Angry Birds Hits 6.5 Million Downloads On Christmas Day

Lots of people go a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas, and it seems like the world’s most popular mobile game, Angry Birds, was a hit with new tablet and smartphone owners over the Christmas holidays.

According to a recent report from All Things D, Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds was downloaded more that 6.5 million times on Christmas Day across all platforms which includes Android and Apple’s iOS.

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GreenZero Eco Friendly Chargers, Automatically Eliminate Vampire Power Consumption

Even when your device is not connected to its charger, if the charger is left in the socket it can still draw a fair amount of electricity. Adding to your electric bill and wasting valuable resources.

Bracketon hopes to stop this wasteful process and will be showcasing their new products at CES, that use GreenZero technology. Which detects when your devices are not connected or fully charged, and automatically switches off the socket. Consuming zero power even when still plugged in.

GreenZero Chargers

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Nokia Lumia 900 (Ace) More Specifications Revealed

Earlier today we heard that Microsoft and Nokia will be spending around $100 million on a marketing push for their new Nokia Lumia 900 or Nokia Ace smartphone, and now some more specifications on the device have been revealed.

We know that the Nokia Ace or Nokia Lumia 900 is headed to AT&T, but now it would appear that the device will also bed available outside of the US and it will become Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone device.

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Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker Unveiled By Soundfreaq

Soundfreq has unveiled their new Bluetooth speaker called the Sound Kick that will be showcased at CES later this month. The new Sound Kick speaker has been designed with Sound Kick’s unique XKICK speaker chamber. Which closes and compacts for travel and when required opens and expands for full sound.

The new Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker is expected to start shipping in Spring 2012. Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet.

Sound Kick

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Android 4.0 ICS Update Headed To Transformer Prime January 12th

We just heard that Asus has confirmed that they will provide a bootloader unlock tool for their Transformer Prime tablet, and now we have details on when the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update will be released for the Transformer Prime.

Asus has confirmed that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Transformer Prime will start rolling out on the 12th of January, and it looks like it will be released as an OTA update worldwide.

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Asus Transformer Prime To Get Bootloader Unlock Tool

Asus has now released a full statement on the locked bootloader on their new NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered Android tablet, the Asus Transformer Prime, and it looks like the company has changed their mind on the locked bootloader.

Asus has said that the reason the Transformer Prime came with a locked bootloader was because of Google DRM, and they will now provide an unlock tool for people who want to unlock the bootloader, you can see the statement below.

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Apple Looking To Secure UK Premiership TV Deal?

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, there may be a new bidder in the race to get the rights to the UK’s premiership football rights this year, Apple is reported to be interested in bidding for the premiership rights.

Other bidders will include Sky TV, who currently have the rights to the Premiership after they paid £1.6 billion last year, ESPN and Al Jazeera are also interested.

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Nokia Lumia 900 (Ace) To Launch With $100 Million Marketing Push

We have already seen some photos of what are reported to be the new Nokia Lumia 900 or Nokia Ace, and now some more details have been revealed about when the device will launch.

According to a recent report by Beta News, the Nokia Ace will launch with US mobile carrier AT&T and it is expected to be available in late March, and it looks like Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T have big plans for the Nokia Ace.

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Incredibly Detailed Terran Battlecruiser Rendered In Lego

For the sake of the fanboys out there, seen below is the Hyperion from Star Craft 2. Used to be the ride of that Mengsk guy until Jim Raynor jacked it for his own use. Anyway, seen below is just one among a selection of pics taken by Sven Junga, the passionate enthusiast who lovingly built the Hyperion via a dozen thousand bricks. He even went as far as to include a complement of ground forces. That miniscule Terran Marine just kills!

Battlecruiser Hyperion

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Modular Repair It Yourself Shoes Could Change Footwear Forever

More than just an out-of the-box approach to footwear, more than just a drab fashion statement, the Repair-It-Yourself (RIY for short) is the embodiment of an idea. Eugenia Morpurgo is not alone when she expresses her wish to take control of the material world around us. What better place to begin than shoes? The RIY are a pair of canvas soles that come with a needle and thread; the whole point is to use the shoes and maintain them. Consider the whole process open rebellion against consumer culture.

RIY shoes

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MSN Direct Kills Spot Watch Service

Way back in the day before smartphones were in just about every pocket, Microsoft and Swatch teamed up on a product called the SPOT watch. These SPOT tech surfaced back in 2004 and used FM signals to get details like sports scores, weather and other stuff right on the watch face.

SPOT watch

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