HTC Vigor Press Shot Leaked

We have already seen some photos of the new HTC Vigor and now the first official HTC Vigor press shot has been leaked, and we also get some more information on the possible specifications of the HTC Vigor.

The HTC Vigor is expected to feature a dual core 1.5GHz processor, and a 4.3 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which would make it one of the first HD smartphones to market.

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Bose Soundlink Mobile Speaker Dock Unveiled

Bose has today unveiled their new speaker dock which was mysteriously announced earlier this week. The new speaker dock is now officially called the Bose Soundlink Mobile and provide a portable speaker for Bluetooth devices.

The Bose Soundlink Mobile is equipped with 4 x midrange drivers, and 2 x intriguing “waffle” woofers placed opposite each other and designed to provide powerful bass without making the speaker dock vibrate. Its rechargeable battery will provide around 3 hours of life at full volume, and around 8 used at normal levels says Bose.

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Apple To Let Users Combine iTunes Accounts With iCloud?

When Apple launched their MobileMe service, there was one major problem with it if you already had an iTunes account, you would not be able to use your MobileMe ID with your iTunes account, as MobileMe came with its own iTunes account built in.

This became a problem for many, myself included, who ended up having two separate Apple IDs, one for MobileMe and one for iTunes, and with the introduction of more services like FaceTime, the Mac App Store and more many people now have multiple IDsnow it looks like Apple may be about to solve the problem for Apple’s new  iCloud.

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Apple’s A6 And A7 Processors To Be Produced By TSMC?

We heard back in June a rumor that Apple was moving away its processor production from Samsung, and the company tipped to get the contract was the Taiwan Seminconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

We reported back in June that the next generation of Apple processors for the iPhone and iPad, the A6 would be produced by TSMC, and now according to a recent report Apple and TSMC have now signed a deal for the production of the processors.

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RIM To Drop BlackBerry PlayBook Price After Only 200,000 Sold Last Quarter

Tablet manufacturers just don’t seen to be able to make their devices as popular as Apple’s iPad, first we had HP who announced they were canceling the HP Touchpad, which they eventually sold off for $99.

Now it looks like RIM will be reducing the price of their BlackBerry PlayBook, as RIM’s CEO Jim Balsillie said in the companies recent earnings call that they will offer price cuts on the PlayBook in the form of rebates, although no specific details were given at the time.

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iPhone 5 Design Leaked By Case-Mate?

We have been hearing rumors over the last couple of months that the iPhone 5 will come with a larger display and will feature a slimmer design.

There have also been rumors that Apple will get rid of the glass back on the iPhone 5, we have seen a number of supposed cases from Chinese manufacturers, but now Case-Mate has posted some pictures of some new iPhone 5 cases on their website, the page has now been removed.

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Ever Heard Of WiFi Refugees?

Apparently there’s this condition called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (or EHS) that’s ruining a lot of lives. How? It makes its victims sensitive around cellular devices and WiFi networks—with proximity to such tech irritates them—that they decide to opt out of society.

Thus, WiFi refugees have come into existence. The almost too-unbelievable  part is groups of them have been flocking to a far away town for their protection.


Green Bank West Virginia

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Intel SSD 710 Series Breaks Cover

Intel has unveiled a new SSD today that is aimed at the data center in the enterprise market. The SSD has many features that are designed to make it perform as if it uses SLC NAND, but actually has cheaper MLC NAND inside. The SLC NAND is known to be more reliable.

Intel SSD

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