Ess Lack Edible Spray Paint Colors Your Food Yummy

Ever wanted to give your food a magical sheen for whatever reason appeals to you? Aspire no more because a German company has just outed a new line of spray paint that, well, paints your food your way. Be it silver, gold, metallic red, or chrome blue the Ess Lack line delivers an unbelievable sheen to whatever is served in your dining table.

Ess Lack

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Backyard Party Anywhere With Carson Portable Rotisserie (Video)

Iron Man can suck it. While Tony Stark can carry his metal suit in an attache case, we doubt he can use it to barbecue stuff. Enter the latest portable meat cooker/rotisserie from Carson, a company that specializes in such clever gadgets. Not only is it lightweight, but it has got space inside for seven luscious barbecues cooking above the infernal flames at its bottom. Hungry now?

Carson Rotisserie

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Ion Cannon Could Be Used To Destroy Space Debris

Okay, fine. So Ion Cannons aren’t happening any time soon. Besides, unless China builds a working Star Destroyer knock off, it won’t have a viable use. That doesn’t mean giant lasers with incredible range will never come to be. Aerospace today might not be a frantic as it once was, but fast developing fields are still eliciting much excitement. Other than commercialized space flight, a lot of scientists and engineers are trying to solve our chronic space debris problem.

Ion Cannon

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Küat Racks Bottle Lock Keeps Your Bike Subtly Secure

There are a lot of options available these days for people who want to protect their beloved bikes. The most popular is to lock your bike after it’s parked somewhere. The Küat bottle lock goes a bit further by adding a bit of camouflage to the process. See, it’s a bottle-shaped container that locks down a steel cable. Really clever, huh? You can’t drink from t though. The reason explained after the jump.
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Samsung To Launch Smartphones With Flexible Displays In 2012

We have been hearing rumors for a while now that Samsung has been working on some smartphones that will come with a flexible display, and now Samsung has confirmed that the company plans to launch devices with flexible displays in 2012.

Samsung announced this during their recent earnings call, and Samsung’s Robert Yi hasd the following to say about Samsung’s new flexible display technology.

Samsung To Launch Smartphones With Flexible Displays In 2012

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2013 Electric DeLorean In Action (Video)

Some of readers will remember the new electric DeLorean that was announced recently, the car which was originally made famous by the Back To the Future movies will go on sale in 2013 powered by an electric engine.

Now we get to see our first video of the DeLorean EV in action, although the video is shot from the inside of the car, so we don’t get a good look at the outside, but we all know what that looks like.

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Marvel At This Complex Time Twister Lego Clock

This is another one of those really impressive Lego projects that reaffirms your faith in the ubiquitous blocks. Dubbed the Time twister, this latest build from Hans Andersson is an elaborate timepiece that gives out the time in layers that print the digits. Simply looking at the details gives you an idea of the perfectionism that no doubt played a huge role in this clock’s creation. Check out the video after the jump.

Time Twister

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