Invoked Computing Turns Every Day Objects Into Computer Interfaces (Video)

Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan are working on something they call Invoked Computing, the idea behind it is that any object can be turned into a computer interface.

As you will see in the video below, an interface is projected onto a pizza box, and then the interface can be interacted with, and they are working to develop the system further.

Invoked Computing Turns Every Day Objects Into Computer Interfaces
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RumbaTime Go, The Cashless Payment Watch (Video)

A number of companies are developing NFC based payments systems, like Google with their Google Wallet, and the majority of these systems use smartphones, and now another company has come up with the idea of using your watch you make cashless payments.

RumbaTime is developing the RumbaTime Go, which is a watch with an NFC cashless payment chip built in, and the device also acts as a medical id bracelet in case of emergency.

RumbaTime Go

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Sub $299 NVIDIA Tegra 3 Tablets To Launch Six Months After Release?

A number of manufacturers have recently released details about their new NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered tablets, which include Asus with the new Transformer Prime, and a few others.

Many of these Tegra 3 tablets are expected to retail for around $499 plus, but now according to NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsus Huan, we could possibly start to see cheaper Tegra 3 tablets around 6 months after the release of the first ones.

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Tascam iM2 High Quality iOS Stereo Microphone Unveiled

Today Tascam have unveiled their latest iOs creation in the form of the new Tascam iM2 iOS Stereo Mic, designed to be used with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The small Tascam iM2 microphone connects to your Apple devices dock/sync port and is equipped with a pair of condenser microphones. The same ones which are included in Tascam’s high quality best-selling DR-series recorders and can handle up to 125dB SPL sounds.

Tascam iM2

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Apple’s Siri Used To Control Your House Temperature (Video)

We recently head that Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri, had been cracked and was capable of running on virtually any device, which include Google’s Android devices.

Now developer and iPhone hacker @plamoni has been working to get Siri to work with other connected devices, and has created a proxy server which allows him to set up Siri with some new functions, one of which you can see working in the video below.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Headed To Verizon December 8th?

Last week we heard that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus may be launching in the US with Verizon Wireless on the 21st of November, which is today, and if it was due to launch by today we would have heard something by now, but there has still been no official word from Verizon.

Now we have another possible launch date of the 8th of December, according to a recent picture posted on Twitter which is supposed to be from Verizon’s internal inventory system.

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Amazon Offers Prime Customers Free Music For Longer Delivery Times

If you are an Amazon Prime customer and may not require your deliveries within 2 days. You could now benefit from some free music being offered by Amazon to its Prime customers.

Amazon has this week launched a new option for its Prime customers which allows you to select a longer shipping schedule of 5-7 days. Doing so will then provide you with a $1 credit to spend on music at Amazon’s MP3 Store.

Amazon free music for longer deliveries

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Printrbot 3D Printer Kit For Hits Kickstarter For Just $499 (video)

If you have a few ideas that you would like to put through a 3D printer but the cost of purchasing your own printer has put you off. Then you might be interested in a new 3D Printer kit called the Printrbot that has just started its journey from concept to manufacture over on the Kickstarter website.

Printrbot is available in a number of different versions and is packaged as full kit with everything you need for just $499. Or available for $199 if you are willing to supply your own electronics or even just $75 which for the 3D printer components, allowing you to create everything else. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Printrbot 3D Printer

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ported To Samsung Galaxy S II And LG Optimus 3D (Video)

Samsung has already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II will be getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, although this will probably be released some time before the end of the year or by the early part of 2012.

Last week Google released the source code for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and now the first ports are appearing with the Samsung Galaxy S II and the LG Optimus 3D getting Android 4.0 ports, which can be seen in the videos below.

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