Motorola Droid Bionic Full Specifications Revealed

We have been hearing about the Motorola Droid Bionic since it was first show off at CES in January, the device was scheduled to launch earlier in the year and it has been delayed a number of times and there had even been rumors that it would be canceled.

The last thing we heard was that the Droid Bionic would go on sale in September, and now it has been spotted on Motorola’s support site along with full specifications, the page has now been pulled but the cached version is still available here.

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Cut The Rope: Experiments Lands On The App Store

Fans of the popular iOS game Cut the Rop will be pleased to know that ZeptoLab, the makers of the game have released a new version, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and it is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The new Cut the Rope: Experiments features many similarities with teh otiginal game, although according to the creators it requires a different kind of strategy to plain the game.

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HP Drops 16GB TouchPad By $100

On Wednesday we heard that HP had dropped the price of both the 16GB and 32GB TouchPad by $50, now it looks like HP is attempting to increase sales and generate more interest in the TouchPad as they are reducing the price of the 16GB TouchPad this weekend, starting today by $100 so it will now cost $399.

The deal is only available from today the 5th of August until the 7th of August, but we suspect the $399 price may appeal to quite a few webOS fans who have held off purchasing HP’s first webOS based tablet.

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Nendo Elecom Faucet iPhone And iPad Stand

We have featured quite a few different stands and docks for the iPhone and iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is designed to look like a faucet, the Nendo Elecom faucet iPad Stand.

As you can see from the photos below the stand is designed to look like a running faucet, and it will be available in a range of different colors, including, black, blue and white.

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Microsoft Says They Asked Google To Bid On Novell Patents

Yesterday Google’s David Drummond, who is Google’s Chief Legal Officer and also the companies Senior Vice President posted an article on the Google Blog, with the title ‘When patents’ attack Android’.

The article criticized, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle over the recent patents which were purchased by the consortium of companies from Nortel Networks relating to mobile technology, the article also said that the patents were purchased in an attempt to block Google’s Android OS.

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Google’s Chrome OS Hacked By Security Researchers

It looks like Google’s Chrome OS has been hacked by two security researchers who demonstrated the hack at the Black Hat security conference yesterday, and according to a report they used a web based attack to compromise the security of Google’s Chrome OS.

Matt Johanson and Kyle Osborn two researchers from White Hat Security’s Threat Research Center,were able to access a number of things within Google’s Chrome OS, which included contacts, emails, Google Docs and even Google Voice messages.

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Microsoft Updates Zune HD Apps And Releases New Ones

We heard a rumor a while back that may be killing off the Zune and concentrating its efforts on Windows Phone 7,Microsoft has released an update for some of the existing Zune HD apps as well as releasing some new Zune apps.

The existing apps to be update are the Shuffle by Album, Zune Reader, Penalty! Flick Soccer, Email, and Echoes, and they have also released a range of new applications.

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id Will Make Rage HD Free For A Week After 100k Likes on Facebook

If you weren’t crazy about Rage before, then at the very least you’ll be scrambling over yourself to hit that Facebook “Like” button now. Or at least, that may be the thinking behind id and Bethesda’s announcement, we don’t really know. We would have thought that despite Rage’s bog-standard… well, everything apart from the visuals, there’d still be at least 100k people out there who were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt on the strength of the Carmack name alone. Not an assumption Bethesda PR seem to share.

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Griffin IntelliCase Is A Smarter Case For All Round iPad 2 Protection

Griffin has this week launched a new iPad 2 case that has been designed to incorporate the wonders of Apple’s Smart Cover and add a few extras of its own. The Griffin IntelliCase not only protects your screen but the back of your iPad 2 as well. Using a combination of protective hard shell polycarbonate for the back and flexible TPU for the screen.

Just like Apple’s Smart Cover the new Griffin IntelliCase has strategically-placed magnets within its cover to trigger the magnetic sensors within your iPad, automatically turning on and shutting down your iPad when its closed.

Griffin IntelliCase

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