German Maverick Builds New Awesome Tesla Guitars

No relation to the equally maverick-ish Tesla Motors, however. But here at Geeky Gadgets we’ve always maintained that the world of music is long overdue serious innovation. Not to upset the purists out there, but such ubiquitous instruments as the electric guitar have hardly evolved design and engineering-wise since the 80s. It’s a good thing we just mentioned the 80s since that’s when Ulrich Teuffel started reinventing the wheel.
Tesla Guitar

Ebay Unveils New Mac Shopping App Which Drops The Browser

eBay have today introduced an interesting new application to the US Mac App Store that allows users to browser and purchase items on eBay without needing to boot up an internet browser.

The new eBay Mac application currently doesn’t have any selling areas to upload items for sale and only currently allows browsing.  It also includes features that allow you to search for faster results, create Saved Searches to catch all the new items matching your wish list, and stay on top of eBay’s Daily Deals, and being a self contained app without any need to use a browser is definitely a new direction for eBay.

ebay Mac App

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Touchgrind Lands On OS X For Free (video)

If you are a fan of the iOS Touchgrind game available on the Apple iPad and iPhone, you will be pleased to know that the game has now made the jump to Mac OS X.

If you have not heard of Touchgrind before, its a skateboarding game that uses the multitouch functionality of Apple’s touch pads on its laptops and Apple’s Magic Trackpad, to allow you to control and perform skateboarding tricks and stunts.

The new mac version was first demonstrated back in January 2010 and has now been released on to the Apple Mac App Store. Watch the video after the jump to see Touchgrind in action on the Mac OS X system.


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Android Sixaxis Controller App Lets You Play Games Using Real Controllers (video)

If you own a rooted Android device you might be interested to know Dancing Pixel Studios has now released their new application “Sixaxis Controller”, that enables you to play games on Android-powered phones and tablets using either a PlayStation’s Sixaxis or DualShock 3 wireless controller.

The Android Sixaxis Controller App is a great way to reuse older controllers or existing ones you might have without the need to purchase a new device to play your favorite Android applications. Watch the video after the jump to see the Android Sixaxis Controller App in action.

Android Sixaxis Controller App

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Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone Not Headed To The US

The last thing we heard about the new Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone was that it would launch around the 23rd of September, this was after Nokia put up a countdown page on their site for the Nokia N9.

The countdown page has since been removed from Nokia’s website, and the guys over at Engadget reached out to Nokia to find out when then N9 would land in the US, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be headed to the US at all as Engadget received the following response from Nokia.

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Vizio 8 Inch Android Tablet Arrives For Just $299

After initially putting their tablet up for pre-order at $349 last month, today Vizio has announced a surprise reduction in its price and revealed that their new 8 inch Android tablet will be arriving at retailers for just $299.

The Vizio is equipped with an 8 inch 1024 x 768 pixels display and comes with a 1GHz processor, built-in GPS and 2 GB of onboard storage for media and documents. The Vizio have also designed their Android tablet to double as a universal remote, enabling users to control their home theatre devices.

VIZIO 8 Tablet

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Apple’s iCloud Will Limit iTunes Account Usage To 5 Devices?

Apple’ hasn’t mentioned anything about any changes to iTunes terms and conditions related to iCloud, at the moment you can associate up to 5 different computers with you iTunes account and as many iOS devices as you want.

It looks like this may be about to change, as the guys over at Apple n Apps have discovered something new in the iTunes terms and conditions, which will mean that you will only be able to use five devices in total with your iTunes account.

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iRemoco iPhone Remote Control App And Helicopter (video)

If you are looking for a little more fun from your iPhone, a new remote control application and helicopter has been launched by iRemoco that might well be worth a look. The gyro-stabilised iRemoco Helicopter bundle comes with a RC helicopter and iPhone dongle that plugs into your sync port on the bottom of your iPhone providing a link from the iOS app to your helicopter.

You can control your helicopter using either 3D joysticks on the iPhones screen or use the iPhone’s on board motion control by simply tilting your phone. Watch the video after the jump to see the iRemoco iPhone Remote Control App And Helicopter in action.


iRemoco iPhone

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MySaver Stops Your iPhone, iPad, And iPod Cable From Breaking (Video)

We have featured quite a few different accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is one of the more useful ones we have seen and definitely a great idea, it is called MySaver and is currently a Kickstarter project.

One of the major problems with the standard Apple cables that come with the iPhone, iPad and iPod is that they tend to break after a certain amount of time, this is where MySaver comes in as it is designed to stop the cables from breaking.


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Boxee iPad App Arrives Complete With Airplay

Boxee has now finished the development of their new iPad application that has been designed to allow users to watch and transfer playback between their iPad and HTPC even midway through a movie or program. The new Boxee iPad application also includes Airplay allowing you to stream its contents to your iOS devices with ease.

Boxee iPad App

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Perceptive Pixel Create Worlds Largest Multitouch Display Measuring 82 Inches

Perceptive Pixel has unveiled its latest creation in the form of a massive 82 inch capacitive multitouch display, which has taken its place as currently the worlds largest multitouch display.

The Perceptive Pixel 82 inch display has a high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 combined with a 120Hz, touch response time of <1ms and has been built to provide mission-critical reliability. Perceptive Pixel have designed the new display with classrooms and corporate boardrooms in mind but also states that military applications have also been considered.

Perceptive Pixel Multitouch Display

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