Google Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) To Cost $299 On Verizon (Updated)

Samsung and Google are holding a special event next week, where they are expected to unveil the latest Google smartphone, which will either be called the Google Nexus Prime or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Google Nexus Prime will be the first Android device to come with the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and we have heard some of the rumored specifications previously.

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iPad 3 Headed To Production, According To Reports

We haven’t heard any iPad 3 rumors for a while, and now that the iPhone 4S has gone on sale the iPad 3 rumors have started again, this one comes from the guys over at All Things D.

According Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro, the iPad 3 is headed into production, and it is based on checks of Apple’s supply chains, which if correct could mean that we will see the iPad 3 launch in early 2012.

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Siri Gets Ported To The iPhone 4

Yesterday Apple’s fifth generation iPhone went on sale, the iPhone 4S, and one of the devices features is a virtual, voice activated assistant called Siri, which we tested out yesterday.

Siri is only available for the iPhone 4S, one developer, Steve Troughton Smith has managed to port Siri over to the iPhone 4, he was able to do this after installing the iPhone 4S and Springboard files on an iPhone 4, the video below shows it in action.

Siri iPhone 4

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Gamestop Giving Out Batman Arkham City Catwoman Codes With Used Copies

Today is the day future video game historians will mark as the apex of the battle over used game sales. It will take more than your online passes and one use DLC codes to intimidate Gamestop, publishers? You like single use codes packed in with new copies of games? Gamestop’s got your single use codes right here. If by here you mean the inside of every used copy of the game.

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Epesitec Launches Two New Android Tablets

A company called Epesitec has launched two new Android tablets that are aimed a the entry level market and have some nice features. The two tablets are identical with one key difference. Both of the tablets have 7-inch screens with the Android 2.3 operating system onboard.

Epesitec Android Tablet

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Siri iPhone 4S Voice Commands First Impressions

We have now been playing with the new Apple iPhone 4S for a few hours and had a chance to put its Apple’s new Siri Assistant through its paces with a few voice commands. I have to admit I have never been that much of a fan of voice commands and have dabbled with them a little on computers in the past. I also got that sinking feeling when starting to use Siri for the first time this morning when Siri had problems completing my commands.

When I first started asking Siri questions the results were not exactly what I expected and a few miss placed calls ensued. But after a little tweaking of my contacts and a little perseverance, Siri started to respond to my requests.

Once Siri started to learn who my close friends and family were, it became even easier to complete tasks like SMS, calls and reminders. The thing I had to remember is that the Siri feature is still a beta technology and once I had got to grips with its key commands (listed after the jump) everything started to drop in to place, after about 45 minutes.


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iPhone 4S Camera In Action (Photos)

We have already seen some iPhone 4S unboxing photos, and shared our first impressions on the new iPhone 4S, and now we are having a look at the new camera on Apple’s Phone 4S.

The iPhone 4S features an 8 megapixel camera with a CMOS backside illuminated sensor and a five element lens with an f/2.4 aperture, and it will be capable of recording full HD video in 1080p, there is also built in image stabilization

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iPhone 4S Hands On And First Impressions

Apple’s Fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S has finally gone on sale, we have been trying out the iPhone 4S for the last few hours, so we thought we would share our initial impressions on the iPhone 4S with you, also have a look at our iPhone 4S unboxing photos.

The iPhone 4S has the same design as its predecessor, the iPhone 4, which is Apple’s best design of the iPhone to date, internally the iPhone 4S is different to the iPhone 4, and it features Apple’s A5 processor which can also be found inside the iPad 2.

iPhone 4S

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First Look At Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Maps In Detail

EA has started rolling out details about the new multiplayer player that will be included in the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 game when it arrives later this month. 9 multiplayer maps included in Battlefield 3 will offer players every style of gameplay from dense urban combat to all-out vehicle warfare on vast landscapes.

The unveiled maps include : Operation Firestorm, Operation Métro which has already been under beta testing, Tehran Highway, Damavand Peak with the remainder being revealed tomorrow.

Battlefield 3 maps

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iPhone 4S iCloud Upgrade Without A Computer Or iTunes Connection, Hands On

Have a look at our iPhone 4S review which includes videos, tons of photos and averything you need to know about the iPhone 4S, siri, and iOS 5.

Like many others this morning I picked up my new iPhone 4S and immediately stripped off the packaging to see if the iCloud feature on the new iPhone 4S would allow me to restore my backup I made to the iCloud last night from my old iPhone 4 equipped with iOS 5, without the need to use a computer or iTunes connection.

After dropping in the micro sim in to the new iPhone 4S I powered it up and started going through the setup procedure to start the restore. After the obligatory language questions I was asked to then select a Wi-fi network. For the purposes of testing I skipped with and selected mobile network but soon discovered that a restore was not able to complete via a mobile connect and required a Wi-Fi connection.

Quickly I popped into Starbucks I settled down and jump on their new free Wi-Fi service and restarted the setup process this time selecting the Starbucks Wi-fi connection and the option to restore my iPhone from the previous iCloud backup.

iPhone 4s iCloud

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iPhone 4S Unboxing (Photos)

We just got our hands on Apple’s iPhone 4S, so we thought we would post some unboxing photos, of Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S’s feature below are the 64GB black version and the 16GB white version.

Have a look at our gallery of the iPhone 4S below, we will have some more details on the iPhone 4S later once we have had a chance to test them out and will let you guys know our first impression on it.

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