PS3 Slim Now Available in Silver

If you prefer a metallic finish on your gadgets rather than the standard ‘technology black’, you will be please to know Sony have now unveiled a new silver PS3 Slim console, following in the footsteps of the original PS3.

However lets hope unlike the original PS3 that never made it outside of Japan, the new Silver PS3 Slim makes the jump to Europe and the West. But at the moment Sony hasn’t released any details on its shipping schedule at the moment.

silver PS3

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Samsung Offers Refund For Intel Sandy Bridge PCs

With the recent news that there is a flaw in the new Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets, the first manufacturer to announced that they will be offering customers who have purchased a Sandy Bridge PC is Samsung.

Samsung has announced that any customer who purchased a notebook or PC with Intel’s Sansy Bridge Chipset will get a full refund or an exchange product.

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Sony Reader App Rejected From Apple App Store

Sony announced a while back that they would be bringing a Sony Reader app to both Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS platform, which would let users purchase books from the Sony Reader Store.

Last week the Android version of Sony Reader App went live, and we were expecting the iOS version to follow shortly after, but it looks like Apple has rejected it from the App Store.

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb To Offer Smartphone Support?

When Google announced Android 3.0 Honeycomb, they made it clear that this version of Android was designed for tablet computers, and smartphones would be getting a different version of Android as the next version after Android 2.3.

Smartphones will get Android 2.3, Ice Cream Sandwich as the next version of Google’s Mobile OS, of course this doesn’t rule out that they may get Android 3.0 some time in the future.

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Nanocade Turns Your Netbook Into An Arcade Cabinet

We have featured quite a few custom arcade cabinets here at Geeky Gadgets, but I think the latest one is probably one of the coolest to date, the Nanocade.

The Nanocade lets you turn your netbook into a mini arcade cabinet and if you don’t want to use a netbook you can also use a mini-ITX motherboard and a 10.1 inch display to make this awesome MAME arcade cabinet.

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Star Wars Old Republic To Forgo Grinding, Focus On Skill-Based Gameplay

The game that’s been rattling its lightsaber in World Of Warcraft’s direction for pretty much the entirety of its development is now promising to fix the single biggest flaw in MMO gameplay today.

And while I’m perfectly aware of Bioware performing miracles like actually making a good Sonic game which is also an RPG, which is sort of like making a new season of Heroes that’s not only good, but also The Sopranos, this off I very much doubt they can pull.

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Hefty Rock Band 3 Update Released, Fixes Eyebrow Crash & So Much More

Some of these Rock Band 3 updates have been a long time coming, some of them are pretty useful and some of them are just downright silly, not the least of which is the fix for the eyebrow crash of ’11, or as I call it, the Frown.
With a capital F because when you can end a Rock Band game with your mere presence, you’re entitled to some special spelling. So without further ado, let’s welcome the list (courtesy of Joystiq) of things that were wrong with Rock Band 3 (besides being less profitable than a Tap Tap Revenge clone) and are no longer. Wrong. For all I know the singers in the game still have eyebrows.



Verizon iPhone 4 Plans Revealed

Verizon Wireless will start taking orders for the new CDMA iPhone 4 from the 3rd of February 2011 for existing customers and for the 10th of February 2011.

Verizon hadn’t released any details of their iPhone 4 plans, but they briefly appeared on Apple’s website last week, and were quickly removed but not before screenshots were obtained of the plans.

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Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch

The Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch meaning “the key of time” has a very unique movement that is able to speed up and slow down time. Using a crown on the left of the watch you can alter the time to run fast or run slow providing a fun way of “controlling time.”

But dont worry the movement always retains knowledge of the correct time, allowing you to always switch it back to “normal” mode and the time goes back to normal.

Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch

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