Altec Unveils inAir 5000 AirPlay Speaker

Altec has this week unveiled their latest Airplay speaker in the form of the inAir 5000, that is equipped with three separate amps. The new stylish Altec inAir 5000 AirPlay speaker will be pitching itself against the B&W and Philips AirPlay speakers that are currently available on the market, and has been designed to radiate sound out at a multitude of angles providing improved sound quality when compared to traditional speaker systems say Altec.

inAir 5000

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Google’s Eric Schmidt Says Buying Motorola Is About More Than Just Patents

We recently heard that Google will be buying Android smartphone and hardware manufacturer Motorola for a price of $12.5 billion, many people have speculated that the purchase is for Motorola’s patents, so that Google can protect its Android OS from the likes of Microsoft and Apple.

Now Google’s former CEO, and current Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt has spoken out about the purchase of Motorola, and according to him the deal is about more than just Motorola’s patent portfolio.

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SFPD Admits Helping Apple With iPhone 5 Prototype Investigation

More news on the missing iPhone 5 prototype, that was apparently left in a bar, last week we heard that Apple has visited the house of a man in San Francisco, and we had heard that Apple security employees searched the mans house with San Francisco Police.

When  this was revealed there was no police report of the incident, and when the SFPD were contacted nobody seemed to know anything about the lost iPhone 5 prototype.

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Zip Zip Unveils Building Block External Hard Drive Range

Zip Zip has unveiled a new line of external hard drives which they have designed to be compatible with building blocks, enabling you to include them in your creations or simply stack them neatly on top of one another.

Zip Zip well known for its building block USB drives has now added the external hard drives to its range in either 500GB or 1TB capacities and both sizes are USB 3.0 compatible and are supported by PC and Mac systems.

Zip Zip Hard Drives

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Knock Clock (video)

If you are looking for a slightly different clock this innovative Knock Clock might well be worth a look. As it has no hands or clock face to tell the time but uses a system of knocks.

The very unique Knock Clock has been created by a three Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design students, Gijs Huisman, Giorgio Uboldi, Michael-Owen Liston, for entry into a competition and took around 48 hours to build. You can check the time by simply knocking on the top of the box and waiting for the box to knock back. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Knock Clock

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HTC Ruby / Amaze Photos And Specifications Leaked

We have been hearing about the HTC Ruby for a while now, and some photos and specifications have been leaked on the new HTC Ruby / HTC Amaze, which included a 4.3 inch qHD display with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels.

Other specifications include a dual core 1.5GHz processor, an 8 megapixel camera with a dual LED flash, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage and a microSD card slot.

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HP TouchPad Dual Booting Android 2.3.5 And webOS (Video)

HP’s TouchPad has received a serious amount of attention recently since the company decided to cancel the device, and a few of the last TouchPad tablets shipped with Android installed.

We have already seen a video of Android running on the TouchPad, and now the guys over at Team TouchDroid have managed to get Android 2.3.5 running on the TouchPad and it is available to dual boot with HP’s webOS.

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Sprint iPhone 5 Launching 1st Week In October?

More evidence has appeared that the iPhone 5 will go on sale in the first week in October, according to a recent report Sprint will start selling the iPhone 5 in the first week in October and the carrier will have the device from the launch date.

We heard previously that Sprint would be getting the new iPhone 5, this will be the first time that Sprint will have the iPhone available on their network, and it will be available through Best Buy, the timing ties in with previous rumors we have heard of a 1st of October launch date for the new iPhone 5.

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Will Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Look Like This?

On the weekend we found out some more information on the new Amazon Kindle tablet, according to MG Siegler from Tech Crunch, he has actually seen the device and it will be a new 7 inch Android tablet which will retail for $250.

MG Siegler wasn’t allowed to take any photos of the device, but his did get a good look at it, and Tech Crunch have now put together this mock up of what the Amazon Kindle tablet will look like.

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Apple Training Staff On iOS 5, iCloud, iPhone 5 Launch Imminent?

Apple starts training its staff on new software and products a few weeks before they are released, and now it would appear that Apple has started training its store staff for its latest version of its mobile software iOS 5, and also Apple’s new iCloud.

This could mean that Apple will be launching iOS 5, iCloud and the iPhone 5 within the next few weeks, which would tie in with the rumors that Apple will launch the iPhone 5 in late September of early October.

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Haier Shows Off 22 Inch Transparent OLED TV At IFA (Video)

Last week we heard about a new TV from Haier which features no wires and is powered without the need for a power cable, and now Haier has shown off another new TV at this years IFA, a 22 inch transparent OLED TV.

This new transparent OLED TV features similar specifications to Samsung’s OLED panel that we heard about previously, with a WSXGA+ resolution of 1680 x 1050, have a look at the video of it in action.

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