Unorthodox Gamera Helicopter Actually Flies (Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, an American biology student now holds the record for the world’s longest human powered flight by a female. She’s Judy Wexler and in the picture below she’s on Gamera, a carbon fiber four rotor aircraft that’s on track to bag the Sikorsky prize. It’s a holy grail of sorts among helicopter enthusiasts, its criteria being an unattainable goal of 60 seconds of human powered flight. Ms. Wexler has so far only managed less than a fifth of that span with her machine, but she’s determined.

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Hacker Build Hand-Mounted Tacit Sonar Device (Video)

So this real clever guy named Steve is being credited for making the Haptic. It’s quite an impressive gadget that’s actually a portable sonar device for the blind. The technology, however, isn’t new. What Steve really accomplished was make it more compact for wearing on the wrist. As the accompanying blog post put it, “It’s like strapping a bat on your wrist.” Couldn’t have been any blunter.


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Lego Comes To Life Through This 3D Milling Machine (Video)

Ah, Lego. A cultural icon, the building blocks of dreams, scattered inspiration awaiting the creative process. Lest we get too poetic, below is a mere glimpse of rare and excellent footage we unearthed from somewhere showing a 3D milling machine in action. The really impressive part, of course, is it’s made of Lego. The part that would make you slap your forehead is when the machine sculpts a face from a block of floral foam. Impressive!


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Believe It Or Not, Eraser Pencil Revolutionizes Pencils

The problem is it’s still a concept and as concepts go, chance of success via ultimate production are slim. The person behind this ever so simple re-imagining of the humble pencil is Deuk Young Lee. The whole point is to completely remove the cedar covering part of the average pencil and replace it with the same material as an eraser instead. The result is a high-performance writing tool that maximizes the capacity for correction and improvement.

Deuk Young Lee
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Check Out This Creepy Han Solo Carbonite Case

In the vast universe of Star Wars merchandise, there exists a sizable subgenre called Han Solo Carbonite. Another variation is Han Solo Encased in Carbonite. The point is there’s an endless line of both official and fan-made merch depicting dear old Han in his carbonite prison. In our opinion, it’s one of the worst pieces of movie memorabilia, an awful sculpture whose details have gone awry. But it’s hyper-popular in many places.

Han Solo Carbonite

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Microsoft Unveils Un-Photogenic Patty Stress Test Robot

In what would amount as a historic occasion over at Microsoft Surface HQ, a team member officially blogged about Patty. There’s even a video of it in action. Wait, who’s Patty? Patty is a wonderful robot that conducts stress tests on the screens of Microsoft Surface units. See, with lots of touching and pressure involved when using a platform like the Surface, it’s important that the exterior can withstand the wear and tear.

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Parasound Zphono USB Preamplifier Helps Turn Old Vinyl and More into Digital Tracks

If you have a big collection of music on vinyl records, cassette tapes, or CDs that you want to get onto your digital audio player easily, but with great quality the Zphono USB is the product. This thing is a preamplifier that has been designed to connect to your PC via USB and allow for analog to digital music conversion. The device has an A-D converter and will work with Mac and PC computers.

Zphono USB

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How People In Science Graphic Is Incredibly Revealing

The graphic is titled ‘How people in science see each other’ and its goal is to humorously depict perception within the confines of academe. We never realized professor’s thought undergrounds were Megan Fox-sexy. Then again, we might be missing the point. The self-image of technicians are golden though. Hint: a timeless action hero sums up the glory of being an indestructible lab wizard.

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Smiley Face Ring Is A Not-So-Subtle Fashion Cue

Created by Chao & Eero Jewel, the smiley face ring is what would be deemed a neutral fashion accessory. It caters to neither sexes but fits both male and female wearers. As seen in the picture below, the ring forms a smiley face on the finger it’s worn on. Not sure if it’ll also leave a smiley face on the person you decide to punch.

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Sleep On the Moon With Moon Shaped Floor Pillow

Since pillows and mattresses are just boring, it falls upon designers to reinvent the medium, so to speak. Seen bellow is a full moon being slept on by a model. It’s not a camera trick or some artist’s fevered vision. It’s a collaborative project between Lili Suh and Chin Wei Loon. The latter is an astrophotographer and multiple frames of the moon surface that he photogrpahed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were used to piece together the giant pillow.

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