Angry Birds Star Wars To Get Cloud City Levels (Video)

Rovio has announced that they will be releasing an update for their Angry Birds Star Wars game that will bring a range of new levels to the game, the update will be called Cloud City.

The video below teases the Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City expansion, and whilst it is pretty short, it does give us a clue that one of the Angry Birds will be frozen in carbonite, just like Han Solo.


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Mass Effect 3 Almost Lacked Tali, Played By 82% As Male Shepherd

Few games inspire as much player devotion to characters as Bioware’s space epic. Though characters were changed up regularly throughout the trilogy, most of them stuck around enough to leave an impression and some, like Tali, are almost universally loved by players. Bot as much by Bioware, as it turns out, as she was almost left out from the latest one. Along with this tidbit, Bioware also revealed only 18% of players went through the game as Female Shepherd, despite the character’s widespread popularity.

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Borderlands 2 Sixth Character Is Krieg The Psycho

It’s usually the new games that get the spotlight following a show like Pax East, but since Borderlands and its characters have become somewhat iconic, when Gearbox reveals a new it’s sort of a big deal. Especially when that character is an axe-wielding combo machine with skills like Hellborn, Mania and Buzz Axe. Meet Krieg. He’s a psycho.


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Don’t Starve, The Survival Game About Eating & Staying Sane Is Out April 24th

Klei Entertainment of Shank and Mark of the Ninja fame is putting the finishing touches on its Don’t Starve. The objective of the game, which has been out in paid beta form for several months, is to find food, craft shelter and maintain your sanity. One of those, as it turns out, is optional as losing the sanity is the only way of getting some of the items.

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Bastion Devs Say New Game Transistor May Not Need Publisher

Supergiant Games may not be going the publisher route this time around, despite Bastion’s sales of 1.7 million under the Warner Brothers label. Despite Bastion’s success however, going solo might still be a risky move for Supergiant, especially as its game features a female protagonist, which may affect sales if current numbers and game industry history are any guide.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Coming To iPad

XOM, the hit surprise reboot of the squad based  TBS is coming to a glassy Apple-brand surface near you, revealed developer Firaxis. Firaxis, known for the Civilization series, only ended up making the reboot of a hardcore franchise with a cult following through the perseverance of lead designer Jake Solomon.
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Scrooge McDuck Returns in DuckTales Remastered

The 1990 platformer, DuckTales was a true classic. You played as Scrooge McDuck using his cane as a pogostick and golf club. Now he is returning. Capcom announced DuckTales Remastered. The game is scheduled for Summer 2013 and will be published by Capcom and developed by WayForward Technologies. It will be for the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
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