BioShock On PS Vita Still In Early Stages, Will Be “Different”

Smaller versions of awesome things are usually cuter, but somehow we don’t think that’s going to be the case with the portable version of Bioshock coming to Sony’s new handheld. Not that we know what will be the case, mostly because not event he guy who made the thing doesn’t… yet. “We’re still sort of in the paper design stage,” Bioshock creator Ken Levine said.

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Raytheon Exec Showcases Monstrous Battle Mech (Video)

At least it has only got arms for now. Wait until it packs a couple of lasers. Humanity watch out! Holding back our inner survivalist nut for a moment, seen below is a wonderful step forward in robotic exoskeleton technology. That means relax, it’s not going to turn on its master/s until the singularity approaches.  The guy flashing his metallic biceps is none other than Fraser Smith, a vice president at Raytheon-Sarcos.

Raytheon Sarcos

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AshPoopie Reduces Dog Poo To Nothing (Video)

Apologies if such a shocking title spoiled your lunch. Or dinner, or breakfast, or whatever different time zone you inhabit. In a world of bizarre concepts, a lot of which have been featured here at Geeky Gadgets, the AshPoopie ranks pretty high in the scales of weirdness. It’s basically a doggie doo doo scraper that incinerates the offending feces on the spot.

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Nintendo Moves 50M DS portables in US so far

Nintendo certainly hoped that the 3DS would take over and sell as well as the DS had before it. So far, that just hasn’t happened though with the 3DS just not making the cut with consumers staying away from the portable console so far. The 3DS is selling better than it was thanks to the price cut from a few months back.

Nintendo DS

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RFID Equipped Hangers Make Shopping A More Interactive Experience (video)

Teamlab has unveiled a new style of clothing rail which is just debuted by Vanquish in one of their men’s stores in Tokyo and incorporates RFID tags into the hangers to create an interactive shopping experience. The hangers look the same as a normal hanger but with a larger head section which contains an embedded RFID chip

The RFID hangers are then positioned below a row of LCD monitors and as a garment is picked up by a customer the monitor will display additional images, movies and product information related to the clothing which is being viewed by the customer. Watch the clothing rail and RFID hangers in action after the jump.

RFID Hangers

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Halo Anniversary Kinect Features Unveiled : Voice Commands, Analyse Mode and The Library

Today the Halo Anniversary development team studios 343 Industries has outlined a few details on how the Kinect integration will work in the upcoming release. Specifically concentrating on 3 features that will be included, the Voice Commands, Analyse Mode and The Library.

As you might have already guessed the Voice Commands feature allows you to perform basic in game tasks such as throwing grenades, reloading and switching between certain settings, simply by shouting at your Kinect console during battles.

Halo Anniversary Kinect

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Samsung To Supply A6 iPad 3 Processor To Apple?

Samsung has in the past been one of Apple’s largest suppliers, producing a range of components for Apple’s iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and with all the various court cases going on between Apple and Samsung, we heard recently that Apple’s next generation processor, the A6 which we will probably see in next years iPad 3 was being made by TSMC for Apple.

Apple A6 Processor

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Moog Launches Animoog iPad Synthesiser App (video)

Back in the 1980’s Moog synthesisers powered the pop synthesiser sensations of the time and today Moog have claimed that their application, Animoog is the world’s first professional polyphonic synthesiser designed for the iPad, bring the sounds to the digital age.

Moog has created their new Animoog application for both beginners and professionals to be able to create music, and it uses their new Moog Anisotropic Synthesis Engine. Watch the video after the jump to see the new Moog Animoog application in action.

Animoog iPad Synthesiser App

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HP Closes Palm webOS Retail Stores

HP has officially closed down the Palm webOS retail stores in the US, the move comes just a few weeks after HP announced that they would stop selling webOS based devices, and they dropped the price of the HP TouchPad down to $100, which led the device to sell out quickly.

HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion last year, and after poor sales of the new HP webOS devices, HP decided to put an end to producing webOS devices, but did the company really give webOS a chance? Considering HP announced when they purchased Palm they would invest heavily in webOS, it doesn’t look like HP did what it said it would.

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Drop Test : iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II (video)

If you are thinking of purchasing either an iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S II you might want to view the video after the jump just in case you think your new smart phone doesn’t need any extra protection in the form of a case.

SquareTrade has taken both an iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II and videoed a drop test on corners and front faces. As you can imagine and see from the image below the glass screen of the brand-new iPhone 4S didn’t fare as well as you would have hoped.

iphone 4s drop test

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Google Nexus Prime Appears In RadioShack’s Systems

Samsung is holding a special event later this week where they are expected to unveil the next generation Google Nexus smartphone, which has been listed under a few different names so far, the Google Nexus Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The listings so far for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus appear to have bee related to Verizon Wireless, and now the Nexus Prime has appeared on RadioShack’s Cellebrite system, so there is still some confusion on what the device’s actual name will be when it launches later this week.

Google Nexus Prime

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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S Battery Comparison

I have only been using my new iPhone 4S for a couple of days now but I have already noticed a difference in the battery usage compared to that of my older iPhone 4. But the team over at iLounge have used the weekend to put both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in a head-to-head battle to see how their battery life compares to each other,  in certain circumstances.

In Apple’s official specifications, they claim that their new iPhone 4S has an improved talk time over the old iPhone 4 but worse standby time. As you can see from the statistics below iLounge show that the iPhone 4S lives up to Apple’s claims in the voice department, but doesn’t last as long as the iPhone 4 when using 3G data. But remember the new iPhone 4S has a dual core processor rather than a single.

iPhone Battery Comparison

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