MetalDock Right Angle iPhone Dock

Bracketron has unveiled a new addition to their range of products in the form of the MetalDock which has been designed as a minimalist iPhone 4/4S docking station. As you might expect with a name like MetalDock the docking station is constructed from solid metal, and allows you to stand or lye your iPhone in landscape orientation whilst connected.


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RIM Announces The BlackBerry Curve 9320

We have been hearing about the new BlackBerry Curve 9320 over the last few weeks, RIM’s latest smartphone is now official and it comes with BlackBerry OS 7.1 and features a 2.44 inch display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 features a QWERTY keyboard and comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, there is also a microSD card slot, a 1,450 mAh battery and an FM radio.

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Google Enhances Gmail Google+ Notifications For Users

This week Google have rolled out a new update that makes Google+ Gmail notifications a lot more useful, when keeping up to date with your Google+ streams and friends. In the past all a notification from Google+ would allow you to do would be to vie the content and follow a link to the post.

Now Google has added a wealth of new features, to help you control and manage your Google+ stream. Allowing you to now view, comment on, and +1 Google+ posts from inside your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Google

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Touchtype iPad Apple Wireless Keyboard Case (video)

If you prefer to use an Apple wireless keyboard with your iPad, a new case which has started its journey on the crowd funding site, Kickstarter. That might be perfect for you to carry both keyboard and iPad in one handy case.

The Touchtype iPad case provides an innovative way to carry the separate wireless Apple keyboard with your iPad. The keyboard is neatly stored within the case underneath the iPad, when not required but can easily be removed when needed. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Touchtype iPad Case

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HP Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook Announced

HP has added another new ultrabook to its line up with the launch of the HP Envy Spectre XT, and it comes with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors and features a 13 inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The HP Envy Spectre XT will come with a choice of up to 256GB of solid state storage, plus an eight hour battery, four speakers, USB 3.0, HDMI, and it also features an aluminum casing.

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Apple’s New iPad Lands In 30 More Countries This Week

Apple has announced that its new iPad will be available in thirty more countries this week, with the majority of them launching this Friday the 11th of May and seven more launching this Saturday the 12th of May.

On May the 11th the new iPad will launch in Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Morocco, Peru, Taiwan, Tunisia, Vietnam.

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Tokyoflash Kisai Uzumaki Analog Watch (Video)

The guys over at Tokyoflash just dropped us as email to let us know about their latest Geeky timepiece, the Tokyoflash Kisai Uzumaki analog watch, which originally started out a concept design by Tokyoflash fan Firdaus Rohman and has now gone into production.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Uzumaki analog watch features a spiraling display that shows the time in the same way as an analog watch, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Japan to Get White PS Vita on June 28

The Sony PS Vita hasn’t been selling well around the world. I think much of the reason for the poor sales is the lack of appealing video games. The PS Vita has been available in black for a while now and gamers in Japan will get a chance to buy a new color starting June 28.

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Avengers Flash Drives Defeat Evil Data

If you’re a comic book fan or just like the Avengers, a new geeky tie-in for the film has surfaced in the form of flash drives celebrating some of the Avengers characters. The drives each have 8 GB of storage space and are designed to celebrate the superheroes they represent.

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