Modern Warfare 3 Tested By Glitchers

While some game companies are outsourcing QA to the cheapest backwater they can find, Infinity Ward is apparently flying in career glitchers and exploiters to help with this year’s money printer, Modern Warfare 3. “mapMonkeys are a community of gamers who have become infatuated with discovering and sharing glitches, exploits, tricks, and strategies found in the video games they play,” in their own words.

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Panasonic Toughbook H2 Rugged Tablet Computer Debuts

If you are in a business where you are out in the field working all the time or manage field workers that need a computer that is rugged and easy to use when standing up the new Panasonic Toughbook H2 tablet might be perfect. The machine is a rugged tablet PC that runs Windows for the operating system. The machine has an Intel Core i5-2557M vPro processor running at 1.7GHz.

Panasonic H2 Tablet

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Wish Fulfilling Girl Gamer Necklaces Selling For Cheap

Okay, not ‘cheap’ but affordable. So over at Etsy, fount of many wonders, is a small outfit called Deadly Pretty Designs. What they specialize in are necklaces bearing gaming icons, like Lara Croft for example. Wouldn’t you want Lara Croft hanging around your neck? To be honest, dear old Lara is too blingy for our tastes, but the game controller themed items are to die for, dahling.

Batman Necklace

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Why The SKA Radio Telescope Is The Most Awesome On Earth

When it’s constructed , of course. It’s all a matter of infrastructure. Physical infrastructure that adds to the total cost of $2.1 billion. The money’s about ready, but construction is schedule to begin at an undisclosed date. Though the deadline is 2020. By 2020, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope will be operational and processing 1.5 petabytes of data. That’s no joke as it’s bigger than the internet. So what’s the SKA for? Searching for alien life and other great quests like dark matter, etc.

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HP TouchPad 4G For AT&T Announced

AT&T and HP have announced the HP TouchPad 4G, and it will come with a faster processor than the original HP TouchPad, the original HP TouchPad featured a 1.2GHz processors, whilst the new AT&T HP TouchPad 4G will feature a 1.5GHz processor.

Other specifications on the HP TouchPad 4G include a 9.7 inch Touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, plus 512MB of RAM and it will come with 32GB of built in storage.

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BlackBerry App World Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

RIM has announced that their BlackBerry App World platform has now reached a total of 1 billion downloads, and that BlackBerry owners are now downloading over 3 million apps per day.

BlackBerry launched their App World just over two years ago, and users in 100 countries around the world can download applications from the platform.

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RIM Prepares To Launch 7 New Smartphones This Year

In an attempt to turn the tide on RIM’s current dwindling business and recover from the failed launch of their Blackberry Playbook which has now been shelved. RIM is now focusing on redesigning their Blackberry smartphone handsets with the announcement at an annual RIM meeting yesterday that RIM will be launching seven new smartphones this year.

The seven new phones will be rolling out over the next few months and will come equipped with a totally brand new operating system according to RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie.

BlackBerry Bold 9900

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Amazon Kindle 3G AT&T Sponsored Version Announced For $139

Amazon already launched an sponsored version of their WiFi Kindle earlier in the year which is available for a reduced price and comes with adverts, and now they have also announced a 3G spored version of the Kindle 3, called the Kindle 3G with Special Offers.

The Kindle 3G with Special Offers comes with a data connections from US mobile carrier AT&T,m and there are no monthly fees or connection charges for the connection, instead the new Kindle 3G with Special Offers is supported by adverts, and it will retail for $139.

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Star Wars: The Blueprints, Limited Edition Book Contains 500 Spacecraft, Building & Robot Blueprints

If you are a true Star Wars fan you might like to get your hands on one of these limited edition Star Wars : The Blueprints books of which only 5,000 are being produced and individually numbered.

The newly released book, Star Wars: Blueprints weighs a massive 35 lbs and contains 500 blueprints of spaceships, buildings and robots from the Star Wars movies, direct from the Lucas film archives, and reproduce in a large format volume.

Star Wars Blueprints Book

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Nokia Releases New Symbian Anna Demo (Video)

Nokia has released a new promo video which shows off some of the new features in the latest version of Symbian, Symbian Anna, which is expected to be released to existing Nokia Symbian devices in August.

Nokia Symbian Ann is already shipping on new Nokia Symbian devices like the Nokia X7, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Sony S2 Tablet Will Be AT&T Exclusive In The US

Sony’s new S2 tablet will be arriving as an exclusive with AT&T in the US its been announced today. The new S2 tablet is Sony’s new dual screen, foldable tablet which will be arriving later this year, and was first showcased back in April this year.

The Sony S2 tablet is equipped with a dual 5.5-inches displays with a resolution of 1024 × 480 which then unfold to combine and create one large screen and will be powered by a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and run Android 3.0 Honeycomb.


Sony S2 Tablet

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