Blizzard Project Titan Delayed Until 2016

Blizzard’s next-gen MMO, codenamed “Titan” was leaked a long time ago. At least the fact that they were working on it. Blizzard has since confirmed it by saying that there are over 100 team members working on the game. Sadly you’re going to have to wait until 2016 for Blizzard Project Titan.

Blizzard Project Titan
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Resident Evil Attraction Coming To Universal Studios Japan

Fans of the Resident Evil games who are looking for a thrill off-screen can soon have one. Universal Studios Japan will be launching a limited time attraction where visitors will be able to shoot the zombies from the Resident Evil franchise using the same practice guns that the police and military use during training exercises. Sound awesome? Buy your ticket to Japan now.
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Will The PS4 Have Used Game DRM Restrictions?

Things are uncertain regarding how the Xbox One will handle used games. All games that will be played on the console will be installed on the system’s hard drive, so when that disc is inserted into another unit or is used with a different Xbox Live account, a fee will have to be paid. When the second user actually pays that fee, the first user’s install will be deactivated. So this raises questions that we hope Microsoft will answer at the E3 press conference.
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Xbox One To Be Region Locked

Looks like the practice of region locking is alive and well at Microsoft, as games for its newly announced console have been confirmed to only run on machines from the same territory. It’s worth mentioning that while all previous Xbox incarnations have been region locked, Sony’s PS3 did away with the needlessly restrictive system and is likely to do so again with the PS4.

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Gamers Ask Sony To Leave Used Games Alone

Sing it with me to the tune of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. “Hey. Sony. Leave those games alone!” People aren’t happy about Microsoft’s Xbox One console when it comes to how it approaches used games. And while Sony has yet to share details on the PS4 and how they might approach the used games market and DRMs, there has been a huge Twitter movement around the issue.
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Iron Man GTA 4 Mod

It’s always fun to see what kinds of mods gamers come up with for popular games. This Iron Man mod for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 4 is pretty awesome. YouTube user taltigolt showed off an Iron Man mod for GTA 4 in which you get to play as Iron Man himself.
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Minecraft Creator Gets A Golden PS One

Minecraft is a huge hit with gamers. Millions of people are playing the game, but not on the Playstation platform. Sony is definitely interested in working with Minecraft’s creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, who tweeted that he had recently received a golden PS One from Sony, along with an original copy of Dungeon Masters 2.
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Microsoft Wants To Sell 25 Million More Xbox 360 Consoles

With the recent announcement of the Xbox One, you would think that Microsoft would not have any major ambitions for their current Xbox 360 consoles, although it looks like Microsoft is not done with the Xbox 360 Just yet.

Microsoft is looking to sell another 25 million Xbox 360 consoles overthe next 5 years, which would take the total Xbox 360’s sold to over 100 million, and Microsoft have even bigger plans for the Xbox One.

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