Control Your Electricity Usage With PowerUSB

With the many devices and peripherals you have plugged into your computer, a little help with the electricity bill is always a welcome development. You may want to try out PowerUSB Basic, which knows when to power on your plugged in devices and when to shut them off to save energy and money in the long run.

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Auraslate Outs Most Open Tablets in All the Land

If you’re the sort that likes to get a new tablet, not for what the tablet can do right out of the box, but what you can do with the tablet with a little tweaking we have some products for you. The devices are from a company called Auraslate and the two tablets that only differ in the screen size.

Auraslate Tablet

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Apple Gatekeeper Coming In OS X Mountain Lion

Apple announced the latest version of OS X earlier today, and one of the new features in OS X Mountain Lion is called Gatekeeper, which is basically Apple’s attempt to take on malware with a new digital signing system for applications which have been downloaded outside of Apple’s Mac App Store.

Gatekeeper will introduce something called Developer ID, which is a new certification program for OS X developers, and it is of course optional but the majority of developers who distribute Mac apps outside of Apple’s Mac App Store will probably adopt it.

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Apple iMessage Mac App Beta Rolls Out, Providing Early Taste Of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

As well as rolling out a developer preview of their new Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system. Apple has also made available to the general public running Mac OS X Lion, a beta version of their new Messages application.

The Messages app has been created by Apple to replace its existing iChat application, and provides you with a glimpse one of the new apps that will be bundled with the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion software, when it’s officially released.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus N Announced For Germany

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany, the device was a modified version of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, which had a number of design changes after the original tablet was banned in the country following a court case between Samsung and Apple.

Now Samsung has launched the Galaxy TabĀ  7.0 Plus N in Germany, which is basically the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, but with a new design to make sure that the device doesn’t infringe on Apple’s patents.

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PlayStation Vita Gets Taken Apart

Sony recently launched their latest handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Vita, and the guys over at iFixit decided to take their screwdrivers to the new PS Vita.

The photos below show what is inside the new PlayStation Vita, and according to the guys from iFixit it was pretty easy to take apart.

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OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Developer Preview Released By Apple

Apple has today released a developer preview of its new Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system. Enabling us to see what Apple has in store for Mac users in the next version of their Mac OS X.

The preview comes around seven months after Apple launched the final version of its Mac OS X Lion last year. The Mountain Lion version carries on the theme that Apple started within Mac OS X Lion and brings Apple’s iOS devices and Mac systems even closer together.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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HTC Sensation And Sensation XE To get Android ICS Preview In Europe

HTC has announced that it will give some owners of the HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE and early preview of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, although it looks like the preview will only be available in Europe.

HTC have also said that they may also extend the Android 4.0 preview to other devices as well as the Sensation XE and the original Sensation but they didn’t give any specific details.

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HTC Adds More Devices To Bootloader Unlocking Tool

Back in December HTC added a number of new devices to their bootloader unlocking tool, and now HTC has added a couple more devices to the list which include the HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris and the myTouch 3g and myTouch 4G.

The HTC bootloader unlock tool allows you to unlock your HTC smartphone so that you can instal a custom ROM on your device.

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