First iPhone Bluetooth 4.0 App – Find My Car Smart

When I was a kid, my mom was always parking and not remembering where the car was. She would use a piece of paper and out the rows from the door and the spots between the car and the front just to find where we were parked. Today you don’t have to do that sort of thing thanks to cool apps like find my Car Smart.

Find My Car Smart

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TRON Inspired PS3 And Xbox Controllers Unveiled By PDP

Any TRON fan PS3 or Xbox 360 gamers in the market for a new controller, might be interested in the new range of controllers unveiled by PDP this week. The TRON designed controllers have been inspired after Gem, a Siren program from the TRON films. They feature a pearl colour finish with mist grey handles and crystal white glowing up-accents.

Tron Xbox Controller

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PS Vita Store Demonstrated Via PS3

A demonstration of the new PS Vita Store has been uploaded to YouTube that unveils to those who don’t already have access to the facility a run through of what you can expect when the PS Vita arrives in your country.

The demo has been created by YouTube user dodgykebaab, and shows 15 minutes going through the Japanese PlayStation Network’s PS Vita Store. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

PS Vita Store Via PS3

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Google Rolls Out Improvements For Google+ Ready For The Holidays (video)

Today Google has announced and rolled out a number of new features to its Google+ social network, in preparation for the holidays. With the aim to help you keep track of everything important while in Google+. Google have added new features that allow you to add fine-grained controls within your Google+ account that will enable you to “graphic-equalize” and fine-tune your stream.

Making sure you don’t miss anything from your most important Google+ contacts. Watch three videos after the jump explaining a few of the new features Google has added, as well as new additions to Google+ Pages.

Google Plus

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New Xbox Dashboard Brings Video Playback Issues

After receiving a number of emails from unhappy 360 owners saying that their video play back after installing the new dashboard was washed out. Gaming website Eurogamer thought it would carry out a few tests to prove the point.

The tests carried out by Eurogamer now show that the new Metro inspired dashboard does force video content to run at limited range RGB levels and give a much more washed out feeling to the video. The image below show a little of the effect but it highlighted even more during continuous playback.

Xbox Video Issues

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Google Gives Out Special Edition Galaxy Nexus Smartphones To Employees

It looks like Google is giving their employees an early holiday gift, in the form of a special edition Galaxy Nexus smartphone, which you can see in the photo below, which were posted on Google+ by Edu Pereda.

As you can see from the photo, the back cover of the device has been covered with Google+ and Android icons, and according to The Next Web the devices have been handed out to employees in London and Switzerland.

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Skyrim Takes Christmas Number One Spot

Skyrim fans will be pleased to know that Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game has remained at number one this week. Breaking an eight year winning streak for EA or Activision for the coveted Christmas Number One slot. This week the top three games were Skyrim in top slot with Just Dance in second and Modern Warfare 3 in third.

The last time a game got to number one that wasn’t from either the EA or Activision camps, was back in 2002 when Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City drop into number one for Christmas. Full top ten chart after the jump.

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