Rovio Launches Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic Update

After only releasing a trailer for their new Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic update yesterday,  Rovio have now already launched the new update on the Android Market and Apple iTunes App Store ready for download.  Windows 7 users will have to wait just a couple more days and receive the update in the Windows Store on June 29th.

Summer Pignic, brings with it 30 new levels of bird flinging fun all set against a summery blue sky background. The game allows you to unlock one level per day providing you with a full month of Angry Bird fun.

Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic

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D-Link Launches Amplifi Networking Range

D-lInk has launched a new range of home networking devices this week, called the Amplifi range which consist of routers, boosters and powerline products. The range has been designed to provide an easy way to fully network your home and provide uninterrupted network connections in any room your desire.

The Whole Home Router 1000  and the HD Media Router 1000 use D-Link’s SmartBeam technology which tracks devices and “focuses beams of bandwidth” to keep you connected in every room.


D-Link Amplifi

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Sony PS Vita Coming November 4th?

When Sony announced the new PS Vita, we were told that it would go on sale before the end of the year, and now one UK retailer, Shopto has listed the PS Vita on their site for pre-order with a launch date of the 4th of November 2011.

Of course this date has yet to be confirmed with Sony, although November does seem like a good launch date for the PS Vita, as it is just in time for the Christmas shopping rush, and Sony are probably hoping that the PS Vita will be on every gamers list this Christmas.

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Pentax Q Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera Announced

Pentax has launched a new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the Pentax Q, which the company claims is the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera.

The Pentax Q measures 57.5mm tall by 98mm wide by 31mm deep and it weighs in at just 180g for the body only, it features a 12.4 megapixel, 1/2.3 inch CMOS image sensor and it is capable of recording High Definition video in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

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Hulu Plus App Arrives In The Android Market

It has taken some time but now the new Hulu Plus application has finally arrived in the Android Market and is available to download to selected Android devices.

The new application as on other operating systems allows users paying $7.99 a month to now access Hulu on Android. Six devices are currently suport by the new Hulu Plus app  which include the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Droid X, and Motorola Atrix.

Hulu Plus Android

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Final Cut Pro X To Receive Updates Every 6 Months To Add Missing Pro Features

Apple launched out their new Final Cut Pro X video editing software this week stating “Everything just changed In Post”, due to the new software being completely rebuilt from scratch. This rebuild has changed the why the application works but has also removed a number of features professional users had become accustomed to using the required for their daily work flow.

Some professionals have now said that the new Final Cut Pro X application is no longer Final Cut but a new “iMovie Pro” application. But as with any new application rebuilt from scratch there are bound to be changes which are going to alienate a few users.

Final Cut Pro X

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The 10,000 Year Clock Will Tick Until Cthulhu Awakens

No, we weren’t plagiarizing dear old H.P. Lovecraft. But we did want your attention, because what you see pictured below is a very special project that transcends mere lifetimes. As the title indicates, it’s a 10,000 year clock. It ticks every year, every millennium, until the fateful ten thousand, when the ancient ones will awake from their sleep.

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Balls Of Tech: Check These Bakelite USB Bubblets

They’re actually inspired by billiard balls, which explains their color scheme. Whatever you see on the pool table, that’s exactly what Alain Berteau wanted to convey. Shiny little balls. Except you don’t tap these with a long stick. They’re USBs, preferably 8GB, and small enough to get lost inside your pocket.

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GorillaMobile Ori And Yogi iPad 2 Stands Unveiled By Joby (video)

The original Ori and Yogi iPad stands where showcased at CES this year and now Joby has unveiled their new Ori and Yogi stands which have now been updated for the iPad 2

The iPad2 Ori stand as with the original has been inspired by the Japanese art of the fold, and can be viewed being put through its paces after the jump and is now available to purchase from the Joby online store for $60.

Joby Ori Yogi Stands

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Vizio Unveils New Vtab1008 Android Tablet

Vizio has this week unveiled its new Vtab1008 Android tablets its just added to its range, an the one we first glimpsed during Vizio’s Rose Bowl advert first shown back in January this year.

The new tablet has been designed specifically to be a Wi-Fi only tablet and features an 8 inch, 1024 x 768 resolution, capacitive touchscreen display powered by a 1GHz processor. Its also equipped with 2GB of internal storage which can be increased using the tablets microSD card slot to a maximum of 32GB if required.

Unfortunately there are no details on which version of Android the tablet will be running but either Android 2.3 Gingerbread or the latest Android Honeycomb 3.2 which has been especially designed for tablets, will probably be the choice of OS.


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Wii U Controller Range Only Reaches Same Room

That’s the impression Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto left us when speaking on the subject, at least. You may remember the Wii U’s unique capability of streaming the console’s video output to the controller’s screen. It’s not hard to see why using the controller anywhere around the house would be desirable, but apparently it just doesn’t work that way.

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PopCap Being Sold For $1 Billion

Or at least that’s the word coming down the grapevine, despite the fact that it thoroughly contradicts PopCap CEO Dave Roberts’ long maintained position that PopCap is not for sale. On the other hand, we’re fairly sure there’s no better way to turn long held positions into previously held ones than one billion dollars, which is still slightly less than the rumored PopCap asking price.

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