THX Creating Steerable Line Array Speakers

THX have announced they are developing a new type of speaker system that will allow them to direct sound to certain areas of a room from one place, rather than arranging multiple speakers around the room.

The THX Steerable Line Array Speakers which is currently under development uses 60 metal dome tweeters and 32 3.5-inch drivers, with each driver equipped with its own dedicated 100-watt analog amplifier, creating 92 amplifiers with 100 watt’s each providing a whopping 9,200 watts of music power, oh yes!

THX Steerable Line Array Speakers

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Kiwi PC Launches Linux Destop PC For Senior Citizens

Kiwi PC has launched a new Linux desktop PC, which it says is designed for ‘Senior Citizens’, this new Linux desktop PC runs Ubuntu Linux , and is designed to make it to connect to the web, use email and various software applications.

The Kiwic PC features large icons and text making them easier to view, and it features a fully customizable ‘Me Menu’ which is designed to provide users with access to their most viewed websites and programs direct from the computers desktop.

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Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition Arriving At GOG Without DRM

The Good Old Games ( website has announced that it will soon be selling the Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition as a PC download without any DRM attached. Managing Director of Guillaume Rambourg explains that DRM is not a great way to protect games from piracy and thinks that DRM effects the gaming experience in a negative way.

GOG are able to provide the DRM free version due to it being a sister company of the CD Projekt RED, the development house behind The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Witcher 2 GOG

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Pentax Launches Optio RS1500 Compact Camera

Pentax has added a new compact camera to its range with the launch of the new Pentax Optio RS1500, which is fully customizable with a range of interchangeable lens rings and skins for the front of the camera.

The Pentax Optio RS1500 comes with a choice of 10 different skins, and you can also design and print out your own skins using some additional free software.

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IncrediBooth App Now Support iPad 2

If you are looking for an easy way to capture images on your iPad 2, and give them a retro photobooth styling, the IncrediBooth App is for you, and its just been updated to support Apple’s new iPad 2.

Sure you could use the built in Apple Photo Booth feature on the new iPad 2 but IncrediBooth adds a retro feel and photo arrangements not possible with Apples App.


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Mass Effect 2 Wins Best Game At The British Academy Video Games Awards

The British Academy Video Games Awards, BAFTAs for video games was held last night and Mass Effect 2 from EA won the Best game prize. With Heavy Rain created by Quantic Dream exclusively for the PlayStation 3 gaming system, winning 3 well deserved awards for Story, Original Music, and Technical Innovation.

Other winners were Cut the rope for handheld gaming and Call of Duty: Black Ops from Activision won the public GAME Award which is award from public votes.

Mass Effect

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T-Mobile G-Slate Coming April The 20th?

The T-Mobile G-Slate was expected to be released later this month, the 23rd of March was a date we had heard previously, although it looks like the G-Slate may now actually launch on the 20th of April.

According to TMO News, the G-Slate will go on sale on April the 20th in the US, and an official announcement is expected next week at CTIA.

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Western Digital Launches 6TB My Book Studio Edition II

Western Digital has added a new external hard drive to its range, the 6TB My Book Studio Edition II which is designed to be used with your Mac, but can also be used with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The Western Digital 6TB My Book Studio Edition II is compatible with Apple’s Time Machine, and features a FireWire 800/400, eSata and USB 2.0 connections.

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Mozilla Announces New Firefox Release Schedule

Today Mozilla has announced more details on its new Firefox release schedule that it promised to adopt after the release of its latest Firefox 4 browser release due on the 22nd March. Adopting a more Google Chrome methods of updates using smaller and faster released versions rather than holding back smaller updates and modifications to launched in a larger release.

The new release over time method will include a number of channels to allow for continuous new feature development on mozilla-central, while the other channels are devoted to stabilising features ready for a wider audience.



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Google’s Android Browser Is Faster Than iPhone’s Safari

According to the guys over at Blaze Software, Google’s Android browser is faster than Apple’s Safari browser on the iPhone, and they have conducted a pretty comprehensive test.

The guys from Blaze tested the browser in Android 2.3 against the Safari browser on the iPhone running iOS 4.3, and they tested a total of 45,000 page loads to see which device had the fastest browser.

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Zoomin Watch Concept Magnifies The Time

If you have ever experienced problems viewing the time on your analog watch, squinting your eyes to see the time. The Zoomin Watch concept could definitely help you out.

The concept is simple yet very very innovative and uses small magnifiers similar to the ones you would find over the days date on an analog watch face to help reveal the time with ease. Magnifying the digits on the watch face for easier reading.

Zoomin Watch Concept

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iPad 2 Smart Cover Turns Your iPad 2 Into A Fridge Friendly Device

When the original iPad was launched last year, we saw many innovative ways for it to be used, it was attached to walls, fridges, cupboards and basically any flat surface with a range of custom cases.

Now it seem that Apple’s new iPad Smart Cover has a hidden benefit, the built in magnets seem to be strong enough to attach your iPad 2 to your fridge, although we wouldn’t recommend you try this yourself just in case. According to Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac, the magnets in the iPad 2 Smart case are strong enough to keep it attached to your fridge.

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