LG Nexus 5 Pricing Details Leaked

Yesterday, we saw a leaked manual of the purported LG Nexus 5 that gave us all the technical details and specifications of the handset. The manual was recently removed from Scribd at the request of none other than LG Electronics.

Now, some more details have surfaced that tells us something interesting about the handset. According to this new rumor, LG Nexus 5 will come with two different storage models, each carrying a different battery. It also reveals the Nexus 5 pricing details as well and expected to start from $299 for the 16GB version.

LG Nexus 5

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Diagrams and specs of the Galaxy S4 Active leak

You know, I think many consumers are getting more and more confused about the whole S4 thing, having no idea which of the variants does what. It can be tricky to keep track of it all. Plus, we wonder how many more S4’s Samsung has up it’s sleeve to come yet. Well, there is at least one more that we know of.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active In The Works (Rumor)

Samsung recently launched their new Phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and now according to a recent report, Samsung is working on a new dust and water proof version of the device which is rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active.

Samsung released an Active version of their Galaxy S4 smartphone, and it appears that the device has been very popular, which has made Samsung consider a water proof version of the Note 3.

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Nokia Lumia 920 Available for 99 Cents from AT&T With Contract

When it comes to Windows Phone 8 handsets, users don’t have a choice of vendor as Nokia is currently dominating that arena with its Lumia devices. If you are planning on getting a Windows Phone 8 device and don’t want to shed too much cash, take a look at the deal AT&T is offering.

The carrier is offering Nokia Lumia 920 32GB for just 99 cents if you sign a two-year contract with the American carrier. Nokia Lumia 920 was the flagship device of the company when it launched, and brought some decent set of specifications at the table with excellent camera capabilities. The handset is available in three colors: black, red and yellow.

Nokia Lumia 920

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Region Lock Can Be Removed With RegionLock Away

Last month is was discovered that the European Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was region locked, which cause quite a bit of discussion, Samsung then responded to the criticism.

Now developer Chainfire, from the XDA developers forum has come up with an app that will remove the region lock, the app is called RegionLock Away, and you can see the app in action in the video below.

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Samsung Galaxy Round Flexible Smartphone May Be Announced This Week

On the weekend we heard some specifications on Samsung’s flexible smartphone, the handset is said to be called the Samsung Galaxy Round, and the device could possibly be announced this week.

According to the Korean Media, Samsung will announce the Samsung Galaxy Round this week, the handset will feature a flexible display that is designed to be more durable than a rigid glass display.

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