EZSave Pocket Gadget Encrypts Your Valuable Data

In this age of prolific hacking and massive data storage, nothing is more important than protecting your hard drive. To this end, the EZSave Lockdown has arrived to make sure nefarious elements don’t compromise your precious, uh, cargo locked in an HDD. Oh, other than an effective security device, it’s also an HDD enclosure, which equates to extra protection.

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LED By Lite Illuminates Your Boring Bicycle (Video)

Get it? We mean the name LED by Lite. It’s a LED light that allows you to drive your bike places in the dark, hence LED by Lite. Bah! Anyway, seen below is the LED by Lite in all its glory. It’s a fresh spin on pimping out your bicycle, using LED bulbs to assist in nighttime movement so that the act of cycling in the darkness becomes safer.

Led by Lite

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Man Turns Hook Hand To Smartphone Dock

Below you see it encasing a Nokia C7, which is Trevor Prideaux’ phone of choice. In fact, this whole news item and sort-of advertising drive on the part of a few companies (no names!) has an anti-Apple slant to it. But before speculation take hold of us, here are the facts.

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Get That Exotic Rugged Look With A Beard Beanie

We all wear beanies and at the height of winter they are indispensable. But how about a beanie for your face? Enter the $50 beard beanie. It’s a bad joke waiting to happen. The best market for this horrendous fashion twist are actually women. Nothing beats a gorgeous lass rocking a beard in a public space, only it’s not a beard!

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The World Joyland World Of Warcraft Theme Park Is A Must Visit (Video)

It does exist. It does exist! In reality it’s more like a World of Warcraft and Starcraft-themed amusement park where thinly veiled characters from both games are given a Chinese makeover. The worst part is the whole venture is a Blizzard rip-off. By ‘rip-off’ is not meant mere product piracy and its attendant copyright infringement, but whole chunks of the WoW and Star Craft games used in a sprawling amusement park.

We’re referring to rides, statues, and entire building constructed to resemble the stuff you see in the games. The only thing missing are tank-bred zerglings that you can pet.

World Joyland

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One Man Is On An Epic Quest To Build A 3D Printed Computer

Relax, it’s not like he’s going to build a Mac with parts from a 3D printer. That would be awesome though. Apparently, there’s this man named Chris Fenton who’s hell bent on assembling his own electromechanical computer with 3D printed parts. Seen below isn’t his creation though, but the wonderful tool he’s using to realize it. If this project colors you impressed, wait until you see the video. It’s a testament to one person’s eternal quest for a worthwhile challenge. Watch it after the jump.


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Microbial System Concept Looks Like A Good Idea

Until you taste the food it produces, of course. Nah, kidding! It’s a concept anyway so we can only assume the best at this point. Oh yeah, in case you missed it, it’s a kitchen and home system. The whole point is to harness the power of certain kitchen byproducts like sewage so that it’s put to better use elsewhere in the house. Sounds gross, but it makes a lot of sense.

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Peas Four Port USB Hub Looks Edible

But don’t put it in your mouth, please. This cute USB hub was designed by a pair of Italians who’ve got a flare for organic looks. It’s also the latest from Lexon, a design firm known for its odd take on everyday objects. To be honest it looks utterly bizarre, but hey, that’s how you stand out in an oversaturated market.

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