Upcoming Tribes Ascend Will Blow Your Misgivings Away

There are more than a few hardcore gamers out there who have a soft spot for the Tribes franchise. If you’ve never heard of Tribes before, better catch up on the game’s history because you’re missing a lot. Before Battlefield 1942 and its succeeding installments brought team based multiplayer FPS to a new level, Tribes allowed nerd-warriors to battle it out across infernal maps from land, space, and air.

Tribes Ascend

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Pallet Coaster Lets You Liquor Up In Style

When it comes to drinking liquor, much of the pleasure comes from the surrounding ambiance. More than how it burns as it slides down your throat and warms your stomach, the accompanying rituals and ceremony multiplies the pleasure a few times over. Enter the Pallet Coaster. Pallets usually come in larger varieties used at nearby warehouses. This time it’s been shrunk to accommodate your glass.

Pallet Coaster

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

Samsung announced their latest budget Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace back in January, and we have just been testing the Galaxy Ace for the last week, and now it is time for our Samsung Galaxy Ace Review.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with Android 2.2 Froyo, and it has just recently gone on sale in the UK, it comes with a range of features you would expect too see in a more expensive smartphone.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play UK Launch Date, 31st March

We have been waiting to find out when Sony Ericsson’s new gaming smartphone would be available, and now it looks like the Xperia Play will go on sale in the UK on the 31st of March.

Sony has announced that the Xperia Play will come with six games installed at launch and it will be available to UK customers from Thursday the 31st of March, although they still haven’t confirmed any pricing.

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iPad 2 Benchmarks Are Impressive

Yesterday we saw the new iPad 2 get taken apart and now the guys over at Anandtech have run some benchmarks on the new iPad 2, to see if it lives up to Apple’s claims of two times more processing power and nine times more graphics power than the original iPad.

It seems that the new iPad 2 has some impressive graphics performance, as you will see in the benchmarks below, and whilst is isn’t quite up to the nine times faster graphics Apple claimed it certainly is a lot faster than the original iPad and also the Motorola Xoom.

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Peugeot XB1 Concept Trike Is The Sexiest Of Its Kind

Short-range transports are the quiet revolution shaping the automobile business these days. No surprise then that various scooters, tricycles, and even unicycles have been getting a lot of coverage here at Geeky gadgets lately. Though its configuration is familiar, a design team commissioned by Peugeot had a hyper-futuristic take on the tricycle that’s uniquely French—elegant and stylish.

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The Takara Tommy Beer Hour Is Beyond Words

A pitcher of beer is what’s often used to fill up a cold mug. But what do you call a gadget that lets you pour beer from a can better than, uh, pouring beer from a can? Yes folks, an invention like this can only come from Japan, where you buy gadgets for things that don’t even need gadgets.

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