Speakal Outs mi-Soccer iPhone Dock

Speakal has a bunch of strange different iPhone and iPod docks in its line. The one I always think of is the pig one. Another strange new offering has now debuted called the mi-Soccer. This is as you can probably guess an iPhone dock that looks like a soccer ball.

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Solar Powered LuminAID Shines Really Bright

Whether it’s cheap laptops or reusable clothing, it seems anyone who wants to make an impact as an inventor these days should address the developing world. This seems to be the general trend as each week there’s news of a gadget whose sole function is to provide energy efficient sustenance for poor families. Not that it’s wrong, but this wave is indicative of the direction game changing breakthroughs will be going for the foreseeable future. The LuminAID is no different. Conceived by two architecture grads from Columbia in New York, the LuminAID is a super-portable lamp solution.


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Innovative Nozzle Gun Cleans Anything With Bubbles

The title of this post might not inspire much enthusiasm, but hold on a moment. Seen below is a ultrasonic nozzle device that supposedly cleans objects better using bubbles. Don’t be confused, because while it may look like a DIY hairdryer, it really is a cutting edge gadget that could impact whole industries. The people responsible for it are Dr. Peter Berkin and Prof. Tim Leighton (the folks gazing intently at a harmless mug) from the University of Southampton. The gadget itself is called the Southampton for reasons seemingly obvious.

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LinkedIn Launches CardMunch iOS App To Convert Business Cards Into Contacts

LinkedIn the business-related social networking site has this week launched a new Card Munch application for iOS devices that takes the pain out of adding contact from business cards.

CardMunch will take a photograph of a business card you have been given and transform it in to a digital text adding the contact to your address book contacts, and then adding them as connections on LinkedIn.


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HP WiFi Touch Mouse X700 Connects Using Your Network Rather Than A Dongle

If you are in the market for a new mouse and would like to free up a USB port in the process. HP has unveiled its latest mouse creation in the form of the new WiFi Touch Mouse X700, which has some very curvy lines in its design.

The WiFi Touch Mouse X700 requires no dongle for you to use it, but instead connects to your computer through your local network. Other features of the new mouse also include a neat touch strip rather than a wheel for scrolling.

HP Touch Mouse X700

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Delayed For The UK?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is due to go on sale here in the UK this Thursday, the 17th of November, but now two different retailers are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus wont arrive until the 22nd or 23rd of November.

UK retailer Clove posted on their blog earlier that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus wont be available with them until the 23rd of November, and now UK mobile operator Three has announced on Twitter that they wont have the Galaxy Nexus available until the 22nd of November.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Delayed For The UK?

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Weapon Shaped Pillows Adds A New Twist To Pillow Fights

There is no excuse to lose your next pillow fight if you arm yourself with these fantastic weapon shaped pillows which have been designed to add a little more fun to your standard pillow fight.

The pillow weapon designs which include everything from a lightsaber to a throwing star have been created and screen printed onto soft pillows by Bryan Ku.Who obviously knows how to have a great pillow fight.

Weapon Shaped Pillows

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Lego Film Production Confirmed By Warner Bros.

If you are a fan of everything Lego you will be please to know that Warner Bros. have confirmed production of a CGI/live-action hybrid, movie which is currently in the early process of being made. But full time production of the new movie could start as early as next week now that a grant has been awarded by Australian state New South Wales for the movie to be filmed there.

The new Lego movie is set to be written and directed by US duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, whose other work includes : Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and are expected to joining production after their latest project 21 Jump Street is launched in March.

Lego Bricks

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iTunes Match Wont Launch In The UK Until 2012?

Apple’s iTunes Match service was launched in the US yesterday, and we still don’t have any official confirmation from Apple on when the service will launch in the UK, Europe and other countries around the world.

When Apple discussed the iTunes Match service at the iPhone 4S event last month, they said it would launch in the US by the end of October, the service was officially launched yesterday the 14th of November.

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SIM Free Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Goes Up For Pre-Order In The US

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S went on sale here in the UK last month, it is about to launch in the US, and it is now available to pre0-order SIM free direct from Sony Ericsson in the US for $499.99.

The Xperia Arc S comes with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and features a 4.2 inch touchscreen display with an 854 x 480 pixel resolution, processing is in the form of a single core 1.4GHz processor.

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Nokia Announces MixRadio Streaming Service For Lumia Phones

Nokia has this week decided to launch a new Pandora style music service for its new Nokia Lumia smartphones In the middle of Apple launching their iTunes Match service and Google launching their new music service.

The new Nokia MixRadio service will be pre-installed on every Lumia smartphone and will analyses the music you have stored on your device and then use the Echo Nest’s API to compile custom streaming radio stations for you based on your “taste profile”.


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G-Form Protects And iPad From A 1300 Foot Drop (Video)

Some of our readers will remember the G-Form cases that we featured on the site previously, we have already seen some videos of an iPad being dropped from buildings and surviving when they are encased in one of G-Forms iPad cases.

Now the guys from G-Form thought it would be a good idea to jump out of a plane, and then drop an iPad with a G-Form case from 1300 feet, have a look at the video below.

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