Sim Free Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 Pricing Confirmed For The UK

Nokia’s new Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 are headed to the UK shortly and now we have some pricing details on both handsets for the UK, the SIM free Nokia Lumia 900 will retail for £486 including taxes whilst the SIM free Nokia Lumia 610 will retail for £228 including taxes.

Unfortunately there is no official launch date for both devices, although we suspect it won’t be very long after the Lumia 900 launches in the US which happens on the 8th of April.

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Samsung Launching AdHub Market Mobile Ad Platform

Both Google and Apple have their own advertising platforms for mobile devices and now Samsung has announced that they are also launching their own ad platform for mobile which will be called the Samsung AdHub Market.

Samsung has teamed up with a company called OpenX Technologies for its mobile advertising platform, and the AdHub Market is expected to launch in the second half of 2012.

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Spheros Robot Receives New Apps And Rolls Out Internationally (video)

The ball shaped robot called Sphero has this week received a couple of new applications. That will be arriving this month helping it roll around with even more precision and fun than previously.

The first application to arrive is called Chromo and is a game designed to match the colour and Beat the clock. Chromo is initially available for iOS only. Watch it in action after the jump.

Spheros Apps

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Samsumg Galaxy Note Android 4.0 ICS ROM Leaked

We know that Samsung is working on the Android 4,0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for their Galaxy Note smartphone which is expected to be available some time this quarter.

Now it looks like the first Android 4,0 ICS ROM has been leaked for the Samsung Galaxy Note, although it doesn’t include Samsung’s Premium Suite which will come with the final build of ICS for the Galaxy Note.

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Amazon Developing And Testing In-App Purchasing

Along similar lines to Google and Apple in their application stores, Amazon is now developing and testing a new in-app purchasing system, with options for both subscriptions and purchases of individual items.

The report of the new testing was revealed my Bloomberg today and indicated that Amazon is looking to join the same market with Apple and Google. Enabling application software to generate revenue for developers as well as companies.

Amazon App Store

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Arduino Guitar Pedal (video)

Guitarists looking for something a little more unique to make their effects, might be interested in this awesome Arduino guitar pedal which has been created by Kyle McDonald and modified by Randfo.

The Arduino Guitar Pedal is a digital multi-effect pedal based upon the Lo-Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal originally posted on the Instructables website by Kyle McDonald. Watch the video after the jump to hear it in action.

Arduino guitar pedal

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Vivaldi Open Source €200 Tablet Launch Delayed A Month

It has been announced this week by developer Aaron Seigo that the new open source Vivaldi tablet, which was hoped to be arriving in May. Will be delayed by around a month.

The open source Vivaldi tablet is equipped with a 7 inch screen sporting a 800 x 480 resolution display. Its powered by a 1 Ghz AMlogic processor and will run a free and open source Linux-based software which will set the tablet apart from other on the market, explains Seigo.

Vivaldi tablet

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Stealth Intel Core Based Mini PC Unveiled

This week Stealth has unveiled a new mini PC system that is capable of being powered by Intel’s Core i3/i5/i7 Sandy Bridge processors. The Stealth LPC-680 LittlePC measures just 6.5 x 6 x 2 inches in size and is powered by a included 20VDC adapter, but it can also run off of an external 12 to 20VDC power source.

Stealth LPC-680 LittlePC

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Android Hits 50 Percent Of US Smartphone Market

ComScore has released its latest figures for the US smartphone market, and Google’s Android platform now makes up 50 percent of the market, an increase of 3.2 percent since the last report.

Apple’s iOS share has also increased to 30.2 percent an increase of 1.5 percent, whilst RIM’s share has fallen 3.2 percent to 13.4 percent and Microsoft’s share has also fallen by 1.3 percent.

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Instagram For Android Hits 1 Million Downloads In Less Than 24 Hours

Instagram is extremely popular on Apple’s iOS platform with more than 30 million users, and the Android version launched yesterday and it looks like Instagram for Android is going to be extremely popular.

According to the guys over at the Next Web, there were more than 1 million downloads of Instagram for Android in less than 24 hours, which certainly is impressive.

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PS Vita 1.66 Firmware Update Now Available

Following on from Sony’s messy firmware v.1.65 release yesterday, which ended in the new firmware released for their PS Vita gaming console being pulled, after its caused problems for users once installed.Sony have today released a new update version 1.66 firmware update for their PS Vita which they hope will correct the issues.

PS Vita

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