Pixel Qi Demo’s Solar Panel That Could Power Future Tablets (Video)

Pixel QI has shown off a new solar panel that is designed to be used in tablets, and the new panel is capable of powering a specially designed tablet that uses just 1w of power.

According to Pixel QI the solar panel can be designed into virtually any shape, for example it could be used around the actual tablet display, so you wouldn’t actually notice that the solar panel is there.

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France Bans Twitter And Facebook From TV And Radio News Programs

France has announced that it will be clamping down on advertising on its TV and Radio news programmes and will no longer allow news anchors to say the words “Facebook” and “Twitter” on air, unless the terms are used within part of a news story about either company.

The announcement is due to a law that was passed in France back in 1992 which forbids the promotion of commercial enterprises on news programs. So phrases such as “follow us on Twitter or Facebook” will now be replaced with for example with “Follow us on your social network of choice.”

France Facebook Twitter

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Acer Unveils H9500 DLP Home Theater Projector With True Motion Technology

If you are looking for a projector to equip your home theater out the new Acer H9500 DLp which has just been unveiled by Acer might well be worth a look.

The new H9500 video projector has been designed by Acer to provide Full HD projection with native 16:9 aspect ratio. Together with DynamicBlack technology which automatically fine-tunes each scene to optimal black levels while retaining the original brightness of the projected images, and True Motion Technology.

Acer Unveils H9500 DLP

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Gear 4 Angry Birds Speakers Coming In August

It seems that Rovio Mobile is continuing to release various accessories themed after the characters in their massively popular Angry Birds game, and now Gear 4 will be launching some Angry Birds speakers in August.

The guys over at Fone Arena managed to get their hands on these new Angry Birds Speakers, and there will be a number of different version available which will include the red Angry Bird, the black Angry bird and a green pig.

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Apple’s App Store Reaches 400,000 Apps?

We heard a while back that Apple may have approved over 500,000 iOS Apps, although at the time there were reported to be close to 400,000 apps available in the App store, this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

Now according to a recent report from AppAdvice, the iOS App Store now has 401,446 apps available to download, and Apple’s CEO is expected to confirm this number in his keynote speech later today at WWDC 2011.

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Devastator And Warhead 7.1 Wireless Premium Xbox 360 Headsets

Xbox 360 gamers have always encountered problem with wireless headsets, always having to be attached via a cable for voice communications. However a pair of new headsets called the Devastator And Warhead 7.1 created by a partnership between Microsoft and Tritton are now looking to resolve this problem.

The Devastator And Warhead 7.1 premium wireless gaming headsets offer unparalleled integration with the Xbox 360, with 100 percent wire-free functionality with both game audio and chat.

Mad Catz' exclusive Xbox 360

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Sony Vaio Z21 Ultra Light Upgraded Notebooks Arrives Early In Europe

It seams the Italian online shop F2F have leaked Sony’s new Sony Vaio Z21 Ultra Light Notebook upgrades out before any official Sony announcemnt in Europe.

The new upgraded Z range now includes Sandy Bridge Core processors, solid state disks, together with fingerprint readers, and built-in 3G. The new notebooks also include upgraded HDMI ports that now provide 3D out capabilities and upgraded webcam which now include low-light Exmor sensor technology.

Sony Vaio Z21

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Panasonic Lumix GF3 Leaked On Video

Panasonic launched the new Lumix GF2 earlier this year, and now it seems Panasonic has the next model ready to go and we can expect it to be announced soon as it has appeared in a leaked video.

The guys over at 43 rumors spotted the new GF3 in an official Panasonic video which has now been removed, and according to 43 rumors it will feature a 16 megapixel sensor, plus a touchscreen that is used to control the majority of the cameras functions.

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HTC EVO 3D And HTC EVO View 4G Tablet Coming 24th June

Sprint has just announced that the new HTC EVO 3D Android smartphone and the new HTC EVO View 4G Android tablet will be available on their network from the 24th of June 2011.

The HTC EVO 3D will be available for $200 and you will have to sign up to a new two year contract with Sprint, whilst the HTC EVO View 4G tablet will be available for $400 and you will also have to sign up to a new two year contract for the tablet.

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Lion Server To Become Mac App Store Product

During the development stages of Apple’s new Lion OS X the company has been suggesting that their OS X and OS X Server will be combined in some way. Well the team over at Hard Mac have uncovered that the new Lion Server will become a new Apple Mac Store download.

Within the Lion OS X Hard Mac have discovered that by searching for ‘install server’ brings up the instructions below, asking users to jump over to the Mac App Store and purchase the Server app.

Lion Server

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Sony S2 Dual Screen Tablet Appears At The FCC (Video)

Some of our readers will remember the new Sony S2 dual screen tablet that we heard about a while back, Sony released a teaser video of the S2 as well as another tablet the S1.

Now it appears that the Sony S2 tablet has turned up at the FCC, which means that it is getting closer to launch and we could get an official announcement some time this week.

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