Windows 7 Passes XP For The First Time To Become Most Used OS Worldwide

For the first time since its launch Windows 7 has now passed its older Windows XP operating system to take the crown as the most used OS worldwide. The new figures released by Statcounter revealed that Windows 7 accounts for 40.21% of the global desktop operating system usage, with Windows XP slipping down to 38.64%.

When Microsoft released Windows Vista the  predecessor to Windows 7 and a successor to Windows XP, it didn’t grab users attention as much as Microsoft would have hoped and struggled to gain any user momentum. Mainly due to its very bloated installation, sluggish performance and its over intrusive security measures.

Windows 7 vs XP

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Apple Selling SIM Free iPhone 4S In The US Already?

Apple announced recently that it would start selling a SIM free version of the iPhone 4S in the US from November, and the iPhone 4S would be available for $649 for the 16GB version, $749 for the 32GB version and $849 for the 64GB version.

Now it would appear that some people have been able to purchase SIM free iPhone 4S handsets from Apple retail stores, ahead of the November date, according to a number of recent reports.

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Archos Arnova 8 G2 Tablet Revealed

It looks like Archos will be launching a new version of their Arnova 8 tablet, which will be called the Arnova 8 G2, and it join the new Archos G2 tablets that were announced recently.

The Archos Arnova 8 G2 will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, plus an 8 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, there is also a 1GHz processor and 4GB of built in storage.

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Samsung Sells 30 Million Galaxy S Smartphones

Samsung has just announced that it has sold over 30 million Galaxy S smartphone around the world, and the number includes the original Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and Samsung’s latest Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

We heard recently that Samsung had sold 10 million of their new Galaxy S II smartphones, and the original Galaxy S has now reached over 20 million units sold worldwide.

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RIM To Offer Customers Free Apps After BlackBerry Outage

Last week wasn’t exactly the best week for RIM, with the companies BlackBerry services, including BBM being unavailable to BlackBerry users for almost four days, RIM’s CEO apologized to BlackBerry customers, and now the company will be giving all BlackBerry users free premium applications.

Users of BlackBerry devices will be able to download a range of applications for free which include, SIMS 3, Bejeweled, NOVA, Photo Editor and many more, with around $100 worth of free apps available to each BlackBerry user.

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Apple iPhone 4S Gets The Colorware Treatment

Without wasting any time Colorware has unveiled their new iPhone 4S custom paint jobs, which now allow you to add your very own personalised splash of colour to Apples iPhone 4S.

The new range of colour options for your iPhone 4S now provide the ability to customise both your smart phone and its matching earbuds with a mixture of glossy, soft touch coatings and metallic finishes. Unfortunately the main front face of your iPhone 4S will still need to remain either white or black depending on the choice you made when you purchased it.

iPhone 4S Colorware

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Kindle 3, Kindle Keyboard, Software Update Brings Cloud Support

After the launch of their new range of Kindle 4 devices, Amazon renamed their older Kindle 3 device to the Kindle Keyboard. If you are an owner of one of the older Kindle keyboard devices you might be pleased to know that Amazon has now started rolling out a new update for the Kindle Keyboard which will provide it with support for Amazon’s cloud services.

To download the new update on your Kindle 3 simply go to the ‘Settings’ section from your home screen. At the bottom you will see your Kindle version if it is higher than 3.1 you will be able to install the new upgrade.

amazon kindle

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LG DoublePlay For T-Mobile Gets Official

Last week we saw some photos of the new LG DoublePlay, which is headed to US mobile carrier T-Mobile, the device has been officially announced this morning and we now have some more details.

The LG DoublePlay comes with dual displays, with a main 3.5 inch multi-touch touchscreen display and a smaller 2 inch secondary display, which is located in the middle of the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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Amazon Delivery Lockers Arrive In 8 New York Locations

Further to Amazon trailing their new Amazon Delivery lockers in 7-Eleven stores in seattle, Amazon has now activated its new Amazon Locker package delivery system in New York City. enabling Amazon customers to now have their deliveries sent to eight location around New York rather than their own homes or businesses.

The new locations include lockers installed at selected Gristedes, Rite-Aid and D’Agostino stores in Manhattan, New York. Full list after the jump.

Amazon Locker

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Sony Video Unlimited Lands On Sony Tablet S

We heard recently that Sony was bringing their Sony Video Unlimited service to their new Android tablets, and the service is now available on the new Sony Tablet S, and Sony has said it will also be headed to other devices.

As well as being made available to Sony’s own Android based devices, Sony will also offer the Video Unlimited service to Android devices from other manufacturers in the future.

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Dell Working On Windows 8 Based Tablets

It looks like Dell has decided that its next range of tablets will be based on Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform, instead of Google’s Android platform, the news was confirmed by Dell’s CEO, Michael Dell.

It would appear that Dell has decided to move its tablets to Windows 8, because the Android devices the company has produced haven’t done as well as they had expected, although we could possibly see more Android devices from Dell in the future.

Dell Windows 8 Tablet

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iPhone 4S 8 Megapixel Video Camera Test (Video)

Apple’s fifth generation iPhone 4S went on sale last week, and it features a number of new hardware specifications over the original iPhone 4, one of those is the new camera, which can now record full high definition video in 1080p.

The iPhone 4S features a 8 megapixel camera with a back illuminated CMOS sensor, plus it also features a new f/2.4 lens, we recently showed you some photos taken on the iPhone 4S camera, and now we have a full HD video in 1080p which was recorded using the iPhone 4S camera,which you can see below.

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