2011 MacBook Pro’s And Intel’s Light Peak To Debut On Thursday

Update 24th February

Apple has now officially launched its 2011 MacBook Pro’s, full details at the link below.

2011 MacBook Pro Full Specifications

We have already heard a rumor that Apple will unveil its 2011 MacBook Pro’s tomorrow, and now Intel has announced that they will be announcing ‘ a new technology that is about to appear on the market’ on the same day.

This sounds to much of a coincidence that Intel would be unveiling a new technology on Thursday, the same day that Apple is expected to announce the new MacBook Pro’s, so we suspect Intel will be unveiling Light Peak.

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MacDec Transforms Your iMac Into MacBook

If you prefer the layout of your keyboard and mouse on your MacBook rather than the lose side by side layout of your iMac, then a new gadget called MacDec can help you keep your keyboard and Trackpad in place.

The MacDec has been designed by thodio and allows you to simply click your wireless Apple keyboard and your Apple Magic Trackpad into place and enjoy an ergonomic layout as if it were a MacBook Pro. Keeping your keyboard and Trackpad in place using 8 powerful neodymium magnets.


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Vapor Pro iPhone 4 Case

The guys over at Element Case have launched a new case for the iPhone 4, the Vapor Pro case, which has had a few design changes over the previous version, including wider access to ports.

The Vapor Pro case is made from aluminum, and according to the manufacturers it features a ‘special, aerospace polymer section built over the antenna contact points to eliminate “death-grip” issues and improve wi-fi, GPS and 3G  ‘.

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Voxtrot Makes Free Mobile VoIP Calls Without Launching An App

A new Android App was released earlier this week that allows you to make free mobile phone calls directly from your mobile phone over VoIP. Nothing new you might say, there are already apps that allow you to do this!

Well Voxtrot is a little different in its design, as you dont need to re-open the application to make the calls once it has been installed for the first time. Allowing users to call each other using their mobile phones’ data connections without building a new contact list or setting up a username.


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8.9 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming This Summer?

We already know that Samsung has a new Galaxy Tab scheduled to launch later this year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but now it seems that Samsung may have another model up its sleeve.

According to reports from Korean news agency, Yohap News, Samsung is also set to launch a new 8.9 inch version of the Galaxy Tab later this year.

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Netflix Closes 2 Year Deal With CBS To Stream TV Shows

Netflix has closed deal with CBS allowing Netflix to now stream classic TV shows including “Star Trek,” “Cheers,” “Twin Peaks” and “Family Ties”, “The Andy Griffith Show,” and “The Twilight Zone”.

The two-year, non-exclusive deal will now allow Netflix customers to view assorted CBS-owned library through the Netflix service. Terms of the two-year, nonexclusive agreement were not disclosed but CBS has the option to renew the deal, which begins in April, for an additional two years.


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Angry Birds For Android, Full Version Coming Soon

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available on mobile platforms, it has been a huge success for Rovio Mobile on Apple’s iOS platform and also on Google’s Android platform.

The version available on the Android platform is a free version which ic supported by adverts, but it looks like Rovio Mobile will be launching the full version for Android very soon.

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iPhone 5: New Apple Patent Provides More Evidence Of NFC In iPhone 5

We have already seen some evidence that the new iPhone 5 will feature built in NFC capabilities, then we heard that Apple was looking for an NFC engineer for the iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Now the guys over at Patently Apple have uncovered another iPhone patent that leads us to belive that the new iPhone 5 will feature NFC, as you can see in the photo below.

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HP Unveil EliteBook And ProBook Notebooks

HP has unveiled two new models designed towards the business user with the launch of the HP  EliteBook & ProBook notebooks.

The EliteBook models 8460p and 8560p are encased in military-standard metal covers and are available with a number of different hardware specification giving options that include Core i7 quad-core and Core i7, i5 and i3 dual-core processors,together with displays raning from 14″ up to 15.6″. The Elite offers a battery life of up to 32 hours depending on the hardware specification you go for.

HP EliteBook

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Windows 7 SP1 Public Release Now Available To Download

Microsoft has now launched their latest public release Windows 7 Service Pack 1, which will be rolled out through the Windows update service, or can be downloaded via the Microsoft Download Center. Windows 7 SP1 brings with it RemoteFX and improved graphical experiences according to Microsoft.

Beware though that the new update download is nearly 2GB in size and Microsoft suggests that if you are updating just a single computer,  simply turn on the automatic updates and let Windows install the update for you, rather than the fie download option.

Windows 7 SP1

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