iPhone 5 Hits Final Testing, Launching In September?

Apple didn’t follow their annual upgrade cycle for the iPhone this year at WWDC 2011, instead the iPhone 5 is expected to launch later in the year, and we have been hearing rumors over the past few months that the iPhone 5 would launch in September.

According to a recent report by MacRumors, the iPhone 5 has entered the final stage of testing, which would indicate that Apple are getting ready to launch the iPhone 5 within the next few months.

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Habey Unveils Post-it Sized Dual HD Decoder (video)

Habey USA have this week announced a new addition to their range of computer modules with the launch of their Habey SOM-6670 E6XX Tunnel Creek QSeven. The tiny new module is capable of decoding two HD videos at the same time.

The new computer module measures just 70 x 70mm and is equipped with the latest Intel Atom E6XX processors, ranging in speed of .6GHz to 1.6 GHz with low power consumption from 3.3 to 7 Watts. The integrated GMA600 graphics is based on a 400 MHz PowerVR SGX mobile GPU. Watch the demonstration video after the jump to see it in action.

Habey SOM-6670 E6XX Tunnel Creek QSeven computer module

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Acer Revo RL100 Media Centre System Arrives In The US

Acer launched their new slimline Revo RL100 media centre, equipped with a Blu-ray and a comprehensive backlit keyboard remote control in Asia some time ago. But today Acer has announced that their new Revo RL100 media centre has arrived in the US.

The Revo RL100 media centre has been designed to interconnect all Acer home-based and mobile devices, including smartphones using Acer’s clear.fi technology. This enables users to access media on any Acer device around the home  and comes preloaded with Windows 7 Premium.

Acer Revo RL100

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iCloud Communications Sues Apple Over iCloud Name

Apple recently announced their new cloud service, called iCloud, and Apple purchased the domain name iCloud.com from Swedish company Xcerion along with the trademarks for the iCloud brand.

Now it seems another company, iCloud Communications is claiming that Apple’s iCloud is infringing on the companies trademarks, and is taking Apple to court over the iCloud name.

Apple iCloud

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Codemasters Website Hacked, Customer Information Snatched

The UK games development Codemasters is the lastest gaming company to be targeted by hackers and has announced that its website was hacked on June 3rd 2011.

The hackers were able to access registered customers account information and snatched email and house addresses, together with passwords, birthdays, phone numbers, Xbox gamer tags and customer biographies. But no payment information was taken during the hack according to Codemasters.


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Toshiba Thrive 10 Inch Android Honeycomb Tablets Available To Pre-order

Some of our readers will remember the new Android Honeycomb tablet from Toshiba which is due to go on sale in July, the Toshiba Thrive, good news if you have been waiting to get your hands on one as it is now available to pre-order for $429.99.

The Toshiba Thrive will come with the latest version of Honeycomb, Android 3.1 and it features a 10.1 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, there is also a dual core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

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Spotify Signs US Deal With Universal Music

Last week we heard that Spotify were close to signing deals with record labels in the US, and now according to All Things D, Spotify has apparently signed a deal with Universal Music in the US.

According to the report this is the third US deal Spotify has signed, which means that they just need one more label to have access to music from the four major record labels in the US.

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Unlocked iPhone 4′s To Be Available In The US This Week?

When the iPhone 4 went on sale in the UK last year it was available with a number of mobile carriers here in the UK, you could also purchase the iPhone 4 direct from the Apple store unlocked.

This meant that you could use your existing mobile contract with the iPhone 4 or use a pay as you go SIM card with it, without being tied to any particular mobile carrier.

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Samsung Galaxy S II For AT&T Leaked

We knew that the new Samsung Galaxy S II would be heading to all the major US carriers, and now it seems Samsung has inadvertently confirmed it will be coming to AT&T, by posting a photo of an AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S II on Facebook.

As you can see in the photo below, the AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S II was pictured with a HDMI dock, and as you can see from the photo below, the Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T now features four capacitive touchscreen buttons on the bottom of the handset rather than the home button that we have seen on the current model.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 Gets Official

We recently saw Panasonic’s latest micro four thirds leaked in a video, and Panasonic has now officially announced the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3, which is the successor to the popular GF2.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 is 16 percent lighter and 16 percent smaller than its predecessor, and it features a 12.1 megapixel sensor, plus a 3 inch touchscreen display and it has an ISO range of 160 to 6400.

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Apple Building New 2011 MacBook Air’s This Month?

We have been hearing rumors that Apple will be releasing a new range of their MacBook Air, with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, and now according to Apple Insider, Apple will start building the 2011 MacBook Air;s this month, which could mean that they would go on sale as early as July.

According to the report, Apple has placed orders for 380,000 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch MacBook Air’s, which will feature Intel’s latest processors.

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Vintage Matt Groening Apple Advertisements

22 years ago Apple wanted to target the college kid market and convince them that PCs were cool. What to do? Use the work of some illustrator named Matt Groening, whose eccentric sense of humor was already in grand display on more than a few illustrations. Apparently, Matt used to do this as a part time gig before The Simpsons took over his life.

Have a look at the pictures below, the buck teeth and simplistic shapes are signature Groening.

Matt Groening 01

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