Google Launches Google Goggles 1.6

Google has launched a new version of Google Goggles, the latest version is Google Goggles 1.6 and it is designed to enhance the camera on your Android smartphone, and it comes with a new opt-in feature that will let you take a photo with your Android device’s camera and the Google Goggles will work in the background to analyze your photo.

The Google Goggles application will then notify you if it can recognize items that are contained within the photo, Google explains how it works below.

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Facebook Announces New Subscribe Button

Yesterday we heard that Facebook had introduced Smart Lists, and now the world’s largest social network has added another new feature, the Subscribe Button, which is designed to make it easier for you to choose exactly what is shown in your Facebook news feed.

The Subscribe Button will let you choose exactly what you see from other people in your news feed, you will now also be able to subscribe to content from other people who are not in your friends list, and also share your content with other people who are not in your friends list.

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Google Buys Another 1,000 Patents From IBM

Back in August we reported that Google had purchased over 1,000 patents from IBM, then we heard that Google was buying Motorola Mobility, which would give the search giant a large patent portfolio that could be used to defend Google’s Android OS from the like of Apple and Microsoft.

Now it would appear that Google has purchased another 1,022 patents from IBM, and it looks like the purchase to place back in August, with a final transaction date of the 13th of September.

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Dyson Hot Heater Fan Announced

Some of our readers will remember the rather expensive Dyson Bladeless Fan that we featured on the site back in 2009, Dyson has now revealed a new version, the Dyson Hot heater fan.

The Dyson Hot uses the same Air Multiplier technology that is used in previous models, and it is designed to heat up a room, and it can also be used as a cooling fan.

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Polk Launches UltraFit Sports Headphones (video)

Polk has unveiled a new range of headphones designed for sports and exercise, which they have named the UltraFit Sports Headphones. There are four different models in the range starting from $50 and climbing to $100 providing different styles and colours to suits a range of uses.

The UltraFit 500 model ($50) is an in-ear headphone with two planar audio cables, the  UltraFit 1000 ($70) is also in-ear with similar features to the 500 with the addition of an in-line three-button remote and microphone. Watch the promotional video after the jump.

UltraFit Sports Headphones

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Sony Launches First iPad Dock X500iP And Updates Its ICF-CS15iP Alarm Dock

Sony has today unveiled its very first iPad docking speaker device in the form of the new Sony iPad Dock X500iP which has been geared to iOS devices and will support Apples iPad. The Sony X500iP has been equipped with a subwoofer supported by a pair of passive bass radiators designed to provide a deep base sound using Sony’s magnetic fluid technology.

It also equipped with a Aux input  and will be arriving in October for around $300. As well as the X500iP Sony has also unveiled their new upgraded ICF-CS15iP iPhone dock and alarm clock.

Sony iPad Dock X500iP

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DOTKLOK, The Open Source Arduino Digital Clock

We have feature quite a few cool clocks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one  is the work of Andrew O’Malley, the DOTKLOK, which is an open source Arduino digital clock.

The DOTKLOK comes with a range of cool animations which have been inspired by classics like Pong, Tetris, PacMan and Space Invaders, and it also comes with 14 selectable time animations.

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Netgear May Use Google TV For Media Streaming Products

Today Netgear has confirmed with the Slashgear Technology website that they are currently evaluating Google TV and may include the technology in their future media streaming products. However Netgear also says that the Google TV technology  “as a platform it’s not there yet.”.

Netgear has manufactured set-top boxes in the past and partnered with Roku for a short time last year bringing Roku boxes to stores. However the partnership didn’t last and now Netgear is looking to find another technology to use within its products.

Netgear Google TV

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Fake Apple Sneakers Appear In China

We have already seen a number of faked Apple products, as well as some fake Apple stores, in China, and now it would appear that some Chinese footwear manufacturers have decided to make some Apple sneakers.

As you can see from the photo below, these fake Apple sneakers feature an Apple logo, and come in a range of different colors, and they apparently retail in China for about $5.

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Robotic Ball Sphero Receives A New Look And Inductive Charging

The Robotic Ball Sphero we featured here on Geeky gadgets back in January and April when it landed $5 million in investment earlier this year for development is now edging closer to a launch.

The Robotic Ball Sphero that can be controlled by either an iPhone or Android device has been revealed in a new finish. Having lost its clear skin it now sports a white finish complete with logo.


Robotic Ball Sphero

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