-GPS1 DSLR Adapter With New ‘AstroTracer’ Function

Pentax has unveiled this week a new adapter it has added to its range to provide convenient GPS geotagging. By simply mounting the O-GPS1 onto the hotshoe of a PENTAX DSLR camera (compatible models are the K-5, K-r and 645D as of May 2011), the user can record the latitude, longitude, altitude, universal time coordinated (UTC) and aspect of shooting locations onto photographs.

Pentax O-GPS1

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EA Reveals Steam Competitor Origin

Now this is interesting, EA is apparently joining the ranks of PC digital distribution platform also-rans with a new service called Origin. Not much is known about the fledgling service except the peculiarity of its name, seemingly lifted from one of EA’s early purchases, Ultima creator Richard Garriott’s Origin studio.

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