2011 MacBook Air Coming Next Month, More Evidence Revealed

We heard earlier this month that Apple may launch the 2011 MacBook Air in July, and also heard that they will release it shortly after Mac OS X Lion goes on sale which is also scheduled for a July release.

Not it would seem that supplies of the current MacBook Air are drying up, as Best Buy’s online store has listed the current MackBook Air as ‘not available’, which is more evidence that a new model is coming.

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Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 2 For Developers

Apple has released the latest beta version of iOS 5 to developers, iOS 5 Beta 2, as well as another beta version of iTunes, iTunes 10.5, and the latest version lets developers test one of the major new features in iOS 5, wireless syncing.

On top of that Apple also released a new beta of the AppleTV 2.0 software, and there are a total of nine distributions of the latest iOS 5 beta, which include three versions for the iPad, one for the iPhone 3Gs, two for the iPhone 4 and two for the iPod Touch 3G and 4G.

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PS3 And iPhone Hacker GeoHot Now Working At Facebook

GeoHot or George Hotz has been pretty quiet since the recent lawsuit against him by Sony ended, and now it seems there may be a reason for this as it would appear he is now working for Facebook.

According to Tech Unwrapped, they found a video which confirms that GeoHot is now working at Facebook, and then Gabe Rivera from Techmeme noticed a status update on GeoHot’s Facebook page which confirms he is working there.

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Skype For iPad Coming This Week (Video)

Skype posted a video on YouTube last Friday, which has subsequently been made private that shows a new Skype iPad app, luckily someone managed to get their hands on the video, and the guys from Razorianfly have uploaded it to YouTube.

It looks like Skype intends to take on Apple’s FaceTime on the iPad 2 with their new Skype app, which is expected to be officially launched tomorrow, have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Virtual Table Tennis Lets You Play Solo (Video)

Take it from Forrest Gump: Table tennis is a serious sport. Haven’t you seen the movie Balls of Fury? Right. Anyway, seen down south is a lovely Japanese sportswoman getting a serious workout from virtual table tennis. Brought to you by the people from Happinet and sporting the epic title “Go with the Rhythm! Hyper Ping Pong!”, the virtual sport compels focused gameplay that has a huge handicap. What handicap? You have to read more!

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When Pulling The Plug Is Too Much Of An Effort

Seen below is a concept plug that’s supposed to help us—conserve electricity. Anyway, the long and short of it is there’s a band of LED light that glows when the plug is powered on. When switched off, it offs, and the plug can be pulled. The genius behind this concept is Goonglue Jang and it’s somehow useful in a world that’s caught between the wired conventions and the wireless revolution.

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Team Poison Hackers Pwn Ex Tony Blair Assistant

In a rare effort to somehow knock the reputation of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, a hacker group has pastebinned an address book and CV. The goal, apparently, is to dear old Tony to justice for the awful mess that was the Iraq War. The people behind this nefarious act of ‘cyber citizen justice’ are alleged LulzSec rivals who want to shame the ex-PM. What else could you possible achieve by circulating an address book and some lady’s CV?

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PS2 Clone Called Game Station Has Impressive Specs

There are game console clones and there are game console clones. Then there’s the Game Station (get it?), a blatant knockoff of the hugely popular PS2 Slim. For a Chinese copy of a Japanese masterpiece, why, it’s got more than a few tricks up its sleeve. But let’s not kid ourselves—what the Game Station is good at is media playing. That is, being able to play a variety of media files, whether they’re MP3, WAM, WAV, etc. etc. Wait! There’s more.

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PossessedHand Allows For Programmed Hand Movement

Okay, in magnificent Japanese fashion the brains behind this wonderful device named it real creepy: PossessedHand. Being a collaboration between Sony and Tokyo University, PossessedHand is a rare type of device that transmits programmed messages to muscles, thereby manipulating limbs without the decision making impulses of the brain. Revolutionary or the first step to Ghost In The Shell nightmare future?

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Sauron Lives! Enthusiast Builds Dark Tower With Flaming Eye

Seen below is a thumbs up for ‘Evil Accomplished.’ The person thumbing up His Wickedness Sauron is Kevin Walter, secret Nazgul disciple and Orc in human form. Nah! Kevin Walter is safe. He is a human obsessed with cool builds, hence this ambitious Lego build whose power would be felt in the Shire, New Zealand. (Are you reading this Bilbo Baggins?)

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Word For The Day: Multiferroic

For the science hungry and enthusiastic, Multiferroic is a word to remember. The same goes for anyone reading this who has a passion for alternative energy. The dirty truth is a lot of our everyday surrounding, whether natural or a product of man made devices is capale of being used as a power source. But what, multiferroic right? What doe sit mean!

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