Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited Watch

The guys from Tokyoflash have just released their latest geeky timepiece, the Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited watch, which started out as a concept design and has now made it into the stores.

This is the fifth concept design that has become a real watch, and it comes in a choice of seven different colors, I think well let the guys from Tokyoflash explain how it works.

Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited Watch

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Google+ For iOS Updated Now Supports iPad And iPod Touch

Google’s new social network has become incredibly popular since it launched a few weeks ago, Google has already released an Android and iPhone app, and now Google has updated the iPhone version of Google+ to add in support for the iPad and the iPod Touch.

As well as adding in support for the iPad and the iPod Touch, the latest version of Google+ also comes with a range of bug fixes, although the iPad version isn’t a dedicated version of Google+, so we can expect that to come in the future.

Google+ iPad

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Texas Town Resort To Desperate Measures To Solve Water Crisis

By ‘desperate’ we mean finally taking the major step to recycling waste water. Seen below: yeah, that kind of waste water (it’s a flushing toilet). The ironic part is the town is named Big Spring. The problem, on the other hand, is tangible enough for a lot of small communities with a population under 50,000. Big Spring has somewhere like 27,000 residents and when a severe drought affects the generally reliable supply, it’s time for drastic measures.


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These Concept Vehicles Will Make Your Jaw Drop

While concepts–a practice in the design world that often leaves most people scratching their heads in puzzlement–are usually hit and miss, there are a few that really inspire closer scrutiny.

Enter Michel Jelinek, a Czech designer who likes his machines futuristic in the vein of Syd Mead. We couldn’t help NOT name dropping the guy who did illustrations for Blade Runner since he practically elevated the whole staid medium of designing sci-fi movies from lowbrow swill to breathtaking scale.

Michel Jelinek 01

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Deus Ex HD Texture Pack Now Available

We’re not too proud and only marginally ashamed to admit we’re among the few predominantly PC gamers who have not played Warren Spector’s take on conspiracy theories and the cyborgs who investigate them. It’s on the list though and this so-called “New Vision” mod  just kicked it up a few notches, as judging from the screenshots we perused on Steam before hovering our cursor over the Buy button and chickening out at the last minute, Deus Ex hasn’t aged gracefully.

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Minecraft Creator Hopes Bethesda Threats Won’t Be Followed By “A Langdell”

It’s hard not to like, or at least respect a plucky indie outfit who managed to make a dinky tech demo into a mega-selling franchise before even reaching a development stage where QA wouldn’t even bother to turn up their noses on other games. It’s pretty hard not to like one of the few purveyors of quality hardcore RPGs left in the business either.

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Asahi Kasei RFID Device Holds Medical Data

People that have life threatening allergies or medical conditions rely on things to let paramedics and doctors know what is wrong with them if they should be unable to respond. Many rely on bracelets, but a bracelet that says allergy does not often say enough to help. A Japanese firm called Asahi Kasei has a new product that is in the works that will be much more helpful.

RFID Medical chip

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Active Media Products Outs SuperTooth ZF SSD Upgrade Kits

Active Media Products has a new line of upgrade SSDs that come in upgrade kits with all you need to get your data from your old drive to the new one. The SSD upgrade kits are made to fit just about any notebook that uses the 1.8-inch ZIF interface for storage. That includes the first gen MacBook Air and a number of other notebooks.

SaberTooth ZF SSD Upgrade

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JAVOedge iOS Mini Stylus

A new mini iOS styles has been created called the JAVOedge that has been designed to plug directly into the sync port on any of your iOS devices, for easy carrying and availability.

The JAVOedge is a mini stylus designed to make doodling scribbling and sketching on any of your iOS devices much easier and more enjoyable. The JAVOedge stylus is roughly the same thickness as a chalk stick and is portable making it convenient to carry around.

JAVOedge Mini Stylus

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Apple’s iTunes Replay Service Delayed By Movie Studios?

The other day we heard that Apple intends to launch a new movie streaming service, which will be called iTunes Replay, and it looks like the service may be suffering from some of the earlier problems that Apple had getting their iTunes Match music service off the ground.

Apple’s iTunes Match is scheduled to launch in September at the same time as Apple launches iOS 5, it took Apple quite some time to come to agreement with the record labels on the service and now it looks like the company is having similar problems with the movie studios.

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Apple TV (2nd Gen) Running HTML 5 Based Game (video)

Apple’s 2nd generation TV device as yet won’t officially allow any applications to run on it. But one industrious hacker named appletvblack has been able to jailbreak the device and run a simple HTML 5 based card game.

Adding to the speculation that Apple’s TV device could one day eventually be able to play non jailbroken applications. Watch a brief video after the jump to see the hack in action.

Apple TV

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Apple Sued Over OS X Fast Booting

According to the guys over at Patently Apple, a Florida based company called Operating Systems Solutions, has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, and the company is alleging that Apple’s fast boot feature is OS X is infringing their patent.

It looks like the patent originally belong to LG back in 2002, and then another company called Promitus Technologies in 2008, there are no details on how OSS got their hands on the patent.

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