SolMate iPhone Solar Charger And Battery Case (video)

iPhone users looking for a well-designed solar charger and battery pack case for their smartphone. Might be interested to learn that a new design is currently looking to make the jump from concept to production over on the Kickstarter website.

The new SolMate iPhone case designed by Adam Benzion & Jamie Wojcik, incorporates both a 1600mAH slimline battery that will double the life of your iPhone. Together with a custom designed solar panel that will even charge your device whilst out of direct sunlight and in the shade. Watch the video after the jump to see the technical specifications explained by one of its designers.



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Canon EOS C300 Launches In Japan January 31st

Canon recently announced the Canon Eos C300 digital cinema camera, and now it looks like the device will launch in Japan on the 31st of January 2012, with a US release shortly after that date.

The Canon EOS C300 features a Super 35mm CMOS sensor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, and it will be available with either a Canon EF lens mount of a Cinema standard PL lens mount.

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PS Vita Remote Play Hack Enables PS3 Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City And More (video)

A new Remote Play hack for Sony’s PS Vita portable gaming console and PS3, enables gamers to stream PS3 games not on Sony’s streaming list directly to their PS Vita consoles. The new hack has been shown on a number of YouTube videos that have been posted. Demonstrating how the hack can be used to play titles such as Red Dead Redemption, Mortal Kombat, Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham Asylum, and look very genuine. Watch Battlefield 3 in action streamed from a PS3 to Sony’s PS Vita after the jump.

PS Vita Remote Play Hack

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Nokia Lumia 900 Hits The UK In June

Nokia recently launched their latest Windows Phone smartphone in the US, the Nokia Lumia 900 which is headed to US mobile carrier AT&T and should be available with the carrier in March.

Now it looks like the Nokia Lumia 900 will also be available in the UK and Europe, and the device will be available in the UK from June 2012, according to UK retailer the Carphone Warehouse.

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YouTube Hits 4 Billion Video Views A Day

Google has released some new figures on just how popular their only video service YouTube is, according to a recent report by Reuters, YouTube is now streaming a massive 4 billion video views every day.

On top of that we also get some information on how many videos are uploaded to the site every day, over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

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Microsoft Points Virtual Currency System Closing?

It has been revealed today by the Inside Mobile Apps website that Microsoft may be looking to phase out its virtual currency system which uses Microsoft Points. The Microsoft Points virtual currency is used within the Xbox Live Marketplace, Games for Windows : Live Marketplace, Windows Live Gallery, and Zune online stores. The points system enables users to purchase new content without the need for a credit card.

Microsoft points where introduced by Microsoft to help reduce the number of credit card transactions, on which it would need to pay the transaction fees. In the United States, roughly 80 points are equal to $1, and an 800 point arcade game would retail for $10 in real-world currency, in comparison.

Microsoft Points

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Evi To Take On Siri On iOS And Android (Video)

Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant is only available on the iPhone 4S, but now it would appear that Siri may have a competitor in the form of an iOS and Android app called Evi.

Evi works in a similar way to Siri, you press a button on the app and ask it a question, it will then respond to you with an answer, and it works in a similar way to Apple’s Siri.

Evi To Take On Siri On iOS And Android

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Fully Customisable FiiO E17 Alpen Headphone Amplifier

FiiO has his week unveiled its new Alpen E17 USB DAC headphone amplifier which is being created to provide you with an array of features to customise your sound, allowing you  to obtain the perfect audio to complement your listening experience.

The pocket sized headphone amplifier has been designed for audiophiles and as well as being a headphone amplifier can be also used as a USB soundcard. Enabling you to change bass, treble, gain level, as well as, balance and pan. The Alpen is equipped with a 2 colour OLED display and all its electronics are encased in a brushed metal housing.


FiiO E17 Alpen

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Google+ To Allow Pseudonyms And Nicknames

When Google launched their social network Google+, the only way you could sign up to the service was by using your real name, and you weren’t allowed to use a nickname or pseudonym, now it looks like Google has decided to change this policy.

Google has announced that from this week you will be able to use a nickname or pseudonym for Google+, and the change comes after Google listened to their users.

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Nokia Hits 45 Percent Of Second Generation Windows Phone Market Share

Nokia launched its first Windows Phone device, the Nokia Lumia 800 last November, and it recently launched its first Windows Phone smartphone in the US, and it would appear that Nokia is already dominating second generation Windows Phone devices.

According to a recent report from Occasional Gamer, Nokia now has around 45 percent of the second generation Windows Phone handset market.

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