Two Way Communication Set To Double Wi-Fi Speeds

Stanford University researchers have discovered a way to create two way communication over the same radio frequency. The new discovery could lead the way to doubling Wi-Fi and mobile phone network speeds.

The new research completely reworks assumptions about how wireless networks can be designed and unlike radio it has the unique ability to receive and transmit at the same time, which was unthought of before.

Doubling Wi-Fi Speeds

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Google One Pass Aims To Take On Apple’s New Subscription Service

Yesterday Apple announced their new subscription service, many publishers are less than hapopy with it, and now it seems they have an alternative with Google’s new One Pass.

The timing of Google’s One Pass announcement couldn’t be better, as Apple is coming under criticism, Google has announced an alternative that will make publishers happy.

Google One Pass

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Drone Master Gyroscope Pilot App To Control Parrot AR.Drone

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone and a Parrot AR.Drone, there is a new iPhone app called Drone Master that will allow you to control your Parrot AR.Drone using the iPhone 4 or 4th gen iPod Touch gyroscope.

The control mode within the Drone Master app makes the AR.Drone match the movements of the user’s iPhone using  Roll, pitch, and yaw are all matched enabling the user to pilot by feel alone. You can also control the AR.Drone’s LED lights changing colour, pattern, and transition speed via a unique graphical interface.

Drone Master

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Hands-On: Why Nintendo’s 3DS Is Both Magic & Tragic

Anyone who’s ever attended any special event organized by a huge corporation to shill its product, whether for the press or for select members of the public knows exactly the amount of smoke and mirrors involved in the proceedings.

When the company in question is trying to sell nothing less than magic, dreams and childhood sprinkled with slightly science fictiony technology there’s also sentimentality and nostalgia in addition to the giddy feeling of privilege and anticipation, all of which forms up into a maelstrom of enthusiasm the most iron-clad intentions of objectivity can’t hope to escape. Having come out the other end of Nintendo’s carnival ride at their Truman Brewery Nintendo 3DS pre-release event, I will be trying my hardest to make good that escape.

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EA DarkSpore Game Pre-Release Beta Unveiled (video)

Electronic Arts has released beta version of its game to together with a teaser of its new sci-fi action role-playing game Darkspore game created by Maxis. The new Darkspore game show similar ideas that were used in the first and could well be a Spore 2 game, with character customisation.

However Darkspore is definitely not the same as Spore and brings with it some interesting new features that can be viewed in the video below.


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Sony S1 Qriocity Android Honeycomb 9.4 Inch Tablet

It seems that another manufacturer is working on a new tablet, Sony is reported to be working on an Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet which is codenamed the S1 and it looks like it will feature a 9.4 inch display.

Although we don’t have any actual pictures of this new Android Honeycomb tablet from Sony, the guys over at Engadget have obtained information about its existence and also its specifications.

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Monopoly Millionaires Game Arrives On Facebook

If you are a fan of Monopoly and have a Facebook account you will be please to know that a new Monopoly game has arrived  in Facebook, called  Monopoly Millionaires.

The new free to play Monopoly Millionaires created by Electronic Arts allows people from all over the world to play and includes a number of new features tailored to playing within Facebook.

Monoply Millionaires Game Arrives On Facebook

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Google Still Wants Nokia To Use Android

Whilst Nokia may have chosen Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7 OS for their main platform for smartphones, it seems that Nokia was also in talks with Google about using their Android OS.

Google’s Eric Schmidt has spoken out about Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership, and it seems that Google would still like Nokia to use their Android OS some time in the future.

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SanDisk iNAND And iNAND Ultra Flash Storage

SanDisk has unveiled its lastest small package SanDisk iNAND And iNAND Ultra Flash Storage designed for phones and tablets to provide large storage capacities in small devices.

As smartphones continue to increase in computing power and offer advanced features, they require greater amounts of storage; at the same time, consumer demand for smaller and slimmer devices presents a significant challenge to hardware designers.

The new SanDisk iNAND storage  is designed to meet these demands and measures just 1mm in thickness being reduced by SanDisk who have used advanced 24nm generation NAND memory chips and advanced packaging technologies.

SanDisk iNAND And iNAND Ultra Flash Storage

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Kinect iPad, iPhone Dodgeball Hack

We have featured a number of Kinect hacks here on Geeky Gadgets but none that combine a Kinect, iPhone and iPad to create some fun Dodgeball action.

The systems uses to the Kinect to track the girl players movements and help her catch balls thrown at her. The balls are being thrown by the players holding the iPhone and iPad using the TouchOSC app using a XY pad on the left and the button on the right. The longer the button is held down the more points the ball is worth, but if the main player catches it they get the points.

Watch the video after the jump to see the Kinect iPad, iPhone Dodgeball Hack in action.

Kinect iPad, iPhone Dodgeball Hack

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HTC Flyer Appears On Amazon Germany For 699 Euros

HTC recently announced their new Android tablet, the HTC Flyer, although they didn’t give any pricing when it was announced, the HTC Flyer has now appeared on Amazon Germany for 699 Euros.

The HTC Flyer features a 7 inch touchscreen display with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, it will launch with Google Android 2.4 Gingerbread and there is also a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor.

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