LG Uplus u+tv G Set Top Box Unveiled Is The First To Integrate Google TV

Korean telecom company LG Uplus, owned by LG, has announced the creation of a new set-top box which is the first to feature integrated Google TV, a first for the Google TV platform.

The new LG Uplus u+tv G set-top box has been designed to search through LG Uplus’ video-on-demand and TV content. But also allows users to view YouTube channels and videos together with Google services and applications.

LG Uplus

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New iPod Nano Gets Taken Apart

Apple recently launched their new 7th generation iPod Nano, this years iPod Nano comes with a new design and even has a home button like the iPhone and iPad, the guys over at iFixit have taken the device apart to see what is inside.

According to iFixit the iPod Nano’s battery, button cable, lightning connector are all soldered to the Logic board, ad the battery is also attacked to the back of the assembly which means the battery is hard to replace.

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Life Fitness announces Android compatible exercise machines

Some gyms are old school with no-frills machines that offer only exercise and no entertainment. More expensive gyms offer entertainment options. However some people would rather use their smartphones or tablets for entertainment. For those people, exercise equipment manufacturer, Life Fitness, has announced a new range of exercise equipment that will be compatible with Android devices.
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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Price Revealed, Starts At $499

Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing for its Surface tablet with Windows RT, there will be three different options available and pricing for the Microsoft Surface RT tablet starts at $499.

The entry level Surface RT Tablet comes with 32GB of storage and this will retail for $499, you can also get the 32GB Surface with the Touch Cover for $599, and there is a third option, a 64GB Surface Tablet with the Touch Cover, this version retails for $699.

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Google Personal Search Now Makes It Easier To Find Items Across Your Google Apps

Google has this week rolled out a new update to their personal search service, which now allows Google account holders to quickly and easily search for items across all their Google applications, including Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more.

The new Google personal search feature has been under testing for some time and Google has said it has received positive feedback from those already testing the service.

Google Personal Search

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Star Command Extended Walkthrough Game Trailer Released (video)

If you are looking forward to the up-and-coming launch of the new Star Command indie game which started its life on Kickstarter and was originally intended for mobile devices, but has now moved to both Mac and PC versions.

You are sure to be interested in this new extended walk-through trailer released by its developers Warballoon, showing you a little more in-depth what you can expect from the awesome retro styled Star Command game when it finally launches.

Star Command

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Call of Duty Elite service will be free with Black Ops 2

Activision has announced that with the launch of Black Ops 2 in November, the Call of Duty Elite service will be free for all players. Previously the paid version allowed users access features like map updates, extra video storage space, access to certain challenges and competitions and access to the other features available for the free version too.
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Android 4.2 To Feature Quick Settings Pull Down Panel (Video)

We have already hear about some of the new features in Google’s new Gmail app for Android 4.2, and now we have some information on a new feature that will be included in Android 4.2, called Quick Settings.

The new Quick Settings pull down feature in Android 4.2 will give you access to a number of new settings directly from the notifications bar at the top of your device, have a look at the video below.

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Wii U Pro Controller Battery Last Up To 80 Hours

It has been revealed by descriptions on retailers websites such as Amazon and GameStop, that Nintendo’s Wii U Pro controller is capable of last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

When you compare the 80 hours of usage from the new Wii U Pro controller, with that of the Xbox 360’s controller that only last 25-30 hours on a single charge, and even the Wii U’s GamePad controller that just offers 5 hours of use, you can appreciate how much extra juice Nintendo have been able to squeeze to of their controller.

Wii U Pro Controller

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Samsung Galaxy Premier Appears In Benchmarks

Last week we saw a leaked photo and some specifications of a new Android smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Premier or GT-I9268 and now the device has appeared in some benchmarks in the AnTuTu benchmark program.

The Samsung Galaxy Premier is expected to be announced in December, and the device is rumored to feature a 4.64 inch HD display and a Cortex A9 dual core processor clocked at 1.5GHz.

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Starbucks UK And Canadian iOS Apps Now Support Apple Passbook

Following on from the recent release of the Starbucks iOS application with Passbook support in the US. Residents of both Canada and the UK will be pleased to learn that from today they will be able to use Apple’s new Passbook feature with their iOS devices.

Apple has created then you Passbook feature to enable users to store movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and boarding passes all in one place.

Starbucks Passbook

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Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Headed To The UK This Month

Samsung recently started rolling out the Android 4,1 Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy S III in South Korea, and now we have some details on when the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update will be available for the handset in the UK.

Samsung has revealed on their Facebook page that the Android 4.1 jelly Bean update will be available for the UK version of the Galaxy S III some time this month, they also said that they would be announcing updates for the various network channels in due course.

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