Geohot Weighs In On PSN Fiasco, Blames Sony

We were almost wondering where Geohot had got to. In case you’re having trouble placing him, he was basically last month’s PSN failure in terms of keeping Sony in the news. Now, it was already pretty obvious he wasn’t behind this PSN mess, because if he was, he probably would have made a rap video about it by now, but he felt the need to clear the air anyway.

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Terminator T800 Brain Chip On Sale

In case you can no longer place exactly where this piece of movie magicry figured, remember T2: Judgement Day when Sara Connor and co. attacked the Cyberdine offices? She, her son, and Arnie came for this and a metallic arm from the first Terminator movie to prevent Judgement Day. They succeeded but Arnie had to be sacrificed in a molten pit of steel. Powerful stuff and the next greatest James Cameron action flick after Avatar.

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Triton Submarine Is One Of The Toughest There Is

The Mariana Trench is the greatest man challenge on Earth. (Cos Mt. Everest is like, so been-there done-that.) To finally attain supreme bragging rights of reaching its bottom, a feat last accomplished in the 1960s, a special submersible has been built that can withstand the extreme pressure down below. Though the Triton looks like an average two-man sub for exploring the depths, the real hard science is in the glass bubble surrounding the cockpit.

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Kosher Smartphones Now Available In Israel

We remember a BBC docu about an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community where one of the members explained that they would always be riding the last car of the train of progress. Sounds poetic, but it’s ever so true. To at least tap into a significant market in their country, an Israeli telecom firm unveiled kosher smartphones whose features and apps aren’t offensive to orthodox sensibilities.

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Battleship Shoe Is Ready For War

Looks real nice, huh? While it appears fit to wear, the craftsmanship and detail involved should discourage real use. Just admire it for the eye catching aesthetics, which include what looks like an 88 anti-tank gun plus some armor plate. Created by artist Phil Noto, this “battleship shoe” can float or shoot projectiles, but it does make for a cool geeky toy on your action figure closet.

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The Attack Of The Giant Office Supplies

Yeah sure, everyone thinks they’ll survive a Zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion (see Crysis, Mass Effect, Halo, Duke Nukem). But what happens when those office supplies finally decide to overthrow their masters? Uh oh. Resistanc eis futile. Pictured below is a giant tape measure and its more adhesive sibling. We don’t see a stapler and a glue stick, but they just might be hiding.

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Antec Unveils New LED BIAS Lighting

You may not know what a bias light is. It’s a light that you put behind your monitor so you aren’t staring at a bright screen in totally dark room. Apparently, some high-end animation studios use them and they are supposed to help reduce eye fatigue too. I have seen bias lights before that are really expensive.

Antec LED Bias Light

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Sony Tablet Teaser Video Released (video)

Further to the announcement earlier this week of Sony Tablets coded named the S1 and S2. Sony has now released a teaser video showing a little more detail and the curved designs of the new Sony Tablets.

The new Sony tablets come in two distinct  styles with the Sony S1 tablet equipped with a 9.4-inch display and a wedge shape design which Sony says provides a more ergonomic tablet to use.

While the S2 is designed as a foldable dual-screen tablet, fitted with a pair of 5.5-inch 1,024 x 480 pixel displays. Watch a teaser video of the new Sony tablets after the jump.

Sony tablets

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