Mozilla And Google Sign New Deal For Firefox Search

We heard a while ago that the deal between Mozilla and Google had come to an end, and now Mozilla has announced that they have signed a new deal and Google will continue to be the default search engine on Firefox.

The two companies have signed a new three year deal, which is good new for Mozilla, as the income from Google is reported to make up a high percentage of Mozilla’s revenue.

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Google Activating 700,000 Android Devices Every Day

The last time we had some figures from Google, the company said they were activating more than 550,000 Android devices per day, and now Google’s Andy Rubin has released some new details.

According to Andy Rubin, Google are now activating more than 700,000 Android devices per day, which works out at around 22 million Android devices activated per month.

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Mobile Tracking Blocker SilentPocket Perfect For The Paranoid

Always been afraid of Big Brother? Concerned about your privacy in this age of corporate ubiquity? Fear no more–or at least fear less–as the nefarious powers that be can be blocked from tracking your movements. It’s called the SilentPocket and what it does is block the RFID signal from your phone, rendering it untraceable. But wait, because the SilentPocket from Mia Mobi isn’t some one off. it’s actually a whole line of small bags for a variety of outfits.


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Would You Guest On A Pedal Powered Talk Show? (Video)

With rare exception, talk shows are often dreadful affairs. Too celebrity oriented, weighed down by treacly wholesomeness, with prominent guests from other fields merely skirting the heart of serious issues. Not to be unnecessarily harsh, but the subtle art of the one-on-one intie has gone downhill since Frost/Nixon. Anyway, seen below are a couple of blokes from Portland, Oregon moving about in the Pedal Powered Talk Show. It’s really a bicycle concept that puts a grass roots spin on the usual glitzy affairs that grace television screens.

Bike Show

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Archos 70b Tablet Gets Official for $199

The Archos 70b tablet was spied getting some of the approvals it needs not too long ago. Today the tablet has gone official with the tablet getting the full unveil. It runs Android 3.2 Honeycomb for the operating system. The tablet is a 7-inch screen and replaces the old Archos 70.

Archos 70b

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Bacteria Alert! Fascinating Microbes Found Encased In Lava Ice (Video)

If the title upstairs struck you as odd, don’t fret. Here’s the full scoop. Deep in the Cascade Mountains, hidden far below a fearsome lava tube, a hunk of rock encrusted with ice was found to be inhabited by bacteria. It’s further proof that bacteria, long associated as the bane of consumer products, are the most fascinating organism in our world (and beyond). So fascinating, that they can give clues as to what our species might find on Mars.

Lava Flow

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Prototype Asterisk Robot From Japan Has Got Mad Moves (Video)

Gotta hand it to Japanese engineers. Sluggish economy or not, they still put in the hours to develop new types of robots. Seen here is Asterisk, which named after its shape, a six-limbed  insectoid prototype that’s being tweaked at the Arai Robotics Lab. Japan needs its robots though. As an industrialized country prone to unforseen calamities and burdened by a graying population, the assistance of intelligent machines is a viable alternative to a flood of migratory workers. Besides, Ghost In The Shell practically laid down a blue print for a future Japan back in the 1990s.

Asterisk Robot

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AOC’s iPhone Dock Display, Plays Media Directly From Your iOS Device

This week AOC have launched a new product to their range of displays that comes equipped with a handy iPhone dock built in. The new AOC e2343Fi features a dock which is positioned in the centre of the stand just under the screen and supports both iPhones and iPods.

The AOC e2343Fi is equipped with a 23 inch widescreen display and comes fitted with a pair of SRS Premium Sound speakers. The dock enables you to play video directly from your iOS devices without the need for additional cables or software.

AOC e2343Fi

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SpotiLast Builds Spotify Playlists Using Your History

We have featured a number of different ways here on Geeky Gadgets to allow you to easily create Spotify Playlists. But a new creation now looks to use your history to take the pain out of Spotify playlist creation. SpotiLast has not been built by either Spotify or but uses their API scripts to connect SpotiLast to both music services.


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Gameloft Launches GT Racing: Motor Academy On Google+ (video)

This week Gameloft has started a partnership with Google and launched its new game on to Google’s Google+ Social Network. Gameloft’s new GT Racing: Motor Academy is now available to play via Google+, and is the first 3D HTML5 racing title to offer a fully immersive racing experience on the platform.

GT Racing: Motor Academy includes over 26 manufacturers and 111 licensed cars to buy, drive and upgrade, featuring the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, and top of the line Ferrari models to name a few. Enabling drivers from all over the world to compete against each other using the game’s multiplayer options. Watch the video after the jump to see GT Racing: Motor Academy in action.


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