Dolphin Gesture-Based iPad Browser

If you enjoy using gestures on your iPad you might be interested to know that a new browser has been created that lets you navigate the Web by drawing gestures on your iPad screen.

Created by MoboTap the Dolphin Browser uses nine preloaded gestures for common Web browsing commands. For example, drawing an upper case “G” will open Google Search or a backwards “C” will refresh the website you are currently viewing. But if those don’t suit your Internet surfing and iPad use you can always create your own gestures for the commands you use.

Dolphin iPad Browser

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SkyNET AR.Drone Can Stealthy Fly, Snoop And Hack Your Wi-Fi Network

Yet another threat to your Wi-Fi network has now been created by researches at Stevens Institute of Technology, but rather than using traditional methods this time they have used an AR.Drone and a wireless-network-hunting computer.

Researchers have combined a remote control toy AR.Drone which we have featured many times here on Geeky Gadgets. Together with a computer configured to attack Wi-Fi networks. The new prototype aptly named SkyNet is able to fly near a Wi-Fi connections and hack it ready for use as a botnet.

Network hacking AR DRone

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II To Feature Different Processor (Video)

The new Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone comes with a dual core 1.2GHz processor, and both AT&T and Sprint’s versions of the Galaxy S II come with the Exynos 1.2GHz processor which is made by Samsung.

Now it would appear that the T-Mobile version of the Samsung galaxy S II will feature a different processor to the Exynos chip found in the AT&T and Sprint versions.

Samsung Galaxy S II

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Elasty iPhone 4 Case Is A Cool Design

We have featured a number of different iPhone 4 cases here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is only a design at the moment, and is the work of designer Yoori Koo, but we are hoping some manufacturer decides to make this case as it seems like a cool design.

The Elasty iPhone 4 case features and elasticated flap on the back of the case that could be used to store your headphones and other things, and this would be a really handy case for the iPhone 4.

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MountMe X-Me Allows You To Put Your Gaming Console Anywhere

Have you ever wished you could position your console in awkward places but didn’t quite know how to keep it there? Well MountMe has launched a new gaming console mount that enables you to position your games console practically anywhere you can think of, including the back of your car.

Simply attach the X-Me mounting case where you would like your Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii to be positioned and then strap your console in to place.

Mount Me x-Me

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Asus Eee X101 MeeGo Netbook Now Available

Some of our readers will remember the new Asus Eee X101 MeeGo netbook that was announced back in June, good news if you have been waiting to get your hands on one as it looks like it has just gone on sale in the US.

According to the guys over at Liliputing, the Asus Eee X101 is now available from a number of retailers for $209.99, and it comes with a 10 inch LCD display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

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AT&T Announces Windows Phone 7 Mango Devices

We heard earlier today that Windows Phone 7 Mango could possibly launch as early as this Thursday, and now US mobile operator AT&T has announced its new range of Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphones.

The new Windows Phone 7 Mango devices headed to AT&T include the new HTC Titan, the Samsung Focus S and The Samsung Focus flash, AT&T has also said that they will be updating existing Windows Phone 7 devices to Mango, which include the HTC HD7S,HTC Surround, LG Quantum and the Samsung Focus.

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Ooyala Unveils New Social Service For Publishers To Rent And Sell Premium Video On Facebook (video)

Ooyala has this week rolled out their new Ooyala Social feature to its videos enabling publishers to easily sell or rent their premium video on Facebook.

The new HD-quality Social TV experience called Ooyala Social, now brings video sharing and and viewing to the worlds largest social networking site, Facebook. It allows Facebook users can pay with Facebook credits, PayPal, a credit card or even their mobile phone number, enabling them to rent subscribed  or purchased outright video content directly from Facebook.


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Ear Candy Earphone Concept

If you are a little bored with the traditional styled earphones that are currently on the market you might be interested in these very unique earphones designed by Catherine Wong.

There is not much information or details regards the design inspiration behind these fantastic looking earphones. But the flexibility provided by the jointing within the design is both reminiscent of joint bones and even gives the impression that a small parasite might be about to climb into your ear.

Ear Candy

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coming To Mac

If you are a fan of the Deus Ex series of games you might be pleased to know that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game will be arriving on Mac systems. Feral Interactive hope to release the Mac game towards the end of 2011 early 2012. Its already available on PS3, XBox 360 and PC and has been developed by Eidos-Montreal and published by Square Enix.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still On Sale In Germany Due To Legal Loophole

Last week we heard that Apple’s injunction against Samsung which stopped Samsung selling and importing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been upheld in Germany, although now it would appear that the injunction doesn’t really stop Samsung from importing and selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

According to a recent report by OS News, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still on sale in Germany at a number of retailers, and the ban granted to Apple only covers Samsung Germany and not other divisions of Samsung.

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NBC iPad App Now Streams Full Length TV Shows For Free

NBC has now upgraded its iPad application to stream full episodes and not just clips, which it used to do when the iPad app was first released back in June this year.

The new update now allows users to view all NBC content from their iPads and contains all the same information about NBC shows, schedules, exclusive images, games and some short-form video. But now provides NBC shows, such as 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Community on the iPad without the need for any subscription.

NBC iPad App

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