Splitfish FragFX Shark Xbox 360 Controllers

If you are looking for an alterative method to control characters on your Xbox 360 or prefer a more computer based mouse based controller. Splitfish has just released its FragFX Shark 360 controller designed specifically for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console.

The FragFX Shark controls have been available for some time on the PC and PS3 console and have been designed to combine a mouse with a nun-chuck style controller, promising to provide PC players with the same control and superiority on the 360 as they are used to with PC gaming.

The FragFX Shark 360

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ElcomSoft Releases Commercial iOS Decryption Tool

Yesterday we heard that a team of Russian forensic experts had managed to crack the encryption on the iPhone 4, and now the same forensic experts behind Russian security firm ElcomSoft have released a set of tools for cracking the encryption on Apple’s iOS devices.

The software comes in two parts, a password breaker, and another part which is able to extract numbers used for the encryption keys for iOS devices, which is used to decrypt images on iOS devices,the software will apparently only be available for law enforcement and forensic agencies.

iPhone 4

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Wisair’s Wireless USB Android Tablet Streams To Your HDTV

Wisair will be showing off a new wireless USB chip that will be able to stream movies and media and much more from your Android tablet to your HDTV, at this years Computex.

You can see this wireless USB chip in action in the video below, and as you can see it displays the Android tablets home screen on your HDTV, which means you would be able to play games and surf the web.

Wisair's Wireless USB Android Tablet

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Space Invader Chair

The original space invaders game brings back some great memories of early gaming for me, and this unique Space Invader chair would be a great addition to any gadget and gamers pad.

The Space Invaders retro gaming chair has been created by Dorothy for their Space Invader Collection and is made from compact foam and measures around H70 x W110 x D100cm and is available in a selection of colours.

Space Invader Chair

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Asus Previews New Ultra Thin Netbook

We have already seen some teaser photos of a new tablet from Asus which they will be unveiling at Computex 2011, and now it looks like they will also be announcing a new ultra thin netbook.

Asus has put up a photo of this new ultra thin netbook on their site, and it looks like it will be part of their Eee PC netbook range, although they haven’t as yet given us any details on its specifications.

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Google Invests $55 Million In Latest Wind Farm

We have heard about Google investing in green technology in the past, their latest investment is in a wind farm in the Mojave Desert in southern California, and the search giant has invested $55 million in the Alta Wind Energy Center.

This new winds farm will be capable of generating 1,550 megawatts (MW) of energy, which is enough to power around 450,000 homes, and it will be one of the largest wind farms in the US.

Google Wind Farm

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Acer Iconia Tab A100 Delay Due To Honeycomb App Issue?

Last week we reported that Acer was unable to reach its launch date for their Acer Iconia Tab A100 and needed to push back the launch into the second half of 2011. Acer didn’t announce why the launch date had been missed, but it was thought the delay was due to hardware.

However new information from a source close to Acer has now revealed that the problem and delays could be related to issues with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system and its compatibility with 7-inch displays.

acer iconia a100

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Cray XK6 $1 Million Supercomputer Breaks Petaflop Record

Cray has created a new supercomputer which has broken the current petaflop record and scales up to more than 50 petaflops of processing capability. The Cray XK6 is powered by Cray’s Gemini interconnect, AMD Opteron 6200 processors, and NVIDIA Tesla 20-Series GPUs and runs a custom built version of Linux.

The Opteron 6200 chips have 16 cores and there will be up to 96, together with96 graphics cards per cabinet. Just imagine what you could do with that sort of power in your home PC.


Cray XK6 Supercomputer

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Lark iPhone Silent Alarm

If you are looking for a way to wake without waking your partner on those early mornings, then Lark’s iPhone silent alarm might well be worth a good look. The system consists of an iPhone application and a wrist strap you wear to bed. Once you set your alarm wake up time it provides a silent and natural wake up, and coaches you to improve your sleep and can even enhance your awake time.

The device was originally showcased at the TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco last autumn, and today Lark has announced that their Lark iPhone Silent Alarm and sleep monitoring system has now arrived in Apple retail stores in North America.

Lark Silent Alarm

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iPhone 3GS Will Not Get iOS 5?

We know that Apple is working on a major update to their mobile OS, which is expected to be iOS 5 and launch later this year, with the launch of the iPhone 5, and now it is possible that the iPhone 3GS will not be upgraded to iOS 5.

According to Eldair Murtzain, who is usually spot on when it comes to information on the iPhone and other mobile devices, the iPhone 3GS will not get updated to iOS 5.0 but the iPhone 4 will.

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Evernote Chrome Extension Now Available (video)

If you are an Evernote user you might be pleased to know that today the popular Evernote suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving, has rolled out their new extension for Chrome.

The new extension has been design to capture the body of any blog post on any site. The new Evernote Chrome extension automatically recognises the layout of any website page or post, and then captures it without any need for the user to select anything. Watch a video of the new Evernote Chrome extension after the jump.

Evernote Chrome Extension

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