Lego Pancake Robot Makes You Breakfast (Video)

We have featured quite a few different robots here at Geeky Gadgets, including some awesome robots that have been constructed using Lego, the latest one is designed to make pancakes.

The Pancake robot can make pancakes in a range of different shapes which can be pre-programmed into the robot have a look at the video of it in action below.

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Apple Xserve Experiences Issues After 10.6.8 Update

Its not just Apple’s TV that seems to be experiencing problems with updates from Apple this week. Reports are not surfacing that users of Apple’s Xserves are also experiencing a few issues after the latest 10.6.8 update.

Even though Apple has discontinued the Xserve line of systems updates are still being rolled out the same as other Apples OS X devices. But users seems to be experiencing problems with the Mac OS X Server-exclusive hardware monitoring daemon called hwmond.


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Apple Removes SpyKey Keylogger App From The App Store

Some of our readers will remember the SpyKey keylogger app that we talked about last week, which Apple had approved and it was available to download from the App store.

Gizmodo first spotted the app last week, and they weren’t they only ones who were surprised to see this sort of app approved by Apple, it looks like it has now been removed from the app store, according to one of our readers, and I just checked for it myself and cant seem to find it anywhere.

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The Light Scythe Creates Cool Digital Art

The Light Scythe is a 2 metre POV staff which was created to make digital light paintings, the results are pretty impressive as you can see from the photos below, and it was made using a 2 metre programmable LED strip, and a range of other hardware plus some open source software.

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Mini Steve Jobs Action Figure Appears Online

Some of our readers will remember the Steve Jobs action figure that Apple stopped from being sold, now it looks like another company is attempting to sell another Steve Jobs action figure, and unless this one has Apple’s blessing we can’t really see it going into production.

The Mini Steve Jobs action figure is apparently 1/6th scale of Apple’s CEO, at it even come with a range of Apple products which include a miniature iMac, magic Mouse, Bluetooth keyboard and an iPhone 4.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M-570M Cards Unveiled For MSI And Alienware

Nvidia has today unveiled their new upgraded GeForce GTX line of mobile graphics cards in the form of the GeForce GTX 580M and 570M which have been created to be fitted into select OEM systems.

The first being the MSI GT780R gaming laptop and the Alienware M18X which are ready to order from today and will be shipping within the next couple of weeks. View their full specifications in the table after the jump to compare the GeForce GTX 580M and 570M graphics cards.

GeForce GTX 580M

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Twelve South BookArc For MacBook Pro Announced

Twelve South has added another desktop stand to its range, this one if for the new uni-body MacBook Pro’s, the Twelve South Book Arc for MacBook Pro, and it is designed to let you easily use your MacBook Pro on your desktop with an external monitor.

The BookArc for MacBook Pro features two hidden cable managers, which are designed to hold your USB, power and monitor cables, and it features a similar design to the previous versions we have seen for the iPad.

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Microsoft Office 365 Goes Live

Microsoft has today officially launched its new Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and now made the site live to all and ready to accept your work. Microsoft is offering a free 30 day trial of their new Office 365 service if you haven’t already used it.

Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses is a £4 per user/per month subscription service that lets you access your email, important documents, contacts, and calendar from virtually anywhere on almost any device such as your PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

Microsoft Office 365

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Nikon Shows Off Concept And Prototype Cameras

Nikon has displayed a range of concept and prototype cameras that haven’t made it into production at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris as part of the Hello Demain (hello tomorrow) exhibition.

As you can see from the photos below there are a number of unique prototypes, including the first one, which is some sort of multi ball camera that is capable of capturing photos from multiple angles.

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Apple Unveils New Thunderbolt Cable

Apple has to added new Thunderbolt cables to its online store to compliment the ever growing list of Mac systems equipped with Thunderbolt ports. The new Thunderbolt cables are 2 metres long and are available to purchase for $49 or £39 in the UK.

Even though new peripherals are still a little scarce at the moment couple of cool things you can do with your new cable, if you own a new iMac and Mac Pro both equipped with Thunderbolt ports. Is to connect them together and mount one computer as an external drive on the other, in Target Disk Mode or to use a new iMac as a display for a MacBook Pro equipped with Thunderbolt.

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Gets Previewed

We have already heard about the major new features that will be coming to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 with the Mango update, which include a new music and video hub, multitasking, a new games hub, and many more with a total of 500 new features being added in the update.

Now the guys over at Engadget have put together a hands on preview of Windows Phone 7 Mango, along with some videos and lots of photos which show us how the major new features will look in Windows Phone 7 Mango.

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Google Activating Over 500,000 Android Devices Per Day

Google’s Andy Rubin has just announced on Twitter that Google are now activating over half a million Android devices each day, and according to the Tweet, this is increasing by about 4.4% each week.

The news comes just over a month after Google announced that they were activating 400,00 Android devices per day, Google also announced back in may that they had hit 100 million Android devices activated, obviously this number will have increased quite a bit since then.

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