Left 4 Dead Fan Made Movie, Brings A Gaming Twist (video)

If you are a gamer then the new fan made Left 4 Dead movie, for which we features a quick trailer for a few weeks back, is definitely worth a watch and brings with it an unexpected twist.

The film has been directed by Adrian Picardi and Airsoft GI contacted their friends at Northern Five Entertainment to produce the amazing fan film for the left 4 Dead game over a near freezing weekend in November. Watch the results after the jump.

Left 4 Dead

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BT Sues Google, Claiming Android Infringes BT Patents

BT has started legal processing against Google and sued the Internet search giant, claiming that Google’s Android software has infringed a number of BT’s patents. BT is not the first to have sued Google over its Android software, and BT are now claiming billions of dollars of damages from Google in a lawsuit filed in the US this week.


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Are You The Best Battlefield 3 Gamer? Win A Trip To DICE (video)

Battlefield 3 gamers who think they have the skills to be the best, might be interested to learn that EA and DICE are currently running a competition to find the best player in their “Only in Battlefield 3″ competition.

To award them a with a chance to visit Stockholm, Sweden and meet the team at DICE behind the creation of the Battlefield 3 game and stay in a five-star hotel for three days. Watch a video showing a few awesome clips after the jump.

Battlefield 3

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Slingplayer For Google TV Now Available (video)

This week owners on Google TV might be pleased to know that SlingPlayer has now moved out of beta and is now available to use on Google TV devices. SlingPlayer for Google TV on the Logitech Revue is still a web application but works on other Google TV hardware as well. Watch a video after the jump to see the newly released SlingPlayer in action on Google TV for connected devices.

Slingbox Google TV

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Apple Hints At Apple HDTV Project

We know that Apple is working on their own Apple HDTV, which will feature Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, and now it would appear Apple has provided some details on the project to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the WSJ report Apple’s new TV will not only feature voice controls it will also feature some sort of movement controls, although there are no details as yet in what exactly will be involved in the movement controls.

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Asus Transfomer Prime Pre-Orders Delayed At Best Buy And Amazon

Asus recently confirmed that the Transformer Prime wouldn’t be delayed and would go on sale this week, but last week we heard that the launch of the Transformer Prime in Italy had been delayed until January.

Now it would appear that some pre-orders for both Best Buy and Amazon in the US have been delayed, according to an email that was sent out Best Buy customers which you can see below, and Amazon are apparently having similar problems.

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Sony’s PS Vita Launches In Japan

Sony’s PS Vita went on sale in Japan on Saturday, and it looks like the new PS Vita could already be a hit in Japan amongst gamers, as we heard last week that pre-orders of the device had been sold out.

As a reminder, the PlayStation Vita comes with a 5 inch multi-touch OLED display, plus a multi-touch pad on the back, there are also two analog sticks on the front, a front and rear camera.

Sony PS Vita

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Gets Hacked Google Wallet

Verizon released their version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus last week, and Verizon has decided not to use Google’s mobile payment service, Google Wallet on the handset, but now it would appear that Google Wallet can be installed on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

The guys over at the BGR managed to get Google Wallet running on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, although they did point out that doing this may violate Google Wallets terms of service.

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Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Announced

Google has announced a new updated version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the new version is Android 4.0.3, and Google has said that Android 4.0.3 should be rolled out to some smartphones and tablets in the next few weeks.

Android 4.0.3 comes with a range or enhancements and bug fixes, and Google has released an updated SDK for developers as well as some new API’s for developers.

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Announced

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Five Screen Racing Simulator Is Amazing (Video)

If you are into racing games then you will love this home made setup which was created by Chad Smith, it includes a total of five LCD monitors, and even an iPhone mounted to the steering wheel which displays performance stats.

The five screen setup is powered by an AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics card, and the game in the video is called iRacing, a free online racing game, and Chad is also using the iRacing Dash app on his iPhone to display the stats.

Five Screen Racing Simulator Is Amazing


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iPhone 4S Lands In 20 More Countries

Apple has now rolled out their latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S to 20 more countries around the world, which include Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

Although it would appear that the iPhone 4S is quite expensive in some countries, retailing for R$2599 in Brazil, which works out at around $1410 US for the 16GB model, increasing up to the equivalent of $1845 for the 64GB model.

iPhone 4S

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Google Nexus S Gets Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update

It looks like Google has started rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Google Nexus S, and the update is now available for the GSM/UMTS version of the Google Nexus S.

This is the first device to get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, excluding the Nexus Prime which comes with ICS out of the box, and we suspect more devices will get the update over the next few weeks.

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