Sony PlayStation 4 Is Officially Region Free Reveals Sony (video)

Sony has landed a super blow to Microsoft in the next-generation consoles wars by announcing at the E3 games conference currently being held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, that their next-generation Sony PlayStation 4 console will be region free.

The new Sony PlayStation 4 requires no online connection to play and games for the PlayStation 4 console can be sold and shared with ease. Check out the video created by video after the jump to see how easy it real is to share PlayStation 4 games with friends.

Sony PlayStation 4

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The Elder Scrolls Online Launching On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One (video)

Fans of Bethesda games such as Skyrim and especially the new The Elder Scrolls Online game will be pleased to learn that Bethesda has announced at E3 that Elder Scrolls Online will be launching on both next generation consoles.

The announcement of the Elder Scrolls Online game arriving on both next-generation gaming consoles, was tweeted by Pete Hines from Bethesda.

Elder Scrolls Online

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Xbox One UK Price Is £429, Launching In November

Earlier today we heard that the Xbox One will launch in the US in November of $499, and now we have some details on the Xbox One UK price, the console will go on sale in the UK in November for £429.

Microsoft has now put the Xbox One up for pre-order, and the £429 price tag includes taxes here in the UK, the price is considerably higher than the existing Xbox console, but Microsoft obviously thinks that the device will sell at that price.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Console Design Finally Unveiled Priced At $399

At the E3 games conference at the Los Angeles Convention center this week, Sony has taken the opportunity to finally reveal the deign for their new next generation games console the Sony PlayStation 4.

The new Sony PlayStation 4 design takes the form of a slanted rectangle and features a two tone matt/gloss finish, losing the curves associated with the last generation PS3 console, and more in-line with Microsofts Xbox One console.

Sony PlayStation 4

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Gamestop Taking PS4 And Xbox One Pre-Orders This Week

The Sony PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have been officially revealed and are coming soon, but when will they launch and for how much? Well Gamestop seems to be pretty confident that E3 is when both Sony and Microsoft are expected to announce the availability of their consoles and have confirmed that the retailer will begin taking pre-orders for both starting this week.
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