Ductpan Concept Is A Really Great Idea

Sweeping is one of those humdrum household chores that you need to master if living harmoniously is a serious life goal. If you can’t sweep the dust and dirt in your living space, you’re in for unhygienic surroundings and maybe allergies. To further aid in household sweeping, designer Kawamura Ganjavian created the Ductpan. Get it?

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American College Prof Builds Action Figures Of Faculty Colleagues

And they’re awesome! Fully articulated limbs and precise facial features included. University of Ozarks Sociology Associate Professor Dr. Jesse Weiss likes to make his own action figures in his spare time. We have no idea what kind of action figures he made before, but the new ones that he’s created are definitely works of art with an incredible entertainment factor to boot.

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Scientists Think They Can Fight Asthma Like Never Before

Thanks to gastric bacteria, of course. Ever suffered from asthma? It sucks right? Well, a few scientists from Germany and Switzerland think they’ve found out how to curb asthma, whose highest rates are in developed countries. The solution has nothing to do with treatment or antibiotics or even a change in scenery (though it might help.) The solution is in bacteria.

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Macaque Monkey From Indonesia Takes Better Profile Pics Than Us Humans

Do you know a few people (okay  a lot of people) who have craptastic  camera phone pictures on themselves posted everywhere? Well, those people should be ashamed of themselves because a macaque from Indonesia who ‘borrowed’ a photographer’s cam took a self-portrait and it’s beautiful. What does it prove? Probably that the rise of the planet of the apes is inevitable.

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Lenovo Launches New ThinkPad X121e Notebook With Intel And AMD Options

Lenovo has today released details of it new 11.6 inch Notebook the Lenovo ThinkPad X121e. A portable notebook which can be equipped with a number of different features including either Intel or AMD processors and the option to fit it the Intel version with a super fast solid state drive.

Both Intel and AMD models feature  a 1366×768 resolution 11.6-inch matte screen, HDMI port, Gigabit network port, 3 x USB 2.0 ports and SDXC card reader. Together with a web camera and 802.11b/g/n connectivity provided by wireless connection. With some models also equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, 5GHz Wi-Fi and WiMax/3G if desired.

Lenovo X121e

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VEA’s Sportive Training Watch Tracks Your Workout And Keeps You Safe (video)

If you enjoy staying in shape and tracking your vital signs and calorie burn, the new Sportive Watch created by VEA launching later this month might be a gadget to add to your collection.

The Spotive Watch is equipped with the basic functions of a mobile phone combined with a features of a heart rate monitoring fitness watch. Together with a hand camera and MP3 player. Navigation is via its 1.5 inch touch screen display and its equipped with both Bluetooth and a decent 8Gb of internal memory for data and media storage.

 VEA Sportive training watch

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Spotify iPhone App gets Updated

Spotify has released a new version of their iOS app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the latest version brings a range of new features to Spotify for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Spotify have added ‘Playlist Folders’ to the app, if you have sorted your playlists by folders on your computer, you will now be able to access them from within the iPhone app.

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Canon Camera Lens Mugs

We have featured a few of these mugs that are designed to look like camera lenses here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest ones are from the guys over at Photojojo, there are two versions available, one designed to look like a 24-105mm lens and the other designed to look like a 70-200mm lens.

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Xbox Live Goes Down!

At the moment Microsoft’s Xbox Live service is currently offline, but Microsoft has not revealed the cause as yet, only posting a quick message saying they are aware of the problem. Could the service be down after a hacker attack or is it just a glitch in the system?

Its not very often that Microsoft’s Xbox Live goes down and maintenance is normally announced so it will be interesting to see the cause once Microsoft have sorted the situation. Lets hope it not down for too long and experiences the same problems as Sony’s PSN over recent months.

Xbox Live Down

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iPhone 5 To Be Thinner And Lighter Than iPhone 4?

We are expecting Apple to launch the new iPhone 4 at the same time as iOS 5, some time in September, and have heard a number of rumors on what the iPhone 5 will be like.

Today’s rumor comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, who have apparently received some information from Apple’s suppliers, and according to their information the iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter than the current iPhone 4.

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Sony’s S1 And S2 Tablets Appear In Hands On Videos

We have already seen some brief teaser videos of Sony’s new S1 and S2 Android tablets, and now the first hands on videos of both tablets have appeared on the web, and they give us a better look at these new Android tablets from Sony.

The Sony S1 Android tablet features a 9.4 inch multi-touch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, it comes with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, whilst the Sony S2 features a dual display, with each display measuring 5.5 inches, have a look at the videos of both of these new tablets in action below.

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