Modular Repair It Yourself Shoes Could Change Footwear Forever

More than just an out-of the-box approach to footwear, more than just a drab fashion statement, the Repair-It-Yourself (RIY for short) is the embodiment of an idea. Eugenia Morpurgo is not alone when she expresses her wish to take control of the material world around us. What better place to begin than shoes? The RIY are a pair of canvas soles that come with a needle and thread; the whole point is to use the shoes and maintain them. Consider the whole process open rebellion against consumer culture.

RIY shoes

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MSN Direct Kills Spot Watch Service

Way back in the day before smartphones were in just about every pocket, Microsoft and Swatch teamed up on a product called the SPOT watch. These SPOT tech surfaced back in 2004 and used FM signals to get details like sports scores, weather and other stuff right on the watch face.

SPOT watch

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GymPact – Workout or Payup

It’s hard to have time to go to the gym for a lot of folks. My schedule changed about a year ago and I can never find the time these days. If you are trying to get fit in the new year, you might need some incentive that is what GymPact provides.


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Forged In Asgard, The Thor Ice Scraper

Alright, kidding! Kidding! No terrestrial quasi-mythic Nordic entities were responsible for the creation of this handy tool. That was just done to grab attention. But the branding of this novel ice scraper from Quirky is definitely strategic. It was named Thor for a reason–to vanquish the encrusting ice from your car. Okay, fine, so scraping ice doesn’t cut it as an epic task but in this day and age of post-industrial consumerism, epic tasks are best found in video games. (Skyrim!)

Thor ice scraper

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Hoodie Gone Wrong: Wookie Fur Chewbacca Furry Zip

Seen below is an awful example of fashion sense gone wrong. (Jeans? he should have gone with furry pants!) As the saying goes, there’s no accounting for taste. Then again, some people might dig walking around in a Wookie Hoodie–and yes, it’s called the Chewbacca Furry Zip. It’s a hand wash susceptible 100% polyester garment that goes really well with not bathing for a few weeks and speaking in grunts.

Chewbacca Hoodie

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TidyTilt iPhone Smart Cover, Kickstand And Earbud Tidy (video)

If you are a fan of the Smart Cover which was released by Apple to compliment the iPad 2 when it was launched. You might be interested in this neat TidyTilt cover for your iPhone. Which tries to provide the same sort of features the Smart Cover case brings to the iPad 2 on your iPhone.

The TidyTilt attaches to your iPhone also using magnets but you need to attach a metal strip around the edge of your iPhone first. But it does bring some added bonus features, like the ability to now attach your iPhone to any metal surface, such as your fridge or similar. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Classpad Enters Indian Tablet Market To Compete With Budget Aakash Tablet

A new tablet has entered the India tablet market from Classteacher Learning Systems called the Classpad. Which is now looking to give the Aakash $50 budget tablet a little competition. The Aakash has already started well though and has already chalked up 1.4 million pre-orders in just two weeks.

The new Classpad tablet for $140 is priced at nearly three times the cost of the budget Aakash tablet, and can rise to a hefty $265 if you take all the higher specifications.


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Nokia Lumia 800 Headed To Sweden And Denmark Later This Month

It looks like Nokia is getting ready to launch their flagship Windows Phone smartphone in some other European countries this month, the device is already available in the UK, Germany Spain, France, Italy an the Netherlands.

Both Denmark and Sweden will get the Nokia Lumia 800 later this month, with the device launching in Denmark on the 20th of January and in Sweden on the 23rd of January.

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Strain, A Unique Competitive Bio-Engineering Card Game

If you are looking to try something a little different to the mass of digital games out there. Going back to a more old school card game. Strain, a family game of competitive bio-engineering, might bring a unique gaming experience back to your house. Up to seven players can play and the name of the game is to create the mightiest micro-organisms.


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