Mozilla Unveils Its First Stable Web Apps Store (video)

Mozilla has unveiled its first developer release of their new Web App Store which is poised to complete with Google’s Chromes Web App Store when launched. Applications for the new Mozilla Web App Store can be built using HTML5 and Javascript and Mozilla has been kind enough to get developers started in the development process with the release of various application programmable interfaces.

The Web App Store is still currently under development but the release now means that the OWA Application Manifest spec is now stable and ready for developers to start creating applications on it. Check out the brief video after the jump for more details.

Mozilla Web Apps

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Hands On (Photos)

We just got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Ace which was announced back in January, and thought we would show you guys some hands on photos of the Galaxy Ace.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels it comes with Android 2.2 Froyo and features a 5 megapixel camera.

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WebGL 1.0 Specification Finalised And Supported By All Except Microsoft

Yesterday at the Game Developers Conference, San Francisco the Khronos Group today released the final WebGL 1.0 specification to enable hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in HTML5 Web browsers without the need for plug-ins.

The new WebGL 1.0 specification is great news for everyone running Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari but unfortunately if you running Internet Explorer your unfortuanetly not going to be able to benefit from the new specifications. As Microsoft would rather stick with its DirectX-based hardware acceleration rather than the new WebGL 1.0 specification.


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Google Release Android Anti-Fragmentation Library

The fragmentation of Android on older devices has been a problem for developers and Google alike, but with the release of Honeycomb this fragmentation will hopefully come to a stop due to the inclusion of a library built into the software to offer new tools to avoid issues like different screen sizes.

Google has now released this library to older devices running Android 1.6 or later so they can now benefit from the API’s and hopefully help eradicate the fragmentation problem suffered by these older devices.

Android Fragmentation

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iTunes Home Sharing In iOS 4.3

One of the new features in Apple’s latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 4.3 is iTunes Home Sharing, which basically lets you play your iTunes library from any device.

If you iTunes library is stored on your PC or Mac you can now play your iTunes content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over WiFi, and as well as music you can also watch movies and TV shows stored in iTunes.

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EveryAir App Brings PS3 Games To Your iOS Device (video)

If you enjoy playing your PS3 games. How would you now like to play those games on your iPad or iPhone? EveryAir a new app under development from pandaelf Labs together with a little tweaking of hardware and software, allows you to play PS3 games on an iPod, iPhone, and iPad, including GT5 on an iPad.

Watch the video after the break and see how a number of the hurdles with the setup and design of the app designed to play PS3 games on a touch screen device have been overcome. To overcome the lack of controller of iOS devices a number of controls for games being mapped to gestures on the iOS devices.

pandaelf Labs GT5

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Samsung To Improve Galaxy Tab 10.1 To Compete With Apple’s iPad 2

Samsung announced their new larger screened Android tablet last month, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but now it looks there may be some changes to this new Galaxy Tab after the recent announcement of the new iPad 2.

Samsung have said that they intend to improve on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and this could also mean a price drop as well, as Samsung will obviously be looking to compete with the new iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablets To Launch In 2012?

We recently heard a rumor that Microsoft would be demoing some Windows 8 tablets some time in June, but it looks like Microsoft wont actually launch any Windows 8 based tablets until next year.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft are currently working on updating Windows 7 to Windows 8, and in the process are attempting to make their operating system more friendly for touch screens and tablets.

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Blizzard Holds Back World Of Warcraft Firelands Raid Until 4.2 Patch

Blizzard has announced today that it will not be releasing the expected World Of Warcraft Firelands Raid in the up and coming 4.1 Wow patch, but will now hold it back until 4.2 is released later this year.

Bizzard explained their decision to the Eurogamer website in an interview at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. With Blizzard stating that they thought players within WoW were not not sufficiently advanced enough through the raid content from the third expansion Cataclysm which was released in December, to handle the challenge of the new Firelands Raid. Ouch!

World Of Warcraft Firelands Raid

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Star Wars 3D Coming In February 2012

Back in September, Lucasfilm announced that they would be releasing the Star Wars saga in 3D in 2012, at the time of the announcement we weren’t given any specific date in 2012.

Now it looks like the first Star Wars 3D movie will hit the theaters in the US on the 10th of February 2012, and as we mentioned previously the first Star Wars to be released in 3D will be the Phantom Menace.

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