Mineways Transforms Your Minecraft Designs Into Reality (video)

Minecraft fans that would like to see their Minecraft computer creations transformed into something they can actually hold. Might be interested in the new Mineways software program now available, that takes models from Minecraft and will send them to 3D printers or 3D printing services, such as Shapeways.

Once installed Mineways enables you to change the colour for any block, and to also remove any blocks you want from view, such as grass, dirt, stone, sand, clay, and gravel. Watch a video after the break to see the Mineways software in action.


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Tegra 3 Powered Toshiba Tablet Turns Up In Benchmarks

Asus recently launched the first Tegra 3 powered quad core tablet, and now it looks like Toshiba may have one in the works as a reference to a new Toshiba Tegra 3 tablet has appeared in some benchmarks.

This new unannounced Toshiba tablet was listed on benchmarking site AnTuTu, and it appears to have a 1.4GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, which is the maximum speed of the Tegra 3 at the moment.

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Cord-On-Board iPhone Case, Makes It Easy To Charge And Sync Your iPhone (video)

A new product called Cord-On-Board created by CaseInity has started its journey on the Kickstarter website. Looking to help you keep your iPhone charged and sync with ease, wherever you maybe.

The Cord-On-Board iPhone case has been designed to allow you to easily carry a sync cable around with you. Enabling you to charge your iPhone from any USB connection available. Helping keep your iPhone battery topped up whenever possible. Watch the video after the jump to see the Cord-On-Board iPhone case in action, and the team responsible for the idea.


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SD Card Boombox Constructed From Laser Cut Plywood

Anyone looking for a DIY project to fill a little time over the next couple of weekends might be interested in this very unique plywood boombox which plays music from SD cards. The Boombox was created by an MIT student and has been laser cut from plywood and equipped with a set of capacitive controls.

Plywood SD Card Boombox

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Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 ICS Alpha Update Leaked (Video)

We have already seen a port of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Samsung Galaxy S II, and now it looks like an alpha build of the ICS update for the Galaxy S II has been leaked.

The video below shows the alpha build of Android 4.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S II in action, and it is apparently only available for international versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 ICS Alpha Update Leaked (Video)

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Facebook Timeline Not Supported By IE7

Facebook users who are also using the older Internet Explorer 7 version of Microsoft’s browser will have to update, or lose access to the new Facebook Timeline feature recently launched. As Facebook has now stopped supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 browser, according to The Sociable website. Even thought the browser is now five years old it is still used worldwide by a number small percentage of users.


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Windows 8 Tablets Coming From Lenovo And Acer In Quarter 3?

We are expecting to see the first Windows 8 tablets launch some time in 2012, and now according to a recent report from Digitimes, we may see some new Windows 8 tablets from Acer and Lenovo in quarter 3 of 2012.

These new Windows 8 tablets from Lenovo and Acer are rumored to run on Intel’s new Clover Trail platform, which is reported to be more powerful than Intel’s new Medfield mobile platform.

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Insync Revamp Removes Sync Limits And More

Any Google Docs users that are looking for an alliterative to Dropbox for Syncing documents. Might be interested to learn that this week Insync the Dropbox like syncing service for Google users has just undergone a major revamp. The new update Insync 2.0 has brought with it unlimited sync limits and a more streamlined user experience, and has now become free to use.


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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note To Feature NFC

We recently heard that the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be launched in the US either this month or early next month, and now it would appear that the AT&T version may be slightly different than the European version.

According to the guys over at Sammobile, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note will come with NFC, and the device is also expected to feature LTE like we heard previously.

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Newer NuCube Vertical Case For Apple Mac Mini

Newer has unveiled their new NuVube Vertical case designed for Apple’s Mac Mini system. Allowing you to reclaim a little more desktop space by positioning your already small Mac Mini on its side.

Each NuVube Vertical case is handcrafted from 3/8″ thick polished clear acrylic, and has been designed to provide a look that harkens back to the acclaimed PowerMac G4 Cube, says Newer.

NuVube Vertical case

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TOAST iPhone Speaker Dock

We have featured quite a few different iPhone docks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is from a company called Gavio and it looks like they have taken their design inspiration from the household toaster.

The TOAST speaker iPhone dock is obviously designed to be used in your kitchen, just make sure you don’t mix it up with your toaster, and place your iPhone in the wrong one.

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Casio’sLatest G-Shock Watch Will Connect To Your Smartphone

It looks like Casio has a new G-Shock watch in the works, and the device is designed to connect to your smartphone and display incoming calls and text messages from certain smartphones.

According to the guys over at TechCrunch, this new G-Shock watch will work with NEC’s new Medias LTE N-04D Android smartphone, and it will also display emails as well as texts.

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