Apple Releases iTunes 10.2.1

Last week Apple released iTunes 10.2 which was getting us ready for the release of iOS 4.3, they have now just released another update to iTunes and the latest version is iTunes 10.2.1.

We have had a look at the release notes for iTunes 10.2.1 and can’t find anything different from the release notes on iTunes 10.2, so maybe Apple had some minor bug fixes to roll out before the release of iOS 4.3.

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64GB iPhone 4 Appears On Video

Yesterday we told you about the 64GB iPhone 4 prototype that had turned up in Hong Kong, and now it seems that we have a hands on video of this yet to be released 64GB iPhone 4.

The guys over at MIC gadget managed to get their hands on this iPhone 4 protoype, and it looks like it may actually be a model from last year as it features a 2010 serial number.

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wEASEL Smartphone Hanger Device And Stand (video)

Taking a slightly different slant on stand design Millennium International Development Corporation have designed and created the wEASEL. A unique smartphone stand and hanger that sticks to the back of your smartphone, allowing you to either stand it in porttrait or landscape modes and hang it via the extending circle cut out on the back.

Watch the video after the jump to see this unique stand and smartphone hanger in action.




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Air Display Arrives In Mac App Stores Allowing Any Mac To Share Displays

We have featured and reviewed the Air Display app that allows you to extend your screen to other iOS devices a number of times over the past months. As new developments in the app have allowed it to progress from iOS devices to PC’s. Now the creators Avatron have announced that their Air Display is available to purchase in the Mac App Store.
Now the Air Display app allows you to use your iPad, iPhone or Mac as a second (or third) monitor with no messy cables or wires.
Air Display For Mac

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Jolicloud Unveils Joli OS 1.2

JoilCloud the great lightweight operating system designed to revive older PC’s and hardware with a new lease of life is now preparing to launch its latest release Joli OS 1.2 which will be available later this week.

As you can see JoliCloud have also changed the name of their operating system to Joli OS 1.2 for this release. Which includes a number of new interesting features, such as a Guest mode, new file browser, continuous desktop experience, auto login and  performance tweaks.

Joli OS

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Microsoft Unveils Power Tips For Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft’s public release candidate version of their Internet Explorer 9 was released on 10th February 2011, the last stage before an official release. But to get both beginners and power users up to speed with the new browser, Microsoft has created a website unveiling tips and tricks for the new Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft has included video’s and four sections to help bring you up to speed. Including : Faster ways to get to a website, Top Keyboard Shortcuts, Changing and managing search providers and managing Add-ons with Internet Explorer 9.


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Foursquare 3.0 Released With New Leaderboard And Explore Features

Late last night Foursquare rolled out their latest update, Foursquare 3.0 which include a number of new features including including check-in recommendations, revamped leaderboard, and new deals for businesses.

The new ‘Explore’ tab has been designed to allow you to tell Foursquare what you are looking for to then allow Foursquare to hep you find the location nearby. The suggestions that Foursquare will then make back to you are based on a large range of factors including:  the places you’ve been, the places your friends have visited, your loyalty to your favorite places, the categories and types of places you gravitate towards, what’s popular with other users, the day of the week, places with great tips, the time of day, and so on.

Foursquare 3

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Samsung Teases 8.9 Inch Galaxy Tab

We heard last week that Samsung has a special event planned for the 22nd of March, and from the information we have heard they are expected to unveil a new 8.9 inch version of their Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

Samsung has now released another teaser photo, which shows a brief  snapshot of the new 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab, which you can see below.

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Experimental URL Hunter HTML 5 Game Uses Browser Address Bar As Gaming Area

Have you ever played a game in the browser address bar? Well a new innovative game called URL Hunter has now taken the gaming area into the browser address bar using HTML 5.

Using the new HTML 5 canvas tags a creative developer named Corey from ProbablyInteractive has now been able to take the game into the browser address bar to created an experimental URL Hunter game to show how powerful HTML 5 can be.

URL Hunter Game

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Latest Google Chrome Update Speeds Things Up (Video)

Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser, this is a stable version of the Beta that was released a few weeks ago, and it brings a range of new features and improvements to Google Chrome.

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser, is designed to be much faster than the previous version, with a 66 percent improvement in JavaScript performance.

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