CallNote App Records Skype Calls Directly To Evernote (video)

If you are looking for an easy and automatic way to record Skype calls, it might be worth your while investigating a new application created by Kanda Software called CallNote.

CallNote has been designed to record your pod casts or Skype calls between up to 8 people, and then automatically save the audio files directly to your Evernote account. For archiving or accessing them at a later date.


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Quad-SLI Geforce GTX 680 Awesomeness (video)

As we featured yesterday the new Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 officially arrived in stores yesterday ready for an eager public to get there hands on these super fast pimped up graphics cards.

Well Dutch website did better than just purchasing one of the $500 cards, and was able to acquire four of the monsters to test in Quad-SLI. Posting the results for all to see on their website. Watch the video after the jump to see Geforce GTX 680 Quad-SLI in action.


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BlackBerry Blade Concept Smartphone

At the moment Blackberry could do with all the help it can get, to pull itself out the declining sales trajectory its currently following. But designs such as the one created by Toronto based design studio Pixelcarve, detailing a new concept for a Blackberry Blade smartphone, might help RIM turn a corner if they are adopted.

Blackberry Blade Concept

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Seagate Goflex Satellite Firmware Update Adds Wi-Fi Passthrough And More Juice

Seagate has this week released a new firmware update for their GoFLex Satellite external hard drive which brings with it improved battery life and Wi-Fi passthrough, in version Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite storage system provides you with a 500GB hard drive, together with a battery that has been designed to provide you with up to 7 hours of power for continuous streaming, or 30 hours on standby.

GoFlex Satellite

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Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Directs A Focused Beam Of Sound To Listeners (video)

A new speaker concept has been created called the Soundlazer which has been created to providers users with the same directional audio support that is normally found in speakers costing Over $3,000. The technology in the Soundlazer allows you to direct the audio from it in a specific direction and little like the way you can direct light using a flashlight. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Soundlazer Speaker

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Tabber Teaches You To Play The Guitare With LEDs (Video)

Tabber is a Kickstarter project that looks pretty interesting if you are learning to play the guitar, it is basically an LED guitar sleeve that reads music from your mobile device and then displays lights on your guitar for the notes.

Have a look at the video of it in action below, and the Tabber is designed to work with any guitar, and slip under the strings making it easy to install.

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HTC Vivid Gets Android 4.0 ICS Update

AT&T announced some of its devices which will be getting updated to the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and at the same time they have rolled out Android 4.0 to the HTC Vivid.

The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich brings a range of new features to the HTC Vivid, which include a new version of HTC’s custom Sense user interface and also updated Beats Audio.

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iPhone Outships BlackBerry Devices In Canada

RIM seem to be having a tough time at the moment, and now Apple has shipped more smartphones in RIM’s home country of Canada for the first time.

According to a recent report in 2011 RIM shipped a total of 2.08 million BlackBerry smartphones, and this compares to 2.85 million smartphones shipped by Apple for the same period.

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SugarSync 3.0 iOS App Arrives

Today SugarSync has launched a new version of their iOS application taking it to SugarSync 3.0, and bringing with it a number of new tweaks and features specifically designed for Apple’s new iPad 3 tablet.

Within the new SugarSync application shared folders are now located on the left side and are always on show for easy access. Together with navigation links for other area such as mobile photos and videos, web archives, recent documents, the Magic Briefcase.

SugarSync 3

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