160 Blockbuster Stores To Close In The UK

Almost a third of Blockbuster’s UK stores will be closed by current administrator Deloitte in an effort to restore the ailing video rental chain to profitability. 31 stores were originally slated to close after Blockbuster announced its impending administration last week, but a further 129 closures were subsequently deemed necessary by Deloitte, with the possibility of more to come.

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Valve Officially Launches New Steam Game Guides Feature

Steam gamers patiently waiting for the arrival of the new Steam Game Guides, first announced back in December, will be pleased to learn that Valve has officailly launched the new features on to Steam.

Steam Game Guides enables players to compile their own guides to games for others to then read and rate accordingly, and where introduced last month to Steam Community Beta users only. From today however they have now rolled out to all.

Steam Game Guides

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Microsoft Switching Off Halo 2 PC Multiplayer Next Week

Halo 2 multiplayers will be disappointed to learn that Microsoft has announced it will be closing the doors on its servers next month. With 15th February marking the end date for the Halo 2 PC multiplayer service.

As well as announcing then end of the Halo 2 Multiplayer service next month Microsoft also revealed more information on new Spartan Ops episodes of which the second  half of Season One launches next Monday.


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Limited Edition White PS3 Launches In Canada January 27th 2013

A stylish Limited Edition White PS3 console has been spotted over on the Canadian Best Buy website, which is set to launch in the country on January 27th 2013 and sports the latest PS3 Slim chassis.

The Best Buy white PS3 bundle comes with a year’s subscription of PS Plus, together with a 500Gb version of the PS3 Slim all available to pre-order for $300.

White PS3

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