Demolition Robots Deployed In Japan Danger Zone

They don’t come equipped with laser guns, but they do pack a lot of strength. News has just arrived indicating a significant deployment of remote-controlled bots in Japan’s stricken Fukushima area. It’s like Fallout 3 over there so no surprise the heavy equipment involved in the clean up skirts the bleeding edge of high-tech. Their job? To demolish stuff, actually.

Husqvarna robots

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Nokia Lumia 800 And Lumia 710 Windows Phone Devices To Be Announced Today

Yesterday we heard that the rumored Nokia 800, which is said to share a similar design to the Nokia N9, would be called the Nokia Lumia 800, and now it looks like Nokia will also unveil another Windows Phone smartphone at today’s Nokia World which takes place in London.

The other Windows Phone smartphone from Nokia will be called the Nokia Lumia 710, which was previously know as the Nokia Sabre, and both devices are expected to be available in Europe from next month.

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HP Testing Windows 8 On TouchPad?

HP decided to kill off the HP TouchPad recently, and sold the webOS tablet at a discounted price of $100, and now it would appear that HP may have other plans for the HP TouchPad tablet.

According to a recent report, HP are testing out Microsoft’s new Windows 8 OS, which is designed to work on both PCs and tablets on the HP TouchPad, and HP could be thinking about resurrecting the TouchPad as a Windows 8 devices.

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Apple Wins ‘Slide To Unlock’ Patent

Apple has won another patent in the US, a patent for the gesture ‘slide to unlock’ which is used on the iPhone and also millions of Android and other smartphones around the world.

The patent lists iOS boss Scott Forstall as one of the designers, as well as Apple engineers Imran Chaudhri, Bas Ording, Freddy Allen Anzures, Marcel Van Os, Stephen O. Lemay and Greg Christie., and the patent was filed back in 2005, the original iPhone debuted in 2007.

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Holy Sky Captain! Check Out This Nuclear-Powered Flying Airport

Better known as an Air Cruiser, it’s supposed to do the grunt flying for smaller aircraft—by flying permanently! Apparently the aviation scene if full of oddball but really awesome concepts like this. The Air Cruiser has gone into some vogue after a leading online publication revealed a few gentlemen entranced with the idea. Seen below is an artist’s rendition that looks like a cross between a morbidly obese jumbo jet and a Star Destroyer. Yikes!

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Amazon Making Millions More Kindle Fire Tablets To Meet Demand

Yesterday we heard a rumor that Amazon were taking around 50,000 pre-orders per day on their new $199 Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the company could end up selling up to 5 million Kindle Fire’s by the end of the year.

Now Amazon has confirmed that there has been huge demand for the Kindle Fire, and that they are making ‘millions more’ Kindle Fire tablets than they had originally planned.

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Build It Already! Solar Ship Joins The Airship Craze

Since every industry is preoccupied with trends, it comes as no surprise that airships have come into vogue among the aviation-inclined once more. The Solar Ship from Canada’s Solar Ship (what?) is a solar-powered energy-efficient flying machine that doesn’t register high in the sexy scale (a place reserved for the F22 Raptor) but is actually quite feasible. It’s also rugged and slow enough for the passenger to take nice photos (see below).

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Rotundus Outs GroundBot For Rugged Surveillance Purposes (Video)

Not really surprising since we always though it was only a matter of time before someone made a robot shaped like a ball. It’s a no-brainer, really. Seen below is the GroundBot from Swedish company Rotundus, who are further evidence that Swedes are big on robotics these days. It’s an unmanned ground vehicle that’s highly modular and an all-terrain badass to boot. Hit the jump for the whole scoop.

Rotundus Groundbot

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Griffin Freak Show Halloween iPod touch Cases Debut

Halloween is next week and if you are still in the decorating zone you have time to get a new case for your iPod touch to celebrate the spooky holiday in style. Griffin has unveiled a new line of cases for the iPod touch called Freak Show. The cases will fit the fourth gen touch and have cutouts for controls.

Griffin Freak Show

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New Capacitive Touchscreen Works With Gloved Hands

A new touchscreen has been developed by SMK Corp that will allow users to navigate on the touchscreen even while their hands are gloved. SMK overcame the problem not by modifying how a capacitive touchscreen works, but by adding a secondary detection solution to enable users to use gloved hands.

The new screen detection system has been developed by SMK using a new chip that supports high-sensitivity detection and improved detection sensitivity. It does this by employing a sensor panel structure that has a high resistance to noise to prevent malfunctions caused by noise. Enabling it to detect a gloved hand through 1.5mm thick screen resin.

Gloved Hand Capacitive Screen

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Minecraft Console Edition Will Be Xbox 360 Exclusive

If you were hoping to play the console edition of Minecraft on either your PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii console you might be a little disappointed. As Markus “Notch” Persson has confirmed via his Twitter feed today that the console version of Minecraft, will be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console.

The new Xbox 360 console version of the game will be arriving on Xbox Live in the spring of 2012 and will be available to play at  MineCon. The Minecraft fan event taking place in Las Vegas on November 18th and 19th. You can view the quick E3 Xbox 360 trailer after the jump.

Minecraft Xbox 360

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