Lodsys Sues Rovio Mobile Over Angry Birds For Android And iPhone

We have heard much about Lodsys, the company who has been suing smaller Android and iOS developers, the last thing we heard was that Apple was intervening in the case between Lodsys and the developers.

Now it looks like Lodsys has decided to start suing some of the larger game developers for Apple’s iOS and Android, as they have filed lawsuits against Rovio Mobile, the creators of the massively popular Angry Birds game series for iOS devices and Android.

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OS X Lion Reaches 1 Million Downloads In The First Day

Apple released the latest version of their Mac OS on Wednesday, OS X Lion,  Lion is already top of the Mac App Store charts and Apple has now released download figures for the first day of Lion’s release.

OS X Lion is the eight major release of Apple’s Mac operating system and according to Apple OS X Lion is selling faster than any other operating system in Apple’s history.

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Mortal Kombat Getting Freddy Krueger DLC

We’re definitely not contesting the awesomeness of including the Nightmare on Elm Street character, it’s just the randomness we have something against. Yeah, he may have those badass scars and metal claws and whatnot, but what exactly is the connection, justification or indeed even rationale for having him in Mortal Kombat in the first place?

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Uber Green Sprout Watch is Recyclable

There are many people around the world that are really into being green. Some folks take it so far as to not use anything that was made from cloth coming from cotton grown with pesticides or use plastics that are derived from petroleum. A company called Sprout has a full line of watches that are perfect if you are seriously green.

Sprout Watch

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Laser Pitch Detector System Kills Latency for MIDI Guitar Recording

I can’t play the guitar but if I ever decide to try you can bet that I am springing for the guitar with lasers on it. I don’t even know how to record music onto a computer from a live instrument, but just to say a guitar has lasers is worth it to me. This system is called the Laser Pitch Detector or LPD and it can determine the pitch of a string before you pluck it.

Laser Pitch Detector

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Bite These Bullets Made Of Jell-O

Mmmmmm, bullets. Really puts a fresh spin on the phrase bite the bullet, except when you do, they’re quite flavorful. Apparently there exists an arcane gathering in New York called the Jell-O Mould Competition where various culinary  sorcerers congregate to exhibit their epicurean magicry. Amongst the many displays were these glittering golden bullets that were bereft of a proper gelatinous firearm. But who needs a gun when you can just pop these in your mouth?

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Indestructible Titanium Straw Will Survive The Apocalypse (Video)

If you’re half divine like Perseus or made of superior DNA ala Master Chief, then mayhaps it’s high time you learned about the Titanium Straw. It’s a beverage straw—made of titanium. Made for immortals.

If you think this sounds nutty, the rationale behind the indestructible product is even more bizarre. it’s purpose is to finally suck every type of drink encased in a container. Ambitious? Of course. We have no idea why the plastic straw even needs to be upgraded though. It has already done wonders for humanity.

Titanium straw

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Nexus S Arriving On AT&T July 24th

Google has today announced that their Nexus S Android smartphone will be arriving on the AT&T network later this week on July 24th. Samsung & Google’s Nexus S smartphone is equipped with a Android 2.3 and features a 4” Super AMOLED screen, a 1 GHz processor for showing 3D graphics, front and rear facing cameras and support for NFC.

Google Nexus S

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Fake Apple Store Employee Speaks Out

Yesterday we told you about the fake Apple store in Kunming China, which was discovered by expatriate blogger the BirdAbroad, the store looks exactly like a real Apple store, with fake apple signs, product displays, and even employees wearing fake Apple t-shirts.

The guys over at the Wall Street Journal have been doing some investigation into the fake Apple store, and whilst the owners of the store refused to speak to the WSJ, the did manage to talk to one of the stores employees.

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Leaked Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage (videos)

If you are looking forward to the launch of the new Battlefield 3 game later this year, you might be interested to view some alpha gameplay footage of the multiplayer side of the game which has leaked out into the open.

Battlefield 3 will feature the maximalist combined arms battles that made the series popular across single-player, co-operative and multiplayer modes, and will features the return of class-based game play. With four classes: Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon, but unlike previous versions, the class, Assault, will be able to equip defibrillators and medkits. Watch the videos after the jump, but remember its is alpha release quality so might not resemble the final product. Enjoy!

Battlefield 3

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OS X Lion Disables Flash Player Hardware Acceleration

If you are enjoying playing with your newly installed Apple OS X Lion you might have already noticed a few changes while playing Flash based products or movies, together with other issues in most of Adobe’s software.

Whilst playing anything in Flash Player you might have also noticed an increase in CPU activity when watching a YouTube video or similar, this is thought to be related to the issue OS X Lion has with Flash Player and the disabled hardware acceleration.


adobe flash OS X Lion

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