LittleBigPlanet 3 Being Made By SumoDigital

Sumo Digital, as opposed to series creator Media Molecule, is making LittleBigPlanet, according to VG 24/7. The company was apparently tapped to make the game by both Sony and Media Molecule, as the LBP creators are hard at work on (it’s what I went with instead of “couldn’t tear themselves away from”)  PS Vita exclusive Tearaway.


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OUYA Getting Double Fine Adventure, Words With Friends Creator’s New Game

The Ouya is getting a boost in the form of two independent studios pledging support. Paul Bettner, of Words With Friends‘ fame, together with the peerless Double Fine are set to populate the Ouya’s store with their creations. The Cave and Reds, as Double Fine Adventure is now known, will be making an appearance, possibly the only console release for the latter.


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OUYA Creators Already Planning OUYA 2 & 3

Ouya, the Kickstarter-grown home console with mobile phone / tablet innards will also be subject to mobile-style yearly iterations, according to Ouya’s Julie Uhrman. The company plans to avoid punishing early adopters by making all Ouyas backwards compatible and marrying games to user accounts for an easy transition between yearly versions of the console.ouya_22884.nphd

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Bioware’s New Mass Effect Game Is Emphatically Not Mass Effect 4

The Mass Effect game currently under development at Bioware has nothing to do with the previous games in a narrative sense. Bioware has made it clear that Commander Shepherd’s tale has ended with Mass Effect 3, but community manager Chris Priestly went one step further, explaining the only narrative fabric the new game will share with the old may be the universe.


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Star Wars Director & Valve Founder Talk Storytelling In Films & Games At DICE

Cloverfield or Lost alone would have been more than enough to make anyone’s name, but  J.J. Abrams now has Star Trek and Star Wars feature films to his. Gabe Newell  isn’t as as household a name among non-PC gamers, but a man of no smaller achievements, having built a company quintessential to the PC game industry. Together, they keynoted the D.I.C.E. Summit, comparing notes on storytelling techniques in games and films. And, as it turns out, planning one or more potential collaborations.


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Take Two’s CEO Explains GTA 5 Delay

Fans of the GTA serieshave to be feeling disappointed that Rockstar revealed Grand Theft Auto V would be delayed until September. The original release was for Spring 2013. The company did not give an explanation for why the game was delayed, so everyone has their opinion on it.
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Rovio To Launch Angry Birds Cartoons This Spring

Angry Birds has been a massive success for Rovio, not only has their Angry Birds series of games been incredibly popular, but they have also release Angry Birds merchandise and are even planning an Angry Birds movie which will hit theaters in 2016.

Now Rovio mobile has ann0uced that they will also be launching an Angry Birds cartoon series which will launch in the spring, and they will be a series of short cartoons based on the characters from the Angry Birds games.

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