Auria 48-Track iPad Recording App Launched By Wavemachine Labs (video)

Any iPad users serious about music production will be interested to learn that a new 48-track recording application called Auria that will be launched on to the iTunes App Store during the first quarter of 2012 priced at $49.99.

Auri has been developed and launched by Wavemachine Labs, and has been designed specifically for Apple’s iPad device. Being built to provide a professional studio and live tracking application.

Auria 48-Track iPad Recording App

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Helps Apple Close The Gap On Android

Research firm Nielsen has released their latest smartphone report, and according to the report, Apple’s new iPhone 4S has helped Apple close the gap on Android in the last quarter of 2011.

The report says that the launch of the iPhone 4S had an enormous impact on smartphone purchases, with 44.5 percent of people surveyed purchasing an iPhone, this compares to 25.1 percent in October before the iPhone 4S was released.

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LG Prada 3.0 Headed To T-Mobile UK

LG and Prada recently announced their latest smartphone, the LG Prada 3.0, which we heard would be headed to the UK in February, and now it looks like the device is also headed to UK mobile carrier T-Mobile.

T-Mobile UK now has the LG Prada 3.0 listed on their coming soon section of their website, although there dont seem to be any details on pricing or availability as yet.

LG Prada 3.0

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Whited00r Brings iOS 5 To Older 1st And 2nd Generation iPhones And iPods

Owners of older first-generation iPod Touch devices or second-generation iPhones, who are missing the ability to run Apple’s latest iOS 5 operating system. Might be pleased to know that the newly updated software application called Whited00r 5.1 has been released that will allow you to install iOS 5 directly from iTunes onto these older devices.

Whited00r 5.1 provides an unofficial custom version of Apple’s iOS 5 operating system which has been designed to run on all iPod Touch devices and anything except the Apple’s first generation iPhone. Providing users with a variety of features only available in the new iOS 5 software.


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Genius DX-ECO Battery Free Wirless Mouse For PC And Mac Announced

Genius has launched a new mouse , which the company claims is the worlds first battery free wireless mouse for both PCs and Mac, the Genius DX-ECO, which according to the press release is capable of being fully recharged in just three minutes.

The Genius DX-ECO is designed to work on a range of different surfaces including dusted glass and marble, it features an adjustable dpi of 800/1600 dpi and comes with a 2.4GHz Pico receiver.

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Conurus Launches Sony NEX Smart Adapter For Canon EOS Lenses (video)

Sony NEX owners who have been longing to be able to use Canon EOS lenses on their Sony’s NEX-VG10, NEX-5, and NEX-3 cameras. Will be pleased to know that today Conurus have launched their new Smart Adapter which now makes it possible for Sony NEX owners to benefit from the Canon EOS lenses.

The new smart adapter integrates a Canon EF mount lens to a Sony NEX camera body. Enabling the electronic aperture to be directly controlled by the camera body and keeping all exposure modes available.

Conurus Smart Adapter

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Retro Atari 2600 iOS Speaker Dock

There are plenty of iOS speaker docks available to choose from, but if you are looking for something a little more retro and original, this modified Atari 2600 might be the perfect iOS speaker dock for you.

This retro iOS dock has been created by Daniel McLeod of Black Mountain Audio. Who has removed the original Atari’s internal electronics and replace them with a pair of computer speakers and subwoofer, together with a modified gaming cartridge which has now being converted into a 30-pin dock, for either your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

Atari 2600 iOS Dock

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Motorola MOTOLUXE Goes Up For Pre-order In The UK

Motorola recently announced a couple of new smartphones, one of those was the Motorola MOTOLUXE, which is now available to pre-order SIM free in the UK and it looks like it will be available around late February of early March in the UK.

The guys from Clove dropped us an email to let us know that they have a SIM free version of the Motorola MOTOLUXE available to pre-order, and the device will be available for £258 including taxes.

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Asus Transformer Prime TF700 Wont Hit The UK Until June

Asus recently announced a new version of their Transformer Prime tablet, the Asus Transformer Prime TF700, which features a higher resolution display than the existing Transformer Prime tablet.

The new Transformer Prime TF700 features a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and it is powered by a quad core NVIDA Tegra 3 processor, it looks like it wont be available in the UK until at least June, according to a recent Asus statement.

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Call Of Duty Elite Companion App Arrives On Android Devices

Android users patiently waiting for the launch of the new Call Of Duty Elite Companion App for Google’s Android operating system. Will be pleased to know that the new application is now available to download for free from the Android Market.

Similar to the iOS version of the application, Android users now have the ability to check their rankings, achievements and scores. Together with the ability to customise their loadouts directly from their Android Smartphone, ready for it to be available once they return to their console.

Call Of Duty Elite Companion App Android

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iConvert Scanner Scans Documents To Your iPad (Video)

There are a number of portable scanner solutions available for both PCs and Macs, but I think this may be the first portable scanning solution for the iPad, the iConvert Scanner.

The iConvert Scanner is basically a dock for your iPad and it is compatible with both the original iPad and the iPad 2, and it comes with an iPad application.

iConvert Scanner

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