New Acronym Clothing Line Gives Glimpse Of Future Fashion (Video)

As our reality continues to blend with science fiction on a daily basis, fashion is left at a crossroads: either we end up wearing less or the clothes we use everyday blends with the gadgets we use everyday. The new line from Acronym, a future-clothes fashion project, belongs to the latter. The guy pictured belows looks like he’s glowering for no reason. Actually he’s 1/2 of the design duo behind these new clothes sporting a newfangfled ninja jacket.

Errolson Hugh


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Little Deviants Hands On: PS Vita’s Special Features Showcase

Little Deviants is supposedly the game that convinced Sony execs that the PS Vita’s rear touch screen is a good idea. After standing in line for two hours to play the thing, however, we’re not sure what game they were shown, because it surely couldn’t have been the same sparse collection of mini-game tech demos masquerading as an attempted retail product, and we’re not just saying that because we spent about 20% of a perfectly good Saturday queuing to play the thing.

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Kindle Fire Newsstand Will Feature DC Comics And Conde Nast Magazines

If you enjoy a magazine or comic to read you will be pleased to know that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire will feature a newsstand application that will provide you with access to DC comics and Conde Nast magazines together with hundreds of other titles.

Including 100 exclusive graphic novels, including Watchmen, the bestselling – and considered by many to be the greatest – graphic novel of all time, which has never before been available in digital format, as well as Batman: Arkham City, Superman: Earth OneGreen Lantern: Secret Origin and 96 others from DC Entertainment.

Kindle Fire Newsstand

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TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Is The World’s Fastest Chronograph Watch (video)

TAG Heuer has created the worlds fastest chronograph watch which is capable of measuring out 1/1000ths of a second at 500 Hz. The new TAG Heuer Mikrotimer is equipped with a small balance wheel inside which goes back and forth 3.6 million times an hour.

To put that in perspective when you compare this to a Rolex watch who’s balance wheel goes back and forth around 28,800 beats per hour, you can easily see the difference in technology used to create the two watches. View a video after the jump to see the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer in action.

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer

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Amazon’s New Kindle Fire TV Ad (Video)

Earlier today Amazon announced their first ever tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire, which runs a customized UI on Google’s Android OS, and features a 7 inch IPS touchscreen display with Gorilla Glass.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is powered by a dual core processor, no details as yet on the exact specifications of the processor and it will also run Android Apps, from the Amazon Appstore.

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Amazon Silk Browser Unveiled (video)

As well as unveiling their new Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet and Amazon Kindle Touch And Touch 3G. Amazon have also unveiled their new Silk browser designed to be used on their new devices which will provide a much more accelerated internet experience on their new Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s Silk Browser has been designed to use a combination of caching and compressing together with other technologies to bring the latest stored version of common files directly to your new Amazon Fire tablet. Watch the video after the jump to find out more.

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Amazon Now Has More Than 1 Million Kindle Books

As well as announcing the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and the new Amazon Kindle Touch, Amazon also announced that their Kindle book store now has more than 1 million Kindle books available to download.

When the Amazon Kindle Book store launched four years ago, Amazon only had a total of 90,000 books available, and now they have over 1 million which doesn’t include any copyright free texts.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet Gets Official

Amazon has officially launched its first Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and it will come with a 7 inch IPS touchscreen display with Gorilla Glass, and it features a dual core processor.

The Amazon Kindle Fire will have access to over 100,000 movies and TV shows, plus 17 million songs and also the Android Appstore on Amazon, plus Amazon’s Kindle book library.

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Awesome Thunderpants Headphones Created By Modifying Fostex T50RPs (video)

If you haven’t already heard about Thunderpants headphones, they are a pair of custom built headphones created using a pair of Fostex T50RPs headphones as a base. The Thunderpants headphones currently has the audio community in a frenzy to get a hold of a pair as their sound quality after the modification is awesome and “measure with some of the finest in the world.” according to Jude over at the Head-Fi website.

You can make the modification yourself using a kit but audio community member named Smeggy who originally created the headphones has been transforming the $75 Fostex T50RPs into $550 Thunderpants headphones for sometime. You can watch a video after the jump with Jude giving you a run through of these awesome headphones.

Thunderpants Headphones

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Amazon Kindle Touch And Touch 3G Announced

Amazon has announced their latest Kindle device, the Amazon Kindle Touch, and as the name suggests there are no physical buttons on the Amazon Kindle Touch like the existing models.

The Amazon Kindle Touch comes with a new feature called X-Ray, and what this does is show you information about the book you are reading from external sources like Wikipedia.

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