DIY NeoVictorian Cellphone Looks Like it Came From The Fallout 3 Universe

Want to guess where it’s currently selling? More on that later. Seen below is an outdated cellphone model resurrected in a bulky new case. The aesthetic we’re looking at here is dubbed ‘Neovictorian’ or steampunk if you want to push it. An awfully styling cell like this puts most of those 80s monstrosities to shame. And smartphones? Pfttt. In the apocalyptic wastes of tomorrow, gadgets like this are essential.

Neovictorian phone

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Space Junk Around Earth Out of Control

This is a story of human beings being good at what they do best, that is, polluting their surroundings. Such folly is found in space as well, since right now there’s a whole lot of junk orbiting our planet, most of it man made stuff from space programs in the last 50 years. This awful case of Kessler Syndrome needs to be resolved, so great minds are now coming together to think up a solution even if NASA has no money, no means for additional space launches, and Russian Soyuz rockets are’t going anywhere for the next few months.

Space Debris 02

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New Smartphone App Lets Users Rent Out Toilets (Video)

Since the app universe is an exciting and unpredictable place, the idea for this Cloo isn’t really surprising. The weird part is the sales pitch on its official page. It actually expects the person who’ll be paying to use someone else’s toilet to turn ‘a stranger’s loo into a friend’s of a friend’s loo. Creepy!



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Philips Rolls Out Advanced Sonicare Dental Weapon

Okay, fine. It’s not a genuine ‘dental weapon’ but a shiny new spin on the battery-powered toothbrush that’s supposed to take over flossing duties. Since modern science is generally preoccupied with defeating bacteria–the unseen bogeyman more insidious than cancer or any other disease–Philips has now set its sights on what’s thriving between your teeth. Say hello to Sonicare.

Philips Airfloss

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Scientists Develop Chemical Agent That Causes Invisibility

Sweet Harry Potter, invisibility! Not invisibility in the traditional fantasy sense, just a transparent transformation that’s remarkable. A century since H.G. Wells shocked readers with The Invisible Man, scheming minds reading this article are probably thinking how they can get their hands on this stuff. Take heed, however, since it has not been tested on humans.

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Toshiba Unveils New Camcorders at IFA 2011

Toshiba unlived three new and compact camcorders at IFA 2011 today. They share some of the same features and have a few key differences as well. The cameras include the Camileo Clip, X200, and X400 cameras. The X200 and X400 have lots of zoom with 12x optical and 23x respectively. The Clip has 10x zoom.

Camileo Clip

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iPhone 5 Case Hints At Thinner Design

We have been hearing a number of rumors about the new iPhone 5 over the last few months, one of those is that it would feature a thinner design than the existing iPhone 4, we have also heard that it would feature a larger display.

Now the guys over at Macitynet have got their hands on what is reported to be a new case for the iPhone 5, and the photo below shows the iPhone 5 case with an iPhone 4 inside it, which gives us some idea of the size of the new iPhone 5 compared to the existing iPhone 4.

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Pogoplug Mobile Streams Content To Your Tablet or Smartphone

Pogoplug has launched a new gadget, the Pogoplug mobile, which is a device that is connected to your home network, you can then stream music, videos and photos direct to your smartphone or tablet.

The device will also stream your content over the Internet, so you can use it when you are away from home, and you favourite tunes and videos can be stored on hard droves, USB drives and SD cards.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 And Galaxy Note Not Coming To The US?

Yesterday Samsung announced a number of new products, which included the new Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which we were expecting to go on sale in the US as well as Europe.

Now according to a recent report from the guys over at GottaBeMobile, Samsung has ‘no plans’ to launch these two new devices in the US, according to a Samsung representative who spoke to Xavier Lanier from GottaBeMobile.

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Samsung Wave 3 Bada 2.0 Smartphone Gets Official

Here is another new Samsung device which we missed from the other day, the Samsung Wave 3, which is a new Samsung Bada OS 2.0 device, and it will come with a 4 inch WVGA Super AMOLED Display.

Processing on  the Samsung Wave 3 comes from a 1.4GHz processor and it features a 5 megapixel camera on the back with auto-focus and an LED flash, plus a VGA camera up front for video chat.

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Sony Launches Sony Entertainment Network

Sony has launched the Sony Entertainment network, which is basically a combination of all Sony’s online services in one place, which includes music, games, and movies.

The new SEN is made of up Sony’s PlayStation network, and its online msuic and video streaming services, and the SEN offers over 10 million music tracks as well as TV channels and movies which can be accessed from the PS3, Sony PC’s, Bravia TVs and Sony’s Android devices.

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