City Of Light Book Lamp Is Great For Bedside Reading

It’s actually not called City of Light (instead it’s the Book of Light), but hey, the title works. City of Light is the work of writer Lauren Belfer. Seen below is the hardcover volume of hers that was gutted to make a nice reading lamp. Believe us, it’s totally gutted. But alas, genius can never be achieved without a requisite amount of chaos and destruction.

Okay, that was overreacting a bit. What designer Steve Hoefer did was to remove (more like tear out the books innards and create a frame inside to fit a lamp). The result is wonderful accessory for the bedside that, to be honest, probably won’t make a nice reading lamp.

City of Light

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TRW Automotives Building Car Dashboard Of The Future

Less space! Retractable steering wheel! Sexy ergonomics!

These are the sexy new features of prototypes currently being developed in Michigan’s TRW Automotive. Judging by an endless variety of concepts and current automotive trends, cars are getting smaller. To further economize such tight confines, even more compact car interiors are need. Thus, here comes the retractable steering wheel.

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Zelda Triforce Coasters Selling At Bargain Prices

And they’re handmade! As is publicly known, Etsy is the most exciting place for tracking down handmade crazyness. These coasters are no different. What makes them standout, however, is the loving detail. Made by an expert woodworker from Indianapolis, the coasters seen below are available for $50 plus shipping everywhere else. The coasters, numbering six, have an aesthetic charm that transcends Zelda lovers and would fit anyone’s dining room–if they had good taste.

Zelda coasters

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Sonar Equipped Virtual Canes Can Make The Blind See

The Yissum Research Development Company proudly unveiled their latest project at a recent  Presidential Conference. While a marketable brand name is currently unavailable, what the Hebrew University lab has created is a marvel of Israeli innovation. The “Virtual Cane” is a sonar equipped aid for blind people, who will use the gadget to map their immediate surrounding and improve mobility.

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FPS Enthusiasts Can Now Go To War With The XCM XFPS Commando PRO

Since huge FPS franchises are rolling out this year, it comes as no surprise that XCm have outed a particularly attractive keyboard mouse combo. Take note, however, as this isn’t your regular keyboard mouse combo—it’s specifically tool for us ein console gaming. Since shooting terrorists/aliens/bad guys in general/Ultranationalists is often better on a console, XCM have come up with a nice conversion controller that brings PC flexibility to the gaming experience.

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Gold To Go ATM Online At Westfield, London

So it works by feeding it the plastic card, with a commensurate amount selected producing commensurate measures of gold. FYI, a gram of the glitter costs 40 quid. The heftier the gold, the more cash, meaning it’s not an ATM in the traditional sense. Of course, it makes you wonder why a gold ATM marketed as Gold To Go is suddenly available to the general public. (Or at least that part of the public that can withdraw gold.)

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Elecom Outs Multi Color Lego Toybrick USBs

Since Lego are the building blocks of a child’s imagination (in the most literal sense), it doesn’t surprise us that the ubiquitous bricks find a useful application in daily computing. Simply put, if you were reared on Lego, you’ll forever have a soft spot for the brand. This plays right into Elecom’s hands, a company that wished to combine creativity and usefulness when they unveiled this new line of USBs encased in Lego bricks. True to the Lego spirit, these USBs and their attendant ports can be stacked together. Just don’t use your teeth when undoing them. You might damage the gadget.

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Longest Bridge Over (Troubled) Water Opens In China

Take note: over water. But don’t fret; the longest bridge on Earth is still found in mainland China, except in a different place. The longest bridge over water, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, is a 24.6 mile stretch spanning the aquatic divide between Qingdao and Huangdao island.

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IDEA Inc. Hard At Work On Tsunami Capsules

After a frightening tremor that’s shaken the seaside neighborhood you live in, the Tsunami alert goes off. What to do? What to do? Grab the kids and rush to the backyard (or rooftop) where sits a reinforced aluminum sphere. After strapping yourself in together with the kids, there’s silence. You wait. Then it comes, a mighty roaring sound and the ear piercing scream of collapsed structures outside. The ball jerks and tumbles, but you’re safe inside, even when it finally bobs up and down as it’s swept by the receding tide. Hopefully you packed some provisions. Rescue is a long wait.

Tidal Wave

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Aerosol Beverage Turbo Tango Is Freakishly Compelling

It’s a novel idea for sure, but you can’t seem to suppress a lingering suspicion toward this ridiculous new beverage container. It begs the question: Aside from delicious juice, what exactly are you spraying inside your mouth? As for the flavor? Officially dubbed Turbo Tango, the smashing new beverage form Britvic is currently available in the UK only. If sales prove a roaring success, it’ll be rolled out across the cash-strapped European Union. Lovely.

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20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops, Costs $350,000

And it moves! Okay, maybe just a little. But it is capable of limited mobility. Just don’t expect it to rise on its hind legs and pancake the car sin your neighborhood. That’s wishful thinking. If you’re puzzled as to why a 20 foot animatronic work of art is suddenly for sale, puzzle no more. To put it bluntly, the museum where this triceratops was on display for ages (okay, maybe a few years tops) wants to retire it.

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