Unreal Engine Development Kit Royalty Threshold Increased By Epic Games

If you are a budding games developer or start-up company. You will be pleased to know Epic Games have now increased their royalty threshold on their Unreal Developer Kit from $5000 to $50,000. Allowing you to keep all the profits from your newly created game up to $50,000. Anything above that mark and you will need to start paying Epic Games a 25% royalty on all money earned.

But considering you can download and use the Unreal Development Kit from free the deal has just made games development a little more attractive to the small start-up.

Unreal Engine Development Kit

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Worldwide Android Activation’s Animated In Chronological Order (video)

Google has created a fascinating video showing the build-up of global Android activations from October 2008 when it was first introduced to January 2011, with Google now claiming over 350,000 activations daily.

The video shows the graph beginning to slowly spike with the introduction of the T-Mobile G1, before going into overdrive with the release of the Motorola Droid and then the Samsung Galaxy S. Watch the video after the jump, to see for yourself the Android phenomenon.

Android Activations Video

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Android Firefox 4 Beta 5 Now Available

Today Mozilla has released Firefox Mobile 4 beta 5 for Android 2.1 and higher together with Firefox for Maemo, Nokia’s OS based on the Debian Linux distribution.

The main features on the new release have been leftin place and more advances have been made to the speed of the browser ,with speed increases in the following areas: increased responsiveness to panning and zooming, increased JavaScript performance and faster start up and page load times.


Android Firefox 4

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The Daily Coming To Android This Spring

When Rupert Murdoch unveiled The Daily newspaper for the iPad he gave the impression that it would pretty much be exclusive to Apple and the iPad for the next twelve months.

It turns out that The Daily may be headed to Google’s Android platform sooner than anyone thought, as the guys over at All Things D are reporting that an Android version of The Daily will launch in the Spring.

The Daily Coming To Android This Spring

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Jolicloud 1.1.1 OS Now Available To Revitalise Old PC’s Everywhere

JoliCloud have just released a new update to their OS, version 1.1.1 which now solves the installation issues experienced on legacy computers using older NVIDIA graphic cards.

So there’s no excuse for leaving that old PC lying around any more. JoliCloud should now run on it flawlessly and if you own an old Dell computer that had issues installing JoliCloud 1.1, the new release should fix these issues for you. But be aware you do need a least 384MB of  memory or preferably 512MB for better comfort to run Jolicloud OS.


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Apple Store Offline For 2011 MacBook Pro Launch

Just as we expected the Apple Store has gone offline, and when it goes back up we are expecting it to feature the new 2011 MacBook Pro’s. We have already seen some leaked specifications of the new MacBook Pro’s.

We are expecting Apple to reveal the new MacBook Pro’s after Intel reveales its new Thunderbolt technology (Light Peak), which is expected to be included in the new MacBook’s.

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iBike Dash Transforms Your iPhone, iPod In To A Bike Computer

If you are an avid cyclist and iPhone or iPod owner, a new gadget called the iBike Dash can transform your Apple device into an onboard bike computer.

Simply slip your Apple device into the protective iBike Dash waterproof case to keep it safe from the weather and boot up the free accompanying iTunes application.

The iBike is also compatible with ANT+ devices allowing you to measure your heart rate and cadence during your ride.

iBike Dash

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Apple Gets Ready For iPad 2 Event On March 2nd

Yesterday Apple sent out invites to its iPad 2 event on March the 2nd, which will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, next Wednesday.

The same place that Apple announced the original iPad last year, and it looks like they are getting the Yerba Buena Center ready for the event, as the following photos were taken by the guys over at MacNN.

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New 15 And 17 Inch MacBook Pro’s To Feature AMD GPUs?

Update 24th February

Apple has now officially launched its 2011 MacBook Pro’s, full details at the link below.

2011 MacBook Pro Full Specifications

Yesterday we saw some specifications on the new MacBook Pro’s, the specifications were for the 13 inch MacBook Pro, and it looks like the 13 inch model will come will Intel HD 3000 graphics.

But what about the 15 and 17 inch models? According to CNET, Apple will be switching from NVIDIA discrete graphics to AMD discrete graphics.

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Readability App Gets Submitted To Apple App Store

There has been quite a bit of news about Apple’s new subscription policies this week, and a large amount of confusion on exactly what type of applications the policy is designed for.

We even saw an email from Steve Jobs saying that the subscription service is designed for ‘newspaper’ style apps, but where does that leave developers of applications like Readability?

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Motorola Xoom LTE Upgrade, Full Details

The guys over at Droid Life have obtain details of how you will be able to upgrade your Motorola Xoom to LTE, and it looks like you will have to send your tablet back to the manufacturer for a hardware and software update.

The LTE Upgrade on the Motorola Xoom will take 6 days, and it will be available approximately 90 days after the Motorola Xoom goes on sale, so it looks like it should be available around May.

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