id Software Launches Rage HD On iPad 2 With 1080p HDMI TV Output

Rage HD is a first-person on-rails shooter built using id Software’s powerful Tech 5 game engine and today id Software has rolled out a new version of the game which brings with it newly iPad 2 optimised features and graphics.

Rage HD 1.21 for iPad 2 has now been recompiled especially for iOS4 providing improved compatibility and 1080p HDMI TV Output. Allowing you to now play Rage HD on your big screen TV.

Rage HD iPad2

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Announced

Activision has announced its fourth pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, the latest one is called Call Of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection, and it will be released for the Xbox 360 first on the 23rd of August and then for the PS3 and PC at a later date.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection will feature five maps, four which are remastered and upgraded versions from Call of Duty: World at War: “Nacht der Untöten,” “Verrückt,” “Shi No Numa,” and “Der Riese,”.

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Kanex SnapX Connects Two Mac Machines To One Monitor

If you are lucky enough to own a couple of Mac machines but only have enough desk space for one monitor a new adapter called the Kanex SnapX will let you link two Mac systems to one monitor.

The SnapX is fitted with two mini DisplayPort connectors, 2 x USB connectors and two integrated cables design to enable you to connect two Macs machines to either your 24 or 27 inch Apple Display. A single button on the Kanex SnapX allows you to jump back and fore between your Mac machines.

Kanex SnapX

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Microsoft Releases New Kinect For Windows SDK Beta

Microsoft has released a new version of its Kinect for Windows SDK beta, and the latest version adds a range of new features and enhancements to the Kinect for Windows SDK.

The latest version gives developers access to a new set of data, which includes raw sensor data, and also some new API’s to query data and results from the Kinect’s natural user interface.

Microsoft Kinect

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Samsung Shows Off TouchWiz UX For Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Video)

Samsung is one of the first companies to reveal a customized user interface for their Android Honeycomb tablets, in the form of the Samsung Touchwiz UX, which will be released to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as an update tomorrow, Friday the 5th of August.

The new TouchWiz UX will give the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a custom look and feel, and will add in a wide range of features over the standard Android Honeycomb UI to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, you can see a video of it in action below.

Samsung TouchWiz UX

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Google’s Senior Lawyer Attacks Apple And Microsoft Over Android

Both Microsoft and Apple have been going after Google’s Android OS, with Microsoft signing patents deals with a number of Android smartphone manufacturers and Apple suing the popular Android device makers like Samsung and HTC.

Google has been pretty quiet on the whole situation , until now, Google’s David Drummond who is the companies Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, has posted a blog post attacking, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle.

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3D Sound Recording Using Mitra 3D Mic Pro (video)

You have all heard of 3D movies well a new 3D microphone from Mitra called the 3D Mic Pro allows sounds to be recorded in amazing realistic clarity in immersive 3D. The new 3D Mic Pro uses patent pending technology to capture breathtaking binaural like immersive sound in any sound recorder or video camera equipped with Mic, Line or XLR socket.

The 3D Mic Pro is equipped with a new type of audio signal processing system that is able to record the subtle sound differences we would hear between our left and right ears, that a stereo mic doesn’t. Transforming those sounds into a digital file that can then be played back through headphones to create a vivid 3D sound perception.

Watch and listen using headphones if you have them to the the video after the jump to hear the new 3D Mic Pro in action and the difference in sound quality it delivers.

Mitra 3D Mic Pro

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Call Of Duty Black Ops Sold 25 Million, Modern Warfare 2 Just 22 Million

If you’re looking for a good reason to work yourself into a righteous lather, this won’t be it. It’s A reason, just probably not a good one, as, let’s face it, all of those people dropping their cash in Activision’s lap weren’t exactly on their way to buy the Ico/Killer 7/Okami special edition combo box-set and got stuck with nationalist military fantasies about men named Soap by mistake.

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Vinci Tab is an Android Tablet for Toddlers

My kids are far from the toddler stage now with my son at 10 and my daughter at six. Both of them love to take off with my iPad though to play games and watch movies on Netflix. I have a hard time trusting them with the expensive tablet and there is no way I would let my 2-year-old nephew use the iPad.

Vinci Tab

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Prank Pack iArm Gift Box, Yeah they will Fall for It

With the plethora of douche bag products that go along with the iPad and iPhone on the market today I honestly though the iArm might be real. I had to ask when someone sent me the photo alone if it was real or not. It’s not a real product thankfully, but I am surprised no one has made one of these yet. The product is a fake box that has photos of people doing strange things with the iArm.


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Incubot Release Special Edition Japan Relief USB Mecha

The terrible Japan earthquake/tsunami and the nuclear disaster that followed it might have happened months ago, but the people are still reeling. Entire communities are destroyed, cities are devastated, and food supplies are at risk. Reconstruction is only beginning.

To help alleviate the condition of those who’ve lost so much, Incubot are releasing a special edition of two iconic mecha. Seen below are Voltron and Nikobot with a paint job to suit their Japanese-centric relief purpose.

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Borderlands 2 Confirmed By 2K Games And Gearbox

A sequel to the hit Borderlands has today been confirmed by 2K Games and Gearbox, with Borderlands 2 expected to arrive sometime between April 2012 and spring 2013. The new Borderlands 2 game will contain all new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment for gamers to enjoy.

With the new game also including “an ambitiously crafted story” say Gearbox, Borderlands 2 will be arriving on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms when launched.

Borderlands 2

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