Fake Apple Sneakers Appear In China

We have already seen a number of faked Apple products, as well as some fake Apple stores, in China, and now it would appear that some Chinese footwear manufacturers have decided to make some Apple sneakers.

As you can see from the photo below, these fake Apple sneakers feature an Apple logo, and come in a range of different colors, and they apparently retail in China for about $5.

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Robotic Ball Sphero Receives A New Look And Inductive Charging

The Robotic Ball Sphero we featured here on Geeky gadgets back in January and April when it landed $5 million in investment earlier this year for development is now edging closer to a launch.

The Robotic Ball Sphero that can be controlled by either an iPhone or Android device has been revealed in a new finish. Having lost its clear skin it now sports a white finish complete with logo.


Robotic Ball Sphero

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Kensington SecureBack iPad 2 Security Case Announced

Kensington has launch a new security case for the iPad 2, called the Kensington SecureBack, it is designed to stop would be thieves walking off with an iPad and it features a case for the back of the iPad 2 and also a Kensington ClickSafe security Anchor.

Whilst the case will stop the iPad 2 form being stolen it also gives full access to all the ports on the iPad 2, and it can also be ordered with a two way stand.

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Ingenious StayLocked Bike Lock Concept Makes Riding Impossible If Cut

An innovative bike lock concept has been developed that uses the frame of the bike as the lock. So if any would-be thief cuts through or damages the lock in anyway the bike becomes unusable.

As you can see in the pictures below the rear forks are used to create the lock and secure your bike to a meter, post and if a thief was to try and ride without the forks back in position the whole bike would collapse.

StayLocked Bike Lock

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Sprint iPad 2 Launching Next Month?

We pretty much know that Sprint will be getting the new iPhone 5 when it launches next month, but now it looks like Sprint will also be getting another Apple product according to a recent report, the iPad 2.

According to the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac, Apple and Sprint have been working on a version of the iPad 2 which is compatible with Sprint’s data network.

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Aviary SDK Enables iPhone And Android Developers To Add Photo Editing Features To Their Apps

Aviary has unveiled their new SDK’s for iPhone and Android smartphone app developers, enabling developers to easily add photographic editing features to their own applications.

The free SDKs can be customised and tweaked providing only the features that you require in your app. The style and look of the functions can also be tweaked enabling you to make them gel with your own application seamlessly.

Aviary SDK

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Facebook Rolls Out New Smart Lists Feature

This week Facebook is rolling out a new feature to its social networking service called Smart Lists. The feature has been developed to help you keep up to date with your closest friends and family and make it simpler to share information with certain people using Friend Lists.

Friends Lists have been around some time but now Facebook has added three new features: Smart lists, Close Friends and Acquaintances lists and Better Suggestions. The new Smart lists have been designed to create themselves based on what you and your friends have in common such as work, school, family and city. You can also add or remove friends manually to make the lists even more accurate.


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Windows 8 Has A New Blue Screen Of Death

As well as giving Windows 8 a completely new looks with a new UI, it looks like Microsoft has also replaced the standard Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which is usually filled with lots of text telling you what went wrong with a more, friendly version.

The photo below, from Chip Hazard shows the new BSoD, and as you can see it now comes with a sad face, and a much easier to understand message than the previous BSoD’s.

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HTC Flyer Bootloader Now Unlockable Using HTC Official Web Utility

HTC has today added the HTC Flyer to the list of compatible devices on its official HTC development website and will now allow you to unlock the bootloader on your HTC Flyer tablet.

But before you rush over to use the new unlocking utility just make sure that your device and the firmware you are running is compatible with the HTC utility. The unlocking tool has been created by HTC for consumers to unlock their devices and install custom firmware on selected HTC Android devices.

HTC Flyer

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Valve Unveils What You Can Expect From Counter-Strike: GO (video)

In an interview with Valve, gaming website Kotaku was able to ask a few questions about the direction the new Counter-Strike: GO will take. Valve is pretty clear from the off that the new version of Counter-Strike in not a version 2 but an amalgamation of Source and Counter-Strike1.6.

CS: GO project lead at Valve Ido Magal explains that the new game will let everyone experience the fun of a five-on-five games, in which all players will be equally matched. the CS: GO game will be focusing on a narrow style of gaming rather than spanning multiple mods.

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Apple Files Countersuit Against Samsung In The UK

Apple has filed a countersuit against Samsung here in the UK, Samsung originally filed a lawsuit against Apple in the UK in July, and now Apple has filed a counter claim against the Korean smartphone maker.

The latest lawsuit, once again accuses Samsung of copying Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and this now means that there are a total of 20 separate lawsuits between the two companies around the world.

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