Kingston urDrive Transforms USB Drives Into Active Storage (video)

Fancy adding a little extra power to your standard USB drive? Well Kingston have unveiled their new urDrive software which is available to download for free and can be installed on any existing USB drive to add active storage functionality.

Kingston urDrive transforms  USB drives from passive storage to engaged, active storage allowing you to access and organise their personal files, photos, music, games and videos. Watch the video after the jump to see the Kingston urDrive in action.

Kingston urDrive

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Google Rolls Out Improved New Look, Chrome Web Store

Google has this week rolled out a new interface design for its Chrome Web Store, making it much more enjoyable to navigate and easier to find exactly what you are looking for within the extensions store.

The new improved design provides a grid layout for the Chrome Web Store offerings and by mousing over any will provide a little extra information, ratings and a button allowing you to quickly install it is required. Clicking on the mouse over area will trigger a window to appear with more information about the particular app.

Chrome Web Store

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TILT MacBook Pro Cooling Stand (video)

Two brothers Spencer & Clinton with over 20 years of combined experience in design & mechanical engineering are looking to launch their new MacBook Pro cooler called the TILT, and have started their journey over on the Kickstarter website.

If you own a MacBook Pro you will already know how hot the underneath of the laptop can get. The brothers have designed the TILT to help reduce your laptops heat and retain the “cool” look of your MacBook Pro in the process, creating the first cooling stand specifically designed & engineered for the aluminium unibody MacBook Pro. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

The TILT Stand For MacBook Pro

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Google+ Will Soon Integrate With Blogger

Google has announced this week that it will soon be rolling out Google+ integration for users of its Blogger service. When you log in to Blogger  in draft mode at the top a new message is shown stating “Connect Blogger to Google+”. However Google says they are now rolling the integration out to all regular Blogger user interfaces within the next couple of weeks.

Google Blogger

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3M CP45 Camcorder Projector Announced (Video)

3M has announced its latest pocket projector, although the new model is more than just a pocket projector as it is capable of recording video and snapping photos, the 3M CP45 Camcorder Projector.

The 3M CP45 is capable of recording HD video in 720p and it can also shoot 5 megapixel still photos, the images and videos that you have recorded can then be projected up to a 65 inch image size.

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Amazon Kindle Fire To Be This Years Most Popular Android Tablet?

Amazon’s first tablet will go on sale next month, and recent reports have suggested that Amazon’s have been selling around 50,000 of the tablet per day to pre-order customers, which could mean that Amazon would end up selling around 5 million Kindle Fire tablets by the end of the year.

We recently heard from Google’s Andy Rubin, that there were around 6 million Android tablets out there, this includes all manufacturers, with tablets running both Android Honeycomb and also Android Gingerbread.

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Tron Inspired Tokyoflash Kisai Seven Watch

If you are a fan of Tron then this Tron inspired Kisai Seven watch created by Tokyoflash and designed by Scott Galloway, a creative fan of Tokyoflash watches from the UK, will definitely be worth checking out.

The Kisai Seven watch incorporates two pulsating rings of light which form the dials of the watch and give the Tron styling using LED lights which also extend down both sides of the watch strap. You may have already guessed but the two rings indicate the hour and minutes and make reading the time easy even at a glance.


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Nokia Windows Phone Devices May Not Land In The US Until 2012?

Nokia’s CEO Steven Elop is expected to unveil Nokia’s first Windows Phone smartphones at the Nokia World 2011 conference which takes place in London tomorrow and Thursday, and we are expecting to see at least two or three Nokia Windows Phone devices.

We previously heard that Nokia would start selling their new Windows Phone smartphones before the end of the year, although Nokia have been quite vague on which countries would get the devices this year.

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Motorola Xoom, RAZR, Bionic To Get Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update

We heard recently that Motorola would be releasing the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Xoom, and now Motorola has confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich is headed to the Xoom, as well as some other of their devices.

According to Motorola, the Droid RAZR, and the Droid Bionic will get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, six weeks after Google releases the software, and they have also said that they will confirm other devices shortly which will also be getting the update.

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HTC Radar 4G Lands On T-Mobile 2nd November

We recently heard that HTC latest Windows Phone smartphone, the HTC Radar would be headed to T-Mobile in the US as the HTC Radar 4G, and now T-Mobile has confirmed the device will be available from the 2nd of November on their network.

The HTC Radar 4G will be available for $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate when you sign up to a new two year contract with T-Mobile, and it comes with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

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Apple’s New Apple TV Being Led By iTunes Creator?

We have been hearing rumors for some time that Apple are working on their own Apple TV, not the Apple TV set top box that you can buy for $99, but a HDTV with a range of integrated services.

Yesterday we heard that the new Apple TV could be Steve Jobs final one more thing, in an excerpt from his biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs actually talked about an Apple TV, and said that he had finally cracked it.

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