Comet Full Of Frozen Water Surprises Scientific Community

Identify your present location. Then, as if your eye view were a satellite’s, imagine your present location as seen from outer space. Pan far, far, away from the Earth until you reach the edge of the solar system. Focus on Pluto. Then zoom out a little and note the Kuiper Belt where floats a startling comet called Hartley 2. Say hello to Hartley 2.

Hartley 2 comet

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Rise Of The Apes! Monkeys Go On Benign Virtual Rampage

Don’t worry, it was done all in the name of science. Science! What you’re about to read is a minor breakthrough in prosthetic technology and brain implants. Both involved test monkeys and proved very successful.

In a rare alliance of two prestigious universities from France and America, monkeys were able to control virtual limbs by thinking out their actions, thanks to brain plants. This is as good as hard science fiction gets, only this time it’s real.

Angry Ape

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Scosche Outs iPhone Radiation Detector

Before the action starts, the official status of this fancy new gadget is “Out of Stock”. Don’t worry, since Scosche is hard at work on new models for their best-selling portable radiation detector. It’s originally called the RDTX-Pro, but a new HRDTX is coming next year. The whole scoop after the jump!

Scosche Radiation Detector

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For Holy Smoke, Ashes To Bullets And Dust To Dust

Unlike most places in the world (other than Yemen or Afghanistan), a vibrant gun culture is still alive and kicking in the US. But a new company wants to put a fresh spin on every enthusiastic shooter/outdoor type’s departure from this life. The startup is called Holy Smoke LLC and its founders specialize in turning cremated remains into bullets. Part of their marketing campaign involves shooting people into the afterlife. Not surprising.


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iMaschine App By Music Producer Is A Studio In Your Pocket (Video)

Jamie Lidell is a beast. Not literally, but he is when it comes to music. The producer based in Manhattan is currently promoting a new app called iMaschine that’s based on a sequencer developed by Native Instruments. With several albums in the electronica-funk genre under his belt, Jamie comes highly qualified to bring the iMaschine to its limits, which you’ll see after the jump.

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Puss In Boots Is Fruit Ninja, Or The Other Way Around

We’re not entirely sure what Puss of Shrek fame, the imminent solo cinematic debut of which you are no doubt aware, has against fruit, but apparently he will be taking over for the ubiquitous Fruit Ninja in the latest version of the eponymous time-waster. And just in time too, lest his solo vehicle arrive in theaters under-promoted and rely on actual quality and word of mouth to put butts in seats.

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Scientists Converge For Sasquatch Hunt In Russia

A whole bunch of them (the scientists, of course), in fact. Since the Cold War has been over and done with for the past 21 years, American cryptozoologists and their Russian counterparts are heading to a place 3,000 miles outside Moscow where alleged Yeti/Sasquatch sightings are frequent.

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Skynet Alert! US Military Drones Infected By Mysterious Virus

There’s no need to panic, ladies and gentlemen. The war machines aren’t turning on their masters… yet. For starters, most of the CIA and Air Force drones are stationed in the Middle East and Africa, meaning they’re far away–we hope–from your location, dear reader. The mysterious virus logging pilot keystrokes is also quite benign, though its origin is unknown. So the humongous mystery that should be clouding everyone’s thoughts right now is: where did it come from?

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Farmville Movie Incoming, Toy Story Writers Attached

If you thought the era of astoundingly stupid movie deals based on video games with no plot, structure or characters had peaked with studios buying movie rights for Monopoly, The Sims and Battleship, rest assured there’s plenty where that came from. Farmville is apparently the newest IP to get the movie treatment without having so much as a line of dialogue.

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