Google Adds Honeycomb Support To Its Android Reader App

As well as their update to their iOS Search application Google has also today rolled out a new updated for its Android Reader app. Bring Honeycomb support to the application together with a number of visual improvements.

The new Honeycomb support within Google Android Reader app provides a similar look to its desktop version within two viewing panes. Together with a streamlined interface and easy to use navigation and sharing controls positioned in the top right of the screen.


Android Google Reader

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Porsche Designed Mouse And Mousepad

If you are a Porsche fan but cant quite bring yourself to part with with your hard earned cash to buy a full size one. Porsche have launched a set of computer peripherals in the form of the Porsche designed mouse and mousepad.

The mouse has the same as the Porsche 911 and like the car was designed in the design studio of Porsche Weissach. Its equipped with a high-resolution 2,000 dpi sensor, 2.4 GHz technology, aluminium mouse wheel and supports both PC and Mac systems.

Porsche designed mouse and mousepad

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Tiny Origami Figures Strain Your Eyes

Imagine having to look at one of these creations as they sit on your fingertip. That’s right, fingertip. The picture below isn’t depicting a giant person with an origami sculpture on their giant fingertip. It’s an almost beyond minuscule work of art the eye would strain to see. The important thing to know regarding these excruciatingly small origami creatures (they’re shaped like animals, dragons, snowflakes, etc.) is the artist: Anja Markiewicz.

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Crytek Releases Its Game Designing Suite, CryEngine 3 SDK, To All For Free

Crytek the German video game company best known for developing the Far Cry and Crysis series of games, using their CryEngine software. Have today announced they are releasing their award winning CryEngine 3 SDK, game development environment free of charge to all for non-commercial use.

The CryEngine 3 SDK provides developers with the complete gaming engine to create top quality next generation games for PC, and includes the CryEngine 3 Sandbox level editor. Together with their 3rd generation “What you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) tool, designed by and for professional gaming developers.


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Google Search iOS App Receives Instant Pages Update

Following on from the addition of the new Instant Pages in Google’s Chrome browser earlier this month. Google has now rolled out a new update for its iOS Search application which also now includes the new Instant Pages feature.

Instant Pages has been designed by Google to bring extra speed to your search by preloading your first search results, when Google is confident they have matched your search request accurately. When you then select the first result it will load instantly. Watch a video after the jump to see just how quick the new Instant Pages feature is when used with Google’s Chrome desktop browser.

iOS Instant Pages

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Brain Eating Amoeba Fears Grow In The U.S. After Deaths

And the flames are being fanned by news of a second victim this month. The ‘outbreak’ of the amoeba, which grows in stagnant water passages, is so far confined to Virginia. The parasite is believed to have killed three dozen people in the past ten years and affects its victims by causing meningitis. So far it’s reported that only children are most the vulnerable and the spread of the amoeba might be a seasonal thing.

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Sony Panel: Single Player Games Extinct In Three Years

We’re not entirely sure what makes otherwise discerning professionals go in for these fanciful predictions. We just hope video game consultant Mark Cerny provided more than the one example Eurogamer wrote about, although it’s not like anyone actually takes starry-eyed industry futurists to task unless they’re named Peter Molyneux.

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New Wii Loses GameCube Support, Not Coming To US

New information is trickling out about Nintendo’s non-update to its formerly barely next-gen, soon to be stone age-gen console. Sure, it’s reportedly slightly slimmer and it has a newfound fondness for the horizontal plane, but apparently it’s losing something fairly important in the process: GameCube compatibility.

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Bored Dad + Cute Toddler + Go Pro Camera = Video Gold

See this cute little girl in the photo below. That is a two-year old somewhere in the UK. Her dad wanted to see what it was like to be two also he strapped his Go Pro camera to the girls bike helmet and took her to the playground. I bet a lot of parents wondered why this weird dad had a camera on his little girl. I know I wondered more about the fact that the dude is wearing Capri pants.

Toddler Video

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Best Buy Wants to Return HP TouchPads Thanks to Poor Demand

The HP TouchPad tablet isn’t doing well on the market at all. I hardly think most of us are surprised by that. Android and the iPad own the market and many of the Android tablets are not selling well either. That fact didn’t stop HP from tossing the WebOS tablets onto the market at a premium price and so far, people have stayed away.

HP TouchPad

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Skype WiFi Arrives On iOS Devices, Enabling Access To 1 Million Hotspots Worldwide

Skype has just announced that its Skype WiFi service (formerly known as Skype Access) has arrived on iOS devices, with the launch of a new iOS application that is now available to download for free from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Bringing over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world uses of the application on their ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Providing Internet access for iOS devices in hotels, train stations, convention centres, bars, airports and many more locations, worldwide.

Skype Wifi

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Holds Up Fastfood Joint

Not Pizza Hut though as a lot of people are speculating. In these trying times, all sorts of nefarious deeds are being perpetrated by unlikely characters be they ninjas attacking an Apple store or this latest travesty.

The scene of the crime was a Wendy’s branch in Rib Mountain, Wisconsin where a large man in a mask help up the cashier at gunpoint. Don’t know why people bother robbing fast food joints as food there is so cheap the suspect could have bought a lot of burgers if he just pawned his gun instead and used the money.

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