Yotel Publicizes Its Yobot Robot Luggage Handler

We have no idea why it’s called Yotel but they’re quite the experience to stay in. Inspired by first class airline accommodation, the Yotel franchise has been around for a couple of years now with outposts in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and a new one in New York that opened in June. The Yotel is becoming well known not so much for the breakfast buffet but its neo-futuristic design that even includes a robot luggage handler.

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id Kept Rage’s Sewers Out Of Used Copies

The entertainment industry in general and the game industry in particular has been a place where people on both sides of the counter aren’t doing things because, they should, but because they can. Customers shouldn’t pirate games and developers shouldn’t go around sabotaging used copies of their games, but it all happens anyway. And while id’s approach is different, it’s not exactly novel.

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New Counter-Strike Game Coming 2012

It’s been a while since Valve has turned its gaze upon one of its best workhorses in the early days of Steam. The Half-Life mod arguably helped make Valve’s digital delivery service what it is today and is still one of the most played games on the planet. Whether it has what it takes to square off against the likes of Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield 3 and the big kahuna, Modern Warfare 3, is a different matter entirely.

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Small Island State To Issue Star Wars Coins

A recent while ago (now actually) in an island state far, far away, a limited edition set of Star Wars coins are being minted for collectors. Say hello to Niue (population: 1,400), one of those obscure dots in the Pacific Ocean that’s also a British Commonwealth member. Turns out Niue is in a bit of a fiscal crisis, compelling its local government to issue a set of coins (40 in all) that will garner international attention and accompanying investment.

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Desktop Jellyfish Tank Needs Pledges (Video)

That means it’s a Kickstarter project. If you’ve always been fascinated by sea creatures other than fish, then this project might interest you. It’s masterminded by this guy named Alex, a San Franciscan who’s obsessed with having jellyfish for pets. See, for quite a while now Alex has been modding regular fishtanks to accommodate jellyfish. He’s succeeded at it, but has now found a better artificial habitat for the species: their own specialized tanks. The product itself is ready, all it needs is capital to get off the ground.

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SETI Raises Enough Cash To Go Live Again

The launch will actually happen next month, thanks to the multitude of generous crowdsourced backers who donated $207,000 total. If your memory serves you well, remember that SETI’s financial woes began in April this year when funding from the U.S. government dried up. Very unfortunate, as it meant the prolonged search for extraterrestrial life that the SETI program represented had to be shut down. Or should it?

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Lockheed Martin Have Portable Samarai Drone In the Works

While there’s no real world equivalent to Tony Stark living today, Stark Industries does have cutting edge equivalents among today’s defense contractors. Since defense contactors are generally in a sweet spot financially thanks to their government ties, they have more than enough capital set aside to embark on projects that would otherwise be deemed crazy.

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Diesel SBA Black Out Watch Looks Like It Can Survive An Atomic Bomb Blast

That’s even if the person wearing it is reduced to radioactive cinder. When it comes to engineering large complex wristwatches, no one comes as close to total awesome as Diesel. They put more dials in a watch than most airplane manufacturers put in a cockpit. Okay, that was a little exaggerated but our point was Diesel watches usually look much better suited for tasks other than telling time.

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Emergency Affirmation Button Spreads The Awesome

It works real simple. Once you’ve got it lying somewhere just give the smiley face a pop and it goes “You’re Awesome!” Really? Well, the machine says so. As for whether you are an awesome person, uh, that’s subjective. It’s like a Transformers movie, liking it or not liking it is subjective. Right.

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