Samsung Gets Smart, Cuts Price of 3D Glasses and More

I have long said one of the big reasons that consumers are staying away from 3D TVs and 3D in the home is that the TV makers were too greedy and tried to over charge for the tech and especially the glasses. If you bought a 3D TV from most makers you would need to buy more 3D glasses for a family to watch because only one pair at best came with the sets.

Samsung 3D Glasses

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Would You Spend $50 On A Toepener?

Toepe-what? Rest assured it does no harm unto thyne precious toes. Imagine you just annihilated a plate of spicy chicken wings and your hands are a mess. Suddenly you’ve got an urge to visit the john; too bad your hands can’t swing the doorhandle open. What to do? What to do? What YOU do is put a foot on the Toepener. Does that make any sense.

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Orbotix Sphero Robotic Ball Lands $5 Million Investment For Production (video)

The Sphero Robotic Ball controlled by your smartphone which we featured back in December last year and was showcased at CES this year. Has now raised $5 million in Series B financing from Foundry Group and Highway 12 Ventures, allowing it to make the jump from concept into production.

Any iOS or Android smartphone will be able to control the Sphero Ball via a simple Bluetooth connection. Developers will also be able to create their own programs and games for the robotic ball using the open API on offer. Watch a video of the Orbotix Sphero Robotic Ball in action after the jump.

Sphero Robotic Ball

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Vlix Adds Slow Motion Effects And More To Your iPhone Videos

A new video effects iPhone applications currently on its way through Apples approval process, promises the ability to add special effects to your iPhone movies with ease, and I am always a sucker for a bit of super slo-mo footage.

The new application called Vlix created by SpotMixer combines mobile sharing features with sophisticated video editing functionality. The Vlix application also allows users to use a “Create” tab to upload and share their own clips with friends or followers, or easily post them to Facebook, YouTube or the web, for others to view.
Vlix iPhone App

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T-Mobile G2x Coming April 15th For $199

T-Mobile has announced the launch date and pricing for the LG G2X, it will be available on T-Mobile from the 15th of April 2011, and will cost $199.99 on a new two year contract after a $50 mail in rebate.

As a reminder, the T-Mobile G2x will come with a 4 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 80 pixels, and processing is provided by a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and it comes with Android 2.2 Froyo.

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AVG Launches LiveKive Online Cloud Storage

AVG’s LiveKive service which been put through its paces lately in a beta release, has now made the jump to production and has officially been launched by AVG today. LiveKive is a safe and reliable cloud-based storage, sync and share solution similar to Dropbox, Sugarsync and Amazon’s Cloud Drive to name a few.

AVG LiveKive offers consumers three tiers of secure encrypted storage options, ranging from a free 5GB offering, as well as two paid versions providing either 25GB or unlimited storage but as always with usage limits. iOS applications are also available to manage your files, and ABG is currently offering a 30 day trial of its new service.

Watch a promotional video of AVG’s Stephen Simpson introducing the features of AVG LiveKive after the jump.



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Microsoft Bing iPad App Released

Microsoft has released a new version of their Bing app, and this one is designed for the Apple iPad, and it comes with a range of new features, which lets you view news articles, search for photos, check out movie listings and lots more.

Other new features in the Bing for iPad app include weather, stock quotes, Bing Maps, and even voice search, and you can view websites that you search for within the Bing app.

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20 Years Of Linux 1991 – 2011 Celebration Video

Linux is 20 years old this summer and over the past twenty years has grown from a hobby code into the Linux operating system we rely on today, now running on 95 percent of the world’s super computers we use for daily communications.

Linux is literally everywhere: in your phone, at your ATM, in your TV, on your desktop, at the movies and in your car to name just a few places.

Twenty years ago Linus Torvalds made a bold decision to share his operating system with the world, and then chose to license it under the General Public License, changing the world of computing forever. Watch a video of Linux history unfold after the jump.

Linux 20 years

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Apple’s Smart Bezel Patent Could Add Secondary Display To iPhone And iPad

We have seen some patents previously from Apple about a smart bezel for iOS devices, but a new one has just been revealed, and the details look very interesting.

The latest patent for an Apple Smart Bezel, would see Apple using the bezel as a secondary display, which uses a printed segmented electroluminescent display, and this would be used to show illuminated indicators on the bezel.

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HP webOS 3.0 Screenshots Show Off Bings Maps And Music App

We have already had a brief preview of HP’s new webOS 3.0, which we will be the OS used in their new HP TouchPad Tablet, and now they guys over at Pre-Central have got their hands on some more UI screenshots of webOS 3.0.

The photos below show off some of the new features in webOS 3.0, which include Bing Maps, the browser and the virtual keyboard, plus messaging, and also the webOS music app.

HP webOS 3.0

You can see more photos below and find out more details on webOS 3.0 over at Pre-Central.

Source Gotta Be Mobile


Apple Patent Reveals Combination LCD, E-paper Display Concepts

A newly published Apple patent has revealed designs of a display concept that combines both LCD and E-paper within the same display. The patent application, that was made public this week, was first filed by Apple back in October of 2009.

The patent submitted by Apple titled “Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display”. Details a layered display sandwich concept which uses a combination of traditional LCD and e-paper screens to segment the display.

Allowing sections of the new display to either use LCD or E-paper as required, which could then be used to show video in the top half of the display using LCD and text within the bottom half using e-paper. .

Apple LCD E-Paper Display

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