Lunch Bugs Bags Will Make People Go Eeeww!

Ever tried to creep out whoever sits in the same lunch table as you? If you haven’t but want to, go for these specially printed Lunch Bugs. They’re sandwich bags with insects printed on them for mass (hysterical) effect. Yeah, of course it’s juvenile but thanks to our prevalent gaming culture the line between juvenile and adult is blurring.

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Desperate Man Holds Up Convenience Store With Playstation Gun Remote

The Playstation Move pistol down south is the weapon used by a suspect (a Mr. Cameron Pittman) during a series of unfortunate events leading to his arrest. First he walks into a convenience store with a thing in his pocket; next he tries to rob the cashier with the thing in his pocket; finally a police officer walks in and disarms him. The thing in his pocket?  A Playstation Move pistol remote.

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The T&T Is A Revolution Waiting To Happen

You don’t need a degree in physics to figure out how the concept below works. The spiral configurations holds down more ink, simple as that. What’s really a headsratcher is, after decades of having the ballpoint pen around and manufactured in limitless numbers, why didn’t nobody ever think of this?

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Hitman: Absolution Trademark Filing By Square Enix

There have been some isolated signs of life from the Hitman franchise in the past few months, the most significant of which was probably the ARG that even revealed a few images, but at this point the franchise has been out of the public eye so long it may take a bit more to bring it back. So how about a trademark filing, those are always fun?

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EA’s Persistent Profile Rumored To Be Subscription Based

EA’s long standing plan to transition from selling game products to selling game services is apparently coming to a head in a fairly surprising way. In what seemed like fairly innocuous news at the time, EA’s Peter Moore has recently anounced the company was pondering a persistent profile for its sports games that would save players from having to create a new one for every new title. As it turns out, that online identity may just be one component of a subscription service that EA is looking to roll out across its sport titles.

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Chrono Trigger Gracing PSP & PS3

When a game is still news sixteen years after release, you can probably surmise it was kind of awesome Either that, or it was involved in a massive subliminal rick-rolling incident that only came to light years too late for anyone to do anything about it. Chrono Trigger does both, but only one of them on purpose. And if the ESRB is any kind of authority on these things, it will be doing them on the PSP and PS3 as well.

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Gamestop Stopping DS Lite Sales After Current Stock Runs Out

We’d say it’s had a good run, but we’d be lying. Seeing how probably more than half the hundred million DS units sold so far are Lites, it’s had a eye-wateringly spectacular run. And despite Nintendo’s promise to keep it on hand alongside the 3DS and the fact that stripping the GBA slot out of the DSi and XL inadvertently made it slightly more relevant, we all know it was out way past its bedtime.

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Sony NEX-C3 Photos Leaked, Possible NEX-3 Successor?

Images of a new Sony camera have been uncovered that could possibly be a Sony NEX-3 successor. Sony suddenly and surprisingly stopped manufacturing their NEX-3 camera, which featured a 14.2 effective megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, and Sony’s E-mount lens system, that was compatible with DSLR lenses, with the use of an optional mount adapter.

The uncovered photos of the NEX-C3 which could well be a successor, if the images are indeed authentic. Is rumoured to be fitted with a 16.2 megapixel image sensor, the same thats used in the Sony Alpha A55 DSLR. The leaked photos were discovered by the Sony Alpha Rumours website. Who also suggest it is also capable of HD video and equipped with an external flash, seen in the leaked picture below.

Sony NEX-C3

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Duke Nukem Forever Teaser (video)

I remember Duke Nukem the first time around, but if your looking forward to the release of the new version, this new trailer will keep you going until its release, later this year.

After years of delays and setbacks and even being put back a few times this year, Duke Nukem Forever is now hoping to be released on June 10th 2011 international.

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The Appeal Of Glasses: A Japanese Fetish

Kotaku has a new article on the Japanese phenomenon known as “meganekko” which roughly translates to “girl with glasses”.

It’s a staple of almost every genre of entertainment: from film to television, from manga to videogames, the “girl with glasses” stereotype is a common shorthand used to denote authority, shyness or intelligence. While it’s certainly not a Japan-only phenomenon, the country of the rising sun does get more of a kick out of it than others.

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