BBC Unveils New Homepage Designed For Touchscreen Devices

Today the BBC has unveiled a new beta homepage design specifically designed with touchscreen devices in mind. The new beta version of the BBC homepage launched at 10 am this morning and has been re-designed to make the BBC homepage more relevant to a broader audience, say the BBC.

During the beta phase the BBC will be adding new features tweaking the design and has asked for user recommendations, so if you have any feedback or suggestions you can contact the BBC via email. Even though the new website still carries a beta development tag is its very close to launch. So don’t delay with your feedback or you might miss the boat.

New BBC Website Design

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Urbee 3D Printed Prototype Hybrid Car Getting Closer To Production

Some of our reader will remember the Urbee Hybrid that we showed you last year, it was tipped as the worlds first 3d printer car, and the company behind it has just finished their first prototype of the Urbee.

The guys over at Fast Company got an exclusive look at the finished prototype, which features a 100 percent 3d printed body, and the Urbee is a two passenger, eight horsepower, single cylinder vehicle which is capable or fuel economy up to 200 mpg on the motorway and 100 mpg around town.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 Event October The 4th?

We have been waiting to hear some official word from Apple on when their iPhone 5 event will take place, we were hoping it would be before the end of September, but now according to a recent report Apple’s iPhone 5 event will take place on the 4th of October.

The new comes from the guys over at All Things D, who have recived information which suggests that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will hold the iPhone 5 launch event on Tuesday the 4th of October.

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Click Watches Use Retro Dip And Turn Switches To Create The Ultimate Geeky Timepiece

If you fancy something a little more unique to wear on your wrist to tell the time these fantastic geeky Click Watches incorporating retro dip switches and turn switches might be just the thing.

Click Watches have ingeniously re-used the ‘retro-tronics’ in an innovative way enabling you to control the watch. With each click of the dip or turn switch activating a different digital function on the watch.

Click Watchesp

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musiXmatch Lyrics iOS App Now Supports Spotify and iTunes

If you are one of those people that likes to read the lyrics to songs, but would prefer not to have to search for them on the Internet. You might be pleased to know the new musiXmatch iOS application has launched this month and now brings song lyric support to both iTunes and Spotify. Providing you with access to 5.6 million officially licensed lyrics.

Dubbed as the IMDB for song lyrics by Tech Crunch the musiXmatch application has been downloaded over a one million times and is already available on other platforms including Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.


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Droid Bionic Mod Enables WebTop And HDMI Mirroring In Your Car

An inventive modder has been able to use a rooted Droid Bionic to integrate it into his car media system to enable Netflix streaming, Webtop and HDMI mirroring.

The mod now allows Netflix and other applications to be streamed to all the displays within the car media system and even has Webtop support making it easy to surf the web as well, thanks to the use of standard home dock.

Droid Bionic Mod

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Android MegaPad The 23 Inch Android Device (Video)

Earlier we saw the Padzilla which turns your iPad into a giant iOS device, now it is the turn of Google’s Android OS, with the Android MegaPad, which is basically a 23 inch Android touchscreen device.

The Android MegaPad is the work of Martin Drashkov, and he describes the MegPad as a modern touchscreen computing device, have a look at the video of the MegaPad in action below.

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dockBoss+ Adapter Enables Android, WP7 And BlackBerry Smartphones To Use iOS Connections

A new adapter has been launched this week that will allow owners of Android, WP7 And BlackBerry Smartphones to be able to use the iOS connections on speaker docks ands simpler devices.

The dockBoss+ cable and adapter simply plugs into the micro-USB port and headphone jack on either your Android, WP7 And BlackBerry smartphone and then connects to the 30 pin iOS connection on the speaker dock.


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Windows 8 To Feature Re-engineered Boot Experience (Video)

We have already seen a video of Microsoft’s Windows 8 booting up, which is a lot faster than Windows 7 and other versions of Windows, and now Microsoft has released a new video which gives us more information about Windows 8.

The video belows shows the new Windows 8 boot experience, which has been completely re-designed over previous versions, it certainly looks like i is more user friendly.

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